• A cordial relation
  • Serve in silence and simplicity
  • The inclination to serve
  • Service for the groups

A cordial relation

The only key for establishing a cordial relation is to do something for the others, knowing their needs.

Serve in silence and simplicity

We should do some service for which we don't get money, in silence and simplicity. This gives joy and liberates from the debts of one's individual karma.

The inclination to serve

Good Will is an attitude to have the inclination to serve at all times and to watch out for opportunities.

Service for the groups

The measure for service is: What have you done for the group? Natural groups form themselves around us, at home or at our work. We shouldn't define group in a too narrow manner.

Group Healing Activities - An Overview

“Love is the basis for all health and healing activity”
Service Fields

The Masters of Wisdom are embodiments of healing magnetism. Their healing touch not only cures the sick but makes many of them healers. The wisdom teachings of Dr. E. Krishnamacharya and Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar inspired many group members to commit themselves to a voluntary healing work done in silence.

Healing Groups

Healing groups have been formed in different parts of the globe to heal the sick through prayers and meditation according to a system which is ancient and yet universal.

  • Group meetings for spiritual healing on Thursdays
  • Including sick people in the healing group’s prayers
  • Regular chanting of healing mantrams
  • Study groups on healing
  • Synchronic meditations for planetary healing

Some members offer guided healing meditations for patients and interested people.

Homoeo Services in India

Under W.T.T. auspices, more than a hundred Homoeopathic dispensaries have been established so far in Andhra Pradesh and other Indian states. On an average, 50,000 people receive free treatment every month.

These centres of service are mostly self-supporting and do not look for any financial help from the Government or from private sources, though assistance and appreciation have always been received both from the society and the Government.

Homoeopathy classes are conducted from time to time and a cadre of selfless, dedicated voluntary doctors is built up, who are engaged in extending medical help even to remote rural areas.

  • Treating patients with free homoeopathic medicines at a large scale
  • Conducting homoeopathic classes and training camps
  • Distributing veterinary homoeopathic medicines

Homoeo Dispensary

In other countries, there are also homoeopathic services done by naturopaths and doctors. Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed to group members, their friends and relatives.

Details of Homoeo Services in India

Care for the Dying

The theme of “death” is of particular importance. People have to be informed that only the body is subject to birth and death. The indwelling consciousness does not know these stages; at the moment of death it leaves the body. Master CVV says, “If you consciously exist, you do not die.”

A number of group members give grief and mourning counseling, accompany the dying people and, if needed, take care of the bereaved family. Where possible, they speak about spirituality and the soul: these talks are received with deep interest. Some also demonstrate practical exercises (e.g., to observe inhalation, exhalation) or work with the Narayana mantram, which helps departing souls to find the right direction after physical death.

The soul leaving the body

William Blake: The soul leaving the dying body

Le Caducée

The healing center “Le Caducée” in Corroy-Le-Grand near Brussels, Belgium, is run by members of WTT Belgium. It is functioning with several therapists who help the patients with different and complementary ways of healing: hand stimulation of the body, energetic healing, advice about nutrition, massage, and psychological therapy


The healing center Le Caducée

Other Healing Work

  • Visiting sick people in hospitals or homes, giving emotional support
  • Giving practical help to people with handicaps or dementia
  • Healing through different naturopathic methods such as Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Auriculo-therapy, Ayurveda, Reiki, Bach Flower Therapy, Herbs, Iridology, Reflexology and other holistic energetic healing methods
  • Supporting homeopathic dispensaries in India
  • Teaching farmers to treat their animals with homeopathic remedies, to avoid environmental toxins and to regenerate agricultural land by energizing and revitalising the natural micro-organisms in the ground

A German member offers free music therapy sessions for people who would like to connect themselves deeper with their own inner resources.

(de)Healing through music

Herbal Centre Lake Constance

Group members are learning and teaching the qualities and the healing effects of herbs and trees as well as producing tinctures and balms (such as beauty balm, poultice, ointment for rheumatism and gout). They conduct regular meetings and publish a monthly newsletter to over 1,500 readers to share their knowledge with a broader public.