• Wisdom for practice
  • Wisdom is applied knowledge
  • Wisdom spreads itself

Wisdom for practice

Wisdom is for practice, not for continuous speaking. If we keep on speaking about the Masters, the Rays, and the Hierarchies, we are only missing our duties for the present.

Wisdom is applied knowledge

Knowledge, when applied becomes wisdom. We gain a lot of knowledge, but it has to be applied in daily life, then it transforms itself into wisdom. Through wisdom we will experience the existence.

Wisdom spreads itself

We need not be anxious to spread the wisdom without working it with ourselves. It is a wrong understanding if one thinks that he can spread wisdom. Wisdom knows how to spread itself. It only needs channels.


The Veil of the Mother


The whole creation is a network of awareness with pure existence as the basis. The existence is also called the Father and the awareness the Mother. Beyond creation, both exist as unity. When they are in manifestation, they come out as two, as spirit and matter, as Father and Mother. Periodically, the creation emerges and also recedes again. The Vedic seers conceived the whole activity of unfoldment and foldment as the activity of awareness or of the divine Mother: from out of pure existence or THAT the World Mother externalizes as Nature and comes down in 8 steps, as the 3 qualities and the 5 elements. Together with the Mother these are 9 steps; they are also described as the 9 envelopes or veils. This nine-fold veil which envelopes the One or the Truth is also called Maya, the illusion. Without this illusion there is no activity in creation.

It is not just one veil but veil after veil. The Mother is the principle of the veil, which separates from the unity, and thus is also the cause of illusion. Her spell of illusion keeps the worlds going. In its essence, the illusion is impenetrable, it exists on all 7 planes of creation, also on the planetary, the solar and the cosmic plane. The first and highest form of illusion is the illusion of the ‘I am’, that each one of us exists separately. When this illusion is no more there, there is no more ‘I am’, only THAT. But then there would be no more play of creation.

The veil has a purpose in the divine play; this purpose is called the divine Plan which the Masters know and serve. The realization that all connections, social relationships, or the statuses are an illusion keeps us in a detached attitude. We can still fulfil our work in the world and regard the whole thing as the play of the Mother. She is worshipped because she has created such a beautiful illusion and also that we can overcome the illusion. You pray to her to get lifted up from the illusion. The mother is the chief protector of the world and thus of matter. It is in her hands to lift the veil or to drop it. We cannot penetrate through it ourselves, not even the best of the seers can do it. When she lifts the veil, we can experience unity. She might lift the veil with her grace if we please her by our right attitude and right action. However, until she gives way, we cannot enter into the subjective world and the access to wisdom remains closed. She is the Guardian of the Threshold.

The impermeable Mother which rules the layers of illusion is called Durga in the East. The sound GA stands for movement. DURGA means ‘impossible to move’. She is worshipped as the Light in the darkness of matter. In an archaic symbol the network of the Mother with her nine-fold veil is depicted by 4 triangles with the apex upwards, which are interpenetrated by 5 triangles with the apex downwards. It is interesting to note that the ritual of the Durga festival celebrated in India in the month of Libra is carried out for 9 days, to reach its culmination on the 10th day. On the 9 days the 9 aspects of the Mother are worshipped, so that she might grant the liberation from matter on the 10th day. Libra stands for the time of midnight where it is darkest. Durga is particularly worshipped during this time that she might help us to dispel the dark parts in us and that she might guide us through the darkness with her Light. The moment we think of the Mother, she gives us a spark of Light and that is enough not to lose the path in the darkness.


Durga is related to the law of polarity and of mutual attraction which leads to the birth of Libra. According to the Secret Doctrine, there were at first only 10 signs in the zodiac, with Virgo/Scorpio as one sign and Libra non-existent. Only later Virgo and Scorpio were separated and Libra was born. The separation of the sexes and the generative act were created thereby. Thus, Libra and Scorpio are related to sexuality and the fall of spirit into matter. The Eastern scriptures explain this fall as the gradual condensation of spirit into dense matter: in the densest state of existence, the Father is sleeping in the Mother; in the most sublime state, the Mother is in the Father. In the state of Yoga, Father and Mother are equally active and resting, in poise. Therefore, this equilibrium is the key to Yoga.

