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Meditation is the basis for all inner growth. The silent growth of the soul happens in moments of silence.


Worship, prayers, rituals and meditations are only the means to connect to the One consciousness.

Sacred Places

You have to be alert when entering sacred places. Don’t go with a predetermined mind. Do nothing but being in the Presence.


The study of the lives of Masters of Wisdom, their actions and teachings inspire us and thereby alter our thought patterns.

Group Life

The heart is the only gateway for group consciousness and group activity.

"Music of the Soul" A Video Documentary

“Not a gathering of heads, but of hearts”
Master CVV | Master MN Master EK | Master KPK
The WTT Video Channel
Music of the Soul

A documentary about the life and teachings of four Masters who received and transmitted the Aquarian energies to the planet and to the planetary beings: Master CVV (1868-1922), Master MN (1883-1940), Master EK (1926-1984) and Master KPK (born 1945).

They give out the most ancient wisdom of yoga to the modern age in a most suitable manner, embedding therein the energies that descended from higher circles.

The Videos
Part 1: Master CVV, the Avatar of Synthesis Master CVV, also regarded as the Avatar of Synthesis, is an advanced disciple of the Sage Agastya, who is also known in the Theosophical circles as Master Jupiter, residing in the Nilagiris or the Blue Mountains of South India.

In 1910, he received from higher circles the Energy of Synthesis that visited him through Halley‘s Comet, enabling him to transmit the Aquarian energies.
Part 2: Master EK. Origin, Childhood and Youth Master E.K. grew in the Vedic wisdom under the personal guidance of his father. He was a natural poet and writer. As he lost his mother in his early age, he was receiving a kind of motherly nourishment by worshipping the World Mother Gayatri. This led him proximate to the Mother's energy.
Part 3: Master EK. The Years of Preparation. Master MN. The Fiery Flame In Master EKs 24th year Master CVV appeared to him while meditating. This opened the Path in his life. He identified himself with the work of world goodwill and the Planetary Hierarchy in 1953. He was linked up with the Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom in 1958.

Master EK was minutely guided by Master MN on the subtle plane. Master MN is a true representative of the yoga of Master CVV and conducts the yoga of the Master on a global scale in a fiery form.
Part 4: Master EK. The Work of Teaching and Healing Master E.K. has been chosen to work in tune with the Plan of the community of the Enlightened Ones addressed as 'The Hierarchy'. Besides manifesting the Aquarian Energies, Master E.K. was also entrusted with the age-old teaching and healing work. He wrote more than 50 books ranging from commentaries on Scriptures to homeo-science and health.

The work of group building commenced in a very significant way from 1977. Wherever he went, taught, and healed, groups emerged to follow the Path.
Part 5: Master EK. Cooperation with Master KPK To conduct an organized activity relating to the work that emerged from Master EK, the World Teacher Trust was given birth to in 1971, in memory of the great World Teacher Lord Maitreya. Slowly, as the work grew, the organization also grew. For more than 18 years he worked together with Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar (Master KPK), who accompanied him on his journeys to Europe.
Part 6: Departure of Master EK. Master KPK: Global Unfoldment Master EK invited Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar (Master KPK) to carry out with him the task concerning the spiritual fusion of East and West. In March 1984, Master EK unexpectedly left his physical sheath and left a great number of unfinished projects behind.

Master KPK took over the tasks. He works actively in the economic, social and cultural fields with spirituality as the basis. He is a source of inspiration for self-transformation and for social service to more than 100 groups in 24 countries spread over India, Europe, North, Central and South America.