• The Power of sound
  • Rhythm and ritual
  • Listening to the silence

The Power of sound

To utter OM regularly in groups has a better effect on the subtle planes for world peace than peace demonstrations.

Rhythm and ritual

All rhythms and rituals finally aim at transforming the matter of our body in a natural way in order to enable a faster development.

Listening to the silence

When we listen to the silence, we will hear a humming sound. This is the voice of silence, the soundless sound which is heard in the heart centre.

Overcoming Obstacles

“Meditation is not a doing, but a happening”

Meditations and Rituals | Understanding Meditation
Instructions for Meditation

Overcoming Obstacles

Meditation Experiences

Everybody wants to experience the radiant light of the soul -
Peace, love, expansion,
Inner clarity, harmony, enlightenment …

But at first it often is …
Fog, haziness
Fatigue, sleep
Boiling up of emotions
Thoughts bopping around
Blocked energy

The Inner Light remains dark


Soul and Personality

In our real nature we are the soul. Every day, we descend into the mind, the senses, and objectivity, because we want to make experiences. As a soul, we express through the personality into the outer world. However, living in the personality we easily drop out of the awareness of our existence. We forget ourselves and get lost in what we ourselves are not. There we are stuck for a long time. Like a bulb covered by a thick layer of dust we cover ourselves with ever denser layers, and the inner light can no longer shine through.

The Soul

The soul, the real “I AM” is not outside. If we are in the personality, it seems as if the soul is outside of ourselves and something distant. The soul is much bigger than our mind, only a part of it lives in the physical form. The fundamental practice is to keep on bringing to our mind that we are the soul, to realise the soul in all, and to see that we work as a soul.

Soul and Personality

The body consciousness darkens the soul, and we become prisoners of our own system. Body, senses, and behavioural nature have formed programs, whose energy patterns shape our habits of eating, speaking, seeing, and hearing etc., and which causes the imbalances of our behaviour. The soul feels that there is more to life than just eating, drinking, or earning money, holidays, sport, or sex. To change the patterns of the personality in order to relate to the soul is a fight against inner and outer obstacles. A friendly relation has to be created between soul, mind, and body, for friendliness is the basis for a good cooperation.

The Mind

The mind can be directed to something higher or lower. The lower mind can organise, the higher mind can assimilate things intuitively. When the lower mind is active, we cannot receive higher inspiration. When the mind is clear, the light from above can fall onto the mirror called mind. The clearer the instrument, the better is the reflection of the radiant light of the soul. When the light shines through the body, the individual is radiant and magnetic. He influences the surroundings without being affected by it.


If there is no adjustment in relation to the objective life, meditation is not possible, it remains a concept. There is no possibility of an aligned meditation, if we are in a bad state; this is particularly true in the case of drug-taking. Many are not regular with their exercises, because the living conditions often impede the practice. As far as we succeed in fulfilling our duties and responsibilities, we are allowed to arrange our life in the right way and go inward. We have to re-align our life and establish a new rhythm over a long time in order to keep up a higher vibration.

10 Obstacles on the Path

  1. Disease
  2. Carelessness
  3. Doubt, scepticism
  4. Mistakes – due to insufficient understanding of the method – too fast or too slow action
  5. Body inertia
  6. Excessive relishing
  7. Diversion through illusions and self-delusion
  8. Lack of determination
  9. Lack of single-mindedness because of too many other plans
  10. Disappointment - because of the nine above mentioned obstacles

An Insurmountable Mountain?

For every obstacle, there is a solution. What has been built up in the deeper psyche can be corrected with the help of spiritual instruments by finding the origin of the problem through pondering, correcting our action, eliminating the problem from its source by strengthening the soul aspect, aligning the personality to the soul, exercises, meditation, prayer, sound, colour, and activities of good will.

The Path

All spiritual exercises seem to be very simple and little when you initially start with them. But, if we try to adjust our lifestyle and to carry them out, bit by bit something more will be given to us. The program will grow until our personality is finally transformed. This gradual transformation into the Light needs very much time and patience. There is no haste on the path, enlightenment does not come within the next five minutes.

Steps to the Centre

  • Regularly turning inwards, connecting with the soul.
  • Regular studying in the scriptures, in the wisdom teachings.
  • Regular activities of good will.