In Libra Durga is the angel of passion – passion for all the attractions of the world. With the same power of passion, this process can also be reversed; thus, we turn inward and re-ascend to the spirit. The celebrations of the Durga Pujas are in this context: the power of Libra enables us to gain balance between the personality and the body, between the soul and the personality, between the super soul and the soul, and finally between the super soul and that which cannot be defined. And Durga exists in all these stages of balancing. She is the Mother of equipoise and of justice. Durga protects those who follow the Law, the Dharma.

Durga epitomizes the navel principle, the principle of the fulcrum at the centre of the wheel of creation. This principle externalises the outer world and expresses through Libra; but it is also the door to inside. In our body, it is localised in the solar plexus. With the forces of Prana, it corresponds to Samana Vayu which enables the ascent to the higher worlds through the Antahkarana. With the help of this equilibrating power we can ascend via the Antahkarana bridge up to the head centre. Durga holds the key for the journey inward, to the origin. She opens this way when we arrange our life well.

In the scriptures, Durga is associated with the equilibrium of the 8th ascending moon phase, and her birthday is celebrated at the 8th ascending moon phase of Libra. The seed sound related to Durga is DUM, the mantram is DUM DURGAI NAMAH; it is sung in multiples of 8, best during the first 10 days of the ascending moon in Libra.

The Sage Agastya, Master Jupiter, is a fiery worshipper of the Mother Durga, and his Ashram is at the Durga Mountain in the Nilagiris of South India. He has guided many on the path with the mantram of Durga. All initiates coming from the Ashram of the Mother Durga work with the Mother energy only, as is the case with Master CVV. He said: “I won’t work with your spirit. I am only here to repair your bodies. I shall restore life to you and make strong your etheric body, so that you can survive and continue to be conscious after the so-called death.”

Presentations and Manifestations

In Indian, but also Egyptian, Babylonian or Greek temples, there are presentations of Gods with animal heads or with animals. To an ordinary worshipper they induce a feeling of devotion and of mystifying veneration. A trained occultist sees in them archetypal and zodiacal symbols of creation.

Thus, the goddess Durga is represented as riding on a Lion. This stands for the activity of the sign Virgo and the previous sign Leo. Virgo represents a pure lady and Leo a noble power; together they symbolise the human personality which is governed by the soul. In relation with Libra, Durga sits on a tiger. The tiger stands for untamed passion without nobility, and he might frighten us. This tiger is the unsubdued personality. When we are in this stage, the representation of Durga as a fighter is valid for us as well. She keeps us back and does not let us pass over the threshold into the inner. She does it only to protect us.

When we walk into greater light without appropriate preparation, we might burn ourselves: with spiritual practices, some people fall sick, some get into illusions or even become crazy. Only if we perform our outer duties relating to the body, the family and the society in the right way and prepare ourselves correctly, Durga permits us to enter into the inner worlds.


Apart from the symbolic meaning of Durga, there exists the World Mother in a physical form, just like Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara and all other great beings. She is called Sailaputri, the Daughter of the Mountain. She moves in the Himalayas accompanied by a lion. She is the guiding star of the entire Hierarchy, and many Masters have met her. The words, “the Precious Jewel, the Star of the Sea, the World Mother” refer to her. Oftentimes, when the Hierarchy is in need of a solution for a crisis, Sailaputri will take care of it. Sailaputri is described by Master EK in the books “The World Teacher” and “Man Sacrifice”, as a form of Durga.

There are also descriptions of how the Mother responds to requests: for several hundred years, up to 1887, a Master called Trailanga Swami lived in Central India. He had a very powerful body though he ate almost nothing. You always saw him with a little statue of Durga. When he was asked why, he said, “She speaks with me.” A disciple asked him, “Can you make the statue speak to us?” and the Master answered, “I can not only make her speak to you but also to come to you.” The statue then stood up and moved to the disciple. He said to the disciple, “Don’t see it as a statue, see it as the Mother. Just as much as you believe in the Divine Mother in the statue, she will find access to you.”

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