• A cordial relation
  • Serve in silence and simplicity
  • The inclination to serve
  • Service for the groups

A cordial relation

The only key for establishing a cordial relation is to do something for the others, knowing their needs.

Serve in silence and simplicity

We should do some service for which we don't get money, in silence and simplicity. This gives joy and liberates from the debts of one's individual karma.

The inclination to serve

Good Will is an attitude to have the inclination to serve at all times and to watch out for opportunities.

Service for the groups

The measure for service is: What have you done for the group? Natural groups form themselves around us, at home or at our work. We shouldn't define group in a too narrow manner.

Eternal Wisdom

“Wisdom is knowledge in action”
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The Eternal Wisdom

Wisdom is eternal; there can be no new wisdom. It manifests in different times at different places through different terminology.

Whenever the wisdom is distorted through time and misinterpreted through orthodoxy, initiates incarnate. They demonstrate the Truth and show the path afresh.

Dissemination of the Wisdom

Wisdom is disseminated by the Teachers of all times. The WTT works for the dissemination of these wisdom teachings, especially of those that have come through Dr. E. Krishnamacharya (Master E.K.) and Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar (Master K.P.K.)

They have been teaching various concepts of wisdom and initiating many groups into the Path of Yoga of Synthesis in India, Europe, Latin America and North America. Their teachings are many and varied. They are oriented for practice and are not mere information.

Astrology, symbolism of scriptures, symbolism of colour, sound, number and shape were given as tools for practice and for better comprehension.

Synthesising Wisdom Teachings

These teachings of synthesis result in synthesising the Wisdom that is expressed in different ways and also in synthesising the groups. Master C.V.V. is seen as the Synthesising Master and is also seen as the Master Jupiter.

The age-old wisdom teachings given as information, but no one is influenced or pressed to abide by them. The process has been gentle in the past and continues to be so.

Wisdom Publications

The WTT has published a number of books on wisdom teachings, like The Wisdom of Pythagoras, The Yoga of Patanjali, The Teachings of Sanat Kumara, and Violet Flame Invocations.

Publications Dr. E. Krishnamacharya Publications Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

Group Work

The groups study the teachings they feel attracted to. They assimilate them and try to put them into practice.

Some groups organise classes, conferences and talks to spread the teachings of the Masters of Wisdom as a part of good-will activity.

The daily prayer suggested by Master C.V.V. is the foundation for the whole work of wisdom teaching.

WTT Groups and their Activities


The keys to Wisdom can be gained only through self-training which includes self-analysis, self-introspection, and self-discipline (called discipleship) for self-transformation.

Reading books alone does not lead to illumination. Books are helpful to inspire. They are the ambassadors of Wisdom, finding the readers who are interested in the discipline of discipleship. When information of Wisdom is given, it is student’s bounden duty to work with it.

Otherwise students fall into the trap of pride when they gain special information. Pride prevents progress and could even cause regression.

Until such virtues as silence, right speech, harmlessness, and purity are gained, there cannot be an entry into the school of learning which is preliminary to the school of Wisdom.

Permeation of Wisdom

When what is learned is practised for long years, it settles down as realisation. The knowledge stays forever with him. Many people learn, but most of them do not practise what is learned. Hence no realisation happens.

Bookish knowledge does not cause expansion of consciousness. It only swells the head and makes the reader headstrong and arrogant.

Wisdom is knowledge in action. Operative knowledge permeates as wisdom. Many students believe in acquiring more and more knowledge, but possessing knowledge causes indigestion. Knowledge in operation results in permeation of wisdom, of light and of presence.

The Veda says that the purpose of learning is for practice and the purpose of practice is for the permeation of wisdom. Such practice of wisdom facilitates the subconscious mind to conduct acts of service and sacrifice. Slowly, such service and sacrifice become normal and natural with the aspirant and transforms him into a disciple.

Lord Maitreya

Statue of Lord Maitreya