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1. Introduction

Every principle in Creation is seen as a deity, in the esoteric world. The Goddess of the Word is called Saraswathi, literally meaning the flow. It is the flow of energy as Consciousness, also called the Word. The Word was recognized by the ancient Seers as the Background of all that is created. It emanates from Pure Existence. Every scriptute gives paramount importance to the Word, because it emerges periodically and manifests in manifold forms, to return again and again to its Source, i.e., Pure Exsistence.

If we name the Source of the Word as God, the Word is always with Him as Himself. The Bible says: “In the beginning there was the Word. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.” God Absolute expresses through an idea that emerges from Him. This emergence is the birth of the Word leading to subsequent manifestations. We exist and we too have ideas emerging from us. This emergence is called the emergence of the Word. Every idea is an emergence in a particular direction. We exist, and the ideas emerge. The same applies to the macro-system.

The Eternal Presence is called Eternity and from IT emergence flows forth. Every emergence has its duration, just like every idea has its duration. Therefore, Time is co-born with the Word. Time does not exist where there is no idea, no emergence. In Pure Existence, without awareness, Time does not exist. Time is not manifest when the Word is not manifest, but Time and Word exist eternally within the Eternity. They are manifest and unmanifest.

All that we see exists eternally – the physical, the emotional, the mental, the buddhic, the blissful, the individual and the universal states of Existence. The only difference is, sometimes we see them in manifest form and at other times they are in potential form.

It is like the seed and the tree. The seed exists. Within the seed the tree exists and it can manifest as a tree with all its details. In the tree, the seed exists within the fruit of the tree. Thus, in the seed there is the tree, and in the tree there is the seed. When it is in the form of a tree, it is in the manifest form and when it is in the form of a seed, tree is in the unmanifest form. Likewise, the Word exists even without being uttered forth. If it did not exist, how could it emerge? That which does not exist within us, cannot be expressed. Everything that we express, is a manifestation of that which is potentially in us.

When we express, our quality becomes visible. That is why, when a person speaks, a Seer knows his quality according to the precision and the chastity of the words used. All that we express is what we are. For the sake of decency we do not express certain things, though they continue to be expressed in thought form. Social decency does not allow us to say everything that comes to our mind. Yet, the expression of thought continues to exist in the mind, and this is what a Master of Wisdom observes. He is concerned about the quality and the pattern of thoughts, which emerge from each one of us. Their manifestations cause bondage on the physical plane, insofar as quality and pattern of thoughts are not harmonious. We are more elusively caught on the mental plane by un-harmonious thoughts. When we are caught in the mental plane, we are simultaneously caught on the emotional and physical plane as well.

Imprisonment on the mental plane can be overcome if we learn to utter in the way that God uttered forth this Creation in all its detail. This is our potential, usually unutilised by us, remaining as an idle capacity. The divine capacities thus, often remain unused, while other capabilities are expressed.

The purpose of studying the Word is to realize its scope, its constructive or destructive effect upon us, so that we may learn to become constructive and as far as possible cease to be destructive. We can be very destructive in our speeches. We can spread conflict, hate and differences through speech. The damaging capacity of the Word is as strong as its harmonious effect. It has the power of integrating us into the whole or of disintegrating us into bits and pieces. What we call the science of yoga is also a process of integration. We cannot speak as we like and then say: “I am practising yoga”; while we are still regularly disintegrating.

The Word exists in a variety of modes. United with God, the Word remains integrated and enables God to hold the whole Creation. Accordingly, our life can be kept within our hold if we know how to work with the Word. It is manifest within the unmanifest state. When it is in the unmanifest state, we are said to be integrated. When no idea emerges from us, we are in a deep state of meditation.

That is why the Seers say: “Close your eyes, put your body into a posture of ease, observe the emergence of ideas and trace the source of emergence”. By observing the source of our own ideas we will gradually be able to release ourselves from them and remain their observer. When we remain as an observer, the idea does not progress. When the idea overtakes us, we flow with it. This is the flow of the Word that cannot be stopped. That is why it is called Saraswathi.

In the involutionary process, we keep on flowing in such a variety of ways, that we have no control over it. This process is poetically described in the Veda, when it says that the deity Saraswathi emerged from the Creator and flew away. The Creator ran after her and and is still running after. Now he intends to return. He is in his 51st year! So it is about time that he returns. He pleads with his wife: “Please, let us go back”, but the lady wants to continue deeper into the involutionary process! This is an allegory.

Seven are the channels through which the Word outflows. They are : the five senses, the speech and the sex. Sex and speech are the two great outflows. That is why when we wish to get into any spiritual discipline we are fundamentally required to gain mastery over these two. Otherwise we may have good intentions to integrate, but these two drive us more and more away from such integration.

The Lord of the Age, Kali, is portrayed in a posture, which is interesting to observe. Kali’s posture is symbolically represented with his right hand pointing to the mouth and his left hand to the genitals. The message conveyed with this posture is: “With these two, I conquer you all”. If we wish not to be conditioned by Kali, our attitude towards sex and speech should regain balance. It was wrongly understood as suppression of sex and as suppression of speech by many religious leaders.

Unless silence is mental, closing the mouth and deciding not to speak will give rise to two things. Firstly, it will create a strong tension within us, because the flow of the Word is still contained in the thought. Unable to arrest the flow, it will be like a flood rushing against a weak dike. Secondly, the built-up tension will break out as destructive speech. That is why in the scriptures, silence is not considered as vocal silence, and celibacy is not considered as an act of abstaining from physical sex. It is discipline on the mental plane, which is recommended.

These are the two strong outlets of the Word in their gross form that condition the beings. That is why the saints and the mendicants of the past dedicated themselves to the discipline relating to food and speech and they used sex only as a ritual for the perpetuation of Creation. They ate food as a ritual to sustain the body in healthy condition.

Additionally there are the outlets through the eye, ear, the sense of touch, smell and taste. The Word is a river that flows in these seven directions. We must ensure that it’s flow returns to the Source. The process begins by retracing the flow. Speech regulations form the fundamentals of this practice.

We love to speak, but we must take to a step of evolution in which we love to listen. This will lead to the ability of listening to the Invisible Master, the Higher Self in us. It is necessary to look into the related regulations and practice them. We must first deal with our critical, judgmental and conflicting speeches, which spread hatred, jealousy, indifference or negligence. For those already practicing the regulation of speech, the knowledge of Saraswathi, the deity of the Word, is meaningful and useful.

During the Vedic times, men devoted their whole lives to work with the Word. They were able to give expression to the various modes of the Word through hymns, which carried the deep knowledge of sound. The hymns were considered sublime and profound.

Saraswathi Suktam is considered third in the order of Vedic hymns. The first is Purusha Suktam, which speaks of the Cosmic Person, the Pure Existence called THAT or IT, or the Undefinable One, Unthinkable One, Unspeakable One, which is beyond qualities and comprehension. It is the Essence of all forms, standing as the Background of all manifestations including the Word.

Second is Sri Suktam, which speaks of the Cosmic Consciousness. When we comprehend, we stand as the background of that which we comprehend. We can be THAT, but we cannot think of THAT. When we are in the state of comprehension, we are called the consciousness. This consciousness represents the Father-Mother principle, the fundamental God in Creation, through whom the Word emerges. Therefore Saraswathi Suktam is the third hymn. The first Sukta describes the Pure Existence, the second describes the Consciousness and the third, Saraswathi Suktam, describes the manifestation of Consciousness.

The seers consider the manifestations of Consciousness as the work of the Word; therefore the hymns relating to the Word are very prominent. Eighteen of the hymns are taught in this book.

The ancients worked with the profound concept of the Word and described its significance in the involutionary and evolutionary paths of Creation in the Veda and the Upanishads. The doctrine and the discipline relating to the Word leads one to experience the Truth, when practiced.

In the Brahmanas, it is elaborately explained and is further detailed in the Puranas and the Itihasas. The Word is a source of inspiration when inquired into. It branches off into sound and letters, forming the most ancient languages with Senzar as the mother language and Sanskrit as its offspring, Aramaic, Greek and Latin are other chaste languages. These languages stand as the bases for all the popular languages, which we speak today. As one works with the arrangement of sounds in the chaste languages, a restructuring of our energy system occurs.

We are ever downgrading the languages. The involutionary process is a process of continuous deterioration of language and speech also. As we deteriorate the speech also deteriorates. Conversely as our speech deteriorates we deteriorate. It occurs in the language and in speech, as per humanity’s state of evolution. Many filthy words occupy the present languages. We are even distorting the words. All this is disintegration or involutionary process.

The quality of prayer depends upon the quality of language. Utterances in Sanskrit cause structuring and restructuring. The knowledge related to utterance is one of the 7 keys to the Truth and is called Siksha in Sanskrit. This key contains and preserves the original sounds, the seed sounds, the important sounds of harmony called mantra. For this reason the Hierarchy is interested in introducing the mantrams and the seed sounds, which are very dear to us in our innermost conscience.

It is our personality that rejects them, out of pride. Speaking the most ancient language formulae and chanting them, is a process of purification. Therefore, the ancient schools schedule daily, one hour for the chanting of the powerful hymns, so that the whole system would be purified through the power of sound. Here the power of sound is considered more important than the meaning of the sound uttered. The rhythm and the vibration of the sounds do the needed alchemy, when the sounds are listened to while they are utteredforth appropriately. The power of sound and the habit of listening are primary while the meaning is secondary.

With this short introduction we shall now humbly get into the commentary on the hymns relating to Saraswathi.






By the grace of Saraswathi

the “Horseman”

is impregnated of the Heavenly Word.

The man attained the splendour of liberation,

alleviating from limitation.

The gift of the Word is sublime,

the power of the Word unparalleled.

The Word makes man immortal!




In the Vedic symbolism the Horse stands for life force. The Bull symbolizes the solar ray of the descending Word. The cow represents Mother Nature; the Snake represents the cycles of Time, and so on. Most of the zodiacal signs have animals as symbols. The horse is one of the symbols of the sun sign Aries. The head of the Horse is said to be Aries, the body of the Horse is said to be the sun sign Leo and the tail of the horse is said to be Sagittarius. It is a triple manifestation of life, through fire.

In this context, it is said: “the horseman is impregnated by the heavenly Word”. What is this horseman? Each one of us is a horseman, meaning, that we have a body based upon the life force functioning in us. If the life force disappears, however strong and beautiful our body is, it falls. Therefore, all living beings are defined as existing in the ONE, moved through the force of life, which is the power of the horse. All live in their respective bodies by means of the life force flowing through them. As life force functions, the body functions and man experiences the splendour of the Creation.

By following the science of wisdom we stand liberated while we live in the body. We learn to live with it. When the wisdom science is ignored, we live in the body, conditioned by it. The person conditioned by the body suffers and suffers death too. The person mastering the body lives with it, like a true horse-rider. He mounts on it and moves on. The conditioned one is like the centaur, man as centaur is a conditioned man, the man on the horse is a liberated man. The former is less evolved and the later is more evolved.

We live with the body. Neither the body, nor life belongs to us, both are given. When we have body and life we have the Word impregnating us. The Word continues to impregnate and activate the being as long as he has life and body. Please remember, body means not only physical but also etheric and causal. We carry causal life and causal body, subtle life and subtle body, physical life and physical body. Thus, the impregnation of the Word continues with us even while we are in the causal body “the Diamond Body”.

Now we comprehend the horseman and his impregnation. The hymn says that the impregnation is by the Heavenly Word. To get impregnated by the Heavenly Word is distinguished from impregnation by the ordinary word. The conditioned being is ever impregnated by the latter. The liberated being is impregnated by the Heavenly Word. The hymn speaks of impregnation by the Heavenly Word of the horseman.

Now by the grace of the flow, the horseman is impregnated with the Heavenly Word. Man therefore attains the splendour of liberation, alleviating from limitation. Once the taste of the Word is experienced, we slowly unfold our wings towards liberation. The gift of the Word is sublime. The power of the deity is beyond comparison.

There are many gifts in store. According to the Vedic Seers the best gift is of the Word. A Master of Wisdom is graced by the Word. It is a gift to him. He can pass it on to the deserving one that follows the discipline of the Word. Then the impregnation happens. The impregnated man ascends. Alleviated from limitation, splendour is experienced. Such is the sublimity of the Word. This process is called Sruthi, meaning, “from mouth to ear”.

Until that time one is barren, ‘childless’. A statement in the scriptures says: “If you are barren, you are childless, you are cursed”. A tree that does not bear fruits or flowers; a cow that does not yield milk and a man that is not impregnated by the Word, is barren, meaning, he is suffering from limitations. Saraswathi, the flow, helps to elevate us.


The Heavenly Word –we say Heavenly because it is in the subtle planes- moves in the higher planes. A swan moves in pure waters that are equal to the pure ether. A bird moves in the sky, which again is ether. The eagle moves in the 7th sky, which is the purest ether! So too, a Master of Wisdom, a Seer, a Yogi. The Word is even beyond. From the yonder regions (skies) the Word moves into, reaches the earth, impregnates the earthy beings and elevates them into the sky, the symbol of limitlessness!

That which moves in higher planes is willing to descend into the one who holds a body (but is not held by it). It is this experience of the splendour of life, which is to be aspired for. This is the purpose of the human life.

The purpose is well described in the scriptures when it is said: “Man know thyself”. This purpose is known and is accomplished by the Masters. They serve the same purpose for the disciples, aspirants, ignorants and the unaccomplished. “Let purpose guide the little wills of men, the purpose which the Masters know and serve,” says the Great Invocation of Master Djwhal Khul.

What happens when the Word dawns? A metamorphosis, a change in thought patterns, a change for the better in the patterns of speech and actions. Every sheath of the body and every atom undergo transformation. Thus, the seeker seeks to transform himself, rather than change anything in the outer world. A change for the better in the inner world leads us to effective acts of goodwill in the outer world.

When we taste the Word, acts of goodwill happen through us, promoting harmony, life, purity, awareness, and wisdom. A general promotion of Light occurs. Man gets lifted up from the astral currents into the pure waters of ether.


Once we reach the buddhic plane, we no longer suffer from the various worldly vibrations. We gain a constant vibration in relation to the world. Time, place and events cannot disturb the constancy of the vibration. The student reaches stability, “asana” the 3rd step of Yoga. The Teacher stays in this stability. The stable student meets the Teacher there. It is his common experience. The stable one ever experiences the Teacher. The Teacher’s Presence is always felt. To the aspirants the teachings of the Teacher provide such Presence to enable them to reach stability. That is why, regular study of the teachings of the Teacher is strongly recommended to the aspirants. Study is the means of walking into the Presence of the Teacher for the aspirant. Thus, the means to stability and the consequent Presence, is arranged by the Teacher. The Presence causes the necessary transformation, just like the presence of a magnet enables an iron piece to transform into a magnet; but one must be oriented towards the presence, only then it happens.

The Presence of the Master is like yeast, which transforms milk into yoghurt. It has a catalytic effect. He gives the Presence and the one who receives the Presence transforms himself. The secret of the magnet is the magnetism it emits, transmits. A magnet is like any other iron piece, but for its magnetism. In fact the magnet looks like an iron piece. So is the Master. He looks like any other man. He does not put on any special appearance to attract beings, he remains a normal man.

The difference between a Master and a man is, the former emits magnetic and radiating energies. The man only vomits worldly energy. It is the Presence of the Word that makes the difference. The Presence is never physical. We are so habituated to physical things that we believe that the Presence of the Master too, is physical. The Presence is always subtle and silent.


The Word is the bridge between God and Creation. It is also the bridge from Existence to awareness and from awareness to its subsequent manifestations as the seven-fold Creation and creatures. The Word is also the bridge between the Master and the disciple, between the Teacher and the student. The Word, which is to be transmitted, must be contemplated and received with respect. The Master never gives the Word until he is sure that the student will follow. He first gives many other words to see if the student is willing to follow.

The Master must be sure that there is an implicit following, and not an explicit following. Implicit following means that we follow beyond our likes and dislikes. The Word is given only when implicit following is certain, because there is a responsibility in transmitting the Word. Until such a point is reached, the Master gives instructions about physical, emotional, vital, vocal and mental purity. So many instructions are given to prepare the student to be able to receive the Word.

The Teacher is not a teaser. He waits until the teaching is followed. When the given steps are implicitly followed, the ultimate Word is bestowed and impregnation occurs. This impregnation will cause the metamorphosis, which leads to acts of goodwill, eliminates the limitations, causes impetus for inner rectifications, motivates right study, unfolds inner potentials, and enables stable service and deeper contemplations. An all-round development occurs in the physical, emotional and mental discipline – the true disciple is formed.

The disciple thereafter continues with the work of the Word to gain immortality, he forms a triangle with the Teacher and the Word and accomplishes in due course of time immortality.

Such are the steps indicated by the first hymn.




   Great is the velocity of the Word

that flows,

Venting the “Swans” out.

Contemplate the Sound

of the flow,

Remain united and glow!


The velocity of the Word is what is to be understood. We know the speed of thought. In a split second we can think of the sun and mentally reach the sun. In a split second we can think of the constellation of the Great Bear and be there mentally. Likewise, in a split second we can reach the constellations of Sirius and the Pleiades via the thought. Can we fathom such speed? It can neither be counted, nor measured. It is so fast, that by mere thinking we are already there!

As we grow into the highest realms of awareness, the mere thought brings us wherever we wish to be. We think of Mount Kailash we are there in the same moment. This is an advanced state of awareness. Mothers, who have left their children at home, when they think of them, feel their presence and also feel how they are. The former is intuitive, the latter is instinctive. The intensity with which the thought is held, makes it real for the mothers. Intuition makes it real to the Masters of Wisdom.

The king of Virata asked Yudhishtira: “What is the fastest moving thing in the world?” Yudhishtira answered: “Thought”. Thought is the detail of an idea. The Word is the source of the idea. From the Word the flash of an idea emerges. The idea details into a thought. The thought details into many thoughts. If thought is the fast moving one, idea is faster and the Word is the fastest (of the fastest). It therefore needs high intuition to visualize the velocity of the Word. Your imagination cannot give you the right comprehension of the Word’s velocity. Only the highly intuitive Seers can experience the velocity of the Word. Only they can say that the Word is the fastest moving thing. Even a high soul like king Yudhishtira could not say that. Great is the velocity of the Word!

In this context I deviate a little to give an exercise in thought, which eventually could be fruitful in some distant, future time.

Just like we visit our office in thought, while we are elsewhere, we can apply the same method to be in the ashram of the Great Ones. Visualize being at the feet of the Master. Mentally we move and visualize the ashram and the Master. We humbly and respectfully enter the ashram, appreciating in detail, the fauna and flora of the ashram, like the trees, the colours, the fruits, and the animals that keep moving around in great poise. We visualize that the whole ashram is full of harmonious ambiance. We do not hasten to open the door. Slowly we go towards the door and wait there. We do not have to announce that we have come, as everything is seen through the door from the other side. We just wait and see if the door opens by itself!


There is a way, an intelligent way to work with thought. It is to imagine.

Regular imagination, deep, intense imagination, leads to visualization. It is not day dreaming. Day dreamers have neither the will nor the constancy. Seldom they work with the will, much less they can direct the will.

Imagination is scientific. All scientists are imaginative. Jules Verne, Madam Curie, Neil Bohr, Albert Einstein, etc. all were imaginative. Imagination is the basis of all creativity. “Imagine, visualize and create” are the instructions for White Magic. Every scientist is deeply and intensely imaginative. His intense, focused imagination knocks the door of intuition. An idea flashes forth and then in-vention is made. That is the process of White Magic with a scientist. Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi and the like, are social scientists. Their intense and focused concern for the well being of the society unfolded the means to work for social welfare. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Pythagoras, Moses, Zarathustra and the like, are spiritual scientists. In any field of activity, imaginative thoughts can lead to function intuitively. The intuitive function is the function of the soul!

I hope some of you have read the book written by Richard Bach “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. In that book, Jonathan was told by his Teacher: “If you wish to be on that mountain peak, you are there”. Jonathan asked: “How is it possible?” the Teacher said: “It is possible. Close your eyes and think that you are there”. Jonathan thought. Then the Teacher said: “Open your eyes” and Lo! Jonathan was on the peak! Such is the beauty of the velocity of the Word, when we know how to work with it as thought.

Sitting in meditation, one can reach the centres relating to the body, also the centres anywhere on the planet and the centres anywhere in the solar system. One can permeate the solar system. Permeation, again, is essentially the quality of the soul, which we are. We are the soul and we have bodies, but we live under a mistaken identity. Our’s is ‘a case of mistaken identity’. We limit ourselves by our name, form, colour, race, nationality, language etc. We build them, fortify them and hold them close to us. Consequently, we are held by them, then it is limitation. Limitation is what we create for ourselves.


Let us use the gift of velocity of thought and try to permeate into the subtle Existence. Imagination, visualization, intuitional functioning are focusing exercises. It is also a technique of meditation among others. In meditation, it is not enough to just sit. Meditation also suggests an action, kriya.

The import of kriya is action. When we close our eyes to contemplate, there has to be some kind of action, for example: the application of the mind upon respiration or upon a thought; focusing upon the sacred centres within us like Sambala, which is the top of our head (Sahasrara), or on Ajña (Brow Centre) or on Visuddhi (Throat Centre) or on Anahata (Heart Centre). We do not allow the thought to move vaguely. During a time span of 15 to 20 minutes we close our eyes to remain in silence. How many of us are able to focus upon a sacred centre either within ourselves or outside? Focusing within is considered more advantageous.

Shambala is in the Gobi Desert and it is also the cap of our head. The Himalayas and all the ashrams relating to the Himalayas are in our Heart Centre (Anahata). The South Pole corresponds to our Base Centre (Muladhara), the Equator, to our navel. We can dwell in akasha or in the ether by being in the Visuddhi or Throat Centre. We need to focus on something while we are in contemplation, because the thought enables us to be there in a split second.

In India we have an effective instruction to be give to the students of meditation. It is a bit harsh to listen to, but effective. It is as follows: “When you sit in meditation, do not move like a stray dog. A stray dog has no program. It goes from house to house, gets beaten and keeps licking its wounds. A trained dog is alert. If you are a trained dog, you can listen and make contacts at a farther distance. If you close your eyes and allow the thought to move as it likes, you are still a stray dog. Please, do not apply this example to others, apply it to yourself”.

Kriya yoga means yoga relating to action. Action here is mental, mentally we have to apply ourselves either upon respiration or upon sound or upon a spiritual symbol or upon the beautiful decorated form of a deity, or upon the smiling face of a Master. The mind has to be engaged in action with something relating to buddhic or even higher planes. Meditation is also a mental action of observation of thoughts. Master CVV and Lord Krishna suggest such observation. In any case, meditation is not vague sitting. Master D.K. suggests to keep the mind receptive (to higher, nobler things/thoughts). Thus, meditation is Kriya. Non-doing is the happening of the mind but cannot be a proposal of the mind. Please think it over again and again.


During meditation we easily get tricked. Thoughts keep moving here and there in a zigzag manner. The direction of the flow is always from inside to outside. That is why in the hymn it is said that it flows. The flow can be downwards or upwards it can be inword / outward. Whenever the flow is from subtle to gross, it is called downward movement. Whenever the flow is from gross to subtle, it is called upward movement.

Is the movement of our thought downward or upward? In the involutionary process, we are made to go downward. When the flow takes us downwards it is the left energy or Ida energy functioning in us. We know about the energies of Ida and Pingala, theoretically, at least. They are also called the rivers of the left and the right.

We work all the time with the river of the left, but the river of the right has the upward flow. Rivers who flow to the East or to the North are considered sacred. All great civilizations grew on the banks of such rivers like the Ganges in India, Nila (which is called Nile) in Egypt, the Rhine in Europe, the Amazon in America, the Yangtze in China, etc.

Any river that flows to the East or to the North, enables easier pursuit of Truth. East stands for the Ajna chakra, and North stands for the Sahasrara chakra hence this identity of sacred rivers by the Seers. From this angle India is considered sacred because almost all its rivers flow towards East and merge into the Ocean like the Ganges, Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri etc.

Any flow towards West is considered as flowing to the gross, likewise the energies of the mundane human being flow towards the West, the gross. The West and the South-West are considered gross. The East, the North-East, the North are considered subtle. The flow of the Word is equally fast in either directions. Meditation is a discipline that causes upward flow when practiced regularly as per the given code of conduct. On account of our habit we tend to drift towards the West that is, to satiate the senses and the gross physical body. We need to create the new habit of tending towards the subtle. If we do so, the velocity of the flow of the Word would push us fast in the upward direction.


