• A cordial relation
  • Serve in silence and simplicity
  • The inclination to serve
  • Service for the groups

A cordial relation

The only key for establishing a cordial relation is to do something for the others, knowing their needs.

Serve in silence and simplicity

We should do some service for which we don't get money, in silence and simplicity. This gives joy and liberates from the debts of one's individual karma.

The inclination to serve

Good Will is an attitude to have the inclination to serve at all times and to watch out for opportunities.

Service for the groups

The measure for service is: What have you done for the group? Natural groups form themselves around us, at home or at our work. We shouldn't define group in a too narrow manner.

Publication Activities

“The energy is with all those who collaborate in the work.”
Service Fields

Book Publishing

Publishing books and other media is an important activity within the WTT groups.

Ever since 1988, the book publishing relating to the teachings started – first the books of Dr. E. Krishnamacharya, then of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar. Many publications appeared in different languages – mainly English, German, Spanish, but also in French, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and even in Hebrew.

Annually the WTT also publishes an Astrological Calendar in English, German and Spanish; there is also an Indian version in Telugu.

Books at WTT-Germany

Dhanishta Publications

Dhanishta means Wealthy Wind. Wealth is not measured in terms of money or business; it is measured in terms of richness of life. Wisdom is disseminated by the Teachers of all times. Dhanishta works for such fulfilment through its publication of wisdom teachings flowing through the pen and the voice of Dr. Sri K. Parvathi Kumar. Such teachings are published in English, German, French, Spanish, Telugu, Hindi and Kannada.

Dhanishta is a non-profit Publishing House.

Dhanishta Editions Books in English, Telugu and Hindi. Shipping only in India.

Ediciones Dhanishtha Spanish WTT books in a web shop, as PDFs for free

Edition Kulapati German books of WTT. Shipping in Europe.

Monthly Newsletters

The Vaisakh News Letter was introduced in 1987 as a monthly newsletter to regularly communicate seeds of Wisdom to the groups. The News Letter has grown over the years into a regular periodical covering the teachings of the various Masters of Wisdom. It is published in English, French, German and Spanish and made available in electronic version.

There are teams of collaborators in Argentina, Belgium, Germany, India, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

Additionally, monthly magazines are published in India in Telugu under the title Navani and in Kannada as Jagadguruvani.

Navani was the first magazine, founded by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya in 1972, and it is now running under the editorialship of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar. It is printed and distributed from Visakhapatnam.

Jagadguruvani came into existence in 2001. It is printed and distributed from Bangalore.

The Vaisakh Newsletter Contact / Subscriptions Navani Email navani_7@yahoo.com
Phone 0891-2701531
The World Teacher Retreat Centre
D.No. 15-7-1 Angels Enclave, Krishna Nagar
Opp Sri Krishna Temple, ZP Junction
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh - 530 002
Contact/Subscriptions Jagadguruvani Email info.jagadguruvani@mastersvoice.net
The Correspondent
Sadguru Tapovana
Royal Park Residency
J.P.Nagar, 9th Phase
Bangalore - 560062

Recording and Transmission

All the teachings are recorded ever since 1983, initially in cassettes and later in CD ROMs. They are preserved in MP3 form and made available online for free. There is a substantial coverage through videos as well. Since 2007, there is an online transmission of the teachings through internet.

Master's Call digital archive WTT Live Broadcasts WTT Video Channel

Digital Dissemination

To facilitate the circulation of the teachings, many books and other media are made available online for free. The print versions are also partly distributed for free. In some countries members maintain free libraries of spiritual books created by donations of members of the group.

There are also audio libraries with cassettes and CDs of the lectures and seminars of Dr. E. Krishnamacharya and Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar.

Websites have been created for the presentation of the teachings and the distributing books. Many videos of the discourses of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar have been uploaded on WTT Video Channel.

There are network and communication activities via Facebook, blogs, Twitter as well as via mailing lists.

Bookshops and websites

Publishing books

Publishing books of Ediciones Dhanishtha, Spain

Volunteers Welcome!

New volunteers who are willing to collaborate on a regular basis and to acquire the necessary qualifications are most welcome! Please contact your national centre or WTT-Global.

Publication Group Work

A lot of continuous work is being done in the fields of publication to keep up with the regular activities:

  • transcription of lectures
  • writing and procuring of articles for the magazines
  • translation and proofreading
  • coordination, organisation and quality management
  • volunteer training
  • design and layout
  • marketing and PR
  • print and storage, re-issuing of exhausted books
  • dispatch and distribution to bookshops, etc.

The publication work finds itself in a deep transformation facing the challenges of the digital word and social networking: Changes in layout programs require acquisition of software and training of collaborators.

There is an upgrading work for digital storage and e-publishing.

Paracelsus - Health and Healing

Ever since 2003, a bi-monthly magazine has been published in memory of Paracelsus, an initiate of 15th/16th century: “Paracelsus – Health and Healing”. The magazine is now published online in English, German and Spanish, with Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar as the chief editor.

Paracelsus – Health and Healing