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A Short Description of Major Works of
Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar


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Lord Maitreya - The World Teacher

The White Lotus

Marriage - The Sublime Sacrament    E/G

Wisdom Buds

Spiritualism, Business & Management

The Path of Synthesis

The Etheric Body 

Maria Magdalena

Time -The Key

Listening to the Invisible Master

Our Teacher and His Works

Good Friday

Ayurvedic Principles for Daily Life

COW - The Symbol and its Significance

The Splender of the Seven HIlls

Master C.V.V. - The Initiator, Master E.K. - The Inspirer

Ashram - Regulations for Entry



Mithila - A New Age School Syllabus

The Aquarian Master

Sound - The Key & its Application

Ashram Leaves

The Teachings of Kapila (Sankhya - The Sacred Doctrine)

Venus - The Path to Immortality

The Theosophical Movement

Shirdi Sai Sayings

Wisdom Teachings of Vidura

Healer's Handbook (On Healing)

Spiritual Fusion of East and West

Sri Sastri Garu

The Aquarian Cross

Hercules - The Man and the Symbol

Mantrams - Their Significance & Practice

Sri Dattatreya. The Symbol and the Significance

Saturn - The Path of Systematised Growth

Jupiter - The Path of Expansion

Master E.K. - The New Age Teacher

The Doctrine of Ethics

Saraswathi – The Word


Occult Meditations


Master CVV - May Call!

Master CVV - May Call ! Vol. 2 

On Love

On Change

On Silence

On Service


Health and Harmony

Violet Flame Invocations

The Teachings of Sanat Kumara

Uranus - The Alchemist of our Age

Master C.V.V. - Saturn Regulations

The Golden Stairs

The Teacher. Meaning and Significance

New Age Hospital Management

Sri Suktam - The Nature and Characteristics of the World Mother  

Just Adjust - Yoga of Synthesis

Parikshit - The World Disciple

Master MN - The Fiery Flame

Lectures on Secret Doctrine






MASTER KPK - An Expression of Synthesis. Short Biography     E/G/S 

PRAYERS - Morning and Evening Prayer - CD    E

Networking The Global Diamond Temple for Social Justice - CD    E

The W.T.T.-Dhanishtha Audiothèque    E/D/S 






Lord Maitreya is a sage of great brilliance descending from the order of Lord Vishnu - the Second Logos, the preserving Light, the Logos of Love-Wisdom, the Cosmic Second Ray. The teachings of Lord Maitreya are those of synthesis, unity of existence, and love and wisdom. This book reveals the qualities of The World Teacher Lord Maitreya.   more, Sample: The Song of Lord Maitreya




The White Lotus  THE WHITE LOTUS

The booklet speaks of the symbolism of the Lotus. The Lotus is a profound Vedic symbol that enchants the student of symbolism.

The booklet is a spontaneous talk flowing through the author. more, Sample: The White Lotus



Marriage is an important sacrament to the human being. It sanctifies the one who marries. It purifies and transforms. Dr. Kumar conceived the whole ritual in a nutshell and presented it in an universal manner. It can be adopted by any couple proposing marriage in a sincere way.   more, Sample: Marriage - The Sublime Sacrament




Wisdom Buds  WISDOM BUDS

A booklet that contains talks on seven topics of spiritual value. The talks are short, but deeply effective. They cover such topics as: 1. The White Island; 2. The New Age Teacher 3. The Path of Gradual Unfoldment, etc.  more, Sample: The White Island




Spirituality, Business and Management  SPIRITUALISM, BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT

A booklet that contains a lecture delivered to the Association of Business and Management, Visakhapatnam, India. The appropriateness of business as a source of social support is enunciated. The need to manage business with restraint and with social objective is emphasised.  more, Sample: Business Management



The Path of Synthesis THE PATH OF SYNTHESIS

According to the technique of synthesis everything is being accepted and used with responsibility according to its fitness, not for exploitation. Through synthesis we learn to include, not to exclude. If we include the people coming to us, we will also be included by the higher worlds. This principle of the Yoga of Synthesis is explained with simple words by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in the brochure "The Path of Synthesis".   more, Sample: Extracts