There is something permanent and something temporary in the Creation and in us as well. There is something immutable and something mutable in Creation and in us as well. We should try to live in the permanent, immutable part of ourselves. We should also recognize and accept that the mutable part keeps changing.

It changes, whether we like it or not. It grows, it becomes old and decays, but the Person does not. When we identify with the changes, it is a continuous source of sorrow. Instead we should reach for the unchangeable part of life. It requires the formation of a new habit. We cannot free ourselves from a habit we have formed until we substitute it with a better habit and establish ourselves in it.

Many people fight to overcome their limitations. They try to resist and fight but that is not the way; it is ignorance. The most refined and sophisticated way suggests that we develop a taste for higher things; then the attraction to the lower will automatically fall off. That is the key given by Patanjali, to inculcate divine taste so that the taste for the mundane will fade. When we switch on the light, the space filled with darkness will be transformed into light.

The qualities of the Divine and of the Light, definitely strive more towards the soul than gross matter. It is a question of inculcating the taste. This is what the teachings and the Teachers do. They suggest a gradual, joyful way of transformation by which the students are not even conscious that they are being transformed.

This is a way of conversion without using the sword, power, militancy, missionary zeal, and avoids bloodshed in the name of faiths, religions, beliefs etc. Through love, compassion and patience, every stone can be changed into a ‘Philosopher’s Stone’!


The hymn speaks of a downward flow. How can one go up with a flow, which goes down? There are rowers who try to row against the current to reach the source –a very hard task-, but the beauty is, that each time the Word flows down, it also flows out as the many Hamsas or Swans.

In the second part of the stanza a hint is given to the keys of return when it is said that:

“Great is the velocity of the Word that flows downwards. Swans go out eternally therefrom”.

Swan is Hamsa in Sanskrit. Hamsa is the centripetal and centrifugal functioning of pulsation, the double principle of pulsation. Many pulsations take place, which in turn conduct respiration, circulation of blood, heartbeat, etc. All this is possible because of the flow of the Word. The flow of the Word is like a waterfall and that is what brings out the pulsating principle.

The Hamsas (Swans) are the movements in us as pulsation and also as thoughts. They are conducted by the Word, which exists as OM in us. There is the flowing out of Swans as pulsation during the night. There is also the outflow of Swans as thoughts throughout the wakeful state. The former Swans are responsible for our Existence and the latter are responsible for our ideas, thoughts and speeches.

The speeches carry inherent meaning and have the metrical system (Chandas). They in turn group the sound into words and letters. The letters detail into vowels and consonants. The consonants further detail into gutturals, palatals, dentals, labials etc. Thus the Swans multiply.

The Swans of pulsation have the characteristics of musical notes. They form the bases of musical singing by the beings. The music details into varieties of Ragas (compositions) as per the time of the day and the season. These Swans can muse the mind and the ego onto Pure Consciousness and Existence. This is ‘the path of music’ for the return of the beings to Samadhi. Such is the work of the Swans of pulsation.

The Swans of pulsation also cause respiration, circulation of blood, heartbeat and assimilation. The respiration has the inhalation and exhalation, which retain the life principle in the body. Many are the functions of the Word to uphold man with activity of life and activity of consciousness. The Word continuously throws out these Swans.


The Word is the source of the flow and IT brings about pulsation. That means, when we reach the Word, we are there even without pulsation and without respiration. When we are the Word, we are beyond pulsation, and pulsation is beyond respiration. On our return path we take to respiration, reach pulsation and through pulsation we reach the sound of the flow. That is the practice. Since the Swans emerge eternally there from, the third part of the stanza says:

“Contemplate upon the sound of the flow”.

The sound of the flow is heard as a double sound at the pulsating centre, because it has a double function. There is the sound of inhalation and there is the sound of exhalation, both emerging from pulsation. Pulsation is the Swan that conducts the sound. We have to reach the sound of pulsation.

The flow is from the inner to the outer and also from the outer to the inner. Inhalation and exhalation are perceptible examples of it. As we inhale, we can consciously move inwards from the tip of the nose, then we are thrown out by exhalation. Thus, we walk in, only to be rejected. Nevertheless we continue our pursuit. Repeatedly we are rejected by ourselves. The inner man rejects the outer man, and the outer man tries to integrate with the inner man. This continues for a long time.

Patanjali says: “Dhirga kala”, meaning in Sanskrit, long time; and yet we go in again only to be rejected once more. With all veneration and anxiety, we attend the morning and evening sessions of meditation, and after every meditation it is a disappointment, in the sense, we do not really go in. There is the glamour or satisfaction of sitting for sometime in a posture. There are those who get fatigued and are happy when they can get away, but there is also a third category who persevere in waiting to enter.

We go to the entrance of the door of the inner ashram only to get rejected, but nevertheless we continue wanting to enter. The man inside the ashram (the heart) listens to our persistent call, its regularity, intensity and sincerity. Then the ‘inner man’ opens the door. We should have much patience till the ‘inner man’ loses resistance, for our entry.

When we observe, as we inhale, there is a voiceless sound SO and when we exhale, there is the voiceless sound HAM. Let the mind engage with this double sound. Inhalation and exhalation are continuous. When the mind is applied to inhalation and exhalation we become conscious of them. We consciously inhale and exhale. We notice vividly when we consciously inhale, the sound ‘SO’ and likewise the sound ‘HAM’ when we exhale. Consequently we get engaged with the sound SOHAM, which means:


Thus, we are consciously regaining our identity. It is not: I am THAT. I am THAT is egoistic, because we place I am before THAT . THAT I am, is appropriate, because first it is THAT and then it has become I am. Normally we try to place ourselves in front of everything. I am THAT, is an egoistic understanding. THAT I am, is an understanding that has obedience in it. AHAM SAHA is: I am THAT



Thus, we breath in and listen to the sound SO, and when we breath out we listen to the sound HAM. This is the best way to engage the mind in the ‘Song of Life’. The ‘Song of Life’ is eternal, the mind associates with it and disassociates with it. We are now associating the mind with it. Through this observation, the song becomes predominant in us. It is the best way of relaxation. If we wish to relax, if we wish to fall asleep quickly when in bed, the best way is to focus the mind upon the song of respiration and keep knocking at the door as we inhale.

We consciously walk in, and each time we are thrown out through exhalation, we keep listening to the two sounds of the song –then we are in the process of contemplating the ‘sound of the flow of the Word’. The Word makes the sound through the flow. When we are with the song, we build the bridge towards the Word, though we have not yet reached the Word. This is also the technique of internalisation. Wherever we are, we can internalise by using the method of conscious respiration, thereby reaching pulsation within us, with the help of sound.

When we regularly do it, we will be able to realize the pulsation, which is the basis of respiration. That pulsation also makes the double sound. Such should be the entry from the front door of the ashram. That is what is called ‘walking from objectivity to subjectivity’. It develops a new taste for us in life. When we are in the subjective, the concepts of the objective mind do not bother us as much. The family, the economics and the society are problems to us because we do not know how to live with them. The same family, economics and society will be the avenues of splendour when we return from the Word. The very avenues of problems are also avenues of splendour. They are not different.

The source from which the nectar comes is also the source from which the poison comes. The source of both is in the Throat Centre. The source of nourishment is also the source of disease. Through food we get nourished and through food we get our disease. We get disease when we do not know how to work with food. We secrete poison when we do not know how to work with the Throat Centre.

This process of working with respiration towards pulsation, is a withdrawal from the so-called avenues of problems. To teach it in exchange of money is a misuse. That is why the Seers never believed in payment.

We are the treasure house as well as the prison house of our own being. Attuning to the ‘Song of Life’ brings us out of the prison of thoughts. This can be done from time to time, not only at six o’clock in the morning and at six o’clock in the evening, as we now do. In every interval between two actions it can be practiced; then slowly the contemplation will reach deeper and will enable us to listen to the pulsating sound.

Even the pulsating sound is worked out by something beyond pulsation, it is the uni-syllabled sound, which continuously flows in us, an eternal water flow, like the one coming out of the Aquarian pot –an unending flow. That is what makes the pulsating principle function. It exists in us as ‘the humming sound’, which is called “the sound of the flow”.

If we loosely close our ears with our hands, we will be able to listen to it. It happens within us. The flow of the sound is a continuous happening. When we experience this, we begin to glow. We contemplate upon the sound of the flow remaining united with it and glow. It is the eternal ‘Voice of Silence’ in us, which glows when we are united with it, because sound is also the basis of Light. The hymn suggests to reach the Word through this process. The sound OM is a duplicate of the sound OM that is happening inside us. That OM is eternally happening. If OM ceases, we cease. If OM terminates, the world terminates. We understand the uttered OM as the sacred word, but the sacred word is the unuttered OM, which is happening in us. Our pronunciation of OM is only to tune up to the OM resounding in us.

Such are the mysteries of sound of the Word.


I call upon you all to know the velocity of the Word, the two way flow of the Word, and the Swans that the Word vents out. Contemplate upon the song of the two way flow, soham and reach the uni-syllabled sound, thus you remain united with the One and consequently you glow.





Oh! Mother, Saraswathi!

Deter those that deter the Devas.

Scorch them through

your power of Sound.

Let not illusion and ignorance prevail.

Let not the flow be feeble.

Let the flow pass over the ups and downs

of the field.


There are some who deter the devas or the angels. We must deter them; then the devas can work. For example, we have to prevent those who prevent us from the work of goodwill. We should prevent those who prevent our proceedings so that the proceedings continue. Those who prevent the devas from working are the asuras or the devils. It is their work, and they are born from the same source as the devas. This is the beauty of Creation, the synthesis of wisdom.

We seek from the deity of the Word to deter those who deter the devas. The devas and the asuras are born to the same Father. What kind of father is this? He gave birth to light as well as to darkness, then told them: “keep fighting” and that is Creation. He gave birth to male, he gave birth to female and then said: “interact with each other, then there will be children”.

It is like having AC and DC currents, that is, positive and negative. They emerge from the same source. So, why should we deter those who are deterring the devas? Because the asuras step upon the devas. They tend to overstep. They are aggressive. Night has its duration, day has its duration, but night has the tendency to expand into the day. The diabolics are the dominant ones, they are aggressive because they carry the quality of rajas or dynamism. The devas carry the quality of poise or sattva, they are taught forbearance.

Thus, one is taught forbearance, the other has aggression. What will happen? The aggressive one keeps aggressing the forbearing one. That is why help should come from higher planes to balance the aggressive ones. The devas look to Mahadeva, the Father in Heaven. It is like the story of the two sons where one is poised and the other is aggressive, he overdoes, oversteps, and is covetous. Like the two sons of Adam, Ebel and Kain, or the two categories of children of Kasyapa, the Eagles and the Serpents, or the Sons of Light and the Sons of the Blind King.

There are people among us who are very covetous. They want to conquer and dominate. The soft one never oversteps or causes aggression. Instead of fighting, he connects to the Father who is the basis for the two. He tells the Father: “Father, look at my position”. He doesn’t even complain that the other is causing problems. He simply links up to the Father. Then, the Father has to come down to set the matters right. Therefore Avatars come to see that the aggressive ones are set to order. The Father does not annihilate the aggressive ones. There is no such word as annihilation in the dictionary of the Father, because both of them are his sons, and are asked to do different jobs. One does the given job, and the other tries to do what is not his.

We always like other’s job more than ours. If each one of us were to be asked: “How is your profession?” we would say: “I do not like it”. Other’s vocations are more interesting to us. What is given to us is what we have to do. If we do other things, we lose the right order. Thus, when the aggressor does something which is out of order, the Light from higher sources has to come to set things right. Lord Krishna teaches in The Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna: “Do your job. You are from the kingly class. It is your duty to protect the Law and fight the Lawless. It is your Dharma. Do not speak like a saint, whose duty is to pray and invoke. The saints are to pray and invoke. Kings or governments are to protect the Law and social order. The business class are to do business. Others are to work as employees”.

Today everything is out of order. Nothing behaves as it should because there is a complete transgression of the ordained duties. That is Kali Yuga. Today religions/priests are business like. Governments are also business like. Governments ruin business and industry. Education is business. Health and healing is business. Teaching and healing is business. Law-makers, law administrators are money minded. Everyone has a price! It is out and out a money-minded society. It is a third class society we are in. Let us accept it and see if we can transform it.

The very social order and ethical fabric is destroyed. In developed nations, drugs are sold at schools. Alcohol and sex are freely allowed in the name of freedom. Children have no direction. The family system is destroyed. The future, if we peep to look at, is bleak. This is due to absence of “Swa-Dharma”! The Bhagavad Gita, speaks of Swa-Dharma meaning, that one should know what is his ordained duty and implicitly conduct it.

Through the Hymn we seek the help of the Word and its deity, Saraswathi. Let not the devas in us be deterred by the diabolics in us. Let not our good intentions be obstructed by thoughts, which prevent us from translating the intentions into actions.

We always feel that we should speak the truth and that we should speak it pleasantly, but sometimes we are bitter, which means that the deva of pleasantness is deterred by the diabolic of bitterness. Many intelligences can work for us in the body, but are obstructed by the diabolics in us. From where do the diabolics gain their strength? Only from us. For example I know that potatoes do not suit my stomach, but nevertheless I eat a German portion of it, which means, extra-large! I am responsible for that act. The diabolics in the stomach wake up and cause havoc to the devas of the stomach. There is a crisis in the stomach, a crisis of indigestion. I have to pray to the Lord who is here in the form of a doctor.

Within us there are devas and asuras. The devas can be strengthened or weakened by our own actions. We want all the devils to die, ignoring that the devil is in us. Christianity has been hunting for the devil in the objective world and the devil grew! However, the devil that Jesus the Christ cast off was the inner devil. Satan is not some other person whom we can identify and kill. He is with in us, he is a part of us, waiting to work with us if we give him a chance. He is ready the moment we support him. He tempts in many ways. He tempts through the seven channels. It is his divine work, for which he was born.

We should not blame him, or hate him. We identify more and more with the deva, the angel in us, so that he awakens. Thinking about the devil, awakens the devil. Think of good works, hold goodwill and translate it into actions, the angel awakens, strengthens and even leads us to the Light in the long run.

To deter those who deter the devas means: “Not to allow oneself to follow the wrong path”.

Here the Word can be of help. If we regularly invoke the Word, it will awaken the devas in us. This will enable us to conduct acts of goodwill, which in turn will give us joy and lift us into higher realms of Existence.

These devas exist in us in the nerve plexuses, which are esoterically called chakras and physically called the plexuses of the nerves. It is our duty to work with them in great veneration and awareness.


The Muladhara Chakra or Base Centre regulates the matter in us. The right understanding of the material world and the related interaction allows it’s right functioning.

Water is regulated by the Swadhistana Chakra or Sacral Centre. When properly handled it restores the right emotional balance.

The Manipuraka Chakra or Solar Plexus is well regulated if we learn how to think. It establishes the fire of assimilation. The body is thus kept intact.

When the science of breathing is well understood and respectfully worked with, it restores the life principle, which is regulated by the Anahata Chakra, or Heart Centre. When this science of breathing is gained, the body becomes light, agile, and active. It gives us a body that cooperates and never complains, a body that we do not have to drag.

The Visuddhi Chakra or Throat Centre gives us the etheric experience. It enables us to form a transparent etheric body, which is capable of transmitting light in great measure.

The Ajña Chakra or Brow Centre allows us to experience our own being as a resplendent light.

In short man has to learn:

i) how to interact with the material world.

ii) how to desire.

iii) how to think

iv) how to breath If he learns the related science and follows the practice, he is in harmony with himself and with the surrounding Nature.

If he learns:

i) how to utter sound

ii) how to meditate

He realizes the Self, the Light, the Love and the creational purpose.


The whole Universe exists in each one of us, but we are such egoists that we forget this fact and do not care even about the existence of the many intelligences in us. We should be grateful that we are given sight and eyes to see. As eyes and sight are free, we do not respect them. Only a blind man, through the absence of sight, knows what it is worth. We are given sight, hearing, taste, speech, oxygen, digestive abilities, vertical movements, but we are neither grateful nor do we value these abilities.

Master Morya states: “Be grateful for what is given”. We always know what we are not given, but are oblivious to what is given. When we do not value what is given, why should we be given more? Learn to use what is given.

The body beholds the 12 sun signs, the 7 planetary principles and their chemistry, which is the chemistry of the Universe. Recognition of this immense vision energizes our subtle centres.

The science of correspondence between the micro-cosmos and the macro-cosmos was called Nyasa Vidya in ancient times. The outer Sun is identified with the inner Sun which is our consciousness; Jupiter stands for our comprehension; Mercury stands for our ability to discriminate; Venus stands for experience; Moon stands for reflections meaning, thoughts; Mars stands for vitality, force and power; Saturn stands for our instinct to preserve; Uranus stands for our fast expansion; Neptune stands for deeper experience called musing; Pluto stands for our end of things “but not our ending”.

Likewise correspondence can also be established between the 12 sun signs and the parts of the body. The 5 elements can also be correlated to the 5 primary charkas. Even the constellations of the Great Bear, the Pleiades, Sirius and the entire Universe can be corresponded with. All is in the human body as it is in the Universe. That is why the scriptures say: “God made man in his own image and likeness”.

If we respect the workers in the house, they work better for us. The devas of the body are the workers in the house. We need to recognise them, attune to them through right motives and right actions, then they gain the strength and the asuras are deterred. Working with sound helps strengthening the devas.

That is why the hymn says:

“Oh Mother Saraswathi,

deter those that deter the devas”.


How to deter the asuras? Not only deter, but scorch them. There is a statement in the higher Masonic order, which says: “Scorched are the devils. Scorched are the malefics”.

How can it be done? The key is the invocation of sound. If we invoke the sacred sounds with the proper intonation for at least 24 minutes a day –what is recommended is 60 minutes-, then the devils in us are scorched. The invocation has a double effect, it strengthens the devas and weakens the asuras. That is why the hymn says:

“Scorch them through your power of sound. Let not illusions of ignorance prevail”.

Working regularly with the Word, burns the veil of illusion. One of the keys to Truth is incantation. Incantation is known of late in the Occident more as black magic, but it is for White Magic. What is important is to have the right motive and make the right incantation. When this is practiced, we die to the illusions that we suffer from. We have good illusions about ourselves and bad illusions about others, but both are illusions and arise out of ignorance. They can be burnt when there is regular chanting of the sound formulae.

Thus we pray to the deity of the Word. We also pray to ensure that the flow in us may be strong and vital. Hence when we utter OM or sing the Gayatri Mantra, it should be vibrant and of strong expression so that the metamorphosis in the body takes place. A mantra like Gayatri should be repeated because it catalyses the chemistry in us.

The ancient Seers found out the purpose of sound, its formulae and its right use for purification. Sound has the power to ignite fire, which in turn can burn up everything that is impure. Mantrams are such sound formulae. The Gayatri Mantra is the sound formula that invokes the energy of the Cosmic, Solar and the Planetary Suns.

The Sun and the Central Sun cannot be Hindu –nor can the Cosmic Sun be Hindu. Likewise the sound formulae cannot be Hindu. Master Djwhal Khul, who was a Tibetan in one of his incarnations, says that the sound formulae are preserved only in India today. They have been lost in other places and must be given again. Madam Blavatsky also states that for some mysterious reason the sound formulae are still preserved in India. They were known in the ancient cultures of Egypt, Chaldaea, Assyria, Greece, etc. but much were lost due to excessive materialism.

A good utterance of these sounds, especially of the sacred word, will make the flow strong like a waterfall. If the waterfall is strong, it can cover farther lands. The hymn says:

“Let not the flow be feeble. Let the flow overcome the ups and downs of the land”.

Land is always referred to in the scriptures as the body, because earth corresponds to the body, moon to the mind and the sun to the consciousness.

The flow should be so strong that the body cannot obstruct it. The ups and downs or blockages in the body are neutralized by the effective utterance of the sacred sounds. It works as a general medicine for many kinds of problems in the body. When the Word is invoked, fire is ignited. The fire burns off that which is undesirable in the body. Regular utterance is therefore recommended for the students of occult science.

The body needs to be prepared in many ways to be able to receive the Light. The body tricks the soul with aversion to the sacred sounds. When we suffer from inertia, chanting, uttering or even singing, seems boring. The bodies are dense due to the heavy matter in their cells. They obstruct and reject any kind of utterance of sound, but the sound key is the direct key to the Light.

Master Djwhal Khul says in the book “Esoteric Healing”: “He who knows sound, knows all”. If we want to know, sound is the way. Other methods can also lead us to knowledge, but in bits and pieces. Sound is the quality of Akasha, the 5th element, ether. The 5th element, ether, is the Mother of the other 4 elements, in the sense, the latter emerge from the former. Sound relates to ether. Light relates to fire. The two are linked by air. Rhythmic utterances of sounds ensure rhythmical listening too. Thus, the work of ether and air manifest the Light.

Light is the quality of fire, the third element, between colour and sound there is an evolution. Working with light is working with the 3rd element. Working with sound is working with the 5th element, which is the basis for the other 4 elements.

Sound is immanent to the Aquarian Age. Master Jupiter, who presides over this Age, stands for sound. Working regularly with sound alleviates from material inclinations. The aim of the invocation: “May He lift up the earth to the Kings of Beauty”, can be realized through sound.


The verse of the hymn: “Utta kshiti bhyaha”, calls upon Mother Saraswathi to uplift us. She lifts us up from the material inclinations, kshiti means earth in Sanskrit. Furthermore, once we start uttering the sacred sounds, we are freed from useless talk, abuse of speech, discussions and arguments. The tongue goes through transformations, that is what is called “the descent of the fiery tongues” (Pentecost). The fiery tongue is not a tongue on our head, but it is the fiery tongue we get through right utterance. The magic is in the Word. The miraculous power of the Word is unparalleled.

Land stands symbolically for all that is material formation, through which the Word flows. The Word creates formations and flows through it. Having emerged from THAT which is Unspeakable, it creates successive formations, flows through them, fulfilling itself. We are a replica of that Word and verily we are the Word. We are the Word uttered forth, and in turn we utter forth; by this we create.

The Word that utters itself forth from the Source has its patterns of involution and evolution. We too are given such patterns, but when we forget that we also are uttered forth from the Source and start assuming that we are separate entities, we lose the knowledge.

If the branch is cut off from the tree, it cannot bear fruits. The pattern of the tree cannot flow into that branch which is separated from the tree. Thus, the separated branch develops patterns of decay and death.

If we entertain separativity in one of the planes of our Existence, it causes disease, decay and death to that plane. The material formations are precipitated by the Word, which flows through all the formations (development from Root Matter to Gross Matter throughout the 7 planes). The hymn proposes that there shall not be ups and downs as the Word flows through the land or through the formations. If there is hindrance to the flow, it is indicative of a blockage in some plane of Existence and that plane decays.

A true disciple should contemplate upon the ‘God in man’. There is the ‘God in man’ and the ‘man in God’. The ‘man in God’ is uttered forth every morning from the ‘God in man’. That is how we have the awareness of our Existence in the morning as we are uttered forth and then we feel we are existing.

We should know for what are we uttered forth. Do we do what we like, or do we do what is intended to be done. To know what is intended to be done we should tune into the Will of the One who uttered us into awakening. As we tune into Him we remain integrated with Him. This is the true contemplation. Contemplation upon concepts of wisdom is only a process culminating into this step.

An accepted disciple can, at will, link up to the Master in himself. The Hierarchy of Masters are looked to within for guidance. Within each one of us exists THAT which pervades the whole Universe, giving us the necessary information, instruction and advice. Even a joyful dialogue with Him is possible. In states of ecstasy, the disciple speaks to the Lord within, and the Lord is pleased to have a humorous dialogue with the disciple. A Teacher in the outer is not needed anymore.

A seer is one who sees within. What he sees within is not different from what he sees without. Others see from inside to outside, but they are not seers, because they see that which is different from them. The teaching is always from the ‘God in man’ to the ‘man in God’. Outer teachings consist of information, inner teachings are revelations. The scriptures contain revelations that were envisioned by the true seers; hence they survive cycles of time.

As we are uttered forth in the morning, we feel that we are existing, but in the Eastern terminology this feeling is called maya, in Sanskrit, meaning, illusion. Verily THAT exists as this. The ocean exists as the wave. Without the former, the latter is simply not there. It is the same although it is not the same. That is the beauty of IS and IS NOT. According to one understanding, water is different from the ice block, but from another perspective the ice block is water. The ice block is not different in essence, but is different in state.

