• A groupal initiation
  • Communication and community
  • Different people, one community

A groupal initiation

When two opinions exist in a group and the two can find a higher dimension together through cooperation, then there is a groupal initiation.

Communication and community

Communication enables cordiality, cooperation. It develops connectivity and it gives the experience of communion. Then only it is called community.

Different people, one community

Groups are conceived by Hierarchy as a solutions for the people to let loose their rigidity, their concretisation, individualisation, join the flow, the stream, so that they get relaxed and receive abundant energy.

The Community of WTT

Sites of WTT Groups

Egoic Lotus

Circle of Good Will (en-de-es-fr) Complete archive of “Lunar Messenger”, “Basics of Spiritual Life”, “Good Will in Action”, “Letters of Spiritual Astrology” and more

Youth forum Mithila (en-de) A forum for youth (as well as adults) with astrological letters of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, biographies of Dr. E. Krishnamacharya, Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar and excerpts of the book “Mithila”

WTT Spain (es) Site of Spain about the idea and founders of the WTT, publications, links to book shop, videos and more

WTT - Vasantha (es) Site of WTT - Vasantha, Barcelona about activities, meditations, courses

WTT America (es) Site of groups from Argentina, Honduras, Mexico, USA, Uruguay, and Venezuela

WTT Muditha - Onda (es)
Rituals, mantrams, books, meditations, activities, monthly astrological info, etc.

WTT Lake Constance area (de) Meditations, studies of yoga, discipleship, 7 rays, Masters and Labors, and more about Herbs Spirituality (de)

Wisdom Teaching Temple (en) Machilipatnam, India: Balabhanu Vidyalayam, Triveni Publishing House, Homoeo clinic


Blog - Circle of Good Will (en) inspire and uplift through information about art, culture and different aspects of life in relation to spirituality

Blog - WTT-Dhanishtha (es) Activities of WTT-Spain, astrological dates and meditative thoughts

Blog - Brothers of the Eagle (es) building bridges between cultures, with love, respect, joy and synthesis

Blog - WTT Uruguay (es) about Master CVV, synthesis, WTT, groups, yoga, meditation, Theosophy, Blavatsky, presentations, etc.

Contributions of Members

Cosmo-Genesis A dynamic presentation of the principles of cosmo-genesis as a help for students of Bhagavatam or Secret Doctrine. Download the charts

Service Projects

The Circle of Goodwill Service organization in India. Attempts to serve the poor and needy in various ways.
Website The Circle of Goodwill

Dhanistha Foundation Charity organization in India. Publications and need-based service activities.
Website Dhanishta

Balabhanu Vidyalayam Schools imparting spiritual, moral, and social values besides the normal education.

Buena Voluntad en Acción (es: “Goodwill in Action) NGO project in Barcelona. Attempts to overcome poverty, marginalization and social exclusion through comprehensive care assistance programs.

Magazine: Paracelsus- Health and Healing New and old knowledge about medicine and the healing arts

Paracelsus-Center In the birth house of Paracelsus near Einsiedeln, Switzerland, a portion is taken on hire by the WTT, to be associated with the place where the great Master lived.

Education center La Colombe in Kinshasa (WTT Belgium)

Es-Poorna (es) Project to enroll all beggar children in schools in Nilgiris (Southern India)

Hermanos del Águila (es: Brothers of the Eagle) Project to spread the knowledge on the energies of Toledo, promoting activities and meetings on topics of spirituality

Escuela Arco Iris (es: “Rainbow” School for Parents) Project to convey a new vision of education that integrates current education with spiritual education

La Vida Como Escuela (es) “Life as a School”. Bi-monthly publication of Sudama Group, Buenos Aires, free distribution, designed and edited by the group

Events & Dates

more Events & Dates

Online Study Groups

There are several online study groups meeting with the help of an online conference system, one study group in English, on Spiritual Astrology, and three groups in German. The English group is meeting on Saturdays; it starts at 08:00 pm Central European Time and goes till 09:30h.

Further details and registration

Book Shops

Dhanishta Editions Books in English, Telugu and Hindi. Shipping only in India.

Ediciones Dhanishtha Spanish WTT books in a web shop, as PDFs for free

Edition Kulapati German books of WTT. Shipping in Europe.

Publications of WTT

WTT Podcasts

Discourses of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar are available as a podcast, which can be configured on a smart phone/tablet/computer.

more about the WTT Podcasts

WTT Audio Archives

Master's Call Audio archive of discourses from the WTT in English, German, Spanish and Telugu

Subscribe for Master's Call audio archive updates on: Twitter, Facebook

WTT Videos and Live Broadcasts

Music of the Soul A documentary about the life and teachings of four Masters who received and transmitted the Aquarian energies to the planet and to the planetary beings: Master CVV, Master MN, Master EK, and Master KPK.

The WTT Video Channel Video archive of the WTT events

Live Broadcast of the WTT events and Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar's discourses

Groups of Friends

Support for "Jeroviá CONIN"
(es) Argentina. The group is aimed to rescue pregnant mothers and children from ages of 0 to 5 years old in danger due to malnutrition Contact in WTT

Centro de Yoga de la Paz (es) in Valencia, Spain

Claridad Argentina in YouTube (es) Argentina. Their work is centered in Esoteric Astrology

Gerlinde Hog-Aden (en/de) Mandalas

Images of Synthesis (en/de) Switzerland. Paintings for making the Wisdom Teachings accessible to interested people

IUPEACENTER (en/es/pg) Iguazú Universal Peace Center

Pensamientos del hombre
(es) Unidad Organisación, Mexico

Nuevo Pensamiento
(es) New Thought Group / Fundación Desarrollo Nuevo Pensamiento, in different countries

Merry Human Life Society
(es) Spain, to contribute to the openness of consciousness

The House of the Pax Cultura
(es) Argentina, to promote a culture of peace

Yamanda Ra
(en/fr) Centre for Research & Applications, Switzerland

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