• The Power of sound
  • Rhythm and ritual
  • Listening to the silence

The Power of sound

To utter OM regularly in groups has a better effect on the subtle planes for world peace than peace demonstrations.

Rhythm and ritual

All rhythms and rituals finally aim at transforming the matter of our body in a natural way in order to enable a faster development.

Listening to the silence

When we listen to the silence, we will hear a humming sound. This is the voice of silence, the soundless sound which is heard in the heart centre.

Instructions for Meditation


Meditation is the basis for all inner growth. The silent growth of the Soul happens in moments of silence. It is the means through which consciousness (or the self) is realised. It bridges the Self and the non-self and the work is thus accomplished. There are many kinds of meditation. The following is a proposal for a simple meditation structure suited for the present age.


Select a time for meditation and adhere to it strictly. Time holds the key to success. It is more so in occult practises. Honour time, then time honours you. You should be able to meditate daily, at the same point of time. 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. are recommended as the appropriate points of time. For those to whom it is not possible, they can start by sitting regularly at any other fixed time in the morning and evening with a gap of 12 hours. Any time between 4:00 and 8:00 in the morning and in the evening may be chosen to start with.

The duration for meditation can prolong, but the commencement shall have to be at the same point of time daily. Two hours before dawn is considered to be most propitious for meditation. The twilight hours are also considered very beneficial. The full moon, the new moon and the eighth moon phase are specially suitable for meditation. The equinox and solstice days are equally important. Avail these days for meditational purposes.


Arising in the morning, you should brush your teeth, clear your bowels, have a bath and wear fresh clothes. This process ensures that you feel light, fresh and pure of body.


Sit with your eyes gently closed, facing North or East, on a mattress or a chair. “Any comfortable posture”, it is said. Not everyone can sit in a cross-legged position. If the posture causes any pain, the mind will be thinking only of that and it cannot move beyond the physical, and the energies cannot flow through. As far as possible sit with your vertebra vertical to the horizontal, for the spiritual practice enables you to rise vertically.


Utter OM thrice in a deep, slow, soft and uniform manner and listen to your own utterance. Remain silent for a minute. Listen to the point of emergence of the sound while uttering. Only by observing this point we can turn inward. If we listen further, we find OM as a continuous and eternal happening within. Going out through the mind and the senses is the opposite of meditation. If you utter OM mechanically, you do not even remember as to how many times you have uttered. Therefore utter OM consciously. Listen to it and find the source of utterance while uttering.


Imagine a brilliant golden lotus in your heart centre. Feel that the lotus blooms at your every utterance of OM. Thus, after 3 or 7 utterances, you would see a fully unfolded heart lotus. Visualise the Master as being seated at the centre of the lotus. Visualise further that the Master is looking into your eyes, with a smile and with a blessing gesture.


Utter forth the following, visualising the Master:

Namaskarams Master CVV
Namaskarams Master CVV
Namaskarams Master CVV to your Lotus Feet

The sound key given by the Master for becoming a channel to the Energies of Synthesis is “Namaskarams Master CVV”. He also added that one need not repeat this many times as a mantra. It is enough if the sound key CVV is invoked once in the morning and once in the evening.

Thereafter remain silent for 15 minutes. The Master said it takes at least 15 minutes for the energy to spread to all the nooks and corners of the body. The static energy becomes dynamic with the sound key CVV. The movement happens in the body along the spinal column. Necessary adjustments happen in the body. Blockages and congestions are cleared for free flow of energies. Rectifications are conducted. The functional system is developed and coordinated for flow of prana. The Master calls all this as “repair work”. The morning and the evening invocations are understood as “parking the vehicle for repair”. Master CVV emphatically expressed that the human body as is now structured is unfit for complete life experience. The “spiritual” cannot be experienced unless its model is changed. He therefore proposes rectification and development of the models to experience the spirit.

You can find the complete text of beginner's version and full text of morning and evening meditation on this website.

Observing Within

After invoking the sound key, observe what is happening within, while you remain silent. What happens? Many things happen according to our experience. The common happening which we will notice is the process of inhalation and exhalation. Since we are born with this, we take this for granted and normally we hardly notice this. As we observe the process of inhalation and exhalation, the mind slowly becomes inwardly inquisitive and through the process, goes to the point of its emergence. Then, the aura of the heart centre, the seat of life will be perceived. The magnetism of the heart centre gets absorbed into that centre. We become higher conscious and continue to observe as ourselves but not as our mind. The retreat of mind into the heart centre inaugurates many processes of change to the bodies - mental, emotional and physical. The processes are of repair, rectification and restructuring. To make fit the body to experience the pervading consciousness is the goal. The Supra-Consciousness descends into the mind and even further into the grosser plane to turn the man into a Master - an immortal, divine one. Master CVV calls this as “physical immortality.”

The inward turn of mind towards its centre is called “Dip Deep” by the Master. As we dip in, the mind meets its counterpart, i.e., the respiration. As the two draw near, they both disappear into one and that is pulsation. The pulsating consciousness only remains, while mind and respiration cease. It is difficult to give a complete expression to this in language. It is a state of stillness, where the heart beat stops, but you are not dead. This entire process can be summarised into three points:

  • Observe time in the morning and evening
  • Invoke the sound key
  • Observe within

Anyone belonging to any faith, living in any part of the planet can work with this process and derive the benefit, i.e. getting the understanding of synthesis. The Master said that anyone who practices this for five years will acquire the ability to include, accept and integrate. His outer life will be organised and synthesised with the inner life and glimpses of harmony will usher into his life.

The Master also mentioned that one who practices this regularly for 10 years will become his channel. He gave two more regulations for one to become his channel:

  • Meditate upon every form as the Master. (The Master means the background consciousness of all that IS. One has therefore to see Him in all the forms. For that, one has to know that all forms are divine and are manifestations of the one Life. This practice neutralises many angularities within us.)
  • You shall not work for your gains. (The truth is no one is really working for his profit. We entertain a feeling that we are working for our profit, but in truth, we are only working for others. When we are buying anything, we feel that we are buying it for us. But we are paying the persons who produced the things that we purchase. One can expand this concept easily. The message is that everyone has to work for the other. The Master wants us to orient more and more to that part of our work which is meant to be done for the other.)


Meditation, when practised as per the steps described above, brings in changes which are but gradual. At first, there will be a clash between the existing habits and attitudes and the new rhythm that is proposed. Many succumb to old habits and do not get established in the new rhythm.

Once the new rhythm is established, it gradually dominates. It eliminates the old rhythm and stabilises the new vibration. Finally, it results in unfoldment of the centres in the body, refining the vehicles and developing the causal consciousness. Please remember that all this is not achieved by just giving 30 minutes every day. One should learn to maintain the high vibration reached in meditation throughout the day, in thought, speech and action. One should be watchful enough throughout the day to prevent falling back upon old tendencies of lower vibration. Develop the habit of being in meditative vibration all day long.