When we are awakened in the morning, we feel: I AM, we should become aware of THAT as I AM; otherwise we are lost for that day. As we emerge as a wave from the ocean, each one of us should feel ‘I am the ocean emerged as wave’. This is the contemplation that prevents us from feeling separated.


When we separate, we have ups and downs, therefore we pray to the deity of the Word to give us support. Since the deity is the Mother, she will hold us. If the deity is the Father, we have to hold on to Him. If we wish to be with the Father, we must hold on to Him, but the Mother is always around us, and holds us. The Mother is comforting, caressing, loving, supporting, sympathetic and forgiving. Remember this.

The Seers therefore decided to worship the deity of the Word more than its Source. Worshipping the Ultimate as the Mother is called Sri Vidya. Once we have grown up, we are not as dependent on the support of the Mother. Then we are able to work with the Father. In the day to day life it is the mother that teaches the child the good habits till the child is of seven years of age. She informs what to eat, what not to eat, when to sleep, when to get up; after that it is the father that continues the teaching to the child.

In a Teacher, the mother and the father principles are combined. To those who are in the initial steps, the Teacher plays the role of the mother and plays the role of the father in relation to those who have accomplished the initial steps.

When there is a smooth flow through the ups and downs of the land, one experiences the splendour of life. Disease occurs when the flow is not smooth, then there is an up and down in health. Often our health is on the down-flow, and only sometimes it is on the up-flow. Likewise there is an up and down in every aspect of life. The ups and downs of our life express themselves through the changing qualities of our speech and thought. When we have a constant flow, there is constant vibration.

The hymn indicates to us to work with the Word so that the flow is consistent, constant and effective to overcome the ups and downs of the field of our life.


We therefore use the Word, to deter and scorch those who deter the devas. To overcome the illusion and ignorance of separativity, to ensure strong and effective flow, so that we are not affected by the ups and downs of life.




May the flow of the Word

whose speed and assimilation

is immeasurable

preside over our wills and

protect us through and through.



“May the flow of the Word,

whose speed is immeasurable”

This idea of velocity is often repeated in the hymn, to remind us of our capacity to be anywhere in the Universe through the means of the Word.

The name Saraswathi signifies “the flow of the Word”. Every river is seen as Saraswathi because of its visible flow and speed. The Sanskrit word for this is Vajinivathi. The Seers desire to establish in us, that it is the potential of the Word, that enables us to be anywhere, at will.

The ultimate awareness has no distance and time. It is timeless and distanceless. It is neither near nor farther. It has neither past nor future. It is present everywhere and every time. It is all comprehensive and all assimilative. It is here, there, and everywhere. It was, is, and will be. It is One permeated Be-ness for eternity. Such is the Word’s speed and assimilation. It is too abstract to comprehend until our ability to assimilate the potential of the Word improves.

This hymn, thus, introduces another characteristic of the Word that is, the ability to assimilate. When the ability to assimilate has reached its limit we resist, and sleep is the result. Once our assimilation is complete, we stop sleeping. A seer or a yogi never sleeps, he only gives rest to the body. This ideal of assimilation can be bestowed by the Word. An appropriate incantation of the Word, carried out regularly, increases our ability to assimilate, to comprehend and to realize.

Assimilation is twofold: assimilation of knowledge and assimilation of food. Working with the Word generates both. If we are not hungry at the right moment, it means that the assimilation of food is not good. There are Seers who demonstrated limitless eating. There are Vedic scholars who eat ten times more than what is normal, and their voice does not require amplification. When they start chanting, the amplification system has to be switched off. Their chanting can reach a group of five thousand people without the help of any amplification.

Through the sacred sound of the Word, every branch of knowledge becomes accessible. The ability to assimilate knowledge becomes immeasurable. In the book “Spiritual Astrology” written by Master E. Krishnamacharya, under the caption Leo a description about the importance of working with sound for one hour daily is explained. It says: “Prayers should be loudly uttered by the student of the first three levels so that he can fix up his mind on his own sound and its import. The import of the sounds in prayer is God, the form of God being only according to the comprehension of the student. His very physical sound is the three-headed dog of Leo. Musical utterance requires sound as vehicle, which is composed of three main scales with seven subscales each. “Seven are the layers (of sound) and three times seven are the sticks of fuel for the Purusha” (Purusha Sukta). Mantrams work only as sound vibrations at this stage. As the student gradually attunes his voice to music, his voice is raised from the sound of lower Leo to the music of Cancer and then to the regulation of Prana in Gemini. Then only, he can utter forth the voice of Taurus. The word of the average man has no effect upon others except through motives. This state is represented by Leo, which stands 90 degrees apart from Taurus. When this fourth part of the circle is covered by the student in the path of the reversed process (the path of the equinoxes), his word is no more conditioned by motive. His is the word of love, which controls and helps the transformation of the fellow beings”.

The worship of the deity of the Word is nothing but the regular venerative utterance of sacred sounds for long hours. There are people who fall asleep while listening to prolonged utterances of sacred sounds, because they reach the limit of their ability to assimilate. Therefore the hymn says:

“May the flow of the Word whose speed and assimilation is immeasurable, preside over our wills and protect us through and through”.

We seek the Word to gain adequate comprehension to preside over our will. The Universal Soul is the first emanation as the Word, and the individual souls are secondary emanations. The Word as the Universal Soul knows the Plan. It has emerged from the Source and is working out the Plan. Invoking the Word through regular, daily utterance of sacred sounds causes to tune up to the Universal Will so that it may preside over us. We become more conscious that we do not preside over our life as an individual unit. When the Will of the Father presides over us, we stand as mediums to enable the flow of the Will. Thus the Plan is fulfilled. The work is fulfilled. Thus, the age old saying: “Father, Thy Will be done, not mine” needs to be understood.

The Creation is already willed. It was willed much before we came into existence. We have come to play our part in the Plan. We need to know this Plan and play our role. We need to play it well, play with knowledge, play with intent and with joy. Thus the knowledge, the know-how relating to the creational plan is necessary before we start playing.

We cannot get into the playground without knowing the play. If we do so, we fail, we lose, we lose the joy and land in conflict. Ignorance of the play while within the playground is terrible. Is it not? Hence, the need to lead ourselves from ignorance to knowledge and from knowledge to the bliss of the play. Knowledge bestows strength and ability to serve the Plan. Knowledge bestows better comprehension that leads to realization. Realization brings in sympathy, sympathy leads to love and love leads to oneness. Such is the process.

Thus as we enter life – the playground, we should have the knowledge of the play. Education has this purpose. That is the true purpose of education –to impart the knowledge of living, living harmoniously, joyfully and blissfully. Saints and sages say that life is a song, a dance, a play. Unless requisite knowledge is given through education, man is bound to fail. Then very queer questions arise such as: “Why all this Creation? Why pain, evil, sorrow? Why is there wickedness? Why should we follow morals? Etc, etc. etc.”

The modern education is venting in this direction. It teaches competition, aggression, one-upmanship, covetedness, power-monging -areas where peace and harmony are absent. The education relating to life needs to be taught concurrently with modern education. Otherwise, humanity remains otherwise than wise.

Please remember: “Creation was planned much before you came. You can plan yourself in tune with the Plan of Creation. Creation is for all. Your plan should also be for the welfare of all. If you plan for yourself and work, you create fate. Later you work for your fate and not for the Plan”. Conflict, ignorance, egoism, emerge from such ignorant plan. Hence the need to know and to tune up to the Will. Let the Will of God preside over our little wills. Then we are protected through and through.

Thus, as we appropriately invoke the Word on a daily basis, our assimilation of knowledge and of food improves. The Word shall preside over us, so that our wills may become more alert and we gain protection through and through. This is also the essential meaning of the Gayatri Maha Mantra.

Of the 18 hymns, I suggest this hymn to be chanted daily with its import. It does much good. While chanting we feel the flow from Sahasrara to the Muladhara through Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. We imagine it, it will lead to visualisation. We contemplate upon the flow from above downwards –that is the way to invoke.

This hymn is also composed in the formula of the Gayatri Mantra. There are varieties of formulae in the Rig Vedic hymns, of which Gayatri is considered to be the king or queen of the meters. The hymn has 3 lines with 8 syllables for each line. Lord Krishna says in The Bhagavad Gita: “I am Gayatri among the meters”1 . When it is an 8 syllabled mantram it always speaks of ‘the One beyond the 7 planes’, ‘the Eighth One’.


Number 8 is a number of interacting nature. It is a symbol of double zeros, one placed on the other. The zero above represents Divinity. The zero below is its reflection. “As above, so below” is the message of this number.

Zero represents fullness, perfection, completeness. It indicates the perfection in Creation and perfection in its potential. That is why God –the symbol of Perfection- is referred to by number 8 in many theologies. Christ is also referred to by this number. Originally, much before Christ, Lord Krishna was referred to by this number. He was born in the 8th month, on the 8th moon phase as the 8th child. He is the One beyond the 7 planes and is therefore referred to as 8. The solar year commences from the sun sign Capricorn in the Divine Plan. From Capricorn, the sun sign Leo stands as the 8th month. An old commentary says thus:

“Gods are born at sunrise

Man is born at noon

Gods are born in Capricorn

Man is born in Aries ……”

Thus, Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, as the Perfect Man, was born in Aries, while Krishna, the Supreme Godhead, was born in the 8th month. Much more can be said about this.

The knowledge of numbers, zodiac and symbols originated, originally, from the holy land of India and then were copied elsewhere. The copies claim to be the originals. That is Kali (dark) Age! Let it be so.

Number 8, as said earlier, should be seen as a double zero. The zero above represents God, the Universal Soul. The zero below, represents his reflection as man. It is therefore the symbol of the Higher-Self in reflection as the lower-self, man.

In yoga, the etheric Lotuses are spoken of at 7 centres, from Muladhara (Base Centre) to Sahasrara (Head Centre). The man’s forehead and the crown are said to be the ‘Divine Field’. From the Brow Centre (Ajña) up to the diaphragm it is said to be the ‘human field’. The body below the diaphragm is said to be the animal, the vehicle of man.

Thus, the man is triple. There is ‘God in man’, ‘man in God’ and the animal, the vehicle. In fact, for God, man is the vehicle. For man, the body is the vehicle. The 7 centres are linked through the threads of consciousness and life.

Each of the Lotuses has an even number of petals. They are pairs, not individual petals of Lotuses. That is a secret. For example:




The pair of Lotus petals are the pairs of zeros, that is: God Consciousness and man consciousness. For man, they are 24 pairs or 48 Lotus petals up to the Brow Centre. With him, it is 49. He is at the Brow Centre or Ajña –that is man’s original place. If he is completely human, his number is 49 -7 x 7. “Seven times seven, the wheel rotates”, meaning, he rotates through the wheel of incarnations until he reaches Ajña, his higher, divine Self whose number is also 49 –but in pairs ie., 98 (96 + 2). Again one more dimension. 98 is 9 + 8 = 17. 17 is 1 + 7 = 8. Thus 8 only unfolds to be 98. The science ‘Double Zero’, called (8) eight, reveals many secrets.

You may ponder further on the subject.


Another dimension of the hymn is, that the more we assimilate knowledge, the less we live on material food. We live ultimately with the Word as food! A gradual shift from the body of flesh and blood to the body of Light, which leads one to eat sparingly. There will be a shift of emphasis in our food intake. We eat to live in the body but do not live to eat anymore. We ascend from body awareness to the awareness of the soul, and in advanced states, we would even eat for others! Great Seers demonstrated such act of eating for others. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa of Calcutta, Trilinga Swamy of Varanasi (Benares) and Master CVV of Kumbhakonam demonstrated this in their lives.

There are many occasions when the Great Ones eat large quantities in an untimely manner. If someone is hungry and invokes a Great One, He will ensure that He will eat food so that the hungry man receives the energy. Today this may seem like fiction, but it is the science of tomorrow. The distribution of energy is possible. Sometimes the Great Ones demand great quantities of food at an untimely hour and eat, because somewhere a group of people is in hunger due to the work that they are involved in. If a disciple is engaged in an important work and doesn’t have time to look for food, the Master eats for him and the disciple receives adequate energy. This is a higher dimension. This formula cannot yet be adopted by non-initiates. When we shift our emphasis from the material to the spiritual food, we are fulfilled with spiritual food. We do not feel hungry. That is called fasting, not abstaining from food. Engrossed with the Universal Soul and the work relating to the Plan, we do not desire to eat, because the spiritual food nourishes us and satiates hunger. Yogis in the advanced states, secrete a drop from their higher Throat Centre, the larynx. This drop is called Soma in Sanskrit. This drop of Soma nourishes the body for six months. These facilities exist for those who work with the Plan. One cannot demand them. They are accomplished during the process of realizing the Word.

Regular invocation of the Word first causes purification of the Throat Centre Visuddhi. The purified Throat Centre enables the purification of the 3 lower centres: Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base Centres. Secondly, the awareness of man ascends to the etheric plane –the plane of golden Light. Invocations, incantations and chanting, when pursued as per the science of Mantra, would cause the formation of the body of Light within the body of flesh and blood. The throat secretes the hunger satiating fluids called Soma; thus the hunger is met from a higher dimension than what the modern, mundane man knows. Later comes the stage of eating for others. Of course, the whole process is oversimplified, for the moment. It has many more details* .

*The composer books: "Mantrams - its significance and practice" and "Sond - the key and it's application" are recommended for further details.




Oh! Venerable Word!

Whosoever realizes you as himself

destroys the encirclements

derives fulfilment and

demonstrates goodwill.


The one who realizes himself as the Word, overcomes the limitations of life. The encirclements are the limitations. They are what we call the Saturn rings. As we progress in knowledge, the encirclements gradually disappear. We have many encirclements and we live on the basis of our own concepts of right and wrong. Every place, according to its living conditions, has its own rules concerning right and wrong. What is right in one place, may not be right in another place. All decisions about right and wrong are relative and we suffocate from the many concepts that we have created. However, certain principles in Creation are eternally valid; they are called Dharma. The universal principles do not change according to place, season or time.

For example, as we progress in knowledge, we tend to eat less. The stronger is the quality of inertia in us, the more we tend to eat. Eating more is valid in one state. Eating more is not valid in another state. Not eating is valid in still another state. Thus, how do we decide?

Those who advocate certain things very strongly, find out, as they evolve, that their theories are not valid anymore. All ‘isms’ serve a purpose up to a point, but as we evolve, our comprehension grows and our concepts change. We have such barriers as nationality, language and gender that colours our preferences, attractions and rejections. All this is a kind of illusion from a higher standpoint.

For those who overcome the illusion of the separation between male and female, there is no sex impulse. Just like a man meets a man, a man meets a woman and there is no change in the aura or the feelings, or the body chemistry. Those are the ones whom we call Androgynous or Hermaphrodites. If one man speaks to another man’s wife, there are hundred eyes that observe, and each derives his own conclusions on the basis of one’s own concepts.

The same is true with food. Our food is right for us according to our situation. When we are sick, light food is adequate. When we are in good health, every food is right. There are, thus, many theories and definitions even of God. God created man and man created many versions of God! Unfortunately men fight for their own concepts and ridicule those of others. One worships a stone as God, the other a tree or an animal. God responds! One can identify with Him through form or identify with Him beyond form. All religions are concepts and even the best religious heads have trouble getting beyond their circumscriptions.

God is concept, God is beyond concept and God is the basis of all concepts. Accept Him beyond concept and as Omnipotent. Accept Him also within the framework of any concept. If there is a concept, through which God cannot be realized, it means, that the concept is stronger than God.


The Formless One is the basis for all forms. All forms came through Him, including our form. There are people who worship their own form, why not? It looks strange, but it is possible. Thus we do not ridicule anyone’s concept of God. Synthesis means realizing that God is beyond concepts. He is nameless, formless, colourless, odourless, beyond sound, beyond comprehension, yet He is manifest in any number, name, form, colour, and symbol. The ultimate state of understanding is gained when we are in touch with the Omniscient God through anything that surrounds us. We see a stone and see God. We see a tree and see God. We see an animal and see God. We see a human being and see God - regardless of language, race or habits.

The one who thus realizes, destroys the encirclements. Until we reach that state, we continue to live with a concept of God. The Formless One can be in any form -is our fundamental teaching, actually.

A concept is a veil of THAT, and the veils also come out of THAT, hence the veil is also divine. Everything that comes from the Divine is divine. Thus, matter is as divine as spirit. Each plane of Existence is divine. That is why Lord Krishna says: “Do not confuse others with your concept of God”.

If someone has a simple concept of God, we do not have to impose books like the “Secret Doctrine” or “Treatise on Cosmic Fire” on him. His soul will gradually guide him to find the Ultimate. The statement of Lord Krishna is: “Do not disturb the simple minded”. Let them make their progress. When we know a little, we cannot look down upon those who do not know that little. God exists, both, in the form of those who know and in the form of those who do not know!

We should not feel the pride of knowledge. We should rather identify with the Master Consciousness that flows through all names and forms. We belong to One Source and see the variety as beauty. Once we realize ourselves as the Word, we will know this. In relation to a given situation we can identify with THAT. Identity with THAT in all, dissolves all concepts.


Our feeling of separateness is due to the circumscription around us and it is the worst demon. This demon of encirclement is called Vritra in the Vedic Scriptures. Vritra means, ‘the one who causes illusion, circumscriptions, encirclements, veils’. Saturn is the planetary principle relating to it. Nevertheless, concept and limitation are needed in order to manifest. But to get absorbed into the Universal Consciousness once again, the release from encirclements is necessary.

One should be able to walk into a concept and out of it with facility. Normally when we walk into a concept, we get imprisoned and then we think of destroying it. “Do not break a concept, know how to exit from it”.

There is no need to fight against scientific or religious concepts. Let them exist. We can exist beyond and per the demands of time and space enter into and exit. They are relative to time and space. We remain eternally linked and relate appropriately to time, place, association etc.

As we evolve, all these concepts help as a grand ladder, where we realize, that even we are concepts! That is what is to be realized. We are just a concept, according to how we define ourselves. As we define, so we are. Blessed is the one who doesn’t define himself and realises his own relativity. Such is the state of Divine playfulness.

I will give you an example, which I frequently give: “I am a teacher, when there is someone to listen to the teaching. I am a father, when my children are around me. I am a son when I am in the presence of my parents, and in the presence of my co-born I am a brother. In relation to my lady, I am the man. In relation to a client I am a professional accountant. In relation to a friend, I am a friend. In relation to someone who is indifferent to me, I am equally indifferent. Who am I really among all these roles? Can I define myself as the indifferent one, the teacher, father, son, husband or the friend? It is all relative. It is related to a situation. Poor are they that define themselves. When we define ourselves, we are limiting ourselves. Our problem is one of concretisation of concepts and concretisation of ourselves. That is how we get encircled, imprisoned and enslaved.

We strongly believe that we are human, hence we will live only as humans. Why can’t we think: “I am a deva in a human form”. Then we will gradually gain the potential to be a deva. We are, by our own autosuggestion, defining ourselves. Therefore the scriptures say: “Instead of saying I am this and this, why don’t you say I am THAT? Then you are THAT!” What is THAT? It is beyond concepts and is the birthplace of all concepts. Let that be the practice.


Fools define themselves. Wise ones do not. We are all of the Infinite. Do not, therefore, define. As we define, we tend to judge! This is another veil. “Judge not” is the occult dictum. Judging is ignorance. “Judge not lest thou shall be judged” is a commercial approach. We don’t judge because we will also be judged. So we follow the dictum (if at all we follow) out of fear of being judged. Thus, it is not natural. That was not what wisdom intended to say. Surely that was not the way Jesus might have said.

We pull down the wisdom of the Great Ones according to our level of awareness. That is how most of the teachings get distorted. Many and many more concepts get crystallized each time a Great One moves amidst us. Only a handful make the right understanding. Others in their effort to understand, mostly misunderstand. Untruth spreads faster than Truth and the consequence is distortion of wisdom. It happened many times. It will happen again and again. That is how the Word suffers mutilations and manipulations. We need to straighten ourselves a bit, before we approach the science of wisdom. Hence working with the Sacred Word is imminent.

The demon of encirclement works as the principle of encirclement in Creation. It doesn’t get encircled, but it encircles others. The principle works as a habit-forming principle. It is THAT functioning in tune with the Plan to cause encirclements. Unless there is circumscription, the manifestation of Creation cannot happen.

Normally we are caught in our own idea of work. Repeated functioning causes certain crystallization. We lose flexibility. We become rigid. Any changed situation is painful because it is not in tune with our crystallised pattern. We try to advocate only the pattern we know and insist on it. We resist other patterns and reject them. This is arising out of our habit-forming nature. We form a habit and we cannot come out of it.

We form a habit of meditating before an altar. We need incense, flowers and candles. Suppose at six o’clock we are at a place where none of these is available. Does it prevent us from meditation? The moment one thinks of meditation, all the ancillaries of meditation come to the mind, but not meditation. It is a discipline to light a candle, an incense stick, have a picture of a Master, but we cannot be a slave to it. It is needed and also not needed. We should follow a habit with respect, without having to die if we are to go through without it.

This is the major problem of the modern man, we crystallize our patterns, insist on them, reject and even ridicule other patterns. In effect we are slaves of patterns developed by us. These patterns condition us, while they also enable us to anchor well, but we should not anchor knee deep or neck deep so that we cannot come out of it.

Our habit with the heating system in winter, cooling system in summer, make us weak inherently. Our habit of sitting in chairs disable us to squat. Eating with spoon and forks disable us to eat with hands.

Likewise, our habit binds us to a name and a form of God and also a mode of worship. We deny other names, other modes, other disciplines. Is this not the limitation that is sweeping humanity, causing bloodshed, discord, hate, and sustained enmity?

It is good to develop a rhythm and the related habit. But it is also equally recommended that we retain the ability to adopt to changing situations. Retain this freedom. Keep some space. Do not suffocate3


“Oh! Venerable Word!

Whosoever realizes You as himself…”

Vritra realized himself as THAT and that there is only THAT existing in him and in everything else. He was invincible. Yet there is another intelligence in the Cosmos called Indra, ‘the Cosmic Mind’, which protects everything through system and rhythm. Indra is the hero of the devas. He is the King Celestial. He is called Indra, because he protects THIS. He is the Protector of all THIS. In the scriptures, THIS means, Creation and THAT means, that which is the basis of Creation. So there is THAT and THIS. Indra is very powerful, but Vritra is claimed to be more powerful. Indra once wanted to fight with Vritra. Every time he fights, he loses and Vritra wins. Indra could not understand this. He contemplates upon THAT and with the power of this contemplation he goes back to fight with Vritra. He fights and loses again. Indra was surprised and thought: “I had the presence of the Absolute, how is it that I fail?” He again contemplates, gains the presence of THAT and comes out of THAT to fight. Again he fails! He contemplates for the third time, gains the presence of THAT and asks: “If I fight with Vritra, will I win?” THAT answers: “Yes, if you are in MY presence”. But then, as he goes to fight with Vritra, he fails again. Vritra smiles at Indra. Indra asks: “Why are you smiling?” Vritra says: “You didn’t get the key. You cannot win. If you have realized THAT, you should see THAT as me also, but you are seeing Vritra instead. As long as you see me different from THAT, you cannot win. This is the power of habit, which I have over you. As long as you feel I Am, you are stepping down into individual consciousness. You may, but you must be aware of THAT. If you keep the awareness of THAT, you will see THAT in everything surrounding you. If you see THAT in me, I yield, because I am working for THAT. But if you do not see THAT in me, you lose”.

It is therefore recommended on the path of the Yoga of Synthesis to daily test, how many times we remember THAT while seeing persons. To see THAT in everything means, to establish yourself in THAT. So, do not leave THAT. In the East you are frequently given the double syllabled Mantram “SOHAM” and are given the technique of working with it. Do you know what is meant by SOHAM? It means THAT I AM. We are thus required to recollect constantly THAT I AM, meaning, THAT only exists as I AM. THAT exists as Indra. THAT exists as Vritra. THAT exists as you, as me, as this seminar hall, as all that we see and hear and all that we do not see and hear!

This is called Unity of Existence. All is Existence. It appears as many. ONE as many! There is no other. “Others” is illusion, maya, meant for the play, not real. Two sisters may play for the championship’s cup. When they play, they are opponents. But they are sisters. Likewise, ONE becomes many for the play. In truth it is all ONE. No other. None! Hence Vritra does not see Indra. He sees THAT as Indra. Indra sees Vritra but not THAT. Hence Indra loses.

