• The Power of sound
  • Rhythm and ritual
  • Listening to the silence

The Power of sound

To utter OM regularly in groups has a better effect on the subtle planes for world peace than peace demonstrations.

Rhythm and ritual

All rhythms and rituals finally aim at transforming the matter of our body in a natural way in order to enable a faster development.

Listening to the silence

When we listen to the silence, we will hear a humming sound. This is the voice of silence, the soundless sound which is heard in the heart centre.

The Fire Ritual

“Meditation is not a doing, but a happening”

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Fire Ritual - Short Version
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Book: Agni - The Symbolism and the Ritual of Fire

Fire Ritual Fire is the essence of the creation. Fire is called Agni in the Vedas. Agni means the foremost one. Agni is the first spur. This spur causes the emergence from seeming nothingness to apparent something. The spur cause the Light. The Light called is Awareness. Fire is another name for I AM. It permeates from the cosmos to the planet and is the medium for all existence. Without Fire there is no life. Fire is the creator, builder, and destroyer. All Devas work with Fire. Fire works with all. Fire exists in us as heat, as life and also as spirit. It is the variance in its potency that makes all existence possible.

Fire purifies and brings in energies right from the cosmos. There is no place which cannot be reached through Fire. Such is the importance of the Fire Ritual. It is not only used to burn up that which is impure, but also to invoke that which is pure from above below. That is how the ritual is conceived.

The Fire Ritual contributes to qualitative improvement in our energy system, which in turn should contribute to the society through acts of Goodwill. The worship of Agni enables us to burn up our impurities, burn up the deeper traits, which exist in our psyche, burn up the past karma, and also ensure our recruitment into the “Path of Light”. It also ensures that we do not fall into temptations and illusions.

As part of this ritual, first, Fire is invoked and is worshipped by chanting a mantram 7 times.

Then, the ritual invokes Fire from all the ten directions. There is invocation of energies of the cosmic mind Indra from the east, cosmic Fire Agni from south-east, cosmic concept of Pluto Yama from south, Niruta from south-west, Lord of Waters Varuna from west, air aspect Vayu from north-west, expansive intelligence Kubera from north, Isvara from north-east, Indra Vishnu from above, and of Agna Vishnu from below. These are the ten directions through which energies visit us every second and through which energies keep functioning in us.

After invoking the energies of all the ten directions, the energies of the planets (the planetary principles) are invoked. That is seven planets from Sun to Saturn, and then the node and anti-node – these are called the nine planetary principles according to the lunar astrology. The seven planets include the seven rays and the seven cosmic sounds relating to the seven principles. The invocation of each planetary principle is through its cosmic sound. All invocations in this ritual are through sounds.

After such invocation, cosmic Devas are invoked. First, Gayatri is invoked, because Gayatri exists as the plan of the universe. From Gayatri the whole universe is conceived. Hence, the first invocation of the cosmic Devas is that of Gayatri, because it is the total plan as existing in the cosmos unmanifest.

Later, the four-fold existence is invoked: existence, awareness of existence, wisdom, and behaviour of the mind. In the fourth state, behaviour of the mind, through which all the first three are reflected, we have the planetary Christ. He is called the World Teacher in the Vedic system who appears on this planet. In the third state, wisdom, we have the solar Christ. He is called Vishnu in the Vedic system. In the second state, awareness of existence, we have the cosmic Christ. He is called Vasudeva in the Vedic system. In the first state, existence, we have the Christ, who is the background consciousness. He is called Narayana in the Vedic system.

All this four-fold existence is invoked after the invocation of Gayatri. Then, the World Mother is invoked. The sounds are invoked through which the World Mother is invoked. SRIM, HRIM, KLIM. These are all the sounds of the World Mother. AIM is another sound of the Mother.

Then, there is the invocation in the base centre of the elephant-headed Lord. He is the cosmic Jupiter who exists as ever-expansive wisdom. That wisdom replaces the energies in the base centre. Base centre represents constriction of spirit into matter. The Jupiterian principle is an expansive principle as against the conditioning spirit of Saturn. Saturn conditions, and Jupiter gives expansion, liberation and release. He is invoked with the sound GAM. It breaks all limitations.

Then, there is the invocation relating to the cosmic bird. There is a bird with two wings. That is what we call as the life principle or pulsation. If it is in balance, everything is possible. This great bird occupies a greater part of the Vedic knowledge. He is called the great eagle.

Thereafter, the time aspect is invoked. This is where the sound PHAT is invoked. It is the time aspect and the sounds relating to it are uttered.

Thereafter, another Lord who is called the man-lion is invoked. He is called NARA SIMHA. The sounds NARA SAHA are very potential sounds. SA and HA making SIMHA here, and SOHAM is also made from the same sound. HASOUM is made from the same sound. HAMSA, the swan, is also made from the same sound. These are the two basic sounds relating to the Ajna centre and the throat centre. NA is the sound relating to the cosmic existence. RA is the sound that unfolds the background consciousness into all existence. RA is the process of unfoldment or involution. NA is the process of evolution.

Thereafter, other cosmic devas are invoked in the Fire Ritual.

This Fire Ritual is carried out very regularly in all the ashrams. This form of Fire Ritual is recommended to be carried out by anyone who is inclined to do it as long as some basic regulations are followed.