 The Etheric Body THE ETHERIC BODY

Building the etheric body is an inner work. It helps man to realize his original identity and the sense of his life. The etheric body reveals the truth of immortality of man. The book "The Etheric Body" by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar gives the corresponding technique and is from a lecture of August 23rd, 1996, in Solingen, Germany.

more, Sample: The Puspose


Maria Magdalena  MARIA MAGDALENA

In this booklet the relationship of Jesus with Maria Magdalena is explained. Their relation is on a Soul - to - Soul basis. There can be no other relationship to an initiate of that order. The love of Jesus was complete. Maria Magdalena was able to transform in a short cycle of time. All these aspects are well described in this booklet. The content of this booklet is also included in the book on Venus.





In this booklet you will find a dimension of Time and a practical way of alignment with it. You will also find the fivefold key of time, the importance, characteristics and qualities of constellations, the relationship between the moon and the 27 constellations, the 12 houses, the effect of the planets on us, and how to liberate yourself through meditation. more, Sample: Extracts





This booklet is of interest to those who wish to tune inward, in search of the unknown. The book takes the reader on a flight into the Internal World and reveals much the phenomenal and noumenal worlds as one gets into regular practice of meditation.   more, Sample: Listening to the Invisible Master  


Our Teacher and His Works  OUR TEACHER AND HIS WORKS

Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar has been teaching various concepts of wisdom and initiating many groups into the Path of the Yoga of Synthesis in India, Europe, Latin America and North America. His teachings are many and varied. They are oriented for practice and not mere means of information. This booklet presents some biographic notes and a profile of his works.




Good Friday - Its Symbolism  GOOD FRIDAY - THE RITUAL OF PASS-OVER

Good Friday is the most important day for the ritualists who practise the inner ritual in the secret and sacred temples. Friday is very important because it is the day that opens the doors to us to the subtle kingdom, which is the kingdom of Light with its rainbow colours.

A 10 minutes talk on Good Friday in a Temple on 13 April 2001. more, Sample: Good Friday




Ayurvedic Principles for Daily Life  AYURVEDIC PRINCIPLES FOR DAILY LIFE

This booklet contains short, practical regulations and recommendations for every-day living. Some of the topics are: Morning regulations; the science of bathing, water temperature, hair, exercise guidelines; massage – massage principles, oil massage, head and foot massage, cleansing massage; sleep-guidelines, sunrise and sunset hours; diet – an understanding of diet, ayurvedic principles for eating.

This text is the first of a series of publications of Dhanishta Switzerland, meant to present the teachings of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in a form suited to the English speaking Western world.   more, Sample: Chap. 1: Morning Regulations (Extract)

Copies (€ 13.- / SFr. 18.-)



Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar: Cow - The Symbol and its Significance  COW - The Symbol and its Significance

The Vedas extol Cow as the most sacred being. Cow is essentially celestial. As per the prayers of the planetary Devas it condescended to be on Earth also to nourish the beings with its milk, to restore health to the beings and to fertilise the Earth with its dung and urine. The presence of the Cow sanctifies the surroundings. Man's attitude to the Cow decides his wellbeing.

This book is a humble presentation to inform the thinking man the significance of Cow. May this help mankind to regain right orientation towards the Cow.  more, Sample: Extracts from the booklet



Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar:The Splendor of Seven Hills  THE SPLENDOR OF SEVEN HILLS

This is the talk given to the European brotherhood on the occasion of their tour to Tirumala with Master K. Parvathi Kumar in January 1995. The entire group walked up the hills to experience the splendor and significance of the Seven Hills.