In the Vedic symbolism Vritra is considered the Higher Principle. He remains THAT, and he works for the Plan of THAT. He creates rings, circumscriptions for the manifestation of THAT. The beings remain within those rings but Vritra remains beyond. This secret is well depicted in the Puranas through a grand story. This story is given to the advanced disciples. First, discipline is given. The disciple is formed. Then the disciple is recommended to look beyond the discipline. It needs much subtle analysis.


This is also the content of the prayer I do before I speak to you. Five times I say, that I shall not reject THAT as I speak to you. The prayers says:


      1. Ma aham brahma nirakuryam
      2,3. Ma ma brahma nirakaroth
      4. A nirakaranam asthu
      5. A nirakaranam asthu

Meaning: If you observe there are three times Ma and two times A. Total five times. All these five times I say in the prayer that I shall not negate Brahman. “Let not rejection happen, let not rejection happen”. It is our habit to forget. Hence, it is recollected five times.

When we heal, and we heal with devotion, we do not identify ourselves to be ‘healer’. When we teach, and we teach with devotion, we do not feel that we are a ‘teacher’. THAT is teaching to THAT. The Teacher is THAT, the pupil is THAT and the teaching is THAT. Three in ONE and ONE in three!

This is the Aquarian understanding. Only THAT I AM remains, I AM is unitary THAT I AM is union-Yoga. THAT is the final Truth.


When encirclements are destroyed, there is fulfilment, or Purna, in Sanskrit. Fulfilment is a word very dear to the Masters, because there is a fill after the full. It is already full, and it is still filled. Full-filment - a good expression of the Sanskrit word Purna which means, abundance. The work of goodwill originates from this state of abundance. Doing goodwill work is one thing, allowing goodwill work to happen through us as a channel is another thing. This flow of goodwill fulfils others. This is the magic of the Word and the Word is our emergence as the “humming sound”. Contemplation upon that sound in us will enable us to experience the formless God. The sound is the first envelope around THAT. Colour is the second envelope around THAT. Other envelopes follow. This hymn brings us proximate to the state of THAT.

It is therefore important to listen to the ‘Unuttered Sound’. Our invocation contains the sound. The Silence is the basis. Reach the Silence, the basis, then you listen to the ‘Sound of Silence’, ‘The Voice of Silence’. It speaks. You listen. Then you externalise. This is how the seers, unbound by Vritra, listen to the ‘Voice of Silence’ and re-present IT. They represent the Truth. They re–present the Truth again and again. They rejoice listening more than speaking. They rejoice more to turn inward and listen than to speak or listen from the objectivity.

They realize the Word. They stand beyond encirclements, fulfil and flow out the Truth as acts of goodwill.




Oh Mother Saraswathi!

May you nourish the force

and the consciousness

just as Pusha

nourishes the body.


Who is Pusha? The sun in Libra-Scorpio is called Pusha. In the wisdom of the Aryans, the 12 sons of the 12 sun signs have 12 names. These names indicate the characteristics of the sun in that sign. For each season there is a name for the sun. Vedic astrology was conceived by the ancients with the equator as its reference point. It is not built upon the basis of local understanding. Regional festivals cannot be interpreted universally. But there are certain universal festivals.

In Libra the earth around the equator, experiences the full bloom of its fauna and flora, reaching its height in Scorpio, where the material formation is complete. That means, the spirit has reached the grossest matter. In the months of Libra and Scorpio, the vegetation is in full bloom around the equator, because rain which is the preceding seasons has given the necessary nourishment. The season is called Sarad, and growth is complete in this season. During summer such heat is absorbed into matter that the surface of earth opens and prepares to receive the rain.

The Dharma is, we eat only when we are hungry, because hunger is the fire in us, which seeks food for distribution to the devas in us. Summer supplies the necessary heat to the planet. It seems as though the earth opens in the same way as we open our mouth eagerly for food. Then comes the rainy season. Rain is the medium for the absorption of life force. Thus, in the tropics, trees, flowers and fruits gain full bloom in the months of Libra and Scorpio, having absorbed much life force and assimilated it.

Much poetry was written about this season called Sarad (Libra-Scorpio), because everything tends to be so beautiful, clean and green. The work of the sun, which gives this material nourishment is called Pusha during the month of Libra.

The hymn says:

“Just as Pusha nourishes the body

- our body and the body of the planet –

May You nourish the force

and consciousness in us”

As the sun nourishes the well-being of our body, so does the Word, nourishes our consciousness and life force. We utter the sacred sound, so that the consciousness in us may blossom and generate the necessary force. Good utterance tightens the etherical web, if we utter with proper intonation. The cleavages in the etheric body are repaired. The sun is willing to give nourishment. But if our etheric body is punctured, no vitality is gained although we eat healthy food.

Pusha is thus secondary to Saraswathi. The Word helps patching the puncture, so that Pusha can nourish. The whole work of immortality is built upon the platform of the etheric body*.

The composer's book "Venus-the path to immortality" is recommended for further details.


The etheric body is to be kept intact through right desire and thought. The etheric body is the transmitter of Life and Light to the physical body. It receives the life-force and distributes it over all the limbs. It causes assimilation of food. Ensures enough life by assimilation of food and even distribution of energy to the body. It also enables the reflection of Consciousness as Light in the head. It thus causes illumination, right desire, right thought, right behaviour, Harmlessness, truthfulness, lack of thieving instincts, non-expectation, sexual regulation (healthy sexual relation), external hygiene, internal purity, study of scriptures, cheerful attitude and recognition of One Supreme Godhead, are the ten tenets to hold a healthy etheric body. Thus says Patangali.

It is the immediate step of accomplishment to the mundane, mortal man, to gain immortal status and divine identity. The Word is the chief means to build up such body of Light. The etheric body is experienced as the body of Golden Light. It causes complete fulfilment and nourishment of life force and consciousness.

It should not develop any cleavages. A method to clear the cleavages is a regular, appropriate utterance of sacred sounds. To suit the taste of variety, many sacred sounds are given. Do not consider them as different. I remind you that any one of them is enough. Various foods may be eaten, but the purpose is nourishment. Likewise the various sound formulae are basically for nourishment of the etheric body. We need to work at least with one of them regularly. The Word keeps nourishing the consciousness and the life-force on all 7 planes in us and in the Universe.

The nourishment gets so far, that we experience ourselves as a disc of the solar globe. Just as the beautiful, resplendent disc of the solar globe is visible when the brilliant rays of the sun are withdrawn, the same happens when we withdraw the meaningless, selfish objective activity, turn inward and contemplate upon the Word. The activity of senses and the mind are suspended, the energies in us move upward, to experience the solar globe in our Brow Centre.

The process is joyful. Libra joins Aries. The ‘man in God’, turning inward, moves upwards through the central vertebral column and sits on the throne with the ‘God in man’. The charkas of the etheric body transform into Lotuses responding to Light. Within the kingdom of Earth, the Kingdom of God is thus realized and experienced.

There are many secrets relating to this process, which deserve a separate seminar. Let us leave it at that, with an understanding that the Word helps up to the ultimate nourishment of the Soul, not only the nourishment of the body and mind.




May the Golden (saw like) rays

emerging from the Word, Saraswathi

dispel the darkness

of ignorance (of circumscription)

and liberate the utterer from bondage.


The Word has a twofold channel, one is the thread of life, the other is the thread of consciousness. The involutionary flow of the Word is also the basis for the flow of the idea into thought. The involutionary flow of the Word not only brings down the life force, but also brings down the idea as thought.

The Word is the source of life and the source of thought. It is the Word through which the two flows emerge. On one side the flow conducts the life activity in us. On the other side the flow conducts the activity of consciousness in us. The activity of consciousness is periodical, the activity of life is eternal, in the sense, as life presides, consciousness emerges and merges. We are awakened in the morning from sleep to awareness. This is the emergence of consciousness which details into impulses of ideas, further details into thoughts and, thereafter, into speeches and actions. Awakening is the emergence of our consciousness, but even before it emerges the life force exists in us. During sleep, when consciousness merges into its source, the life force is working in us as the pulsating activity, respiration, heartbeat and circulation of blood. This activity takes place even without our being conscious of it. Awakening is the individual emergence of Light.

A twofold activity takes place in the human being, that is: the lifting up of the curtain and the dropping down. It happens every day. But there is something, which is beyond consciousness, which awakens us and also draws us back into itself. It emerges in greater periodicity, as life, and emerges in smaller periodicities, as consciousness. Each one of us has this twofold activity. One aspect of God is life, the other aspect of God is consciousness. Life is represented by the sun, and consciousness is represented by the higher aspect of the moon, the reflecting principle, which is called Soma. The emergence of consciousness as we awake in the morning, puts us to all kinds of activity according to our own patterns. The patterns relate to consciousness, but not to life. Life pulsates in us as it pulsates everywhere. It pulsates in each one of us in the same manner. It also pulsates in animals, trees etc. Pulsation is the externalisation of life. Even space pulsates. All that is manifest pulsates.

Before life externalises as pulsation, it remains as a “humming sound”, which is also referred to in some theologies as “the hissing sound”, (hissing of the snake). Snake worshippers are worshippers of the life and the time aspects, because the snake represents both life and time. Nâgas, Mayans, Nazarens, are some of them. Nâga means, cobra, in Sanskrit. They were worshippers of the cobra. They worshipped the snake, as the Descending and Ascending aspect of God. It is the symbol of the snake with two heads, corresponding to times of involution and evolution, new moon and full moon, ascending soli/lunar light and descending light. They carried the knowledge of the times cycles. They produced many initiates in the East and in the West.


Beyond the activity of consciousness, there is the activity of life, which can be understood as our continuing to be in life while in wakeful and in sleep states. If the life principle disappears, there is no such thing as our awakening. If the consciousness principle disappears, we continue to live but without awareness. Life seems to stand prior to consciousness. The sun stands prior to the moon. The moon waxes and wanes. The sun has no such changes of vibration.

In the Eastern scriptures these principles are represented by Siva and Shakti. We grow in consciousness with life as basis. Life forms the basis for consciousness. It is therefore necessary to respect life when we proceed to grow in knowledge. Proper attention should be given to the life principle, the life force.

We should be grateful that we continue to live through the night and that we are awakened in the morning. Because these two aspects are not under our mastery, until we know the secret of the Word. The one who knows the secret of the Word can extend life, not only for himself, but also for others! He can bring to life the ones who are dying or dead. That is the power of the Word. With life as the basis, awakening details into a triangular activity. Triangular activity is expressed in the three Logos, the Trinity or the Cosmic First, Second and Third Ray. But even before these 3 Rays emerge, they had their source in consciousness.

The Background Consciousness is that from which everything emerges. Experiencing it, makes us gain synthesis. We should not live with a concept of God, but with God as such, the Background of all, the Background of awareness, of life and even of the Word.


Thus, the Word is the ultimate connection to the God Absolute. It flows out to manifest the cosmic, solar and planetary systems and to manifest the intelligences related to their functioning, besides the beings that reside therein.


Exhalation is an aspect of the Word as life. The Word as life descends as pulsation, and respiration. Exhalation is part of respiration. Like a log of wood, the exhalation is cut into pieces to produce sounds. How are the sounds produced? From the point of the throat, to the tip of the tongue and the lips. Without the throat we cannot utter vowels, but even before we utter the vowels, the Sacred Word exists in us. It is the Word that externalises as exhalation and from the same Word, impulses, ideas and thoughts emanate. As exhalation reaches the throat, we cut it. We cut the exhalation to produce the sounds. Thus, to cut the exhalation into the required sounds, we symbolically use the saw. The handle of the saw is in the throat, the teeth of the saw are the teeth that we have and the tongue as such, is the saw.

Thus, from the Word, life and awareness emerge and from life and awareness the letters and words are uttered forth. Exhalation as the basis, awareness utters forth the sounds of thought as per the language used. So, utterances of speeches should be seen as combined activity of Light and Life. Good utterances improve the ability of Light and Life. Inferior utterances, likewise, destroy the Light and Life in us.

Such is the power of the flow of sound. We need to understand the symbolism relating to the saw. It extends from the throat up to the lips. The saw of the sound cuts the exhalation to produce the necessary sounds. We know the saw as it cuts a log of wood, enabling the log to take shapes. The Sacred Word emerges from within. It is the ‘humming soundless sound’ inside, which is an Eternal Presence in us. It externalises through pulsation and further conducts the activity of respiration.


The sounds are produced at the lips, at the teeth, at the frontal palate, at the central and rear palate. We speak, but we do not observe where a particular sound is produced in the mouth.

The vowels A E U and the mantra OM, can be uttered deeper down in the throat and expressed through the throat. Observe where KA is uttered and compare it with the other related sounds. KA is external to A, A is deeper in the throat. To utter KA we press at the exterior of the throat, at the very beginning of the palate. CHA is uttered in the upper central palate. From KA to CHA one travels more into objectivity. From CHA to TA, one has already come up to the end of the upper palate, to the gums. Then the sound THA follows. It is impossible to say THA, unless one has teeth. The most exterior sound is PA. With this understanding we can discriminate which sound is more profound than the others, depending on the depth from where the sound is produced. That is how the various sounds can be classified into gutturals, palatals, dentals, and labials. The Sanskrit letters are conceived according to this Law and are given in that order. They thus have:


      1st category the Sacred Word
      2nd category the vowels
      3rd category the consonant

Again, the consonants are arranged into

5 categories of: KA, CHA, TA, THA, PA and each of these consonants have 5 variances. The language has 16 vowels, 25 consonants, and 8 Santhas –meaning, sounds with poised ending. In all it has 49 letters coming from the Sacred Sound.

49 again is 7 x 7.


One of the 7 keys of ancient wisdom is the key of grammar. With the knowledge of this key one can utter sounds to produce Light. This is the Golden Light that the saw (the mouth) produces. That is how the hymn very poetically expresses the characteristic of the Word. As the Word is appropriately pressed at various points from the throat to the lips, it produces different sounds and their related Light, just like every thunder produces its lightening. Divine speeches thus, give birth to Light, and such Light is transmitted to the listeners, other speeches do not.

Sound and Light are twins. They coexist. However, sometimes we see the light and do not hear the sound. Sometimes we hear the sound and do not see the light. There is the ‘light of the sound’ and there is also the ‘sound of the light’. Since we have two different senses to experience the two, we sometimes only see light or hear sound. But there are species who have one organ, both, for seeing and listening. When they listen, they see and when they see, they listen. The cobra, is such a being. Cobras don’t have separate ears. Their eyes are the ears also.

In higher states of awareness, when the senses merge in their source, all is experienced through one. That means, while tasting, one sees the light of the thing tasted, hears the vibration of its sound, smells its odour and feels its touch.

When we detail ourselves, we do not know much about anything, like today’s doctors. Those who know about the throat do not know about the stomach, and those who know about the stomach do not know about the heart. Those who know about the heart, do not know about the nervous system – due to excessive specialisation. We even try to understand occultism in bits and pieces. By gathering fragments together confusion results in. The wisdom science is always studied from unity to diversity, from synthesis to analysis and from generals to particulars. This is the approach of the Seers.

Wisdom is one, the branches are many. It is more effective to start with synthesis and get into analysis without losing synthesis. Sound has light and light has sound. Master Djwhal Khul therefore speaks of: “Seeing the sounds, listening to the colours”. With the help of the Word we can experience this.


The saw produces the Golden Light. The golden rays emerging from the teeth of the saw break our bondage. The precision and clarity with which a man is able to utter the sounds gives the clue to his state of bondage. If there is less precision and less clarity in speech, it means he is more in bondage. An un-evolved person cannot precisely and sharply utter forth the letters. As one evolves the precision of utterance also evolves. This gives a clue. If one makes a consistent effort to utter forth letters precisely and accurately, through such effort he can improve the quality of his awareness. Limitations prevent one from the exact uttering of the sounds.

When people speak without clear and sharp pronunciation, they do not produce, through the sounds, the Light that is necessary to burn the impurities. In such cases, it needs special training to utter the Word correctly. There is nothing that we cannot utter. It is a question of training the tongue. Some tongues can express sounds with precision, but many tongues are blunt and cannot express the specific sound in the manner that it should be uttered forth.

Thus, to focus on the appropriate utterance of the letters is necessary. Sanskrit has given the order of the letters in the sequence of their involution. It begins speaking of the vowels and thereafter about the consonants. The consonants come in sets of 5, in the same order described before.

There is a combination of sounds in a word. For example the word AKSHARAM consists of: A KA SHA RA M. It is a sound that:



      a) breaks limitations
      b) drives us from the centre of our being to the circumference
      c) represents the process of wisdom
      d) gives us the value of man in relation to the Universe.

When the Word is uttered forth with intent, related to anyone of the above, it helps to manifest the related energy. Likewise, sounds uttered forth with intent, precision, and clarity, helps breaking our limitations, causing transmutation of the body cells. This transmutation is the basis for transcendence.

The cells of the body need to be transmuted. They are actually mutilated in us. For a transition into higher planes a mutation for the better must take place. An alchemical effect occurs when sounds are appropriately uttered. Even if our quality is a base metal, it can be transformed, through regular utterance, into gold. Such is the alchemy of sound.

The earlier hymns indicated that we should utter with great vitality. Now, in this 7th hymn, the emphasis is on the precision of utterance. Unless the saw is sharp, it cannot appropriately cut. To drive home this point the saw is given as an example in the hymn.

The utterance of letters, itself, is a science. There is a science of utterance, which is one of the keys of wisdom. This science demands:


      i. precision of utterance of letters
      ii. appropriate intonation
      iii. appropriate stress
      iv. even flow of sound like a stream, neither slow, nor fast or stunted
      v. strength of utterance at low, middle and higher tone to be keenly followed
      vi. the utterance has to be musical.
      vii. elongations of any sound should be as long as it should be. Neither more nor less.

It is a way. A discipline to utter. When its intricacies and importance are realized and followed, the Word produces the required alchemy. It improves the colour note and the sound note of the utterer. The conditioning of the body of flesh and blood is gradually overcome. The brain cells sharpen and comprehend wisdom better. Retention of wisdom becomes possible.

“Dispel the darkness of ignorance,

and liberate the utterer from bondage”

Another benefit of appropriate utterance of the Sacred Sound is, it dispels the “doubting Thomas” in us, i.e., the doubter in us. Doubt protects until we comprehend. Anything new is first doubted, to protect us until we know. Our freedom to act depends upon our knowledge. In a make-believe world, people make you believe in order to exploit. To prevent this, Nature implanted doubt in people. It is a kind of protection. When we make precise utterances the doubt in us is dispelled, we transform ourselves into a positive, comprehending energy.

Positivism is a further benefit of appropriate utterances. There is a statement in the Orient which says: “When you invoke the sacred Word, the devas of all the planes gather around you” They become alert. The devas of the 7 planes exist in us in all the 7 centres of our body. Not only are the diabolics dispelled, but the devas become alert when the ‘son of man’ proposes something sacred.

A temple bell has a similar function. It has successive vibrations. The waves of the sounds are like the ripples in a still water lake, when we throw in a pebble. That is the purpose of the bell in the temple. When we chime the bell and then enter the temple, we do it to dispel the diabolics in us before we enter the temple. Then we enter as a unit of light, to merge with the Greater Light.

There are schools where a bell is used to help people to get into contemplation and deep meditation. The sound of the bell is in many cases better than our throat. In buddhistic temples, the bell is used very effectively. This is a reminder that one day our throats should reverberate like the bell producing the necessary vibrations. Such should be the strength of the voice. One should have a metallic, magnetic and vibrant utterance. The hymn hints at it.

When we do so the darkness of ignorance and doubt are dispelled in us. The ‘golden saw’ cuts into pieces the lump of ignorance hidden within us. It enables the liberation of the utterer from bondage.


How to utter? The appropriate way of uttering is to listen to that which we utter. Often we utter mantras or chant, but we do not listen. We sing Gayatri, about ten to twenty times every morning and evening. How many times do we listen to every letter and the related sound of the mantra that we utter? There is a tendency with us to utter mechanically. Since the mind is the manager, it delegates the utterance to the tongue and moves away. Since man resides in mind, he literally moves away from uttering, when the mind moves away. The tongue utters mechanically, the listener is nowhere near, hence the impact of the utterance does not help. The key of uttering is listening. Uttering and listening is a preliminary requirement that should lead us to be able to listen and utter.

Uttering to listen is the first step, listening to utter is the next, advanced step, then what do we listen to? Whom do we listen to? Where do we listen to? We listen inside, we listen to the ‘Voice of Silence’ existing in us as the humming sound in the Anahata or Heart Centre. To do so we turn inward, as we turn inward and start listening to the ‘hissing sound’ we enter into a higher realm. We listen to the utterance, which is happening in us. That utterance is the utterance of the Word. When we practice to turn inward, slowly we gain the ability to listen to the Word existing in us. It gives us the impulse, the Plan of work. Listening to such impulse and the Plan of work, we speak or act in the objectivity. An accepted disciple does this regularly. He listens to the Plan, which is also called ‘Listening to the inner Master’ Ishvara, registers the Plan and then conducts the Plan in the world. It means the ‘man in God’ listens to the ‘God in man’ and utters forth. This is possible when listening inside is practiced. When man thus attunes to the Plan, he is liberated –liberated from the self-created fate.


Use the saw of utterance, release yourself from the bondage, listen inward, follow the inner voice, the Word and liberate from the self-created fate.





May the Word:

which permeates like boundless ocean,

which is beyond anyone’s possession,

and which co-exists with us

as the endless, soundless sound,

protect us.


Three qualities of the Word are described in this hymn. One quality is the permeation of the Word as a boundless ocean. It is called “Ocean of Light” in the scriptures. Poetically it is envisioned as the ‘Milky Ocean’.

This Milky Ocean is an emergence from THAT through the Word. As It emerges, Time also emerges. The Word permeates this Milky Ocean and creates all that is in the Universe. The emergence of the Milky Ocean is also due to the emergence of the Word from THAT. To state it more clearly, an impulse comes from THAT, that impulse was with THAT before such emergence. The other name, for that original impulse emerging from THAT is, the Word. When it emerges it becomes a Milky Ocean, from out of the Milky Ocean there are further impulses emerging, causing the qualities that is: poise, dynamism and inertia’. The qualities again receive an impulse to detail into matter, force and consciousness. The later 3 again receive an impulse to form the Creation and the creational beings. Thus, the Word permeates in a boundless manner, as an ocean. Every step in Creation is due to the impulse coming from the preceding state.

It is considered boundless because it emerges by itself from THAT. THAT allows and co-operates. The Word, which was with God, comes from God, creates all this, flows through and returns itself to THAT. This is the boundless character of the Word. It steps out from THAT, causes the Cosmic, Solar and Planetary systems and returns, according to its own timetable. For this reason the Word is called boundless. Its ability to manifest is oceanic, meaning Grand.


Thus, no one can possess the Word. Even God does not possess the Word. Please remember what the scriptures say: “The Word was with God”. That means, the Word was just with God in friendliness but was not possessed by God. Possessing is an inferior quality. It is a mundane quality. Friendliness is a divine quality. It does not demand, nor direct, or instruct, but continues to be friendly. Such is the friendliness of God. Friendliness by itself is a great divine doctrine. Possessiveness is an act of ignorance. Ignorance cannot prevail around the Word, it cannot be possessed. How can mundane qualities possess the Divine. Even while God is with It, He does not posses It. Thus, how can the created beings possess the Word? On the contrary, the beings are possessed by the Word, they are within It, they float in It, they return to God through It

The Word co-exists with God. Sometimes it manifests, sometimes it remains un-manifest. Whether in manifestation or out of manifestation it co-exists. Wherever She is, He is also there. Wherever He is, She is also there. They are the ideal couple in friendliness. No one dominates the other. When the Word is eternally with God in Creation or out of Creation, it does not seem to be appropriate to say that: “The Word was with God” this must be a bad translation. The Word is not without God. When we are active we are in Existence, when we are not active, we are also in Existence. Can we say that when we are active we are non-existent? When the Word is active the Creation happens. At the same time it is with Existence. The activity of God and the Word is a play in friendliness. They are playful and friendly too. Poor is the understanding of those who try to grade the Word secondary to God. They are together at all times and are incapable of being possessed. Lucky are those who are aware of this Truth. The beings are therefore recommended to contemplate as THAT I AM but not as I AM THAT. The significance is already cleared in the earlier hymns. The Creation and the beings of the Creation come out of this Celestial Couple and are essentially made out of them. Having been born out of them, the beings think of possessing. Having given birth to all this They let us free and do not possess. Such is Their love for the beings. Their love is friendliness. In fact, Pure Love has no possessive instinct.

