• The Power of sound
  • Rhythm and ritual
  • Listening to the silence

The Power of sound

To utter OM regularly in groups has a better effect on the subtle planes for world peace than peace demonstrations.

Rhythm and ritual

All rhythms and rituals finally aim at transforming the matter of our body in a natural way in order to enable a faster development.

Listening to the silence

When we listen to the silence, we will hear a humming sound. This is the voice of silence, the soundless sound which is heard in the heart centre.

More Meditations

“Meditation is not a doing, but a happening”

Meditations and Rituals

The Healing Meditation

Healing is nothing but the flow of soul-energy into the body. When we function as Soul, healing happens. Magnetic healing energies can be transmitted to clear congestions, blockages, and even tumors. Sickness is generally due to a blockage of life energies. When such blockages are cleared, health is the result.

We meditate about receiving and transmitting energy. The healer is only a medium.

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Violet Flame Invocation

Violet is the colour and the world into which the humanity walks through initiation. The Violet Ray inaugurated its activity in this cycle, in the year 1675 AD. The work is subtly taking place and many are introduced to the functioning of the Violet Flame.

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Prayers are inevitable on the Path. They are helpful to orientate to the Divine. Ardent prayers culminate into true meditation. It enables musing of the soul with the super soul.

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Occult Meditations

Working with the occult meditations enables psychological adjustments, which would lead to occult experiences. They would ultimately lead to experiencing the Divine. The meditations are global in their concept.

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Prayer of the Year

These prayers have the ability to turn the mind subjective and give the subjective experience.

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The Great Invocation

The Great Invocation is a world prayer, translated into almost 70 languages and dialects. The beauty and the strength of this Invocation lie in its simplicity, and in its expression of certain central truths which all men, innately and normally, accept.

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Mantrams - Practice

Mantrams are rhythmic sounds, with specific intonations. The mantram has a threefold effect: it protects you, directs you in the right way and illumines the mind. When uttered with veneration regularly, it prevents the person from falling into wrong directions and allows one to proceed in the right direction.

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Prayer for Group Coherence

This prayer (mantram) is meant to enhance the coherence of the groups of good will. The benediction is uttered to ensure togetherness in the Path of Light. The unique feature is that “may not malice prevail between us”.

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The Vaisakh Festival

The Vaisakh Festival, celebrated at Taurus Full Moon, is an important annual event for receiving the cosmic energies of Will. They come from the “Eye of the Bull” and give us a fresh dose of Will energy to carry out the work of good will.

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The May Call Day

On 29 May 1910, Master CVV began distributing the Energy of Synthesis, which he had received from higher circles, to the planet and the planetary beings. Since then every 29th May is celebrated as the day for group initiation. It is popularly called the “May Call Day”.

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