The Seven Hills represent the seven centres of human awareness and seven planes of existence of creation. Master K. Parvathi Kumar explains their significance of the benefit of the Seekers.  more, Sample: The Splendor of Seven Hills (Extract)




Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar:Master CVV - The Initiator; Master Ek The Inspirator  MASTER C.V.V. - THE INITIATOR, MASTER E.K. THE INSPIRER

Master C.V.V. opened the veil to inaugurate the Aquarian age. He is the Aquarian Master, who is multidimensional and unfathomable. He can be known and his work can be realized only through the prayer that he gave. He is a Grand Master that initiated the Globe and the humanity. He is the Global Initiator. Master E.K. has been a great inspirer into the path of yoga of Master C.V.V. He reached out to groups to inspire them into the Path.  more, Sample: Extract from the booklet



Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar: Ashram - Regulations for Entry  ASHRAM - REGULATIONS FOR ENTRY

Entering into the ashrams of Masters is possible by adopting oneself to the cardinal occult regulations and practices. Emotional approach would not lead one to the ashram and in as much as one tends to be impractical, one gets derailed from the normal and simple journey of life. more, Sample: Introduction






Mithila - The New Age School Syllabus  MITHILA - THE NEW AGE SCHOOL SYLLABUS

The book contains a systematized approach to train the modern child in terms of purification and alignment of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. It also imparts the ancient wisdom relating to colour, sound and meditation. It consists of 12 chapters to be imparted as 12 lessons to the children in the age groups of 7 years to 21 years. It is an excellent tool to parents and teachers to mould the children into purposeful living.   more, Sample: Chap. 2: Man - The Septenate

See also: Mithila-Schools in India, article about "Mithila"




The Aquarian Master  THE AQUARIAN MASTER

The Aquarian Energy is anchored on earth to quicken the evolutionary process relating to the planet and the planetary beings. The Aquarian Age promises deathless state of existence. It also promises the flight in air of humans. It dawns the etheric existence.

Master CVV is a grand initiate that steered the Aquarian energy into the planetary life and thus inaugurated the Aquarian Age. This book carries a detailed account of the work of Aquarius and enunciates the Yoga of Synthesis as propounded by Master CVV.  more, Sample: Chap. 14: The Aquarian Age


Sound - The Key and its Application  SOUND - THE KEY AND ITS APPLICATION

To understand sound you have to grow aware of silence,  and to gain the ability to hear the sound you should first listen to silence. The book "Sound - The Key and its Application" explains step by step how our attitude towards sound and language should be. It is made clear how we can trace the source of sound when we learn to listen to harmonious sounds or mantrams and sing them. more, Sample: Sound Subjective and Sound Objective




Ashram Leaves  ASHRAM LEAVES

A mosaic of morning thoughts that encompass yoga, philosophy, astrology, sound, colour, symbol and number. Each leaf of wisdom is a stimulant that drives the reader deep into his own being. Recommended for quiet study and contemplation.   more, Sample: Symbol



Sankhya is holistic wisdom. It is the wisdom of God, the path to reach God. It enunciates:

a) Consciousness, its fourfold existence.

b) The path of yoga to realize the consciousness within form.

c) The preparation required for treading the path of yoga.

d) The utility and futility of form.

Kapila is the foremost of the teachers on the planet that gave the fourfold wisdom. Sankhya is a lucid explanation of the Truth, the path to the Truth and the preparation to join the Path.   more, Sample: The Essential Teachings of Kapila


Venus. The Path to Immortality  VENUS - THE PATH TO IMMORTALITY

Venus as a planet and as a principle is the higher counterpart of our earth. It depicts the higher life or divine life, unconditioned by the gross material. Venus is the guide and the teacher for the beings of earth. While being on earth one can attain in the earthy-body the Divine status by tuning up to the principle of Venus. The Venus principle is the principle of immortality, which is experienced by everyone as a soul. The book speaks upon the various aspects of Venus as a planet and also as a principle. This book is a summary of talks given by Dr K. Parvathi Kumar at Gunten, Switzerland, in November 1994.   more, Sample: Venus and the Sense of Colour

See also: "Saturn", Jupiter", "The Aquarian Cross" "Spiritual Astrology", "Your Birthday Gift", "Wisdom of the Heavens".