Poor are they who try to possess. People possess things. They possess places, languages, thoughts, desires and even wisdom. This possessive instinct is a curse on humanity. Neither mineral, nor plant, nor animal, who are considered to be inferior to man, demonstrate a better attitude than man’s possessive attitude. The whole human history is nothing but a mad race to possess. Wisdom science gives the clue to live in friendliness but not in possessiveness. Be friendly to all that is and eliminate the possessive attitude.

To possess wisdom is the worst of the illusions. Wisdom may possess us. We cannot possess wisdom. We need to realize that we cannot posses anything. Every thing comes to pass by. We cannot posses the body forever, we cannot posses things forever, we cannot posses life, we cannot posses even awareness. All is given, we should learn to be grateful because in friendliness much is given to man, not to possess, but to live with and to share. Saraswathi the Word, is not only incapable of being possessed but is also non-possessive. This is clearly demonstrated by a Master of Wisdom. A Master of Wisdom cannot be possessed, nor does he possess others. He floats with joy in friendliness

Do not possess and be not possessed. The one who possesses is possessed! If you wish to be a Master of your life, learn to live in friendliness, learn to co-exist. Relieve yourself from possessive attitudes. Man wants to possess his lady. The lady wants to possess her man. Both of them compete to possess the children. Possessiveness is due to fear of losing. We are bound to lose as we tend to possess. Learn to co-exist, not to possess. It is a big step in human evolution. Restore friendliness, which demonstrates mutual respect, love and freedom. The Word is friendly, it co-exists as a friend from eternity to eternity. We cannot possess it. It does not possess us.

The Word is friendly. It bestows life. It bestows awareness. It bestows the speech to man. It conducts pulsation –it does almost everything for us and demands nothing! All that we can do is to be grateful, to be thankful and respectful. Recognize its profound work. If willing, try to co-operate, learn to be friendly. Let your friendliness be in such silence as the Word.


When we observe with keen interest the work of the Word, we find profundity and silence. We too need to gain profundity in our being to be silent. Those who are deep are generally silent. The shallow ones make noise. The listeners are more profound than the talkers. From talkativeness one should grow to be a listener. From being a listener one should grow to be a complete listener. Many persons listen but do not completely listen. When we listen completely we listen to the heart, more than listening to the tongue. The tongue confuses. The heart trumpets the gospel. The one who rejoices to listen to the trumpet of the heart cares little to speak. He enjoys the inner silence. In the inner chambers he meets the ever ‘humming sound’, that sound is Saraswathi. It caresses you. It directs you. It speaks to you in your mother tongue! Don’t think that It speaks to you in Sanskrit. Above all it guides you in life as a friend and protects always and in all ways.





May the Word

engulfed in and by the Truth

enable transcendence over the malicious

and the irresponsible

and progress like the Sun

who succeeds the nights and the days!


The Word is the first envelope around THAT. THAT is Truth. The envelop is transparent enough to transmit the Truth. When we are with the Word, we are with the Truth. Truth and malice are incompatible. Conversely, if we are with malice, the Word cannot be with us. If we wish to be with the Word, we cannot be malicious. Malice denies knowledge. No one can be malicious and wise -wise in the sense of righteous application of wisdom. In The Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna: “Luckily you are not malicious and hence I can transmit you the Word. You have shraddha and you do not have malice” (The Bhagvad Gita 9th Canto, 1st Stanza). Shraddha, means, focused and unwavering devotional attitude. The Shraddha of Arjuna is well known. Even from the childhood he had one-pointed focus and was not malicious. His focus is such that he accomplished whatever he targeted. He never entertained malice.

Arjuna was an excellent archer. When he shoots an arrow, it goes straight through the other end, be it a tree, be it a human being. It pierces through and then comes back and joins his quiver again. That is the shooter in Sagittarius. Arjuna was born in the sun sign of Sagittarius and Lord Krishna in the sun sign of Leo. When Arjuna was a child, he was asked by his teacher to pick up a bow and an arrow and shoot. The teacher instructed: “Look at the eye of the bird on the tree”. Arjuna looked. Then the teacher asked: “What do you see?” Arjuna answered: “The eye”. The teacher asked: “Do you not see the bird?” Arjuna replied: “No”. The teacher asked again: “Do you not see the tree?” Arjuna answered: “No. I see only the eye, because you wanted me to see only the eye”. If man is focused, there is nothing that he cannot accomplish. People are mainly interested in the side issues.

As a second quality, Arjuna had a non-malicious nature. That’s why Krishna says: “Luckily you are shraddhavan and anusuyavan, meaning: “You are focused and you are without malice. Hence it becomes easy to give you the Secret of Secrets”. The 9th chapter in The Bhagavad Gita gives ‘The Secret of Secrets’ of wisdom, called the Royal Path or Raja Vidya. This kingly wisdom is of the highest class. When the placement of awareness is high, the secret is deep. Krishna gave the secret of Truth, because Arjuna was focused and was without malice. Wisdom flows from the Teacher to the student, provided the student is non-malicious. If the student has malice, nothing can be transmitted, however great the Teacher is.

The hymn says:

“May the Word enable the

transcendence of malice”

If we work with sacred utterances, we stand a fair chance to overcome our malice, jealousy etc. We become lovable to our surroundings in as far as malice is eliminated from us. The malice inside is burnt when we regularly utter the sacred Word with its related discipline. The malice around us also dissolves in due course of time. Friendliness is gained within and outside.

It is ignorance to develop friendship. Developing friendships is a personality activity. Such ‘ships’ may sink or break down. Friendliness is different from friendship. Friendship has demands, expectations, a defined way of response. It is bondage. It is commercial. If the friend does not respond to our needs, the ‘ship’ (friendship), is broken.

“I scratch your back. You scratch my back”. It is commercial friendship. It has no other value. The whole life is building up friendships. Relate, but do not build relationships. It binds us. It entangles us. Our effort to build these relationships work out the contrary. We wish to make friendships, but enemies are the result. As we progress in life we have lost some friends, but would not have turned a single enemy into our friend. Do you know why? We have demands. We have expectations. We are jealous. We want others to respond to our needs, desires, demands and expectations. If others do not, hate is born! The enemy is born!! Our love relationships are also such. On the obverse it is love. On the reverse it is hate. If the one whom we love does not respond, hate is the result. In the world of expectations, all relationships are hypocrisy.

Love, friendship, affection –they all have their other side. That is not the friendliness or the love, wisdom speaks of. The wisdom qualities are beyond the pairs of opposites. Only then it can be said that we are beyond malice.

We do not stop at relating. We build relationships to the extent, that we lose our freedom and snatch other’s freedom. Freedom and responsibility have to be matched for right living.

Live in friendliness, live in love. Love is not something that we can possess and transmit. We can live in it, then it transmits itself through us. Somehow we want to hold everything. Hold love and hold friendship. We can live in these sublime energies and then they transmit themselves through us. Fulfilled with the energies of love and friendship, they spread into the surroundings. Humanity did not as yet understand friendliness and love. We do not lose if we just smile at others. On the contrary, we gain health. But we expect others to smile at us first! The one who says: “good morning” first, is better off. The one who smiles first, is better off than the one who responds. Friendliness is such a positive quality. If we wish to gain, we learn to greet first and speak last. If we wish to gain non-malicious nature we learn to greet first, speak last and learn not to build bondages either for us or for others.

If we see the way of life of Rama, he was the foremost to greet the other with a smile and was the last to speak. The moment we greet with a smile, the other man also responds with a smile. There is the meeting of smiles, of eyes and the communion of souls. Should there be any further dialogue or conversation, let it start from the other side, not from you.

Friendliness is possible when there is no malice. When we utter the Word, we gain this friendliness and the malice in us is burnt. Then the Law is better understood and followed, we cannot be irresponsible. When the Law is followed irresponsibility disappears. We cannot be irresponsible anymore either in our speech or in our actions or in our movements. The Word enables transcendence of malice and irresponsibility. It establishes us in friendliness and love in the truest meaning.

Once we grow closer, we cannot be irresponsible. We cannot be out of tune with the Law. The Word helps us to gain proximity to the Master Consciousness in us and hence our speeches, thoughts and actions cannot be irresponsible. The invocation of this hymn appeals to the Word so that it may enable us to overcome malice, irresponsibility and to progress like the sun, who succeeds days and nights.


Days are light, nights are darkness to those who are earthy. When we are out of the Earth, there are no days or nights. We should be very sympathetic to the sun, because he does not have a night to sleep. Where is the night for the sun? He is all light, hence there can be no night. Succeeding days and nights means, overcoming the pairs of opposites. We have day and night because we are on this Earth. When one portion of the Earth turns away from the sun, we have the night, and when this part orients to the sun, we have the day. Earthy beings orient and disorient, thus they live in a swing. You see the swing of the children? It goes once to this side and once to that side, like a wave.

The sun has no such swings. He progresses gradually on his path, moving around the Higher Sun, feeling responsible towards the planets and the Solar Systems. The planets are his family. His movement around the Higher Sun is not an irresponsible movement. He is not leaving the family even for a while. Without disturbing his family system, he is progressing towards the Central Sun. That is the beauty! Our spiritual practices should not be a source of discomfort to the family. This is a major instruction in discipleship. Many abandon responsibilities and families in the name of spiritual pursuit. The message of the sun is very clear in this regard.

We should learn to be subtle and not alarming in our practices of discipleship. The sun is not causing alarm to the planets, even though it is concurrently progressing towards the Central Sun. Its progress is a kind of a succession of days and nights, meaning, unaffected by the pairs of opposites. There are ups and downs in family life, but the progress is not hindered. If we have the smallest excuse, the first casualty is our prayer. Slight indisposition in health, slight disturbance in economics, small problem at home -and we do not pray. But when we pray, every problem is mitigated.

The 9th hymn speaks of the progress beyond the ups and downs. When we work with the Word, nothing can hinder this progress. The one who practises comes out victorious even from the worst crisis. Prayer is the worship of the Word. The hymns develop our taste for the Word in many ways.

The 9th hymn indicates, that we will remain unaffected by anything that is happening around us, even by other’s irresponsibility or malice. There is a statement in The Bhagavad Gita: “Whosoever follows Me, will not perish.” It is the Word speaking through the form of Lord Krishna.


Three further steps in our comprehension of the Word are gained through this hymn: first, it enables us to overcome malice and establish friendliness. Second, it frees us from irresponsibility and gives us a placement in the Dharma or Law. Third, it enables a continuous, regular progress beyond the ups and downs of life.





May the Word be our means

for lovely and lively utterance of life

in all seven planes.

May the Word fulfil

and be fulfilled.


This hymn is a key to experience the bliss of utterance. Such utterances fulfil us in varieties of ways. The Word or the Deity of the Word is the basis of manifestation of all the devas. The devas of radiation, vibration and materialisation. The devas of the right and of the left which are called Mitra-Varuna. Essentially the devas are recognised as 33 in number.

The Word becomes male-female. Having emerged from the Source, the Word takes the female form in relation to THAT, which is beyond explanation. But in relation to all subsequent manifestations, it forms the basis and is therefore masculine. Alternatingly IT takes to the masculine and the feminine states. One plane is masculine to its subsequent plane and is feminine to the preceding plane. The receiving plane is feminine. The distributing plane is masculine. The neutral state is androgynous. Every plane experiences these statuses.

The positive sound is the listening-aspect of the sound. The negative sound is the speaking-aspect of the sound. They respectively form the content and the container. That is what we call Mitra and Varuna. Varuna is the measure, Mitra is the measured. The devas of Radiation are 12. The devas of vibration are 11. The devas of materialisation are 8. Together the Devas are chiefly 33 in number. They are:


           2     ASWINS MITRA AND VARUNA  
         33 DEVAS         

The one who realizes the Word is said to be a ‘Master of the 33rd degree’. For the devas the Word is very dear, because they have emerged from it. They fulfil the work of the Word. 33 devas + the Word makes 34. The Word, + the Source, from which it comes, makes 35. However it is not called 35, it is called 34 +.

The secrets of ‘Ezekiel’s Wheel’ are contained in the number 34 +. In the Bible there is the grand concept of ‘Ezekiel’s Wheel’. The number relating to it is more than 34 and less than 35.

The 33 devas should be realized as products of the Word. Hence for the devas, the Word is of supreme importance. To the Word the devas are very dear. They constitute the visible and invisible Universe. The Word is dearest to the Divine. When we orient our prayers to the Word, the devas of the 7 planes are deeply pleased. They are so pleased that they bless us.

The Word manifests through the devas of the 7 planes as 7 sounds and as 7 musical tones. When we worship the 7 musical tones, we muse to the 7 planes in us and experience bliss. When the 7 strings of the instrument are fully used, the music produced takes us into ecstatic states. The music has 7 scales and we have 7 centres in our body -from Sahasrara (Head Centre) to Muladhara (Base Centre). There is a way to utter, where the lower centres and the higher centres fuse in Visuddhi (Throat Centre). Whenever we utter and worship the Word through hymns, songs, mantras or bhajans, the Word fuses and expresses itself through the Throat Centre, then the soul muses.


Saraswathi is the Oceanic Consciousness in our Sahasrara. It corresponds to Brahma Manas Sarovar in Himalayas, which is located at the highest altitude of our planet and is also at the highest point of our body. The brain cells of the cerebral system, are filled with the energy of Saraswathi, flowing through the spinal column down to the Base Centre. In this way Saraswathi occupies and permeates all the 7 planes.

Likewise from Brahma Manas Sarovar there was the river Saraswathi flowing towards the present State of Gujarat, and merging into the ocean. The State of Gujarat was submerged substantially into the waters 5000 years ago. Along the banks of this river Saraswathi, flourished a great civilisation of knowledge. In fact, this hymn was conceived on the banks of that holy river, which was as popular as Ganges. Its civilisation was equally popular. This river Saraswathi is considered to be flowing nowadays, in the subterranean parts of the Kashmir Valley, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Once again the hidden river will be revealed in future. It is prophesied so.


When we express through utterance, the lower 3 centres and the higher 3 centres align themselves at the fulcrum of Visuddhi (Throat Centre). Anahata (Heart Centre), Ajña (Brow Centre) and Sahasrara (Head Centre), are the 3 higher centres. Manipuraka (Solar plexus), Svadhistana (Sacral Centre) and Muladhara (Base Centre) are the 3 lower centres. Visuddhi (Throat Centre) is the fulcrum.

The 3 lower centres relate to the body and the 3 higher centres relate to the soul. When we utter the Word, there should be a conscious utterance to ensure the fusion of all the 6 centres in the 7th, that is the Throat Centre. This is what is meant by utterance on all the 7 planes.

A musical instrument, which produces all the 7 scales of music, uplifts through the beauty of music. The human body is also similar to such musical instrument. In fact, musical instruments are conceived as replicas of the human instrument. When we utter hymns (that worship the Word), we consciously link up the higher and the lower at the Throat Centre. The physical body, the body of senses, and the mental body, become focussed through utterance.

The Word which dwells in Sahasrara, has its Light aspect in the Ajña Centre and its sound-aspect, (Anahata sound), in the Anahata Centre. These 3 centres have to be tuned up for the utterance in the Throat Centre, then all the devas of the 7 planes are pleased, the Word is pleased and the Word once again descends.

We are a perfect musical instrument with the 7 scales. The producer and the listener of music exist in us. When we intensively listen to music, the eyes close as the energy converges into listening. When we listen with a deeper focus, the musician vanishes and only the music exists. As a third step, we forget that we are listening to music and begin to live in the music. Both, singer and listener are absorbed into the music of utterance.


The listener in us corresponds to our higher centres. The singer in us emerges from the lower centres. We utter through the body, thereby fusing the higher centres and the lower centres in the Throat Centre. Consequently we experience the bliss of worship. The term ‘stobhya’ in Sanskrit means, worship, but in a deeper sense the term means ‘to pertain to’ the musical instrument that we are.

To this end many prayers were conceived for daily worship. When uttered for about half an hour to an hour with focus, a flow of energy from the higher centres to the lower centres takes place, purifying the mind, the emotional and the physical body -thereby creating an instrument to be used by the Light. In this manner the whole personality gets aligned for higher work. The utterances become so deeply rooted in the heart, that we look forward to the prayers. We no longer utter mechanically. We utter to muse.

When the mental body, the body of senses and the physical body become aligned through conscious utterance and listening, a point of tension is created in the throat, yearning to manifest the Light, the sound and the Bliss of Existence.

Praying in self-forgetfulness, is a way of meditation. The experience of bliss, strengthens our yearning to utter, thus, pleasing the devas in us to instant co-operation.

Regardless of the quality of speech, the Word has the ability to give joy to those who speak. People love their own speeches though they are not so much loved by the listeners. Many belong to this category. They love their own speeches and keep on speaking. Such people have little consideration for others. But the speech should be pleasant to others also, and not only to the speaker. This does not mean that we need to speak only to please others. People who speak to please themselves and people who speak to please others are using the speech at the personality level. These speeches are different from speaking Truth. When Truth is spoken it is pleasant to the speaker and the listener as well. Truth can be spoken only by those who experience the Truth. When they speak it is pleasant to all.

Refined, ‘civilised’ human beings, speak only pleasantly, but they do not speak Truth. When one continues to speak pleasantly and does not speak the Truth, one destroys ones own instrument. This is dangerous as it creates a continuous distortion of the energy system.

The 7 states of the Word are considered as the 7 sisters, the 7 musical tones. When the 7 sisters are pleased, the 7 tissues of the body are also effectively restructured, this means the transmutation of the body. All yogic and spiritual practices are directed for transmutation of the body, which in turn help the soul’s comfortable stay in the body. Musical utterance accomplishes this transmutation and is therefore considered a lovely and lively path of liberation.

The hymn thus says in the first part of this suktam:

“May the Word be our means of lovely and lively utterance of life in all the 7 planes”.

Parallel to the Hierarchy of Yoga there exists a Musical Hierarchy. By fusing with the Word through music, expression becomes metrical and poetical, transmitting profound light of wisdom through simple words. Thus, the scriptures of the ancients were always in the poetic form. The Veda, the Upanishads, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavatham, the Bhagavad Gita and the Ramayana were all conceived by the Seers, in poetry, with the specific meter. These scriptures unfold enormous wisdom and the related Light. In poetic form much more knowledge can be transmitted than in prose form. The power of speech is very high in poetry than in prose. Poetry is the quality of the soul, prose is the quality of the mind (intellect). As humanity tends more and more towards the intellect, poetry disappears. Intellectual interpretations are voluminous for a simple poetic expression. There is much husk and little grain in the intellectual expressions.

Soft, deep, uniform utterance of the Sacred Word OM also causes similar fusion of the 7 centres. The Word fulfils and is fulfilled. This is an age-old practice. Disciples utter OM 7 times consciously, linking up to the 7 centres. Later, they keep on uttering and listening, travelling from Sahasrara to Muladhara and from Muladhara to Sahasrara. It causes such fusion of the planes that the Word moves without hindrance from above downwards and from below upwards. Thousands of disciples from immemorial times followed this path of the Sacred Word and fulfilled their lives.

The magic of the flute music of Lord Krishna also carried similar purpose of musing through sound. The animals, birds and humans mused alike. It was the most lovely and lively uttering forth of the Word, that initiated infants and ignorants alike. Similar was the work of Apollo with his 7 stringed lyre. Narada, the Grand Master who guides 12 Hierarchies, also follows the Word through music.

Such is the way to the deity of the Word, Saraswathi. As the deity is pleased, we are also pleased. When utterances are made in that manner, there is a sense of contentment. Contentment not only to the utterer, but also to the listener. Such utterance is considered a fulfilled utterance. The listener and the speaker are uplifted. The one who has prepared himself through prayers, is uplifted as he speaks and also uplifts those who listen. Such is the fulfilment of the Word. That is why the hymn says:

“Saraswathi, the dearest of the Divine, be the target of our prayers in all the seven planes. May Saraswathi be pleased and may we be pleased as well”.





May the flowing Word

save the utterer

from criticism and scandal

and fulfil the space all around.


This is the simplest presentation of a profound concept. The word used for fulfilment in this context, “apaprushi”, is very special. Normally fulfilment is considered as an act of filling up with something. The beauty of the Word is, that it fills without filling! One is full-filled without any intake.

When the Initiate is engaged with the Word, he cannot even accept water, much less food. He is so fulfilled, that he cannot even speak, nothing can enter him, not even the speeches of those surrounding him. The story of Jesus not eating for 40 days is about such a fulfilment, upavasa.

Upavasa means, to sit nearby. The Initiate sat proximate to the Word, and the Word fulfilled him, allowing nothing else to enter him. Eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin, reject anything, as they are already filled by THAT, the Word. The skin resists the change of temperatures, no smell can be sensed. Nothing but Light is seen. No sound, but the ‘Voice of Silence’ is heard. No taste, but the taste of the Word. An Initiate fulfils himself through the Word before he gets into acts of goodwill.

Today people are anxious to conduct works of goodwill in the society. Acts of goodwill cannot be performed with a weak equipment. The equipment of the mind, senses and body shall have to be charged with the Word. Then the acts happen. We see today many goodwill groups striving to be effective the reason for the striving is inadequate attention paid to the Word and speech. People are anxious to speak wisdom, but they cannot, because they do not live wisdom. When wisdom lives in us it can be expressed.

1st step is, to live as per the wisdom doctrine.

2ndstep is, wisdom agreeing to live with us.

3rdstep is, wisdom expressing through us.

We need to work with the Word until we fill our being with the Word. The Word should be self-fulfilling. Since the quality of the Word is flow, having filled us, it flows over. The overflow reaches the neighbours as acts of goodwill. This is the way. Reading books, and lecturing through intellect, is like pounding the husk. Today there is much technical pounding of the husk! Sometimes it is so technical that the listeners run away.

First we have to prepare the equipment. Next we have to align the equipment with the soul. The soul gets fulfilled. Then the soul’s energy flows through the equipment. Lord Rama did so, Lord Krishna did so, Buddha did so, Moses did so, and Jesus did so. Goodwill groups cannot be an exception.

Apaprushi speaks of fulfilment from within, not from outside. Every intelligence exists within us. Realize it. Do not run after things (in hunger) in the objectivity. The man charged with rajas or over-activity does it. Aggression in any form is rajas. It causes restlessness, hate, pride, blurred vision, etc.

The hymn says :

“Fulfilment occurs on all the 3 levels”

It occurs on the levels of Consciousness, Force and Matter. The Word is flowing from the macro-cosmos to the micro-cosmos, eternally. It is one continuous, eternal waterfall of the Word filling all that is.

How do we get tuned and how do we get fulfilled? By looking within. As man learns to look more within than without, he too gets fulfilled by the Word. Consequently there cannot be emptiness inside. All that is needed, is within. Nothing is needed from outside.

Thus, the 11th hymn speaks of fulfilment by looking within. It suggests that we look within to get fulfilled. The ever- flowing Word fulfils from within. It fulfils us in all the planes of Existence.

In Sanskrit, a word reveals different meanings according to one’s awareness. The term used is Anthariksham, meaning, that which is between the Source and matter. Between two objects there is an invisible interval of space. Sight occurs from object to object. When something obstructs our sight, we see. If nothing obstructs, there is nothing to see for the naked eye. The interval between two objects is called space –Anthariksham, in Sanskrit.

The same word, divided into two parts, Anthar - Ikshanam, means, to see within. The space between two objects also exists within us. We link to it, and we will be able to see the invisible beings between two physical objects. This is how Seers practise to see ‘seeming nothingness’, which is everything. They practise it so precisely, that even the gross object does not appear. It’s a very high state of awareness. We see a tree. A Seer does not see the tree, he sees through it, perceiving only space.

What seems normal keeps changing according to our awareness. That is how the Masters demonstrate walking through walls, walking through space etc. Fulfilment comes by looking within and thereby experiencing inner and outer space. A person aware of space stands beyond scandal and criticism. This works both ways, as such a person does not indulge in scandals or criticism and is consequently not subjected to them.

What do we find when we look within? Generally, when we close our eyes, our attention remains focused towards the outside, the objectivity, and we see nothing inside. However, the first thing we discover, when we look to the inner, is the functioning of the air in us as its entry and exist. What is it that pushes the air in and out? The space within pushes it out and the space outside pushes it in. When the space inside and outside meet, there is neither pushing in nor pushing out of air. When we start seeing the space, Anthariksham, the space outside meets the space inside, then we gain Anthar Ikshanam which means insight. When the insight is gained, vision is gained. When vision is gained the future and also the past stand revealed. Man is thus fulfilled. His outer cleavages are gone. Love prevails as the Word. This requires further elaboration. We leave it at that.


