• Wisdom for practice
  • Wisdom is applied knowledge
  • Wisdom spreads itself

Wisdom for practice

Wisdom is for practice, not for continuous speaking. If we keep on speaking about the Masters, the Rays, and the Hierarchies, we are only missing our duties for the present.

Wisdom is applied knowledge

Knowledge, when applied becomes wisdom. We gain a lot of knowledge, but it has to be applied in daily life, then it transforms itself into wisdom. Through wisdom we will experience the existence.

Wisdom spreads itself

We need not be anxious to spread the wisdom without working it with ourselves. It is a wrong understanding if one thinks that he can spread wisdom. Wisdom knows how to spread itself. It only needs channels.

The Manu

Manus, Manvantaras, Manushyas

Matsya Avatar and Vaivasvata Manu The Vedic scriptures describe that from time to time creation emerges from out of the background of infinite space as a big breath of Brahma, the Creator. The span of creation between emerging and merging is called a Day of Brahma in the Puranas. During this incredibly long day there are 14 Manus; they are called the mind-born children of Brahma. Each Manu rules over a huge period called “Manvantara” which covers the unimaginable duration of 72 Maha Yugas; and a Maha Yuga is 10 times the duration of a Kali Yuga or dark age. All these divisions pass through their unfoldment like the tender folds of a bud. And each tender fold brims with life, consciousness and the perfection of a group of souls.

Not all of the gigantic epochs of the Manvantaras belong to the physical plane of the earth, but also to the subtler planes of creation called the Lokas. The 14 Manus are considered a great unity, a soul taking umpteen births and illuminating the age. The present humanity is the fifth wave or race out of a cycle of Manvantaras ruled by the Manu Vaivasvata.

The 14 phases of the moon between new moon and full moon correspond to the 14 principles of the Manus. New moon represents the time of dissolution, and full moon the full light. The brightness of the 14 ascending and the 14 descending phases of the moon correspond to each other in reverse order: the first ascending phase of the moon equals the 14th descending phase; the second ascending phase of the moon equals the 13th descending phase. Vaivasvata Manu is the 7th Manu on the ascending arc of increasing light – the earth moves from matter to spirit.

The Manu is the principle of the cosmic mind in creation. He works on the cosmic, solar and planetary planes also including those in man. The prototype of the solar Manu is living on earth as a person and is called through various births as Vaivasvata Manu. Even today he exists in a physical body along with his group of co-workers. He is responsible for the moulds of the human body, so that the souls can incarnate correctly. Once he lived in South India and gave the content of the law of “Manu Smriti”. The teachings of the Manu, however, are different from the book composed by scholars in the name of Manu, with some distortions. His direct teachings are imparted by spiritual masters to disciples in all times.

The Manu incarnates the consciousness of the Manvantara, the divine mind. Our mind is a part of this big mind. In the Great Invocation we say, “From the point of Light within the Mind of God let Light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on earth.” This point of Light is the Manu. We say it every day but we don’t know it.

The principle of the Manu enables us to think; therefore in Sanskrit we are also called Manushyas, descendants of Manu. The word Manu is reflected in the English word “man”, which comprises the male and the female. It is also the root leading to the German word “Mensch”, the being endowed with mind (mens – Latin word for mind). Our being contains two parts: the material body, to which refers the English word “human”, being related to “humus”, meaning mud. In essence, however, we are thinking beings, endowed with Atma-Buddhi-Manas; as divine souls we come from above and have self-consciousness. The English word “mankind” refers to this; in spiritual terms it differs from “humanity” fundamentally and is the more appropriate expression.

The Weaver of Light

In Sanskrit the Sun is called “the weaver”, “Vivasvata”. The energies pouring out of it flow around our planet, and its charge produces the energy field of its prana, together with the rotation of the earth. The son of Vivasvata, the weaver of light, is Vaivasvata. He is also called the mind of the Sun, the light of the soul or Buddhi. In us it is the buddhic plane or the higher mind. Our mind has two sides: the lower mind is oriented to the outer world and we use it for our everyday life. The higher mind can reflect the light of the soul. Through meditation we try to turn the mind inwards, to the light of the soul.

The light of the soul of our earth works as Buddhi through the Hierarchy. The soul of the planet is focused through the centre of Shamballa; its mind expresses through mankind. Just like our mind manifest through thoughts and actions, the work of the Manu brings forth the formations of matter. As the great architect he watches that the forms of the beings are moulded in a way that they can progressively absorb a greater measure of light and that the beings are slowly lifted up to higher kingdoms. The law of human evolution is called the law of Manu, he gives the Dharma to the humans, how they should live according to their destiny. If we live according to this law, we gain balance and knowledge.

The Law of Manu

The code given by Vaivasvata Manu includes social, ethic and spiritual codes of conduct. He has introduced sacraments to help the people to lift up from the animal level to a yogic life. He gave marriage as the best sacrament for human beings: two soul-companions get together and travel together for incarnations. Such a companionship, where the relation is a communion of the souls and not oriented to the bodies, is the highest purpose of marriage. In this monogamous companionship the partners learn to share with each other, to sacrifice and to live in the heart of the other. When they are separated in the outer by way of death, they stay connected in the heart, and neither the man nor the woman marries again.

Manu made the natural act of sex a ritual. The sex enjoyment should be experienced as a worship of coming together under the guidance of planets in good combinations, to give harmonious possibilities for children to incarnate. The family structure teaches sharing responsibilities and respecting the other’s views; it gives the basis for cordiality and the development of group consciousness.

This was the original law for living together; however, it got degenerated. False values and the pressure of modern life have fatigued many men and women and made them meet many unnecessary situations. The children also get into a suffocating atmosphere in the schools at an early age. The higher values will come back in the new cycle of time. In the social structure of the Aquarian age, the family group should be reorganised according to the concept of the Manu and the Masters of Wisdom; and education should be made available at home again to be able to impart something valuable to the children.

New Models for the Bodies

It is the responsibility of the Manu to further the development of the forms of the human body, so that we can live as souls and fulfil our plan. If we identify with the personality, which is merely an instrument for the expression of the soul, we forget that we are a soul and have a body; we become prisoners of this mistaken identity. To enable the humans to enter into subjectivity more easily, an impulse came down from supra-cosmic planes at the beginning of the last century. Master CVV received, assimilated and transmitted the Energy of Synthesis to speed up the evolution on the planet.

Master CVV made unbelievable statements. He said that our body structures show deficiencies and weaknesses and that the pituitary has to be rectified, because it suffers from many limitations. He had given instructions to the Manu to prepare new moulds. The new models of the body would enable the humans to turn subjective and to reach the buddhic plane. The people in his surrounding thought that the Master went crazy but his statements have come true.

The Manu started preparing new moulds according to the suggestions of Master CVV. “The bodies that will be constructed hereafter will carry a new pituitary”, said the Master. As a result, the humans born after the 2nd World War have better bodies than those born before. Further improvements have been done in 1962, 1976, 1988 and 2005. Thus the children we have today are much more electric and receptive; they go well with the Aquarian age. Their perceptions are better, deeper and faster than with older people; they also can handle electronic devices like computers much faster. Never before the human models have changes so fast. It is now expected that every ten years we make the progress of a century.

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