The Theosophical Movement  THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT

The Planetary Hierarchy externalised itself during the last 100 years through such initiates as H.P.Blavatsky, A.A.Bailey, Master CVV and Master E.K. The Divine plan as it works on earth is unveiled. The universality of the truth and its patterns of manifestation are expressed in the Western languages to unfold the concept of human brotherhood. There is the movement of Theosophy in an order from H.P.Blavatsky, A.A.Bailey, Master CVV and Master E.K. This book contains in brief the movement of Theosophy since 100 years. It is a talk at Misiones, Argentina, by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, in 1992.   more, Sample: Chap. 1 (extracts)


Shirdi Sai Sayings  SHIRDI SAI SAYINGS

Sai Baba of Shirdi has been a great inspiration to the theists all over the globe. He is one initiate in whom people from all religions agreed. He demonstrated humanism and super humanism without the colour of any religion. This book contains important teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba for better understanding and practice.   more, Sample: Introduction




Wisdom Teachings of Vidura  THE WISDOM TEACHINGS OF VIDURA

Vidura was the chief counsel in the Royal Court of Dhritharashtra. He is an initiate that knew the law and admonished the king untiringly and patiently. He is considered as the Machachohan in the theosophical world. His teachings to the king are eternally valid. They are given in brief, culling out from the Mahabharata.   more, Sample: A Word about the Hierarchy



Healing and teaching are the twin qualities of an initiate. Every teacher is a healer and every healer is a teacher in the true sense. This book is a handbook for practice by those who wish to become pranic healers and thereby serve the surrounding life. The practice contained is given after due experiment by various groups in India, Europe and America. A book that contains the clue to live holistic life. The clues tend to transform the reader.   more, Sample: The Fundamental Understanding

See also: "Paracelsus - Health and Healing", "The Science of Healing"


Spiritual Fusion of East and West  SPIRITUAL FUSION OF EAST AND WEST

India’s spiritual and intellectual links with the Western world date back to ancient times and every age has produced seers and awakeners pursuing the path of spiritual fusion of the East and West. This is a collection of articles published in newspapers, based on interviews with Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar. Among the subjects covered are Science of Time, West Approaches East, Man Know Thyself, Socialism Emerging etc. more, Sample: Spiritual Fusion - Interview



Discipleship is a process of transformation of man from his state of ignorance to the state of Light. On the Path he meets himself. A true disciple lives hiding the Light within and working silently for its further glow. The Light he sheds is in silence and simplicity. One such example of disciple is K.V. Sastry, whose story is inspiring to those who walk the Path of Light in simplicity. It demands simplicity to realise the Truth. The reader finds such simplicity in the life and the events of the life of Sri Sastry.   more, Sample: Initiation


The Aquarian Cross  THE AQUARIAN CROSS

The Aquarian Cross is one of the cosmic symbols. The cosmic mind is represented by a fourfold cross. It speaks of the fourfold existence at all planes. Each time we look at it we must get the recollection of our own fourfold existence. Then the purpose is well served. The symbolism of the cross and the astrological significance of the Aquarian Cross are well explained with deeper symbolism coupled with ancient wisdom.   more, Sample: The Aquarian Meditation

See also: "Venus", Saturn", Jupiter", "Spiritual Astrology", "Your Birthday Gift", "Wisdom of the Heavens".





The life and accomplishments of Hercules signify the experience of the Soul through its journey along the zodiacal path of the 12 sun signs. The life and accomplishments narrated in this book are of significant help to those who look for the symbolism of Hercules, the Greek hero.   more, Sample: Chap. 3: A Son of Man Transforming into a Son of God


Mantrams  MANTRAMS

The definition of a mantram is, „As much as repetitively chanted, so much the sound formula (mantram) protects.“ The mantram has a three-fold effect: it protects you, directs you in the right way and illumines the mind. When uttered with veneration regularly in a given centre of the body, the related sound vibration generates from that centre and moves circularly creating a funnel of Light. These aspects of mantrams are well explained to experience and practice. There exists a double-CD with intonations.   more, Sample: Mantram: Definition and the Seven Keys



Dattatreya is the Grand Teacher or "Guru principle" in the universe. The teachers in various planes are the manifestations of the one teaching principle who is referred to in the ancient Indian wisdom as Dattatreya. Dattatreya also exists in a form in all planes. Just like the World Teacher is the principle that guides the beings of this globe, Dattatreya is also a principle that incarnates as per the time and need in any plane of existence.    more, Sample: The Cow





The study of Saturn - the principle, and practice of the principle in daily life transforms an aspirant into an accepted disciple. Saturn is the Dweller on the Threshold of the Temple of Initiation. He affords opportunities through difficulties in life, which are messengers of what is wanting in life and what is to be learned. There is no other principle that teaches so meticulously as Saturn to follow the path for right relations.   more, Sample: Chap. 3: Time

See also: "Venus", Jupiter", "The Aquarian Cross" "Spiritual Astrology", "Your Birthday Gift", "Wisdom of the Heavens".



