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Every year is different from every other year, though in the calendar you find the same dates. Each time it is the solar God coming with a different energy.

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Let us make an entry into the key of time, where there are given a few important dates for observation.

Events & Dates

May Call

May 29th is May Call Day

Master C.V.V. - May Call! Master KPK has been transmitting the Energies of Master CVV and the Path of Synthesis on the MAY CALL Days since 1988.

The May Call messages of Master KPK represent the teachings of Master CVV.

More about the May Call

December Call

Master C.V.V. - May Call! Vol.2 December 29th is December Call Day.

December Call 2011
on YouTube
Discourse 1: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4
Discourse 2: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4
Discourse 3: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4

  • December Call: with Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in Bengaluru: December 27 evening - 30 noon. Details on request


7th November - the Day of Good Will

This day is meant to start and to deepen activities of Good Will as an individual, in groups or globally, in order to serve the poor, the needy and humanity.

The 7th November has been named the Day of Good Will in honour of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar. He has offered his life totally to the service to his fellow human beings.

In 1985 he has founded the Circle of Good Will. Through the Circle of Good Will social activities are expressed mainly in the following areas: Promotion of schools in slums, free education, distribution of food and clothes, free homeopathic care, health care and psychological support.

The guiding idea of the Circle of Good Will is: “What can I do for the surrounding life?”

The groups of the World Teacher Trust globally unite on the 7th November in order to celebrate this day and to focus their thoughts especially on activities of Good Will.

New Year

2012 – New Year Message
video on YouTube 1/ 2/ 3


The solstices and the equinoxes are the four most important festivals of the annual cycle. The Hierarchy wants that we follow the festivals that are in nature.

more about Festivals


An app for the daily astro data SMOON

A practical tool for working with the daily constellations, for meditation or interpretation.

For installation on iOS download "smoon" in the AppStore, on Android search for “smoon” in the PlayStore. All calculations are done for your local position and time zone - everywhere in the world.

Equinox-Solstice 2017

Event Month Day Time
Northward equinox March 20 10:28
Northern solstice June 21 04:24
Southward equinox September 22 20:02
Southern solstice December 21 16:28

Importance of Equinox
for a Spiritual Student

video on YouTube 1/ 2

Full Moon

Full Moon Names

Positional Name Associated Month Zodiacal Sign English Names Vedic Names Hindu Names Sinhala Names
Northward equinox
Early Spring April Aries Seed Moon Mesha Hanuman Jayanti Bak
Mid Spring May Taurus Milk Moon Rishabha Buddha Poornima Vesak
Late Spring June Gemini Mead Moon Mithuna Wat Poornima Poson
Northern solstice
Early Summer July Cancer Hay Moon Kataka Guru Poornima Esala
Mid Summer August Lion Corn Moon Simha Narali Poornima, Raksha Bandhan Nikini
Late Summer September Virgo Harvest Moon Kanyâ Bhadrapad Poornima Binara
Southward equinox
Early Fall October Libra Hunter's MoonThulâ Kojagiri or Sharad Poornima, Lakshmi Puja Vap
Mid Fall November Scorpio Beaver Moon Vrišchika Kartik Poornima Il
Late Fall December Sagittarius Oak Moon Dhanus Margashirsha Poornima Unduvap
Southern solstice
Early Winter January Capricorn Wolf Moon Makara Paush Poornima Duruthu
Mid Winter February Aquarius Snow Moon Kumbha Magh Poornima Navam
Late Winter March Pisces Storm Moon Mîna Basanta (spring) Poornima, Dol Poornima (Holi) Medin