The Word enters into us and remains as pulsating space. The term ‘Person’ is derived from the Sanskrit term, Purusha. Purusha means, “the One who has entered the city”. It is “the city of nine gates”, into which He has entered. He resides inside and resists the atmospheric pressure, to keep the city intact. Would He not resist, the atmospheric pressure could compress the city of the human body. The Cosmic Person who is outside is also inside. He does not allow the outside to dominate the inside. Though the dimension of our physical abode seems to be very small, the dweller within is not inferior to the dweller outside. In essence they are the same. In dimension they are different.

The son is not inferior to the Father. Essentially they are One. They are different in state, but not in essence. The anatomy of the ice-block and the water explains it well. Essentially the ice-block is not different from the water –but is different in state. Water only becomes ice-block. There is no other essence or content. Likewise, the space inside and outside are essentially the same. When we build a house, the same space remains, but we say: “inside the house – outside the house” etc. We also say: “this is the bedroom, this is the bathroom, this is the kitchen” etc., but it is essentially space within the house in many rooms for many mundane purposes.

The ‘Person’ as we are can meet the Cosmic Person around us. Verily, the Cosmic Person outside is the ‘Person’ within. Looking within, creates the contact to the ‘Person’ within and thereby opens the portals to meet the Cosmic Person outside. The ‘Person’ inside reflects into objectivity, this reflection of the Inner Person develops the phantom of the person called personality. The personality is the shade of the Inner Person. Slowly the phantom gains strength from the Inner Person and tries to pull the Inner Person down. The phantom is called the ‘lower-self’. The Inner Person is called the ‘Higher-Self’ and the outer Cosmic Person is called the Super-Self. The man in personality therefore needs to see within to see his higher counterpart. The higher counterpart is the Original, the personality is its duplicate. The duplicate should merge with the Original. Seeing within helps this merging. Contemplating upon the Inner Person, Purusha, will slowly dissolve the phantom of personality. When once the ‘Person’ within is seen, it paves way for seeing the Cosmic Person outside. This is because the ‘Person’ inside and the Cosmic Person outside are essentially the same. Such is the work of insight through which the identity of the Cosmic Person is gained.

Once upon a time there were a son and a father. The son realized seeing within the ‘Person’. He could therefore also see the Cosmic Person. Consequently, the five elements could not destroy him. He gained a status whereby he became impermeable by matter, water, fire, air and ether. The father strived to gain a similar status. He went on searching for the Cosmic Person in the outer, but could not find Him. He asked the son: “Where is he?” The son said: “He is within you and He is around you. Meet the One within you then you can meet the One outside”

The father was searching for the Cosmic Person sitting pretty in his personality. As long as we sit in our personalities, any search for God is in vain. The necessary step for us is to integrate the personality with the soul within, which we are. The shadow should disappear, the Original should be regained within. As soul, the Super-Soul can be comprehended. As personality, it cannot be comprehended.

This story is read in the month of Leo and it carries a strong message. The message of Leo is: “Enter into the cave of your heart. I AM residing in the cave. Meet ME in the cave and regain your leonine originality. Then you can see through”.

The wisdom books indicate many a way of turning inwards. In this hymn the process is mystically hinted at by the term Anthariksham. A Sanskrit scholar may understand it as “looking into the space around us”. But if we receive the blessing of the hidden knowledge, we gain the clue, ie., Anthar Ikshanam. When we look into, we are fulfilled. When we are fulfilled we link up to the Cosmic Person. This fulfilling process is done by the Word, as the intermediary. Then the inside and outside are connected. Such ones do not indulge in criticism and scandal. Criticism and scandal are foreign to the fulfilled ones. They are therefore also not criticised and scandalized. The Word lifts them up into the realms of beauty.





May the Word that:

resides in 3 mansions,

manifests in 7 ways

and build the 5 races,

fulfil and uphold us

in every utterance.


The Word is said to be anchored thrice, thrishadastha - three is the word in English for thri in Sanskrit, stha is the root word in Sanskrit, similar to the Latin sta: meaning establish, stay, stable.

In three parts the Word stays stable, they are called the three mansions of the Word. Its first abode or place of stay is the cerebrum, the Sahasrara. The second mansion is Anahata, the Heart Centre, the third mansion is the Base Centre, Muladhara. These are the three places to which the Word is bound.

Another beautiful hymn is given in the Veda with similar expression: “The Bull of the Word, is bound thrice. It roars” “Tridhabaddho (bound thrice) rishabho (the Bull) roraviti (roars)”. The Word, is called the Bull when it roars. The Bull or the Word is established in three places, namely: Sahasrara, Anahata and Muladhara.

The Word in Muladhara regulates and nourishes the body. It presides over the body. The Word in Sahasrara gives the presence of the Lord in us, the Purusha, the Cosmic Person. While the Lord in us is in Sahasrara, the place of Man is in Anahata (Heart Centre). From these 3 places, called the 3 mansions of the Word, the Word operates in the human body.

The Word in Anahata, the Heart Centre is equidistant to the Word in the Muladhara and Sahasrara Centres. Likewise man is equidistant to spirit and matter. The Word in Sahasrara descends no further than to the heart. The Word in Muladhara can ascend no further than to the heart. Thus, the individual called, man, becomes the child of Spirit and Matter –the Son of the Virgin, the Son of God.

The human being should dwell in the heart. It is the seat of man, and from there he should rule his life like a king. We can rule our lives as kings or as Masters of our life, provided we have linked up to the Word in Sahasrara, pulled up from Muladhara and reside in Anahata. The Word in Muladhara nourishes the form and maintains it. The Word in the heart or Anahata nourishes the soul. The Word in Sahasrara, guides us to fulfil the Plan.

How do we know whether we reside in the heart or below it? If we are constantly aware of others’ needs, and in responding to them, forget our own needs, then it is said that we think and act from the heart.

Our awareness of other’s need and our response to them, leads us to service. Service leads us to ability. Ability helps further service. Such service results in sacrifice. Sacrifice leads us to realization of Love –the cementing force of Nature that nourishes the soul (more than the bodies). We thus stabilize in the Heart Centre or Anahata.

If we know what we need and what others should do for us, we are not seated in Anahata, but are seated in Manipuraka, Solar Plexus. The man who knows what he needs, is the man who lives in the Navel Centre, meaning, he has taken the seat at a centre, which is lower than what the Divine has intended for him.

Selfish orientation brews unending desires. Desires lead us to indecent ways, for, desire knows no decency and binds us to the matter. Thus, the fall is from the Solar Plexus to the Sacral Centre and from there to the Base Centre. Base, mundane, animal man is in this state. He ceases to be the king or Master of his life and becomes the slave of his life, meaning continuous service to the body.

The purpose of life disappears, the Plan disappears and man works for fate and not for the Plan. Fate rules over the beings. Such is the diminished state of man through ignorance. He remains as body consciousness. He forgets that he is the soul residing in the vehicle called the body. He becomes a phantom of his real self.

Let us recollect. The seat of the Word in the Base Centre relates to the body. The seat of the Word in the Heart Centre relates to man. The seat of the Word in Sahasrara relates to the Cosmic Man. This is man’s threefold state. The Word works from those three points. The bodily needs are taken care of by the Word in the 3rd mansion. The purpose of the soul is revealed through the Word in the 2nd mansion. The beauty and the splendour of the Lord and His Creation are revealed through the Word in the 1st mansion. The Plan of work is also revealed. Masters, Seers, knowers, are the ones who experience the 1st mansion, residing in the 2nd mansion and presiding over the 3rd mansion.


The conscious breathing helps inviting the Cosmic Person in Sahasrara into the chamber of the heart, Anahata, and also inviting the body consciousness from the Base Centre into the chamber of the heart. When we conduct inhalation, we inhale through the nostrils, go up to the brow, where we touch the energy of the cerebrum and travel down through the windpipe up to the heart. When we do so, we have to visualize inviting the ‘God in man’ to the heart. When we exhale we invite the Word in the Base Centre to the heart. This is a way of conscious breathing. By this visualization the 3 in 1 meet in the heart. Remember, every inhalation is a means of bringing the Heavenly Man up to us. Likewise every exhalation enables the pulling up of ourselves from the phantom of our being to our Original State.

It is similar to pumping up the fumes of oil to ignite the fire of the mantle. As we pump up, fire emanates. The more we pump, the flame moves upwards. This happens, if we breath in and out in a conscious manner. Breathing slowly, softly, deeply and uniformly three to four times, causes the fire in us to emerge. Through the oxygen which we breath in and the carbon which we expel, heat generates and the inertia is burnt up. During meditation heat generates. Preliminary to meditation one should breath consciously at least 24 times, so that the whole body gets charged with ‘Frictional Fire’. Each time oxygen is inhaled and pumped up through exhalation, the fire gets pushed from below upwards. Once the filament glows, we do not need to pump any more. A proper process of meditation generates so much fire in us that we get enlightened - Solar Five.

The initial enlightenment is at the Heart Centre, where we experience the Golden Hue. Slowly, as we progress it brightens further to be of Diamond Hue. The former is called Etheric Body. The latter is called Casual Body. The other name for the Casual Body is Solomon’s Temple. When we are body conscious our colour is brown –earthy colour. Thus, colourwise the graduation is from brown to Golden Hue and from Golden Hue to Diamond Hue.


During the morning meditation the triple Word meet in Anahata and decide what shall have to be done. Man gets inspired by the Cosmic Man and directs the body. Then the body co-operates. After this meeting the Word of the 3rd mansion returns to Muladhara. to execute the Plan with the co-operation of the Word in the 2nd mansion. When the work is totally accomplished in one incarnation, the Word in the 2nd mansion will rise to meet the Word in the 1st mansion. This is what Master Jesus says: “I will now rise and go to my Father”. Every Son of God does the same. Having done the work entrusted to him, he rises and goes to the Father. As he rises to meet the Father, the Word in the Base Centre also rises to meet the man. Together they join the Word in Sahasrara and the body is consciously left!

The body is the disciple of the soul and the soul is the disciple of the Spirit. In fact the body is not only disciple of the soul, but also disciple of the Spirit. It works for us, because we are also working for the Spirit. If we are not working for the Spirit, the body does not co-operate.

This is our triple existence. The Father of the body and our Father are both in the Sahasrara. The body is not really our subordinate, although it is willing to work for us. It is willing to work for us, as long as we are willing to work for the One. Otherwise it gives troubles. Our bodily troubles indicate that we are not doing what we are supposed to do.


Saptadhatu, the second aspect of the hymn, means (residing in the 3 mansions) to manifest in 7 ways. The One in Sahasrara manifests through the 3 higher centres. The One in the Base Centre also manifests in the 3 lower centres. There is perfect division of labour between them.

The 3 lower centres are taken care of by the Kundalini in Muladhara. The 3 higher centres are taken care of by Sanat Kumara in the Sahasrara. Man is located in-between the two sets of three, above and below. The 3 centres above can be taken as the planetary, solar, and cosmic devas (intelligences). The 3 centres below can be taken as the mental, emotional and the physical intelligences. These are the kingdoms, which are formed by the Word, and man is in the centre.

In tune with these 7 planes are the 7 tissues built in the body. The sounds relating to the 7 centres are the 7 scales of music. We have 7 states of awareness, 7 planes of Existence. They are presided over by the 7 Manus; 7 Seers, 7 Rays, 7 colours. There is a magic wand of 7 given as a table, which may be referred to (The Composes's book "Mithila - A New Age school syllabus" is recommended for further reading).


The 5 envelops that are built around the beings are the 5 bodies of 5 elements. –etheric, airy, fiery, watery and material envelops. The body is also bestowed with 5 sensations that correspond with the 5 elements. Then again there are 5 senses through which the 5 sensations are experienced. Finally there are 5 limbs of the body: speech, hands, legs, urinary and defecating track.

The body of the human being, the perfect formation, is ruled by 5. The residing being is ruled by 7. The Presiding Deity is ruled by 1. The beings reside in the 5-fold body, the Presiding Deity is the Lord. The ruler of the body is Manas (mind). As explained earlier, the human is a triple –spirit, soul, matter. His building is through the body of 5 elements. The five-pointed star is the symbol of his body. Its colour is man’s awareness.

     if the STAR is          BROWN- man is EARTHY

     if the STAR is          ROSY- man is SENSITIVE

     if the STAR is          ORANGE-man is MENTAL, thinking entity

     if the STAR is          GOLDEN-man is HEARTY

     if the STAR is          WHITE - man is ETHERIC

The evolution of man is measured by the colour his body emits.

The 5-fold body is referred to as Makara in Sanskrit, meaning, 5 hands –the 5 hands of the 5 pointed star. Makara also means crocodile, the White Dragon. When the body is a binding factor to the being, it is called crocodile. In such case, the body grips, fulfils its programme of senses, and cripples the being. It is the state of ignorance. When the body is in co-operation with the being, it shines forth as the Golden Star. At the advanced states it shinesforth as the Brilliant White Star. If the being is clear mental it shines forth as an Orange Star. In some theologies they are regarded as robes –white robe, golden robe, orange robe or brown robe.

The quality and the colour of these robes can be improved with the vibration of the Word. Since the Word builds them, it can transmute them also. Thus, the Word helps :

     a)      refinement of the body    (5)

     b)      realignment of man    (7)

     c)      fulfilment of man

Such is the mighty work of the Word.


To sum up the word is 3fold. The man is 7 fold his body is 5 fold. All these are the built-up of the Word. Working with the Word causes right building and the related fulfilment.





The “Devas”

enable Word’s manifestation.

The “Pasus” utter the Word.

The Word in turn fulfils

like a “Celestial Cow”.

May we be allowed

to be in it’s Presence!


The hymn has four parts, it speaks of Devas, Pasus, Celestial Cow and Presence. Let us understand them briefly.


The devas enable the manifestation of the Word. The co-operation of the devas enables the Creation to manifest, with the help of the Word. The devas are 33 in number, they were enumerated in the 10th hymn, as: 2 Aswins, 12 Adityas, 11 Rudras and 8 Vasus.

THE ASWINS : MITRA AND VARUNA are the right and left energies in Creation. One is the container, the other is the content. One is the measure, the other is the measured. One causes formations, the other resides and presides over such formations. One is female, the other is male. These are the supra-cosmic intelligences, that exist and are not reacognized, hence are considered as not existing. The Veda describes them as “not non-existence” –Nasatyas “not untrue beings”.

These two devas are the foremost in Creation after Agni –the Cosmic Fire. They are depicted as pairs of ‘Cosmic Birds’ with cosmic illumination that dazzles and stuns even the devas of the Cosmic Plane. These are the ones that bestow brilliant rays of colours to the suns of the Solar Systems. They appear to us daily during the sunrise, sunset and twilight hours. They also appear as the Law of alternation in Creation, viz. involution, evolution, day and night, waxing and waning of the moon phases in a month. The northern coursing and the southern coursing of the sun, causing increasing days and increasing nights. They cause the emergence of Creation and its dissolution. The birth and death of beings, planets, solar systems etc. They stand above all. Preside over the phenomena. They are uttered forth by the Word. They also exist as the centripetal and centrifugal pulsation.

The worship of these devas enables the flight in the sky. There is a text in the Veda devoted for their worship –Aswini Suktam.


The Adityas are 12 in number. They are the ones that cause the zodiac of 12 sun-signs. They represent the 12 hidden qualities of the Cosmic Person. They are represented by the symbol of the dodecahedron. They are the 12 radiating principles that exist in the Cosmic Light and cause the Solar Light –the Solar Plane which is the basis for the birth of the Sun Centres. They are beyond the Sun Centres and are not therefore visible like the sun. They are invisible, hidden light that cause light. They form the light within the creational systems and give birth to the sun centres.

They exist as ‘awareness’, as ‘consciousness’. The 2nd Logos Vishnu is the foremost of them due to his ability to permeate. They are worshipped in the 12 petalled lotus of the Heart Centre with the mantra:



a 12 syllabled mantra.

RUDRAS : The Rudras are vibrating intelligences in Creation. They cause the friction in the space and create vibrations. Their activity results in the formation of atoms. They externalise the Cosmic Light and make visible the light behind the darkness. They are the basis for sensuous perception of sound, touch, sight, taste and smell. They also preside over expansions and contractions, displacements. Their vibrations result in atomic pulsations and the pulsation of the beings. They are electrical and frictional in their quality. They are 11 in number. Their electrical, frictional, illumining aspects, are described in the book “Treatise on Cosmic Fire” by Alice A.Bailey. These are visible, vibrating lights that can be seen by those who have in-sight (Antha-Riksham) because they are the devas of Antariksha (the invisible space).

Sankara is considered as their Chief. This intelligence enables the manifestation of the Word from its subtlest to the grossest state, as our speech. He is said to move, mounting the Bull. The bull is the symbol of the spoken word –speech. He bestows poise to those who utter the word: “SAM – KARA” meaning, the bestower of ‘SAM’, poise, bliss.

Thus the Adityas (12) and the Rudras (11) manifest the Cosmic and the Solar Planes, presided by the Aswins. The Word is the means of their manifestation. The Essence, Existence, THAT, is the Substance.

VASUS are 8 materialising devas who prepare the Planetary Plane. They are the mind, the 5 elements, the transforming fire (Pavakas) and the volume. Due to their work, the atoms gain the material form. Their materialisation causes the Planetary Plane.

Apart from these chief devas, the Seers also recognized many others. I wish to present 3 of them and conclude this description of devas as existing in the Veda.

GANDHARVAS are the musical waves beyond Creation. A wave of them forms into an egg and a universe happens. They are musical and give us the muse, the bliss, the ecstasy, the joy, the happiness at various states of our consciousness. They are beyond time and space, measures and metres. Soma is their Chief.

YAKSHAS, RAKSHAS. Yakshas are the ones who prepare subtle (etheric, causal) bodies. Rakshas are those who prepare the physical body. They not only help their formation but also protect them.

PITRIS are the lunar devas that cause fertilisation, germination, nourishment, growth by food. They cause micro-cosmic formations in tune with the macro-cosmos by their reflective principle –the moon principle.

Saraswathi, the flowing Word co-operates for all the variety of formations. The devas manifest from the Word and cause the manifestation of creations with the Word as the basis. Thus the Word emerges from God and weaves all that is!

The devas of radiation generate light, those of vibration generate sound and those of materialisation generate form. Working with form, colour and sound consciously and with veneration, one grows proximate to the devas. To work with sound (mantra), colour and symbol (yantra) is therefore recommended.

With this method one approaches the Word by pleasing the devas. In this hymn the importance of respecting and even worshipping the devas is indicated to facilitate our growing proximate to the Word. All instructions of all religions are meant to please the devas, thereby forming the platform to reach the Word or the Truth.


Pasus has two meanings, the bound ones and the ones who see from the inner to the outer. We are all bound by the body, imprisoned in the body. We are able to look from within to without and to articulate our needs and requirements via the Word. We express all our physical needs with the help of the Word, the desires, the emotional needs, and our thoughts.

See how we use the Word. We try to fulfil all requirements through our utterances, be they on the physical, emotional or mental plane. Even to reach the buddhic plane, we need the Word. Without the Word there would be no teachings, no books. The buddhic plane and the plane of bliss also depend on the Word. Experiencing the Word gives bliss. Even our existence depends upon the Word.

The out-looking being is Pasu. Even animals look out, hence animals are also called Pasus. Man is also Pasu as long as he works out all the while into objectivity. Contrary to this there is in-looking and looking in, insight, to look within. The one who can look within is called Rishi – seer. He sees within himself and also sees within the others. He is called ‘occultist’ in the strictest meaning of the word.

The hymn commands the Pasu, the out-looking human beings to utter the Word. Animals cannot. Human can. It helps transformation to enable the utterer to turn inward. For example, when we invoke OM, or sing Gayatri, we close our eyes, turn inward and try to experience the Light. Sacred utterances, when made with intent, cause the natural closure of the eyes. The casual utterers look around while uttering. When the utterer is absorbed by the vibration of the sound of utterance, he can not open his eyes! Same is the case with music. Same is also the case with true meditation. The utterance, the music, the meditation are techniques for turning inward –the initial key to occultism, esotericism. The hymn hints at it.


The third part of the hymn says that the Word fulfils the beings like a Celestial Cow. Dhenu means cow –the Celestial Cow. It fulfils our desires, be it mundane or Divine.

In the Hindu mythology Lord Krishna and Lord Dattatreya are depicted as leaning on the cow. The cow is the Word. The Lord is with the cow –the Word. “The Word is with God” is the message of such depiction.

The cow can be milked to nourish the body. The Celestial Cow, the Word, can be milked, nourishing the being, -the soul. There is nothing that cannot be gained by the One who gains the favour of the Word. The cow in the Veda is a profound symbol.

The Celestial Cow, the Word, was milked by the Devas to form the Cosmic, Solar and Planetary creations and then fill them with beings. Likewise we too can milk it, if the technology is known. It is the ‘Science of the Word’, the ‘Science of the Sound’, which is not taught in the universities, colleges or schools, but are taught in the esoteric schools, where speech is well respected and sound is worshipped with great devotion. There are sounds for experiencing colours, light and sensing remote sounds. The practice of sounds helps accomplishment of mundane as well as Divine purpose.

Initiates of all times used “mantras” as a mean of reflection. The magical acts of Moses, Jesus in the West, Krishna, Buddha and a host of others in the East were conducted with the help of the Word. The Word fulfils.

The cow, the woman, the planet, the solar and cosmic systems are all regarded as cows in the Vedic system. Yogis, seers, sages, saints, initiates are also seen as cows -celestial.

There is the cow in us as the Word. It can also be milked by the right approach. The worship of the cow with veneration and right utterance, causes the secretion of glands. When the glands, such as the thymus secretes, the heart quality manifests. When the Pineal gland secretes and links up to the Pituitary gland, the soul quality manifests. When the throat secretes, the words that we utter would be prophetic. Such is the beauty of the Celestial Cow, the Word. The cow can even bestow the bliss of Existence. Immortality is incidental.

Respect therefore the Word. Be responsible when you speak. Speak Truth. Speak not untruth. Speak pleasantly but truthfully. Speak not Truth unpleasantly. Speak not to judge, to criticise, to manipulate. Such discipline of speech gives you the ability to work with the Word. The eligibility is only for such disciplined ones. To them the Word works wonders. Others can only fancy –fanciful chanting of the Sacred Word, of mantrams – it does not work. It is self-deceit. Accept the discipline relating to speech and work with the Word. Then the Word gives its Presence. We cannot gain it. The Word graces us and bestow its Presence. We should be allowed to be in its Presence. We cannot walk into the Presence. Follow the speech discipline and utter. The Word may grace its Presence!





3/4ths of the Word is invisible

1/4th is visible

The knower is the one

who knows its 4 dimensions.

The common man knows and speaks only the ¼ that is visible.



This is the key to the Secret Doctrine. The mundane persons perceive only 1/4 of the Word. The knowers perceive the hidden 3/4 of the Word. In the hymn Purusha Sukta it is said:



It transmits the same message. 1/4 is mortal and visible, 3/4 is invisible, divine and immortal. 1/4 is visible, 3/4 is hidden in the cave. The cave is the cave of the lion, Leo. The 4 aspects of the Word are:


1 PARA : the Word that is beyond, is called the Word with God.
2 PASYANTHI : after its emergence, the Word can be perceived
3 MADHYAMA : perception is followed by comprehension, conception.
4 VAIKHARI : the conceived Word is spoken through speech


There is a pure state of Existence, in which there is no one to observe Existence. The observer is one with the Observed. This is called the Para state of Vak, the Word.

Para means beyond. Beyond is unspeakable, unthinkable, unknowable -the Eternity, from which the Word emerges as awareness. It was existing with God and expresses itself.



Awareness of Existence constitutes the second state of the Word -Pasyanthi. Awareness can be seen as emergence –emergence of the Word that was with God. It has emerged and is dynamic, no more dormant or static. It is active. It can also be compared to the emergence of the Light from darkness (apparent non-Existence, which in esoteric understanding is Pure Existence). The perceptive state of the Word in the 2nd state is called Pasyanthi. In fact ‘perception’ as a term has its root in the Sanskrit term, Pasyanthi. Before this state of Pasyanthi it was Para. Thus, from Para to Pasyanthi the Word emerges. From beyond (Para) to the perceiving state (Pasyanthi). Awareness details into many varieties of forces constituting the 3rd state of the Word. The awareness state of the Word details into a triangular force to manifest the network of triangles.