Discipleship is a scientific process of rearrangement of the energy system within one's own being. Such rearrangement would enable free flow of energy, which is essentially triple by nature; that is, will, love/wisdom and intelligent activity. Jupiter is the principle that helps such rearrangement, as a result of which man is joyful, youthful, magnetic, benevolent, generous and distributive. A few hints are thrown for practice for those who wish to rearrange for the better of their energy systems.   more, Sample: Chap. 1: Jupiter - Expansion

See also: "Venus", Saturn", "The Aquarian Cross" "Spiritual Astrology", "Your Birthday Gift", "Wisdom of the





Master E.K. (Ekkirala Krishnamacharya) is a New Age teacher. The New Age teacher is one who demonstrates Divine life within the modern life. There is no such demarcation as divine and non-divine at the sublime stage. All is divine, if once the attitude is divine. The life and teachings of Master E.K. aroused and awakened many into the path of Truth in the East and West. The book contains a glimpse into the life and the works of the MASTER.   more, Sample: Chap. 10: Group Building

See also: Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya and Vaisakh Newsletter


The Doctrine of Ethics  THE DOCTRINE OF ETHICS

Ethics are the need of the present times. In truth, ethics have an eternal value in human activity. Ethics need to be studied and understood from their force aspect and not for their moral, religious or spiritual value. Ethics help transference of the Soul from self-centred emotional nature (solar plexus) to harmonising rhythm of life (Heart Centre). more, Sample: Extracts




Saraswathi - The Word  SARASWATHI - THE WORD

Every principle in Creation is seen as a deity, in the esoteric world. The Goddess of the Word is called Saraswathi, literally meaning the flow. It is the flow of energy as Consciousness, also called the Word. The Word was recognized by the ancient seers as the background of all that is created. It emanates from Pure Existence. Every scripture gives paramount importance to the Word, because it emerges periodically and manifests in manifold forms, to return again and again to its Source, i.e. Pure Existence.   more, Sample: Intuition



Fire is the essence of creation. The Fire is called Agni in the Vedas. Agni means the foremost one. Agni is the first spur. This spur causes the emergence from seeming nothingness to apparent something. The spur causes the Light. The Light is called Awareness. The Fire details again into 3 fires and brings forth the 4th. It further details into 7, into 12. Fire is the creator, builder and destroyer. Fire works with all. This book presents in brief the profound symbolism of Agni as well as of the Fire Ritual. more, Sample: The Prayer


Occult Meditations  OCCULT MEDITATIONS

These are occult meditations. Working with them enables psychological adjustments, which would lead to occult experiences. They would ultimately lead to experiencing the Divine. These are the meditations given to Master E.K. by those whom he followed (Hierarchy) to those who follow him. The meditations are global in their concept. Every day in the morning the student is advised to study a meditation relating to that day and contemplate upon its thought.   more, Sample: Meditation 20





Rudra  RUDRA

In the scheme of Vedic Wisdom and its related Puranas, Rudra is the Lord of Will, the Lord of Fire, who opens the way for Creation at various levels. He is also the Lord that clears impediments to Creation. He is also seen as the Lord who helps to path of return. Thus for entry into and exit from the world, Rudra remains the chief helper, Guru, Teacher, Yogi.
New multilingual Edition 2006: English / German / Spanish: € 18   more, Sample: Advent of Rudra (First Logos)






