• Wisdom for practice
  • Wisdom is applied knowledge
  • Wisdom spreads itself

Wisdom for practice

Wisdom is for practice, not for continuous speaking. If we keep on speaking about the Masters, the Rays, and the Hierarchies, we are only missing our duties for the present.

Wisdom is applied knowledge

Knowledge, when applied becomes wisdom. We gain a lot of knowledge, but it has to be applied in daily life, then it transforms itself into wisdom. Through wisdom we will experience the existence.

Wisdom spreads itself

We need not be anxious to spread the wisdom without working it with ourselves. It is a wrong understanding if one thinks that he can spread wisdom. Wisdom knows how to spread itself. It only needs channels.

Wisdom Teachings

“Wisdom belongs to none, all belong to Wisdom.”

Dr. E. Krishnamacharya and Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar have been teaching numerous concepts of wisdom, which have led to a rich treasure of publications. The short texts given in this section outline some facets of these teachings in a condensed form.

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