• Cooperation
  • Group interactions
  • The group way
  • Cooperation of the Devas


The groups should have compassion to see that they cooperate. Learn to cooperate, it works.

Group interactions

Friendliness should be the basis for all interactions by the group members. Learn to communicate without being critical.

The group way

A group of disciples is not pledged to the same type of work in the same way and at the same time; it is related to each other through identity of vision and of vibration, plus mutual respect and complete freedom.

Cooperation of the Devas

Blessed is the human that can be aware of the willing and spontaneous cooperation of the Devas while at work.

WTT Groups and Service in Europe

“Integrate, do not disintegrate.” Group Service Activities to Contribute to the Welfare of Society WTT Groups in India WTT Groups in America

WTT Global


WTT-Global, Hergiswil, Switzerland

  • Publications of topics from the wisdom teachings and from the medicine of Paracelsus
  • Dispatch of WTT Global books
  • Cooperation with magazine Paracelsus - Health and Healing

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Circle of Good Will

Berne, Switzerland

  • Online Study Groups
  • Social activities of the group members
  • “The Lunar Messenger” Newsletter, in electronic and paper form
  • Coordination, editing and electronic distribution of the Vaisakh Newsletter
  • Free distribution of English books of Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya and Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

Circle of Good Will

White Lotus

WTT Belgium


Dem Frieden dienen e.V. Gopura

WTT Group Gopura (“Dem Frieden dienen” – Serving Peace), Pr. Oldendorf, Germany, has been doing honorary work for more than 30 years at the national and international levels in the fields of:

Education and Schools

  • Didactic and pedagogic dialogues with teachers and parents in working groups or in individual consultions
  • Promotion of school and university libraries
  • Language support and assistance to the families of asylum seekers and those with migrational backgrounds
  • Operating and developing Youth Forum Mithila

Health and Society

  • Hospice and terminal care
  • Development of an effective care for the elderly
  • Frequently send relief supplies to Russia and Romania
  • Dialogues with various religious groups on the background of synthesis
  • Support young persons in their professional life, studies and family conflicts

Horticulture and Environmental Protection

  • Cultivation and treatment of our estates with biologically cultured vegetables
  • Information service about biological gardening
  • Cooperation with networks of farmers and associations for natural animal husbandry, with a focus on cows
  • Natural soil cultivation and study of the agriculture of indigenous people of different continents


  • Regular group meetings and WTT meditations
  • Financial support and diffusion of the publications of WTT-Germany
  • Transcription of seminars of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar
  • Proof reading for the “Paracelsus - Health and Healing“ magazine and for the Vaisakh Newsletter
  • If needed, also support other groups

Supra-National Group

CVV Sharing

  • Organising supra-national group livings for creating a joint field of experience and of consciousness

WTT España

  • Vaisakh Newsletter in Spanish: editing, printing and distributing
  • Organisation of Group Livings
  • Cooperation with Ediciones Dhanishtha
  • Cooperation with Buena Voluntad en Acción
  • Coordination of Group Travels
  • Phonotheque of the seminars of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in Spanish
  • Organisation of group livings with Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar
  • WTT Spain Fund for Social Help

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WTT-Vasantha, Barcelona

  • Public lectures on ancient wisdom
  • Courses on Spiritual Healing
  • Therapeutic massages for the sick and the needy
  • Sunday activities for children
  • Library Service
  • Cooperation with Ediciones Dhanishtha
  • Cooperation with Buena Voluntad en Acción
  • Transcriptions of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar teachings
  • Month young people meeting

Website WTT Vasantha


WTT Pranava-Sabadell, Barcelona


WTT Chandra Center, Olot

  • Healing Group every Thursday
  • Wisdom Study Group (one Saturday a month)
  • Monthly meeting “Silence”, “Being- The Presence of God”
  • Group celebrations of full and new moons

Program of activities Chandra Center


WTT Center Karuna_a, Cordoba

  • Full moon and new moon meditations, Dhanishta meditations
  • Solstices and equinoxes fire rituals
  • Bookselling of Dhanishta Editions
  • Collaboration with Arco Iris parents education
  • Construction of meditation room


WTT group of Madrid

  • Reading of books
  • Meeting on Thursdays with new members of the group
  • Selling books from Ediciones Dhanishtha
  • Spreading the knowledge on the energies of Toledo through the group “El Aguila de Toledo”

El Aguila de Toledo


WTT Muditha-Onda, Castellón

  • Organisation of group livings 4 times a year, with 30-40 members participating, during fixed cross
  • Cooperation in the distribution, selling and mailing of books of Ediciones Dhanishtha to all parts of Spain and to centres and specialized bookshops in Valencia, Castellón and Palma de Mallorca.

WTT Muditha-Onda


Paz Yoga Centre, Valencia

  • Conferences and workshops about spirituality, wisdom of the Masters, subjects of spiritual growth
  • Meditation and Study groups
  • Yoga classes
  • Astrological teachings
  • Singing concerts and study of harmonies and Mantras
  • Selling books from Ediciones Dhanishtha

Aspirants of Fire, Valencia

  • Regular meditation meetings
  • Cooking and offering hot food weekly during the cool months to homeless people in Valencia city

WTT Germany

  • Organisation of studying groups, readings and seminars
  • Layout, production, distribution of Vaisakh Newsletter in German
  • Cooperation with Paracelsus - Health and Healing magazine
  • Various service activities in the field of education, social welfare and foreign aid
  • Translation of the English books by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya and Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar
  • Proof reading, layout, production and sale of the German editions
  • Book sale mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland via bookshops and Kulapati.



WTT Group Berlin

  • Support the Paracelsus-Magazine with translations, publication work, and financially as well
  • Financial support for children in need in India, Germany, Afghanistan, Guatemala and African countries
  • Conversations with people in need on healthy nutrition, ethics, education problems and good relationships
  • Reading mentor at a Berlin elementary school
  • Giving clothes and articles of daily use to local hostels for the homeless
  • Energetic suppression shielding of cell phone towers
  • Therapies with the help of Bach Flowers, light and magnetic mats
  • Support of the “White Ring” which is an organization for the support of victims of violent felonies


WTT Group Hambourg

  • Regular meetings / exchange


WTT Group Bünde

  • Hospice work
  • Homoeopathic remedy database
  • Translation for activities of the WTT
  • Operating a place for meeting and assistance to refugees and asylum seekers
  • Coordination, collection of articles and proofreading for the magazine Paracelsus - Health and Healing
  • Compression and upload of the audio files of seminars of the WTT to the internet
  • Support of the association “Children of Argentina”


WTT Group Bielefeld-Gütersloh

  • Regular meditation and study meetings
  • Cooperation concerning the project ‘Externsteine’
  • Support for refugees, social projects and institutions
  • Healing work by disseminating knowledge of healing, counseling, prayers, music, life care


WTT Group Münster

  • Regular meetings for meditation and study
  • Caring and supporting refugees, the sick and disabled
  • Hospice work
  • Assistance of mothers and babies in a birthing center
  • Assistance of self-help groups of caring relatives
  • Cooperation with the magazine Paracelsus - Health and Healing
  • Cooperation concerning the project ‘Externsteine’
  • Gulab-Garden in the “Baumberge”; rose garten of the group; place for spiritual activities

Lake Constance

WTT Group of Lake Constance area

  • Study group Healing
  • Herbal Centre of Lake Constance
  • Monthly newsletter on Herbs
  • Invitation and Presentation of Experts in the Field of Healing

WTT Group of Bodensee Herbs


WTT Group Rems-Murr District

  • Study group on Wisdom Teachings and Spirituality

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