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Meditation is the basis for all inner growth. The silent growth of the soul happens in moments of silence.


Worship, prayers, rituals and meditations are only the means to connect to the One consciousness.

Sacred Places

You have to be alert when entering sacred places. Don’t go with a predetermined mind. Do nothing but being in the Presence.


The study of the lives of Masters of Wisdom, their actions and teachings inspire us and thereby alter our thought patterns.

Group Life

The heart is the only gateway for group consciousness and group activity.

How to Join The World Teacher Trust

“Not a gathering of heads, but of hearts” The WTT Contact


The purpose of the World Teacher Trust (WTT) is to bring about the spiritual fusion of East and West in the name of the World Teacher, Lord Maitreya.

Master CVV, the inspirator of the WTT, gave the sound key “Namaskarams Master CVV”, with which we invoke the energies of synthesis daily and connect with them. The magic word that links us as a group is the sound key “CVV”.

This sound is the vehicle of the WTT; it works as a magnet and creates global connections. It brings about a radiant, diamantine and universal tissue through the energies of all-embracing Love, of divine Will and of creative Activity, which inter-relate all beings and everything.

The Inspiration

By linking to the energy, the teacher guides and teaches from within. We might be attracted to read a book, or get inspired to go to places or to learn things. We feel that it is we who have this inspiration, but it is the Master guiding from within. The outer master or teacher is no other than the mirror of our own soul.

The teacher does not give his presence by himself; it has to be invoked in the inner. We have to feel the presence and start working. This way we are joining the World Teacher Trust.

A Higher Dimension of Group Living

In the WTT, there are no rules set, the entry and exit doors are always open. In fact, it is a house without doors; people can come and go freely. They are also free to go to other teachers and ashrams and join them.

In the WTT, we try to adapt to a higher dimension of group living.

Group Energy

The group energy is of great help to our progress. In group meditation, we can more easily experience a higher consciousness and a greater presence of the spirit.

Therefore, we gather in group livings in order to commune in consciousness and to connect with the inner light. Regular meetings and listening to wisdom teachings elevates and stabilises the awareness of the soul and strengthens the group consciousness. Groups are the best laboratory for discipleship.

Joining a Group

You might want to join an existing group or a group might form around you, when you decide to apply the wisdom teachings in daily life. In a group, people come together to meditate, study the wisdom teachings and commit themselves to acts of good will.

A Joint Activity

In co-operation, there happens a grouping of personalities – not through logic and argumentation, but through the joint focus.

A joint work keeps the group together and helps in its progress. Without a joint activity, the group will fall apart. Those who do not work for the group will not be stimulated and freshened by it. They only stay on the side-lines or even leave the group.

Group photo

Assuming Responsibility

In a group there are persons who remain only visitors and there are others who accept responsibility. By committing ourselves and assuming responsibility, we begin to work as fellows with in the group.

There is always something we can take on, if we are attentive. We should not wait to be asked to do a specific work, but try to do something that is helpful to others, without waiting for recognition.

Including others and exchanging energies make a group grow together.

Group Work

The work in a group should not remain confined to it, but cause a noticeable manifestation in the outer and expand into a social activity. The measure of service to the surrounding life decides the measure of the depth we reach.

A normal, well-balanced person does not attract neither too much nor too little work. We try to give our best, with pure intention, and while working remove our selfish motives.

This way we will meet those who follow the same goals as we do. We will find our real co-workers and the group formation on the soul plane.

The Organisation

Legally, the World Teacher Trust - Global is an association with members supporting the activities. However, you can participate in all the activities without being a member.

The national and regional groups are independent units working within the fold and with the inspiration of the World Teacher Trust.

If you have any questions concerning the World Teacher Trust or joining a group, please contact us.