The 2nd state is that of the Aswins. The 3rd state is that of the devas –Adityas, Rudras and Vasus. The devas cause the network of triangles –7 triangles within the triangle. The Creation is formed, in the ‘thought state’ of the Word, preceding the material manifestation. It can be called the phenomenal world, before its manifestation as visible material world. It is the work of the Devas of Awareness (Light). The 3rd state of the Word is ‘Madhyama’ –the intermediary. It is the intermediary between the 2nd and the 4th state. Here the Word grows into the detail of Creation on the subtle plane. It is like the growth of pregnancy. After perception (2) there is conception (3) and the related growth before the body is delivered (4) to objectivity. This intermediary state has much details –it carries the detail of cosmo-genesis and anthropo-genesis and is the totality of the esoteric doctrine, occult wisdom, and the Science of Creation. The one who knows it, knows all.

Thus, the Madhyama state of Vak (the Word) is the full-time occupation of the seekers, while the Seers know it. The Seers engage with the primary state, staying in the 2nd state. The primary state is Samadhi (Para) The secondary state is Dhyana (Pasyanthi) The third state is Dharana(Madhyama).


The 4th state is the visible and manifest, material world, Vaikhari –meaning, expressed into objectivity. These 4 states are symbolically presented again by the 4 armed cross, circumscribed. The circumscription speaks of unity. The inter-relation of the 4 arms suggests their inter-connectivity. The quality of the 4 arms (one being not bigger than the other) speaks of equal importance of the 4 states. The Word is fulfilled when it exists in all its 4 states.

Within the visible world are the invisible 3/4. Yes! The 4th state is the result of the 3 previous states in activity –in Existence. Without the work of the subtle intelligences there is no material manifestation. Without the thought there is no speech. Without awareness there is no thought. Without Existence there is no awareness. Hence the 4th includes the preceding 3. The 3rd includes within it the preceding 2. The 2nd includes the primary state. Thus the speech is 4 in 1. The Creation is also 4 in 1. All that is visible is 4 in 1.

We too are 4 in 1. We exist. We are in awareness during the wakeful hours (the 2nd state). We think as we are wakeful (the 3rd state). We speak and act, (the 4th state). Our 4th state, activity, has 3 states hidden in it. The hidden side of our being cannot be seen or known unless we gain in-sight. Likewise the Grand Intelligence behind the Creation and its dexterous work cannot be grasped without knowledge.

Beyond our speeches and activities lie the thoughts that propel them. Beyond thought lies its seed, the idea. The idea emerges from within oneself. Before the idea emerges, we exist. From Existence IT emerges as an idea, details into thoughts and expresses through the throat as speech. Such is the work of speech, an aspect of the Word.

The fourfold key unlocks many secrets. Madam Blavatsky used this key to explain the profound concept of the ‘Globe Chains’, by which the globe appears and disappears in 7 pulsations. Only in the 4th state things are visible. It touches the grossest form, which is explained in the scriptures as, the ‘Word resting in matter’. HPB was revealed this key by the Masters of Wisdom and the book ‘Secret Doctrine’ commences with this key.

All that is visible has its 3 preceding states of Existence. Pure Existence, awareness, force and the visible material formation. The Unknown expresses as Sound, details into colour and thrusts forth the formations. Every form is a symbol. Thus, each one of us is a symbol. We have our way of behaving and thinking. Behind our behaviour and thoughts, a triple force is in operation. Behind that force there is awareness and awareness has its basis in Existence.

We are fourfold. All is fourfold. As Existence and as awareness we are one and the same but in relation to the triplicity of force we are different from each other. Our thoughts are different, their patterns are different, hence our actions and re-actions are different. We entertain dissimilar force and hence love dissimilar forms.

Each one of us has a different blend of qualities and hence our forms are different. The difference in formation is due to the different ways the lines of force flow in us. But the basis of force, awareness, and the basis of awareness, Existence are common to all of us. We are therefore the same in one sense and are different in another sense.

Our 3rd state is dissimilar, leading to differences in the 4th state. The 1st and the 2nd are not dissimilar. We are therefore equal and agreeable as souls, as units of Light. We do not agree as personalities –the 3rd and 4th states. Our personalities are according to our exposures and experiences. There are more exposed, experienced ones than others. It is thus based on exposure and experience, there are knowledgeable ones, and more knowledgeable ones. There are ignorant ones and more ignorant ones. From the most ignorant to the most knowledgeable the difference is one of exposure and the related experience.

There are thus, seniors and juniors in the sense –elders and youngsters. There is a Brotherhood of Elders. They are elder since they walked much ahead of others. They realized the human brotherhood. They form the nucleus of this humanity.

As we walk nearer to Light, our non-agreeability mitigates. Friendliness grows. Enmity disappears. There are friends of humanity who enlighten others by their way of life.

The Word in the lower planes causes disagreement, dispute and discord. In the higher planes it helps realization of the sublime Truth and the Supreme Self.

In astrology, Mercury, the lord of speech is attributed the above function, i.e., sublime work and conflicting work through speech. If Mercury is not well placed in the horoscope, or not well aspected, the fundamental step for the native is to train the speech. Until that is done any attempt to study occult wisdom would only result in wrong perceptions and wrong interpretations.


We live with or without the body of flesh and blood. The knowers recognize and identify souls throughout their cycles of birth and death. They perceive the unitary souls when they are out of the body and also see where they are reincarnated. They keep track of the souls whom they are ordained to train. A student of occultism is always required to see that which is behind the veil of form. It should be a conscious practice. The subtler the matter is, the more superior is its colour. This is what is meant by seeing the aura of a person. The colour is an expression of our vibration and indicates whether we are in poise, over-action or under-action. Ayurveda is conceived on that basis – over-action, under-action and poised action.

A Seer beholds the ‘bird of pulsation’ in every one and gains an understanding of the whole person. Our understanding of an individual changes with each interaction. We cannot understand the totality of a person in spite of hundreds of interactions, because we do not gain the full picture, unless we are able to see behind the veils.

When we physically exist, the three preceding states of Existence are within us. When we are in subtle Existence, there is no physical. In a higher state we are Pure Awareness, we do not even see the phenomena of colour. Only the Light is seen. It is a state where ‘all is Light’. We perceive only the ‘humming Sound’ and the Light.


In yet higher spheres, all is an ocean of Existence. There is no separate entity –no observer. The observer is absorbed. The observing ceases. Existence remains. It is the ultimate state. I know that it is repetition in this teaching but is worthwhile, for, occult perception though required to be practiced, the so called occult student generally escapes his attention. The occult students are also bound to name and form. They are unable to lift the veil and see. One cannot call himself an occult student unless he practises to see beyond and behind the physical. The physical life problems also cannot be overcome unless one grows occult and makes inner changes. In order to resolve physical problems, solutions must be looked for in the subtle planes. If we want to improve the living conditions on the planet, we should first work on the mental plane, make corrections there, and implement what is right. People speak of peace but peace cannot manifest in the humanity because it does not exist in their mind. Human mind is filled with competition, covetedness, possessiveness, etc. the result is jealousy and hatred. When at the thought plane there is hatred on the physical plane the war manifests. Conducting war all over the globe for peace is blasphemy. The dominant ones in the race, due to their over jealous nature always conquer, kill and quote slogans of peace. Humanity as a whole has this paradox. So is the individual paradox. All want paradise but the paradox comes in the way. We need to change our patterns of thought. They need to be proximate to poise. Only then right comprehension comes, and right action happens. One need to redress himself. Redressing demands undressing from the existing dress. Thus, we need to undress our thoughts and redress them with thoughts of goodwill, sown deep in each being. When there are ugly thoughts and we cover them with sophistications, neither we are happy nor our neighbours.

Therefore, goodwill work is most effective and is directed to rectify, repair and redress on the plane of thought. Healthy manifestation can be achieved, when changes are implemented on the subtler planes. It is true with the individual, with the society and the race.

Imagine that red ink has fallen into a bottle of water. How can one remove the red colour from the water? It is impossible to remove it. From its state of water it should be lifted to a higher state by boiling. Then the vapour can be collected and condensed to be free of the red colour.

Understand this law of occultism. Illness is caused by our ways of thinking, eating and behaving. Healthy food is not always a remedy as long as our thought patterns are negative or emotional. When thoughts are healthy, even impure food cannot affect us. Rig Veda gives a prayer:

“Let good thoughts come to me

from all directions”.

We are too physically oriented in our awareness, striving more for physical purity than for purity on the subtle planes. A chaotic person will manifest disease, even if he eats only pure food. Healthy habits lose their effect when a person has malicious thoughts. The fabric of the body is partly woven by our mind. So, if a change is due, it must come from a higher plane than the physical habits.

This is the basis of Homoeopathy and Ayurveda. They recognise the vital body and try to assist it in throwing out the disease. Good health at all times depends on being in tune with the Law. Beyond the vital body there is the mental body that can produce disease, if negative thoughts are entertained.

Likewise, there are solutions in the higher planes for our physical problems of life. If someone hates us, the cause can be in us also. We eliminate the cause in us and we suffer no more. For many of our sorrows, the causes are in us. We normally see them in others and in the society. This is because we are not ready to look into our being. The wise looks into and makes psychic adjustments. To him harmony exists within and outside. All sages are so.

Rama Krishna Paramahamsa of Bengal was one such recent example. Once, when an intellectual discussed at length the ills of modern society. Ramakrishna smiled and answered: “There is so much good and beauty around which is so vividly visible. Why cannot that be seen. Why should you only see the little darkness and deny the abundant Light? Through time, all will be taken care of. Learn patience and work for the good. Use your intellectual ability to help people. Do not remain a critic. You will get disease. There is already a lot of uneasiness in your energy”.

People generally see what they are. Stand in Light and see the work of Light. Co-operate with it. Then joy is yours. If you only see the darkness, the sickness and the unhealthy emotions of others, slowly they find place in you. Look with-in and clear them with patience. That is occult work.

The key to this hymn is to observe the part that is hidden, to gain more knowledge and the related capability. In the 15th chapter of The Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says: “The whole Creation is an inverted tree. The roots are up above, the branches are down below”.

The root relates to our behaviour. It is much subtler than the tree and the branches. If there is disease in the root or the seed, the tree and the fruit carries it. Unless the rectification is done to the root or the seed, the disease remains in the tree and the fruit. “As you sow, you reap” is an old saying. Therefore, stand in Light, plan your thoughts in tune with goodwill as a platform. A bad plan does not yield joy. A good plan of good thoughts implemented in speech and in action is the key. Theologies say that even God dissolved his initial Creation for he did not find the Plan good enough. He recreated with a better Plan. “Leave a confused plan and start afresh” say the knowers. We too can start afresh, accepting the consequences of the past.

That is why the hymn says: “Only Manishas know about the other 3 aspects of the Word”. Manushya means man. Manisha means Master. The Master is one who has mastered the occult states of Existence. They are our Guides on the Path.


Counting from below upwards, from the familiar to the unknown we have:

      1st     physical Existence

      2nd     Existence as force,

      3rd     Existence as awareness

      4th     Pure Existence as the One.

Only the 4th, 3rd and 2nd states are responsible for that which is visible. ‘4 3 2’ is a Number, the Time Key. In order to understand the cycles of time also, ‘4 3 2’ must be understood. The present work does not permit anymore explanation of the Number and Time Key.

The Yugas are represented as fourfold:

      4 KRITA      :      Pure Existence is

      3 TRETA     : awareness of Existence is

      2 DWAPARA      : the forces that are at work in Nature are of common knowledge.

      1 KALI     : only that which is physical is known.

The Word is fourfold, the Time is fourfold, the year is fourfold (divided by the two equinoxes and the two solstices), the month is fourfold, (new moon, full moon and eighth ascending and descending moon phases), the day is fourfold (morning, noon, evening and midnight). The Vedas are fourfold: Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda. We use symbols according to our state of awareness. As we walk into grosser planes of Existence, knowledge disappears gradually.

Awareness is explained as a centre with a circumference. It is already an emergence from the background. 2nd state


The centre with the circumference and a triangle within the circumference is the 3rd state.

The centre with a circumference and four arms within, constitute the 4thstate, the cross. The four arms are circumscribed to give the message of unity of the four.

When the four arms are without the circumference it indicates a state of ignorance because unity has been lost. This cross shows a level of awareness where only the four arms are seen, un-unified in their extremes.

The cross with the lower arm projecting far longer than the other three arms indicates even deeper ignorance. It symbolizes that humanity is buried in matter.

Everything is fourfold. Only the 4th state is known, 3 others are hidden. Seek them. Be an occultist. The Word will reveal them to you.





We see the Word but see not.

We listen to the Word but listen not.

The Word exists in the seer

and the listener

like a faithful companion.


In the earlier hymns we have come to understand that the Word coexists with us eternally, because our Existence is the Existence of the Word. It exists with us, in us, as our being and if we consider the body as our house, we, as the Word, are at home.

In the olden days, a faithful wife was at home and never left the house. If she left, she left only with her husband. The hymn evokes the image of such a wife. I translated it as a faithful companion, an ‘Eternal Friend’. The faithful wife is used in this context.

The Word is always with us, whether we see IT or do not see IT, whether we listen to IT or do not listen. This is the message of the Word towards us. We complain that the Lord is not visible in spite of our prayers, meditations, occult practices etc. The Lord says smilingly: “I am with you at all times, I help you to see. You see other things but not Me”.

Our ability to see the One in each other depends upon our awareness. Some see the beauty or ugliness of the physical form. Often marriages take place upon such an outer basis, only to disappoint people, when they find emotional differences. People who decide to live together only on the basis of agreeability of form will soon divorce. When the spouse, in which you see the beauty of form shows her or his ugly behaviour, do you continue to stay? Beautiful forms, but disagreeable emotions. Are not agreeable emotions more important than an agreeable form?

Most of us see only the physical part, the beauty of shape. But if a little more insight is developed, one can see the beauty or ugliness of emotions, beyond the form.

When patterns of thought are in harmony, people do not even depend on emotional agreeability. Suppose a couple is deeply dedicated to an ideal. Their attention will be less involved with the levels of emotions and forms, they work for an ideal like companions and develop friendliness. The noble ideal binds them together, they overcome silly things and transcend petty quarrels. An ideal to consecrate themselves to build a healthy and strong family, would keep the couple going well. It would involve mutual cooperation, sharing, and even sacrifice. No one lives for himself. Both live together for an ideal. There are many nobler thoughts that a couple can work for, than to quarrel like silly children.

When we work for a higher cause, the lower falls into order. It is the Law. When we dedicate ourselves for the welfare of others, our welfare is taken care of. That is how the health of a soldier, a scientist, a doctor, a goodwill worker is taken care of. Similar principle applies in all walks of life. With still more depth people see the beauty of the soul and do not care as much, about other aspects. That is how a young lady came to marry Pythagoras when he was in his ninetieth year and promoted the Wisdom of Pythagoras. Same is the case with Hahnemann, ‘the father of Homoeopathy’.


Once a king along with his kith and kin went into forest. He had a daughter who was young and most beautiful in a wordly sense. As they were moving through the valleys and hills, his daughter saw a formation of mud built by ants. Snakes often take their abode in such peculiar formations of mud.

The daughter saw two holes at the top of the mud formation, from which beams of light were emerging. The young lady became curious. She tried to see what was within and almost got blinded by the brilliance of the light emitting from the two holes. She took a twig and pierced the holes with it. The holes started bleeding. Frightened, she returned to her father and told him, what had happened.

Together they went to the mud formation and removed the earth. A Seer was sitting there in deep contemplation with open eyes, which were bleeding. Aware of the heavy consequences of misbehaving with a Seer, the king was scared. He apologised earnestly and sought a remedial action. The Seer whose age was beyond count, his body a replica of rickety old age, answered: “The only remedy is, to offer your daughter to me in marriage”. The king was aghast! The beauty of his daughter was known far and wide and he had planned to find a prince for her from an excellent dynasty. Now he was confronted with a poor old man, who demanded his daughter to counteract evil consequences.

The king was in a terrible dilemma and broke down. But his daughter understood the situation. She consoled her father and said: “I will marry this man. I like him. It will help the kingdom. I love you as my father. As you are the king, it is your duty to safeguard the kingdom. I have a duty towards you as your daughter and will therefore marry this man wholeheartedly”. The king was surprised, but had no alternative. He arranged the marriage, left his daughter with the old man in the forest and returned to the capital city.

The old man used to ask the lady daily: “Why did you marry me? I am an old man”. The lady answered: “I married the Light in you. It is the Light, which is attractive to me. Your age is of no matter to me”. For many years she tolerated the tests of old age and served the Light in him without dissatisfaction. Again and again the Seer was reminding her of the royal comforts of a palace in comparison with the life in the forest. The lady did not complain, because she was tuned up to the awareness in him and nothing else mattered to her.

Daily they went to the river and took bath, came back to do meditation, fire-ritual etc. They built a hut together. She was to clean the hut, cook food and wash the vessels. The seer meditated day and night. She waits till he completes his meditation. Thereafter they eat together. Imagine a princess doing all that!

One day he said to the lady at the riverside: “Keep looking at me”. He walked into the river and took a complete dip into the water and came out as a most handsome young man and smiled at her! The princess was stunned. She was staring at him. He smiled and said: “I love you, because you love the Light in me”. She was surprised. What kind of a Seer was this? He had been teasing her all the time with his old age. To him the body was nothing. He can rebuild his body at will!

He asked the lady: “Are you pleased now? suggesting that she might not have been pleased before. She answered: “I am always pleased with you”. – “Are you not pleased more by this appearance?” She answered: “In a way, yes.” The Seer wanted to know in what way. She answered: “My father would be very happy to see you like this. Although he is ruling the kingdom, he is desperate because I, his daughter, am according to his viewpoint together with a poverty stricken old man. If you would agree, we could visit him at once”.

They went to the city, and she announced that the princess was coming with her husband to see the king. The king was in the court and was most happy to hear this. He said: “Please bring them into the court at once with all the honours”. The young woman entered with the Seer. However, the king was downcast in his emotions to see his daughter with a young man, imagining that she had broken the trust of marriage. He said: “What kind of a daughter are you? You have abandoned the old man and are living happily with this young man?.” His anger rose.

The Seer smiled. As the king’s anger grew, the Seer gradually took to his old form. Then the king understood that the old and the young man are one and the same.

This story reveals to us that those who serve the Light, do not care for the body. When we serve and experience the Light, we become oblivious not only of the body, but all the silly and trivial things that surround it. This story comes from the Mahabharata. The princess’s name is Sukanya. The Seer is Chyavana.

Thus, when the hymn says:

“You see Me and you do not see Me”,

it is like seeing a specific person in detail: as a man or as a Jew, German, Spanish, Belgian, young, old, beautiful, ugly etc. But to become aware of the Light within the form is to see like a Seer. Every form you see, you see the Light if you are an occultist. First, be a seeker of Light. Gradually you will see Light. Your perseverance will make you a Seer one day.

See the Light in daily life. Imagine first, that behind every form there is a colour. Behind the colour there is Light. The Light is the phenomena of the Sound. Behind the Light there is Sound. Perceive the Sound, and reach the Word. Thus, unveil the veils through your daily application. Without this practice, contemplation upon Light is farce. You see the form, but you do not see that it is a veil of the Word. That is the hint this hymn throws –“You see Me but you do not perceive”.

When we look into each others eyes, we meet the Light, but when we scrutinize each other, instead of meeting the Light, we are confronted with other things, with the personality and our relationship to the other. When we begin to see the Light in the other, our attention is no longer on the form and its behaviour. By seeing first the Light, the form and its behaviour do not bother us.

A Seer first sees the Light, its manifestation as colour, its vibration and at the last its form. Our approach is contrary to it. The Seer transacts with Light, not with forms. This is the Seer’s way. We need to follow their way. The invocation coming from Master E.K. suggests this practice (See the appendix).


The second part of the hymn says:

“You listen to Me, but you do not”.

While listening to a speech a Seer goes to its source, to its point of emergence. He realizes from what depth of awareness it is emerging. If it is superficial, he does not listen. He does not listen to the content of the speech, but to its vibration. If the vibration has the quality of sound, he picks up the content of the speech.

If not - through tuning in with the vibration of your sound he reaches your respiration. Through respiration he enters into your pulsation. He listens to the ‘song of pulsation’ but not to your speech. He enjoys the ‘Swan Song’ and reaches the soundless sound, the Word, and remains silent till you finish talking. You think he is listening, but he is not. He identifies with your being and tries to bestow you with peace and poise, so that you gain something by virtue of your being with him for a while. After talking for some time you stop. When you leave him, you find yourself energized. How can we get energy by talking? It is possible in the presence of a Seer. That is how seeing the Seer or talking to him is beneficial. That is why we have the urge to see and talk to him again and again. Whatever our talk is, he transmits peace and poise. We come out with inner comfort.

Listen to the Master. It is the same as, listening to the Word. But many do not listen to the Word, meaning they are not listening to the Master. They believe that they do listen. But they do not. Unless you know the science of listening you cannot listen to a Master, even on the physical plane!

We are deaf and blind in relation to the Word, yet the Word is compassionate to be with us at all times. “At home like a faithful companion”. It doesn’t leave us even if we don’t orient to it. This is what the Vedic Seer meant by saying “faithful wife”.


I need to speak of the ‘faithful wife’, which is given as an analogy in the hymn –that the Word stays with you as a faithful wife. It speaks of the patient, tolerant, chaste, helpful, co-operative, life-giving lady at home. Such ladies are very special. They have a special, privileged placement in occultism. There are many stories relating to them under the caption ‘Pativrata’ –literally meaning ‘husband bound ones’. They form the female Hierarchy. Symbolically the Word is female to THAT and the Word in spite of its complex creation remains with THAT. THAT is seen as husband, the Word is seen as the faithful wife. The Pativratas only see THAT in their husbands and follow implicitly the husband. It is a path of surrender to THAT in the husband. The hymn also says that the Word is with us at home. With us means, units of souls. Our homes are our bodies, so She is with us as companion at home.

The stories of Pativrata are in the Indian scriptures. They yielded such power by their total consecration to their husbands, that they could even command the Logos of their requirements. There was a Pativrata by name ‘Anasuya’ who could transform the 3 Logos into infants and serve them naked, as per their wish! There was a Pativrata by name Sumathi who could suspend the dawn, by the power of her consecration to her husband. It is a dimension that demands a separate seminar. Today the concept still exists in India though not to that height and power. Hindu women are bound to their husbands, regardless the latter’s qualities. They serve and gain the favour of the Divine, through pain, suffering, tolerance. The occult dimension to this path is not understood by many. There is a global misunderstanding.

Is not the Word bound to us regardless our attitudes, speeches and our quality of behaviour? Do not the Teachers, the knowers, the Masters, bear our nonsense? Likewise consecrating to the Divine, a Pativrata works, seeing Him in the husband, the Word is a real example of companionship or friendliness. Learn to know this and if possible respond to it.





Oh! Venerable Saraswathi!

You are the Mother of Mothers,

You are the River of Rivers,

You are the Light of Lights,

You are the Unseen Light

that enlightens us.

We pray that you keep us enlightened!


What is ‘Mother of Mothers’? Mata is the Sanskrit word for mother. Mata means ‘the one who measures THAT’. The content relating to her is THAT and She is the container. She is the Mother to all the subsequent manifestations. She is the first emanation from THAT and all the beings emanate from Her. Mata is the measure of THAT, since it defines the space of Creation. Mata is also the mother of the world. Mata in general parlance is the mother.

A balloon, for example, carries the measure of the space it has within. Space, which is all-permeating, is measured (limited) by the balloon. Saraswathi is the measure containing THAT, which is beyond, meaning the space-globe, and then details as matrukas. Matruka is the smallest detail of the Mother. Matruka is the letter. Thus, Saraswathi is the Mother of all the letters. Letter, in Sanskrit is akshara. Akshara means indestructible, eternal. The whole Creation is prepared by the Mother with these letters. She is the author and She writes the Creation with the letters. And the letters are inexhaustible! You see how many times we use alphabets. We produced billions of books and billions speak daily. Yet the letters are always available for writing & speaking. Do you realise this aspects of letters? For this reason the letters are called A ksharam -not exhaustible, indestructible. Aksharam has the another meaning also. Aksha-ram- meaning, drawn from centre to circumferance. All letters are drawn from the Sacred Word, the centre, which emergences from THAT. These indestructible, inexhaustible ones, which are drawn from the word are called Matrukas in sankrit. They are essentially seven that detail into 49.

