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Meditation is the basis for all inner growth. The silent growth of the soul happens in moments of silence.


Worship, prayers, rituals and meditations are only the means to connect to the One consciousness.

Sacred Places

You have to be alert when entering sacred places. Don’t go with a predetermined mind. Do nothing but being in the Presence.


The study of the lives of Masters of Wisdom, their actions and teachings inspire us and thereby alter our thought patterns.

Group Life

The heart is the only gateway for group consciousness and group activity.

The Symbol of the World Teacher Trust

“Not a gathering of heads, but of hearts” The World Teacher Trust How to join the WTT | Contact
The symbol of the World Teacher Trust is called the symbol of perfection. The meaning of this symbol has been explained by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar as follows.

Symbol of perfection
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Among the Vedic symbols, the symbol of perfection is the most sublime one. The symbol, when contemplated upon, bestows fulfilment. The ancient people of India, Egypt, Greece and Chaldea, perceived many archaic symbols during the course of their pursuit of Truth. This symbol of perfection is present in every ancient theology in one form or the other. When it was originally perceived and experienced it was as under (Fig. 1).

It was called in Sanskrit as ‘the Wheel of Good Vision’, Sudharshana Chakra. The wheel stands for completeness. The cross within the wheel stands for the fourfold existence, and the rhombus that connects the four lines stands for the synthesis of the fourfold existence.

As the time passed by, the archaic symbol got distorted into (Fig. 2).

The Celtic or Gaelic cross, where the rhombus disappears, and further into the swastika, where the circle disappears (Fig. 3).

and into the present cross, where the lower arm, ‘the material existence’, is predominant. (Fig. 4)

The distortion of this symbol into its present popular status is symbolic of the fall of man through time. It is called 'the Symbol of Perfection‘ because it remains perfect even when a Creation is drawn out of it. It is like deducting a zero from the zero. The Creation too remains perfect even while it multiplies into many solar systems, just like zero, when multiplied, continues to be zero.

Perfection springs from perfection. Perfection remains perfection, either by addition or by deduction or by division or by multiplication; perfection ever remains.

When the Teacher shares wisdom with the student, he does not thereby lose wisdom. When the students multiply, it is continuity of wisdom and not dilution or mitigation through distribution. The wisdom of perfection remains even when the Teacher and the students disappear into the Source.

The spherical forms or the circular forms are symbolic of perfection. Time is a circle and Space is a sphere. The circle of time encircles the globe of Space.

Knowledge is perfection. Time and Space are its off-springs. The Space globe is of 360 degrees, while the globes in Space are of 365 degrees; for this reason the latter are not as perfect as the source. The globes within the Space are the eggs of the Space Globe. (Fig. 5)

Symbol 5 Symbol 6

Space globe - globes in Space

Thus, the symbol of perfection is the beginning, the continuity, the conclusion and also the basis of all the three. It is a good reminder of eternity.

Similarly the beings on the globe are originally perfect and are veiled by imperfection due to their orientation to the globe in Space. Reorientation to the Space Globe would therefore enable them to gain originality.

The egg gained duality and got divided into two parts. It is akin to formation of Light (which is already made female), and formation of separate male and female. These two functions are represented by Gemini ♊ and Libra ♎ respectively. The former is a vertical division, and the latter, a horizontal division.

Thus perfection underwent distortion thrice.

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