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The World Teacher Trust - Global (WTT-Global)

An Association in conformity with article 60ff of the Civil Law Code of Switzerland and complementary norms. Founded on the 27th of August 1983 in Geneva. Functioning within the legal requirements of being a non-profit-making association.

The social address of the Association is Hergiswil, Canton Nidwalden, Switzerland. The activities are global.

The National Societies are legally independent entities working within the fold of the World Teacher Trust - Global.

The World Teacher Trust – Global
Föhnhafen 1
CH-6440 Brunnen
Phone: +41-31 951 28 77 Email

Executive Committee of the Association / Legal Representatives

  • President: Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar
  • Custodian / Treasurer: Meinrad Bettschart
  • Co-ordinator: Ludger Philips
  • Organisational Assistance: Anna Beutler, Mathilda Büchel, Doris Tuminski

The World Teacher Trust, India

D. N° 15-7-1 Angels Enclave, Krishna Nagar,
Visakhapatnam 530 002 A.P., India
Phone: 0891-2706206 Email

Managing Council and Advisory Board

Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar – Global Chairman

Managing Council

  • Dr.K.S. Sastry – Chairman
  • Sri.A.L.N. Rao – Vice-Chairman
  • Sri.B.R.K. Raju – Secretary
  • Sri.U.C.H.B. Varma – Treasurer
  • Sri.Ch. Satyadev – Director of Services
  • Sri.A.S. Vasu – Director of Functions & Public Relations
  • Sri.N.V.S. Murthy – Director of Estates
  • Sri.K. Siva Sankar – Director of Education
  • Sri.P. Krishna Mohan – Director

Advisory Board

  • Sri.M. Satyanarayana Murthy
  • Sri.V. Atchyutaramayya
  • Sri.N.S. Sarma
  • Sri.Ch.S.N. Raju
  • Sri.M.S. Sarma
  • Sri Ram Prasad Joshi
  • Sri.M.S. Ganesh

Web Desk

c/o Ludger Philips
Tannackerstrasse 12a
CH-3073 Gümligen
Tel: +41-31 951 28 77

Realization and support: Ludger Philips (responsible)

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