The one who understands the letters unfolds volumes of wisdom. Every formation arises out of the letters. Every letter has a sound vibration besides its meaning. The Universe is created by letters. Letter is also called Varna, in Sanskrit. Varna means the form, colour and sound of the letter. The Beauty of ancient languages lies in the fact that one word contains the three aspects that are within. A letter, is not only the form we see, but also a representation of a colour and a sound. The word Varna stands for the Word in its triple aspect.

In the terms DOG and GOD the letters are the same. Their placement is different. The placement and arrangement of letters completely change the energy system. Imagine, how quickly the energy changes between God and dog. The Word, is the Mother of all these letters whose different combinations bring forth different energies and manifestations.


Each of the 7 centres of our body from Sahasrara to Muladhara has its own seed sound, which is derived from the letters. Sahasrara corresponds to the deity, while from Ajña to Muladhara the Centres correspond to lotuses with different number of petals. Each of these lotuses was created by the seed sound, which belongs to the particular etheric centre. Through the seed letter, the Word works out to develop the petal relating to each centre, meaning, the Word details into a sound vibration and a colour velocity and takes form. They are 49 spread over the six chakras, as explained in earlier hymns.

The colour which corresponds to the lotus of each centre is derived from the seed sound relating to the lotus. The beauty is that each petal is distinct from the other petal in colour and sound. If we group together all the letters, which form the basis of the lotuses from Ajña to Muladhara, we will find all the letters of Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is called ‘the language of the devas’ because it works in this way. The devas uttered forth the Word preparing the 7 planes of Existence. Each plane vibrates with the sound relating to a particular letter or group of letters. Madam Blavatsky and Annie Besant suggested that a truth-seeker must gain an understanding of Sanskrit letters to make occult understanding of sound, mantras and chakras.

The sounds that are the bases for manifestation are the Mothers (Matrukas) of Creation. Saraswathi, the Word, is the ‘Mother of Mothers’.

The Sanskrit letters and their groupings carry within themselves the potential relating to sound vibration and colour velocity and therefore the secrets of formations. For example, there are 12 petals in Anahata, the Heart Lotus. The Katha Upanishad, which deals with death, names the 12 petals of the Heart Centre with its sound. If we pick up the hint to link the letters from KA to THA, which are 12, we find the sounds, which correspond to the petals:


K- KH - G - GH - IN - C - CH - J - JH - Ñ - T - TH7 .

These 12 letters carry the secret of death.

Sanskrit is the Divine Language. The letters, which cause the detailed formations are called Matrukas. The Word is the Mother of these letters and is therefore called ‘The Goddess of Wisdom’. The knowledge of letters contains all the knowledge required to understand Creation, micro and macro.


Nadithame refers to the flow of the river, not to the river as such. Saraswathi is the flow of all flows. Nadis are the light lines of force in the body. If the Word does not flow, nothing functions. Looking at a river, one can hear the sound of the flowing water, see its colour and contours and the things that float on it. A deeper perception will reveal the current of the river. If there is no current, the river is dead.

Saraswathi conducts the flow from up above to down below, the movement of all beings, be it horizontal or vertical, as well as the movements of the planets and even the movement of the sun around the Central Sun.

The flow of the energies in Creation, which is called the ‘Wheel of Creation’, is cyclical as well as spiralic. The spiralic path moves upwards and is governed by the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. The cyclical path is governed by the Law of Economy. The Law of Synthesis governs the two.

Anything that moves is moved by the Word, be it an ant or a solar system. We can see the movement as the movement of Consciousness, or movement by the Consciousness. This is the flow whose true translation into Sanskrit is Saraswathi

Everything that moves has its source in Saraswathi. Even what is sensed as not moving, is moving. Such movement exists in the sky. The movement of the sky is so fast, that it cannot be felt. The faster we move, the less the movement can be felt. When movement slows down, manifestation becomes grosser. When the sky slows down, it turns to air. When air slows down, it turns to fire. When fire slows down, it turns to water, and when water slows down, it turns to matter. This secret may be pondered upon.

The movement of the Word is so fast that we cannot feel it. The sun ray moves so fast that it appears to us as stable. The earth moves so fast that it seems stable. An air-flight seems stabler than the horse ride. The speedier one is, the stabler it is.

In The Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna hints: “See action in inaction, see inaction in action”. These are all statements to be contemplated upon. The One who is in us as Consciousness, who is the very basis of our activity, seems to be stable. But She is at great velocity. At greater velocity there is stability. There is a beautiful word in Sanskrit to express this phenomena in Creation. It is Nâga. It means cobra in general parlance. Nâga is NA + AGA. AGA is A + GA. GA stands for movement. AGA stands for non-movement. NA AGA is movement and not movement. It is moving but doe not seem to. The river seems to be there for centuries in the same region. But it is ever-flowing. It is not the same, not even for one moment. There is a saying: “No man can step into the river a second time”. It is true. If we step in, step out and step in for the second time, it is not the same river –meaning the same water. That water flew, there is new water, but we feel that it is the same river!

Such is the hidden truth of every formation, which seems to look the same, but is not the same. The energy stream is so perfect that we do not perceive the difference. This quality is attributed to Saraswathi, the ‘Flow of flows’, that conducts the Universe. She does subtle changes at all levels, which are not perceptible. Change is constant in Creation. It is not perceived.


Saraswathi is also worshipped through Gayatri. Hence, before chanting Gayatri a prelude is cited which says, Saraswathi only appears as Gayatri and as Savitri:

“Gayatri mava hayami, Savitri mava hayami, Saraswathi mava hayami”

we invoke the Light which is the basis of all Lights Saraswathi

     Saraswathi     is the Light at noon,

     Gayatri      is the Light during the twilight hours.

     Savitri      is the Light after sunset and before sunrise.

Sri Aurobindo dedicated his life to the contemplation of Savitri, the Light before sunrise and after sunset. He composed a classic in her name. It is recommended for study.

There are two more characteristics of the Light. One is the metrical movement, musical movement. The other characteristic is its Splendour. In the hymn of Gayatri these characteristics of the Light are worshipped.

The hymn says :

“You are the Light of Lights”.

I do not think it is necessary to elaborate upon this. The Universal Consciousness is the Light. All lights, including the light of the candle are the Light of the eyes of Saraswathi. When we see Light of whatever measure we should recollect that it is Her manifestation.


The last part of the hymn postulates: “You enlighten us, while you lie hidden in us.” Our enlightenment is due to the presence of the Word in us. The Word spoke through Vedavyasa, Hermes Trismegistos, Pythagoras and through every Initiate. People tend to glorify the persons instead of the Word that is speaking through them. Is not every Master of Wisdom glorified? What is the basis for such glory? It is the Word. It is the Word that glorifies, and the glory is to the channel, not to the Word.

Therefore, the seers remain extremely grateful to the Word and worship. They praise the Word through many hymns. On account of gratefulness towards the Word, ecstasy arises. It is a mutual appreciation; the truth-seeker praises the Word. He is engaged in work relating to the Word, and the Word is engaged in glorifying the one who is working for it. It is hidden and the channel through which it expresses is glorified.

Such is the beauty of the Mother. For a mother or a father it is more important that the children are glorified. Saraswathi is the ‘Mother of Mothers’, the ‘River of Rivers’, the ‘Light of Lights’, and continues to be hidden as She glorifies the ones who worship the Word. It is inexhaustible. Each time we speak of the Word, we are enlightened. We are glorified by Her from within. It is so since ages. It continues to be so –one can never exhaust the Word. The one who works with the Word is also not exhausted. He is absorbed into it. Thus he too remains inexhaustible! Such is the beauty of the Word.






Oh! Mother Saraswathi!

You are the purifying element of the fire,

You are the transforming velocity,

You are the equilibrating intelligence.

You are the sacrificing one

that leads us to sacrifice and

settle us in the Cosmic Light.

Be compassionate, to be with us

so that our lives glorify.



Praise of the Word is the theme of all the 18 hymns. The expression of our appreciation can, however, never be complete. Being only a part of IT, we can never praise the Word in its entirety. The part can never comprehend the whole, much less it can speak. It can relate to the whole, experience the whole and may even get absorbed into the whole. But it cannot know the whole. In the process of knowing, the knower gets absorbed into the knowledge. That is fulfilment. Until then he relates to the whole –whose other name is God.

In the act of praising we are tuned to IT and we become IT through attunement. The purpose is served when we become THAT. As long as we recognise and appreciate the Word and its activity, we are with IT. The moment we cease to appreciate and cease to recognise IT, we become separated from IT. That is why the hymn says:

“Please be with us, we cannot be with you”.

It is not easy for us to be with IT. We easily slip into separative consciousness. That is why all worship and prayer is meant to ensure that the Word/God holds us instead of our holding on to the Word/God. In the hymns we repeatedly find: “Please hold us”. In truth, however, IT is always holding us. Whether we pray or do not pray, IT is holding us. The one who prays, the one who does not pray -both continue to be with IT. The difference between the two lies in the splendour that may be experienced. When one attunes to the Word, there is different knowledge, comprehension and the related splendour, and fragrance.

Our effort to hold to the Divine is at best demonstrated in our intense intentions. But the happening is not within our control. We can act –it is within our control. The result is always beyond. The time, the place, the karma, individual, groupal and racial, all play the role in the final outcome. We do what we have to do, but what comes as a fruit of action is always a surprise –pleasant or unpleasant. Hence the prayer is always to seek and to wait for the Grace!


In the 17th hymn it reads thus: “Pavaka nah Saraswathi” means: “You are the One who purifies us, You are the Purifier”

The purifying fire is called Frictional Fire. It is the Fire of Sagittarius and its work is to purify matter. It clears the matter of its inertia, makes it magnetic and radiating. That is an aspect of the Word as ‘Purifier’. By uttering continuously, one overcomes laziness. Conversely, when one is lazy, one is disinclined to make regular utterances. The impurities of matter within the body prevent regular utterances by the lazy. Guiding a person dominated by inertia into the process of regular utterance is healing. Uttering generates the inner fire and purifies the cellular matter of the body. Consequently the person raises from inertia. Through regular utterance the transformation from laziness to activity is possible.

If one is lazy or sluggish, we in India suggest the invocation of Gayatri or the sound RAM to be chanted daily for one hour. The tendencies of laziness slowly disappear. This is sound therapy - healing through sound! Purifying through sound.

Likewise there are sounds to balance over-activity. There are sounds to rectify every imbalance and inadequacy. The seeker should look to them and work it out.

The purifying fire of Sagittarius leads to the transforming, solar fire of Leo, which is called Vajani. When the transforming fire begins to burn in us, we start fulfilling ourselves. Until this point is reached, we remain in the state of purification. All religions give instructions for purification.

“I am Pavaka among the purifying agents” says Lord Krishna in The Bhagavad Gita. The first step is purification of the cells of the body. Then the solar Light shines forth. One sees, listens and comprehends better as Light dawns from within. As we settle in Light, the Light settles in us. We gain equilibrium –this is the third step.

As we settle in equilibrium, we know what is to be done. We regain the knowledge of action. What to do, where to do, when to do and how to do. We also know what not to do, when not to do, where not to do and how not to do. Such knowledge enables us to serve life better.

Serving life better and better is the 4th step. Service when done as per the ‘Doctrine of Action’, leads to sacrifice8 . Sacrifice in Sanskrit is called Yagna: “Yagnam Vastu” says the hymn. The 5th step culminates life in sacrifice. Sacrifice continues and leads to a ritual of “All Sacrifice”. The hymn Purusha Sukta speaks of: “Sarva (All) hutah (burning)”. The sacrificer is absorbed into the sacrifice. It is called ‘Man Sacrifice’.

Then at the 8th step we settle in the Cosmic Light (Dhiya Vasuhu) or the Cosmic Light settles in us. Let us recapitulate the 8 steps:

1st Step : from impurity to purity
2nd Step : from purity to the Light of Comprehension
3rd Step : from the Light of Comprehension to Knowledge of Action
4th Step : from Knowledge of Action to Service
5th Step : from Service to Sacrifice
6th Step : from Sacrifice to All Sacrifice
7th Step : from All Sacrifice to Self-Sacrifice
8th Step : from Self-Sacrifice to Cosmic Light

Thus, the Word leads us. We settle in the Word. The Word settles in us! These are “The Golden Stairs” given by this hymn.


We have forgotten to serve and to sacrifice. We thus became mortals and non-divine! Un-divine means, non-shining. So we have become dull. Divi means brilliant, shining. The one who shines brilliantly is called a deva. The deva-state is one of immortality. Through the path of discipleship, through the first five steps of yoga, we regain the Light. This hymn simply gives the whole process in a nutshell.

Functioning, with precision and rhythm, thereby tuning up to the grander rhythm of Nature, we are able to rejoin the Nature, which is engaged in Yagna or sacrifice. Plants, flowers and fruits do not live for themselves. The cow’s milk is not for the cow. Man’s actions should be in this spirit.

We pluck a flower as though it were our property. If someone comes up to us and plucks the pen from our pocket, or takes our watch -do we accept it? Why should the flower and the tree accept? They are in the sacrificial state. That state returns to man, when he has passed through the 4th Initiation. After the 3rd Initiation everything one has -be it body or wisdom - is for the others. This is total sacrifice. The Word sacrifices itself to be all that is, and we in return repeat the act of sacrifice to reach IT. That is called yagna. The fulfilment takes place through sacrifice, not by amassing or gathering.

“The giver ascends and the receiver descends”. That is the occult Truth. In Masonic parlance, this state is presented as: “Head is cut! Tongue is pulled out!! Body is thrown to the vultures!!!”

‘The head is cut’ means, there is a total reorientation in thinking. ‘Tongue is pulled out’ means, the original, mundane speeches are replaced by sacred speech, uttering forth the Word. It is also called ‘Fiery Tongue’. ‘Body is thrown to the vultures’ means, the whole human equipment is submitted to serve the life and in that process it is sacrificed. The flesh and blood, the bone and brain –everything is utilised to help others. There are glorious stories of Initiates such as Emperor Sibi, Sage Dadhichi, King Bali and a host of others who demonstrated such sacrifice and stand in Eternity to help the Plan. They are outstanding centres of Light to inspire the beings on the Path.

When one is in the buddhic state, it is joyful to give. Before such state is gained, there is resistance to give. We may give up everything that we own, but not yet be able to surrender ourselves. That is the final encirclement, the final resistance.

Vritra is the intelligence of encirclement. The final encirclement is “I am”. Complete fulfilment takes place when one surrenders “I am” to THAT. He returns with greater strength thereafter. There is a statement in the teachings of the Hierarchy: “We care for those who surrender themselves to the Plan. We also care for those who give all they have, but not as much as those who surrender all they are”. Complete surrender is called ‘Man Sacrifice’.

Lord Krishna teaches the Gopis, the devotees: “Give up your robes and come up to Me”. The nudity he demanded meant absence of separative consciousness. In the highest planes separativity does not exist. One returns with greater enlightenment, when he tastes the ultimate Truth.

In truth we are not only ‘I am’, but also THAT. Be THAT and come back as I AM. THAT I AM is Truth. I AM THAT is partial Truth. I AM with THAT is like the infant holding the mother. THAT I AM is like the mother holding the child. When you say I AM THAT, you hold to THAT, you are still a devotee or a disciple. Once you cease to be I AM you become THAT - which is the 8th step of yoga -you return as THAT I AM, meaning, you are no longer separated and do not depend on holding on to anything. You are held. You are anointed. You are the Son of God.

When a piece of iron is magnetised, it is complete. It is verily THAT as I AM. Master CVV represented this. Once he was taken by a disciple to a temple. They were all making salutations to the deity in the temple. He was not. They were all surprised: Is he arrogant? The priest said: “Offer your salutation to the Lord”. Master CVV asked: “Do you salute yourself?” and looked into the eyes of the priest. The priest was startled. The Master smiled at the priest, then the priest understood and saluted the Master.

When you reach a state where you are THAT, to whom do you salute? You have only love and compassion. Sacrifice leads you to that point. In this 17th hymn we ask the deity of the Word to place us on the path of sacrifice.

When we regularly chant such hymns, people come and ask for our help. This happens to see how truthful or sincere we are with our prayers. Early in the morning someone will come and beg for a hundred dollars. It seems too much. However, you did ask the deity to put you ‘on the path of service’. The deity thought that you were sincere. It immediately arranged to send someone to you, and you deny the opportunity. Tomorrow you sing the hymn, the deity says: “Thank you.” (meaning the deity does not respond).We normally like to hear stories of sacrifice, but we are not yet ready to get through. It is like taking a bath in a mountainous stream, we go up to the river and stand. To take a bath? It is cold! Yet in truth it is soothing and warm. It gives much warmth, provided we break the initial inertia. Such is the habit of sacrifice. Once we begin with the habit of service, we do not want to stop. We reach slowly to the point of sacrifice. Better start now. Better late than never.

This ultimate step is hinted at in the 10th chapter of Bhagavatam and in the last canto of The Bhagavad Gita. It is called Agni Yoga, meaning, putting yourself totally into the fire (of service and sacrifice). Fire is called the hungriest in Creation. It keeps on eating anything that we give and reduces it to ashes. Ash is considered pure, because it cannot be further burnt. That is what was understood in ancient times as holocaust: a holy sacrifice to the fire. Holocaust is a ritual that one does with oneself, not with others. Whom do you put to sacrifice? Yourself -so that ultimately only fire remains. Fire or Agni is another name of THAT. Steps are clearly given in this hymn: purification of the matter of the body; transformation of the personality; settling in Light; entering the path of sacrifice.





May the Mother Saraswathi

flow down the planes of light,

through the peaks of the mountains

to the plain fields,

following the lubricated path

to reach up-to the tip of our tongues

and reside over there forever and ever.

May we reside in Her,

as She resides in us.

May our utterances

cause comfort and harmony

and even Initiation to the utterer

and the listener!



The meaning of the hymn is obvious. It does not need much elaboration. It is an invocation to bring the Word down from Sahasrara, the highest peak Manasa Sarovar, which is Brahma Manasa Sarovar, which exists in our Sahasrara. In the hymn we ask that IT may descend from there to the plains and flow down further upon the lubricated path. If the path is lubricated, the flow is smooth. The hymn speaks of ghritachi.

Ghrita is ghee, clarified butter. It lubricates the brain, the cerebral system. Ghee is prepared from butter derived from cow milk. The cow has something extra-terrestrial in its being and is recognised as holy. Therefore the Vedic Seers respected it. The essence of cow milk in its ultimate state is ghee, lubricating the cerebral system, so that the flow from the higher centres can distribute itself to the lower ones without blockages.

The cow is called Go in Sanskrit. Go means, the energy beyond the 7 planes. Gopi is the one who holds this energy, Gopala is the One who rules over the beings of the 8th plane. It is needless to say that he also rules over all the succeeding planes.

Kama Dhenu is a cow, which can manifest whatever is required. Initiates are such cows and their Master, (the cowherd boy) is Lord Krishna. Since the soul quality of the cow is experienced in the ghee, it is used even today in all the rituals of the great ashrams. It is a replica of the 7th tissue in us, relating to the 7th plane. It stimulates the 7th tissue when it is eaten and gives vitality to the body, lubricating the whole path of Sushumna, Ida and Pingala.

This 7th tissue is called Sukra, which is also the name of the planet Venus in Sanskrit. It carries the secrets of immortality. It gives vitality and strengthens the Sacral Centre. It is called Ojas. Ayurveda aims at bringing Ojas to us to make the vital body strong, and it strengthens the mind. This is the gift that ghee has for you, provided you follow the other regulations.


Intuition is the other name for ‘Electric Hint’. It happens in a split second, like a flash. Our antenna (the crown of the brain) works better, stands as a good receptor of intuitional flashes for the brain cells. The flash happens and one knows that it is true even though there seems to be no logic behind it.

Scientists who were innovators followed their intuition. When man intuitively discovers something, he proceeds because he knows, even if it takes time for the masses to realize the truth. At all times there are only a few who can understand intuitive work. After an intuitive person dies, people write volumes about him, make a golden calf of him and worship him. Anyway they do not follow the teachings! This pattern has been demonstrated repeatedly by humanity.


When Krishna was a three year old boy, he was a source of joy to the people in the village. A young lady saw Krishna and asked him: “What is your name?” Krishna jumped like a cub up to her face, kissed her on the tip of her tongue and said: “THAT I AM” - For a moment she was shocked. Later she thought: “What did this silly boy do? He is just three years old, jumps like a cub, touches the tip of my tongue in a split second, smiles at me and says: “THAT I AM and runs away”. One day she had a flash: “it is the WORD in the form of Krishna, whose outermost manifestation is at the tip of the tongue”. Thereafter she became a great devotee of the Word.

In this hymn we are seeking the manifestation of the deity of the Word up to the tip of our tongue. If the Word is with us at the tip of our tongue, everything is accomplished. To make the tongue reach that point, there is a great discipline relating to the tongue, both for intake and also outlet. Krishna was living only on cow milk products - ghee, butter, milk, yoghurt and nothing else. It is a significant secret. Imagine a man living only on milk products 5000 years ago, when vegetarianism was unknown. He lived 126 years in the body! He was always looking as a youth of 16 years. He did not grow in age.

“May the Mother respond to our call and follow the lubricated path to reach the tip of our tongue and reside there forever. May we reside in Her as She resides in us”.

This speaks volumes, it speaks of the entire key of The Bhagavad Gita: “I AM in you because you are in Me”, that is what the 9th chapter says. The ocean is in the wave, because the wave is in the ocean. There is no wave, if there is no ocean. We reside in the deity of the Word as She resides in us.

In the 9th chapter of The Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna gives three steps: “I AM in you. But the higher Truth is, I AM in you, because you are in Me. Shall I tell you the final Truth?” Arjuna said: “Yes.” Krishna says: “You are not there, only I AM there. Only THAT exists, either as THAT or as I AM. You think you are existing, and I allow you to think so”. This is what is to be contemplated. We are in the Word and the Word is in us. We reach for the Word, become the Word and return as the Word. That is what is given: I AM, I AM THAT, and THAT I AM.

The supreme part of the hymn says: “May our speech cause harmony and comfort to others”.

When the Mother Saraswathi is with us, our speech is equally comfortable to ourselves as it is to the others.

The last part of the hymn says :

“May the Word we utter

and to which we listen

cause initiation to the utterer

and the listener”

This is the ultimate accomplishment of word - i.e., initiation. The speaker is initiated as well as the listener, when the word is utteredforth. That is how all initiations are from mouth to ear. “The utterer is the preceding form. The listener is the succeeding form. The teaching is the means of transmission. Flow of the word in the brige. Such is wisdom”- says Taittereya Upanished. The work of the word is uplifting. Let it be so.

May the word bless us all and receive us into it’s flod.

Thank you.


And mind you, this is one of the 11600 hymns of Rig Veda. Read each hymn and its commentary slowly. Do not read away.

Thank you once again.



Appendix -     1

Magic Wand of Seven

Ray No.








Seven Fold Existence

The Spirit

The Soul

Plane of Love

Plane of Wisdom - Buddhi

Plane of Thought

Plane of Emotion

Plane of physical action

Wise men

(Sun Ray Quality)



Intelligent Activity


Concrete Science


Law & Order

Names of the 7 Sun Rays




















Brilliant Green (Aquamarine)

Golden Yellow












Sanskrit Names










In-between eyebrows





Base of Spine









Corresponding Principles


Wisdom & Love

Intelligent Activity

Attractions to Beauty & Splendour

Reflection Reaction, Thinking


Material Body









Corresponding Planets




















Green Gram














Siddhasana & Ardhamatseyn

Salabasana, Bhanurasana & Sarvangasana


Cakrasana & Halasana










Magnetic Iron



Appendix -     2


Sound & Light Invocation


May the Light im me, the light before me.
May I learn to see it in all.
May the sound I utter, reveal the light im me.
May I listen to it while oghers speak.


May the silence in an around me present itself.
The silence which we brak every moment.
May it fill the darkness of noice we do
And convert it into the light of our background.


Let virtue be the strength of my intelligence
Let realization be my attainment
Let my purpose shape into the purpose of our earth.
Let my plan be an epitome of the Divine plan


May we speak the silence without braking it
May we live in the awareness of the back ground.
May we transact light in terms of joy
May we be worthy, to find place in
the Eternal Kindom OM.


- Master E.K.


* * *

First Edition: 2003

Copyright: Dhanishta


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