Inclusion is the Path of Synthesis. Include to get included. If we reject, we get rejected. If we neglect someone, we are neglected. As we try to include and reconsider others, people consider and include us. That is why the fundamental teaching of Master CVV is “Learn to include”.
Master KPK has been transmitting the Energies of Master CVV and the Path of Synthesis in the West on the MAY CALL Days since 1988. The May Call messages of Master KPK represent the teachings of Master CVV. They are briefly given here as a first step of His teachings.
Multilingual Edition 2006: English / German / Spanish: € 16   more, Sample: Chap. 1: The Divine Plan




There is a way to understand the synthesis of Existence, when Existence is recollected and we speak in awareness of Existence, in awareness of Existence we work, in awareness of Existence we sleep, and then there is One continuous Existence experienced through all. We shall have to remember that there is only Existence and nothing else.
Master KPK has been transmitting the Energies of Master CVV and the Path of Synthesis in the West on the MAY CALL Days since 1988. The May Call messages of Master KPK represent the teachings of Master CVV. They are briefly given here as a first step of His teachings.
Edition 2007: English: € 19   more, Sample: Chap. 9: Observe your thoughts



On Love  ON LOVE

Love is divine. Love is overwhelming. The word 'Love' is mostly uttered but not really experienced. Love is always associated with the Divine. Those who know the Divine only know what Love is. "ON LOVE" just flowed during the silent moments on 6th May 2006. It is faithfully recorded. 18 € / 28 Swiss Fr.     more, Sample: Extracts



On Change  ON CHANGE

Change is inevitable. It is inevitable even to rocks! Acceptance of change is Wisdom. The Wise always look to the tide of change and always move forward. Resistance to change brings in friction, conflict, decay and death. Learning is to change – to change for the better. The flow of thoughts on change has flown out for those who look for change. 18 € / 28 Swiss Fr.    more, Sample: Extracts



On Silence  ON SILENCE

Man needs Silence. He needs to experience Silence. In Silence man finds himself. He encounters himself. It is the self meeting The Self! He lives enough in sound. At other times he sleeps. But between sound and sleep, he has a world - a world of beauty, of divinity, of Silence. This book calls forth man into the world of Silence! 18 € / 28 Swiss Fr.    more, Sample: Extracts




Über Dienst  ON SERVICE

Service is the way, the Path to liberation from limitations. Those who know, settle for life ‘in service’. Impulses of emotional ideas of Service need to be incubated for proper unfoldment on the thought plane. Impulses and emotional Ser-vice lands the Servers in sicknesses of variety. Live to Serve. Serve to live in Glory! Service is the purpose of all life. Mineral, plant, animal, planet, Devas – all Serve. Man needs to join to find harmony within and without. ‘ON SERVICE’ has flown out for those who wish to serve.    more, Sample: Extracts



Prayers  PRAYERS 

Prayers are inevitable on the Path. They are helpful to orientate to the Divine. Prayers do good to the beginners, the aspirants and to the adepts, to men and to Masters as well. Prayers do not belong to the mind, they belong to the heart. They are the cry of the Soul, if they are ardent and hearty. They develop cordiality and establish a cordial link to the Divine. A cordial link is considered the best. The Divine too find the way to reach through such cordial link. The prayers in this book are some such ardent ones. Ardent prayers culminate into true meditation. It enables musing of the soul with the super soul.    more, Sample: Extracts



Health and Harmony  HEALTH AND HARMONY


Ethics are the need of the present times. Just like a magnet transmits its energies to the surrounding iron pieces with or without its touch, a healer also can transmit energies with or without his touch. Just as magnets are used for the release of blocked energies, magnetic healing energies can also be transmitted to clear congestions, blockages, and even tumors. Sickness is generally due to a blockage of life energies. When such blockages are cleared, health is the result. In 60 articles by Dr. K. P. Kumar the book “Health and Harmony” presents practical and helpful aspects of healing.    more, Sample: Extracts



Violet Flame Invocations  VIOLET FLAME INVOCATIONS 


Violet is the colour and the world into which the humanity walks through initiation. It is the Kingdom of God, called by such names as Eden Garden, Paradise, Devachan, Supermundane and so on. The Violet Flame relates to the 7th ray of Swaraj. Swaraj stands for self rule. Self rule demands discipleship. There are aspirants all around the globe who follow the discipline to be disciples and who endeavour to rule themselves.
333 years of work is accomplished by the year 2008. In celebration of a grand work a few invocations are given out to the ardent seeker of 7th ray activity. 
  more, Sample: Extracts



