• The Power of sound
  • Rhythm and ritual
  • Listening to the silence

The Power of sound

To utter OM regularly in groups has a better effect on the subtle planes for world peace than peace demonstrations.

Rhythm and ritual

All rhythms and rituals finally aim at transforming the matter of our body in a natural way in order to enable a faster development.

Listening to the silence

When we listen to the silence, we will hear a humming sound. This is the voice of silence, the soundless sound which is heard in the heart centre.

Understanding Meditation

“Meditation is not a doing, but a happening”

Meditations and Rituals

The Process of Meditation

Meditation is not a doing, but a happening, a being, in order to be receptive to higher impulses. To trace back the source of thought and to investigate, “Who am I?“ is the basic meditation.

The secret concerning meditation is: We do not have to reach a state of meditation, but leave aside all other states which are not meditation. The path of meditation is an experiment with oneself, a process of self-transformation.

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Overcoming Obstacles

For every obstacle, there is a solution. Body, senses, and behavioural nature have formed programs, whose energy patterns shape our habits of eating, speaking, seeing, and hearing etc., and which causes the imbalances of our behaviour.

We have to re-align our life and establish a new rhythm over a long time in order to keep up a higher vibration, and overcome obstacles.

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Spiritual Development

The path does not consist in collecting knowledge, but in applying it gradually. Continuous working on the fundamentals of diet and lifestyle leads to inner alignment and the related realisation. The master key to eliminate the obstacles is to help others without reservation, without looking to one‘s own welfare.

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The Importance of a Teacher

A teacher helps, gives information, and supports. A teacher knows the way and can explain it to others. The presence of the teacher transforms the student, as a piece of iron is magnetised in the proximity of a magnet. The teacher guides from within.

The presence of the master causes the necessary transformations in the seeker. The teacher reminds us of our true state of being and guides us to realise and express ourselves as immortal, divine beings of Light.

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