• A cordial relation
  • Serve in silence and simplicity
  • The inclination to serve
  • Service for the groups

A cordial relation

The only key for establishing a cordial relation is to do something for the others, knowing their needs.

Serve in silence and simplicity

We should do some service for which we don't get money, in silence and simplicity. This gives joy and liberates from the debts of one's individual karma.

The inclination to serve

Good Will is an attitude to have the inclination to serve at all times and to watch out for opportunities.

Service for the groups

The measure for service is: What have you done for the group? Natural groups form themselves around us, at home or at our work. We shouldn't define group in a too narrow manner.

Health and Healing

“Healing is the flow of soul-energy into the body”
Service Fields

Group Healing Activities

Many groups within the WTT work for healing purposes. They regularly meditate and submit themselves to special healing meditations on Thursdays. An overview of healing activities


Service to humanity through healing and medical aid is considered an integral part of the spiritual work of the WTT, and it lays great emphasis on homoeopathic healing. In a country like India only homoeopathy is accessible to the common man.

Homoeo Services
Homoeo Services in India

Healing with Sounds

Sound is the most powerful means for inner transformation and for energising the surrounding. Mantrams generate a healing magnetism. They can be used in hospitals and healing centres proposing relief and even cure the sick. They can even be used during natural calamities or when important global events are about to take place, for example peace talks, to bestow Love and Light on the concerned persons.

Many group members regularly work with sounds to support works of goodwill.

A healing meditation with sounds Book on Mantrams


The WTT has published a number of books on healing, like Healer's Handbook, Ayurvedic Principles or Science of Homeopathy.

Publications Dr. E. Krishnamacharya Publications Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

Fundamentals of Spiritual Healing

Healing is a science as well as an art. Every science and art has certain fundamentals to be carefully observed. The same is the case in case of healing too.

An extract from a lecture by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya on Spiritual Healing.

The Science of Healing

Doctors and Naturopaths

There is a number of doctors and naturopaths who take their inspiration from the wisdom teachings of the WTT and commit themselves to volunteer healing activities besides their professional activity. Ashvani

PARACELSUS - Health & Healing

An online magazine for healing practices and traditional knowledge of medicine in East and West.

The Paracelsus Magazine

PARACELSUS - Health and Healing

The Paracelsus Center

In the birth house of Paracelsus near Einsiedeln, Switzerland, a portion is taken on hire by the WTT, to be associated with the place where the great Master lived. The rooms are open for members who would like to stay there for a few days, for purposes of meditation and healing only. The Paracelsus Center is financed by voluntary contributions.

The Paracelsus Center

The Paracelsus Center