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  • Cooperation of the Devas


The groups should have compassion to see that they cooperate. Learn to cooperate, it works.

Group interactions

Friendliness should be the basis for all interactions by the group members. Learn to communicate without being critical.

The group way

A group of disciples is not pledged to the same type of work in the same way and at the same time; it is related to each other through identity of vision and of vibration, plus mutual respect and complete freedom.

Cooperation of the Devas

Blessed is the human that can be aware of the willing and spontaneous cooperation of the Devas while at work.

WTT Groups and Service in India

“Integrate, do not disintegrate.” Group Service Activities to Contribute to the Welfare of Society

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Homoeo and Medical Services in India

Every group works with the triangle of meditation, study, and service. Where these three activities are well balanced significant progress is seen in the groups. The work is the connecting energy between the group members and also in between the groups. The work brings people together. The people bring the groups together. They grow together in yoga practice as long as they work together.

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