Dr. K. Parvati Kumar: The Teachings of Sanat Kumara  THE TEACHINGS OF SANAT KUMARA


The planetary Logos of our Earth took incarnation in the form of Sanat Kumara. HE is a direct reflection of that Great Entity who lives and breathes and functions through all the evolutions on this planet. Lord Sanat Kumara gave us the teachings relating to the path of discipleship in 24 Sutras, aphorisms or commandments. The book "The Teachings of Sanat Kumara", by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, present the 24 commandments to help the people to recollect what is already known to them.   more, Sample: Extract of the Introduction: Lord Sanat Kumara




Dr. K. Parvati Kumar: Uranus - The Alchemist of our AgeURANUS - THE ALCHEMIST OF OUR AGE


Uranus transmits the cosmic sun principle and causes a rearrangement of life in man. On earth he brings the needed changes to inaugurate the New Era. The book "Uranus - The Alchemist of the Age", by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, shows how in every field there are fast transformations for a rapid development through the stimulation of the Uranus energy.

 more, Sample: Chapter 12: Uranus and the Human Aura



 Dr. K. Parvati Kumar: Uranus - The Alchemist of our AgeMASTER C.V.V. - SATURN REGULATIONS

Master CVV, the Aquarian Master, gave out Saturn regulations to his followers, to enable rectification of personality limitations. He proposes to round up the personality, which would enable the soul to manifest the purpose of life. Master KPK gives in this book the original regulations coming from Master CVV, followed by the revised and commented ones coming through him. Master KPK spoke out these regulations for the first time during the 2008 December Call at Bangalore, South India. The complete commentary is now given in brief for all those who are practising yoga in various parts of the globe. more, Sample: Extracts


Dr. K. Parvati Kumar: The Golden StairsTHE GOLDEN STAIRS


With the growing interest in esoteric and spiritual subjects in recent years, a person who has sown the seeds for this in the 19th century also has a renaissance: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831- 1891), called by her friends in short H.P.B. More important than the events of her life, however, are the traces of her spiritual work in the service of those whom she dedicated her whole life: The Mahatmas, also called "Masters of Wisdom". 'Golden Stairs' is one such contribution from her.  more, Sample: Extracts



Dr. K. Parvati Kumar: Uranus - The Alchemist of our AgeTHE TEACHER. MEANING AND SIGNIFICATION

Master, Teacher are the other names to Sat Guru. The Teacher is essentially a Son of God. He is seen as representative of God on earth, to enable the seeking souls to enter into the Kingdom of God. The Teacher imparts Wisdom to lift up the student from ignorance to knowledge. And through His looks, His word and His love, He continues to uplift the oriented student. The Teacher leads and the student follows until the student enters into the bliss of existence and transforms himself into yet another Son of God.  more, Sample: Stanza 11


Dr. K. Parvati Kumar: Uranus - New Age Hospital ManagementNEW AGE HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT

The need for healing touch is eminent today in all medical care centres including the hospitals where there is an ambience of hi-tech medical practice. The book "New Age Hospital Management" presents a talk by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar given in an Indian hospital and it was very well received by the doctors, head doctors and health professionals. He expresses the view that hospitals have to turn into healing temples, industries to temples of work and educational institutions to temples of learning. more, Sample: Extracts


Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar: Sri Suktam - The Nature and Characteristics of the World SRI SUKTAM - THE NATURE AND CHARACTERISTICS OF THE WORLD MOTHER

One of those grand dimensions put out by the Veda is Srî Suktam. SU UKTAM means good utterance. This is contrary to the other utterances we carry. To be able to utter well is the most important aspect of discipleship, because it relates to the throat centre. Throat centre can put you to Akasha, to the etheric existence. We want etheric bodies, but we don't want to change the quality of our speeches. To attune true seekers to the best of utterances, so that the throat centre is purified, made magnetic and radiant, and also electric, sound formulae are conceived and given out to be uttered regularly.  more, Sample: Extracts


Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar: Mercury - The Alchemist MERCURY - THE ALCHIMIST

Mercury is the golden middle principle that can compromise the high and the low, the left and the right, the male and the female, the positive and the negative, the spirit and the matter, and the Divine and the diabolic. Mercury is impersonal, and the one who is governed by Mercury is impersonal as well. He is the agent of divine alchemy, to synthesise seemingly divergent energies. Mercury is the friend with whom all agree. He is the centre around which things tend to gather. Mercury is the light of the soul that soothes, heals, magnetises and thereby enlightens the surroundings very impersonally. This book contains various dimensions of Mercury and the practises that lead one to receive the touch of Mercury for transformation. more, Sample: Extracts


 Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar: Just Adjust - Yoga of SynthesisJUST ADJUST - YOGA OF SYNTHESIS

Ever since humanity appeared on the planet, we continue to fight because we have not learnt to adjust and coexist. Among the humans, there are some who learnt how to coexist with seeming differences. They found the key. That key is called adjustment. If you make a little adjustment in you to coexist with another being, it is not so very difficult. The booklet "Just Adjust" by K. Parvathi Kumar shows, The one that learns to accept and adjust finds the clue to joy. more, Sample: Just Adjust


Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar: Parikshit - The World DisciplePARIKSHIT - THE WORLD DISCIPLE

Spiritual aspiration happens to every human in one incarnation or the other. If you deeply intend to see the Lord and if your effort is towards that end, then you are symbolically called Parikshit. The story of "Parikshit -The World Disciple" by K. Parvathi Kumar is the story of transcendence of death through continuous aspiration. more, Sample: Buddhic plane



 Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar: Master MN - The Fiery FlameMASTER MN - THE FIERY FLAME

Master MN is an outpost of Master CVV energy. He works at the micro and macro level for the planet and the planetary beings. His life and his work stand as a source of inspiration fuelling the aspiration of those who wish to follow the path of Truth. He is a good example for every person with modern outlook and yet bent upon the path of Self-realisation. The book describes his life, his initiation, his teachings and healing, and his glorious transcendence. more, Sample: The Iniciation


Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar: Lectures on Secret DoctrineLECTURES ON SECRET DOCTRINE

Secret doctrine means a doctrine that is experienced, that is revealed in secrecy. The secrecy is within the heart of one’s own being. What is secret is also sacred. Normally sacred things are kept secret. All that is secret need not be sacred, but all that is sacred is secret! The book "Lectures on Secret Doctrine" emphasizes: "If we go within, we understand The Secret Doctrine, otherwise not." more, Sample: The Secret




MEISTER KPK - Ein Ausdruck der Synthese. Kurzbiographie  MASTER KPK - An Expression of Synthesis. Short Biography (E/G/S)

The book contains various biographical details on the life of Master KPK and gives an insight into the greatness and uniqueness of his work. It shows how he brings down the impulse of the Avatar of Synthesis onto the fourth plane, the physical plane. Together with Master CVV, Master MN, Master EK the work of Synthesis is brought to a further level of completion.    more, Sample: Extracts



PRAYERS - Morning and Evening Prayer  PRAYERS - Morning and Evening Prayers (CD)

The CD contains a registration of the morning and evening prayer conducted by Master KPK, including the texts.



Networking The Global Diamond Temple For Social Justice  Networking The Global Diamond Temple For Social Justice

The CD contains a registration of the meditation "Networking The Global Diamond Temple For Social Justice", by Master KPK, the booklet gives some explanations and the text of the meditation outline. more




CassettothequeThe W.T.T.-Dhanishtha Audiothèque

The W.T.T. –Dhanishtha Audiothèque functions as a tape lending library. It contains all lectures and seminars given by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya (Master E.K.) in English from 1972 to 1984 in Europe and in India, as well as all lectures and seminars given by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in English from 1984 till present in Europe, India, North, Central and South America. Most of the tapes have a consecutive Spanish or German translation, and some of them have a French translation. The main cassettotheque is in Switzerland, and there are also cassettotheques in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Germany, India, Spain, USA (Florida). Please ask for details.


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