• Wisdom for practice
  • Wisdom is applied knowledge
  • Wisdom spreads itself

Wisdom for practice

Wisdom is for practice, not for continuous speaking. If we keep on speaking about the Masters, the Rays, and the Hierarchies, we are only missing our duties for the present.

Wisdom is applied knowledge

Knowledge, when applied becomes wisdom. We gain a lot of knowledge, but it has to be applied in daily life, then it transforms itself into wisdom. Through wisdom we will experience the existence.

Wisdom spreads itself

We need not be anxious to spread the wisdom without working it with ourselves. It is a wrong understanding if one thinks that he can spread wisdom. Wisdom knows how to spread itself. It only needs channels.

The Qualities of the Soul

Cosmic and Individual Trinity


The pure consciousness comes forth from the background of existence. From out of its essence, this cosmic consciousness gives birth to the process of creation. The impulse for manifestation details the one consciousness into the trinity of cosmic will, cosmic love and cosmic intelligence. Will, love and intelligent activity are the natural immanent qualities of the universal soul. Our soul also carries these three divine qualities within itself. The trinity of cosmic qualities is prior to the will, the love and the light that we know and even prior to the life that we know.

Here, love is another name for pure knowledge which in Sanskrit is called Jnana. From the word Jnana the Greek word Gnosis comes, and also the English word Knowledge. The Eastern writings only speak of knowledge and they understand love as a part of knowledge. When we are fully in the knowledge, we are in love, which allows us to include everything and to negate nothing. The pure love, the pure knowledge unites. As long as we do not live this love, we divide, we exclude and we suffer from the resulting weakness.

Divine will, pure knowledge, and intelligent activity - these three qualities naturally radiate from the soul. As an individual I AM, our soul is a localized consciousness that expresses the universal soul within us. Its three qualities are inherently impersonal. They are a happening that manifests through us, and not a doing of us. Therefore, pure love is impersonal love. It flows through us as an expression of the stream of divine love and wisdom, and it is not an act of loving. This love does not choose whether it wants to flow here or there; it has no likes and dislikes. In this, we do not live a life of our choices. It relates us to the things that come to us. Whoever comes to us and relates to us, we relate to them accordingly. Love has no preferences; it is neutral and permeates from the heart. The love of a Master of Wisdom is pure love. It is activated by will and it expresses itself through skilful, intelligent actions.

The Solar Angel

Our soul is also called the solar angel. At the time when the humans became individualized, the solar angels descended out of compassion to engraft some of their essence into the mental layers of the animal man. It was part of the great plan to engraft this germ into the human soul and to make the human being self-conscious. The I AM consciousness in us is based on the presence of the solar angel. The animal kingdom and the other lower kingdoms of nature do not have it. Thus, a little bit of the spiritual light has entered into the human brain cells. The two other qualities, the spiritual love and the spiritual life, were held back by the solar angels. These qualities will externalise now. From the standpoint of the Hierarchy, time is pressing for this externalisation. Therefore, the Hierarchy is manifesting in a variety of ways to inform people and to allow them to focus on the Light, and thus on the Love and the Life of spiritual Nature. Jesus Christ spoke of spiritual Love; Master CVV spoke of spiritual Life. This spiritual Love and spiritual Life will come to the fore.

The electric energy of the Aquarian Age brings a blossoming of the mind and causes a crisis that allows us to move from the I AM consciousness to the consciousness of THAT I AM. If we are prepared to assimilate the electric energy, we will enjoy it. Otherwise, we will be burnt by it. It is up to us whether we casually deal with trivialities or align ourselves more and more to the soul and join its rhythm.

Reflection of the Soul

As long as we live in the personality, the solar angel is sleeping in us. The soul lies in a deep sleep in a worldly man, and the three qualities of the soul are reflected in the personality only in a distorted manner. Distortions occur on the planes of thoughts, of the senses, of speech and of action. We live in a dense-material world, where the lower self is usually directed to the needs of the body and the subtler consciousness does not pass through. The impersonal will thus appears as desire, the impersonal love appears as personal, emotional love, and the impersonal intelligent activity appears as egoistic activity which is governed by the mind and directed towards selfish interest. The individual intellect has personal motives; it knows how to get something for itself. Personal love would like to establish a hold. It is full of expectations and it is based on the reciprocity: I love you when you love me. If you do not love me, I do not love you either. Possessiveness is also a distorted love. Emotional love is often directed towards external beauty; it is not stable and our likings are constantly changing. That is why many people marry several times in life. Infatuation easily disappears again. If love is not returned, pride is hurt and the love is transformed into rejection and hatred. Thus, the divine qualities of the soul lose their radiance and they are increasingly reduced. The process of spiritual practice is to regain the original state of will, love, and intelligent activity.

When we work to realign ourselves to the soul, our life comes into harmony with the vibration of the soul. The soul enlightens, it heals, and it also guides. The three lower qualities are again reversed and realigned in the right way by the three higher qualities. Every day, the small triangle should merge into the larger triangle for a while. It is as if we are immersed in the oceanic consciousness and come back with the will, the love and the light of God. Through the light we become more transparent. The intellect becomes softer and intuition can happen. Through acts of welfare for others, and not for self-interest, we get back to the original state of the divine will; and magnetic love is radiated in the friendliness. Love is the ability to see the needs of others. We then treat them with cordiality and thus, others would like to cooperate with us. In this way, the soul reflected in matter gets back into accordance with the original soul.

The key is to identify with the plane of the soul. This way we can realise the one consciousness which is the unifying power in creation. This does not mean that we do not recognise differences, but we primarily see what people with different viewpoints have in common. Thus, as a group, we can merge into one consciousness.

The Spiritual Triad

Our personality also functions on the basis of the spiritual triad. In reality, the three qualities of the soul are just one manifestation which we divide into three for our understanding: the light is love and will; love is will and light; will is love and light. This unity cannot be understood by the ordinary person. But when we are in synthesis, all three will flow through us. When we offer ourselves, they can flow through us.

In the Great Invocation we address the trinity as the source of light, love, and will. We can also visualize the triangle on our forehead, formed by the third, left, and right eyes. The third eye represents the will, the right eye the love/wisdom and the left eye the intelligent activity. Then we can connect the personal third eye to the higher third eye which is below the hairline and which is called the eye of Shiva. It is the will of God in us. We can also link the left and right eyes with the eye of Shiva which is connected with Shamballa. That way we have a smaller triangle within a larger triangle.

The trinity of our soul is a micro-manifestation of the trinity of the universal soul. The centre of the super soul is on our head, the centre of the soul is between the eyebrows, and the centre for the distribution of light and love is the heart. These are the three most important centres in relation to the human being.


The cosmic dimension of this triad is expressed by Dattatreya, the one Lord with three heads. Dattatreya is the threefold energy of the Master, and he is also Parabrahma, the absolute Lord. Thus, he is the synthesis of the Trinity and the Guru who gives us the initiation as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. This means that he activates in us the will, the love and the intelligence. Dattatreya is one of the oldest manifestations of the Lord in a physical form. His personifications are very secretive and mystical. No ordinary person can recognise a manifestation of Dattatreya; he is only recognised by the initiates. An avatar of Dattatreya functions directly from soul to soul, and therefore neither matter nor mind exist for him. On our planet, he works particularly through certain Masters to stimulate people to enter the path of yoga. These masters have an all-pervading consciousness and are active in a mysterious way. Dattatreya is the Master of Yoga and has guided people on the path of yoga from time immemorial.

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