• Wisdom for practice
  • Wisdom is applied knowledge
  • Wisdom spreads itself

Wisdom for practice

Wisdom is for practice, not for continuous speaking. If we keep on speaking about the Masters, the Rays, and the Hierarchies, we are only missing our duties for the present.

Wisdom is applied knowledge

Knowledge, when applied becomes wisdom. We gain a lot of knowledge, but it has to be applied in daily life, then it transforms itself into wisdom. Through wisdom we will experience the existence.

Wisdom spreads itself

We need not be anxious to spread the wisdom without working it with ourselves. It is a wrong understanding if one thinks that he can spread wisdom. Wisdom knows how to spread itself. It only needs channels.

The Kingdom of God

The Evolutionary Process

Deva Kingdom </wrap>

Evolution conditions all manifestation; it is an eternal cycle of becoming. Evolution works incessantly and purposefully. For what reason this is so and what the exact goal is, no one knows; but so is the divine Will. The evolutionary process unveils the mighty and sublime Plan of divinity - the progressive development of life from the mineral kingdom to plant, animal and man, and finally to the spiritual kingdom, the kingdom of God. What is contained in the spiritual kingdom, which is beyond the human kingdom, remains hidden to man, just as the human condition is hidden from the animal. Just as the divine aspect of mind gave rise to the human kingdom, the divine aspect of love brings the spiritual kingdom into existence.

Looking back at the history, the picture of evolving man can be clearly seen as he has grown from the level of the cave man to that of a Shakespeare, Leonardo Da Vinci, Beethoven, Einstein, to a Christ and a Buddha. The capacity of man to achieve in any field of human expression seems to be unlimited. This gives cause for optimism as to the destiny of humans; we must not let depressive, evil events in the immediate foreground blot out the long history of human development.

Forming a Bridge

As mankind we are the fourth natural kingdom; we form the centre of the seven natural kingdoms. Below us, there are mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Above us, there are the three Deva kingdoms with the intelligences of the planetary, the solar and the cosmic realm. We can receive the energies from higher circles and transmit them to the lower planes and thus transmute the lower so that it rises to the higher plane. Our position being in the centre, we should build a bridge to relate the higher to the lower and experience their synthesis in us. We can help the evolution of the minerals, plants and animals to develop higher. We can help the humans achieve the super-mundane states of awareness. We can also be channels for the higher intelligences so that they can work through us on the visible plane.

The development of creation began with these intelligences, the Devas or angels. They are also aware of the four lower kingdoms; but they cannot act on the physical plane on their own since they have no dense material bodies. The animals and the other creatures from the lower kingdoms of nature cannot know what goes beyond the physical. But man has all possibilities. So the Devas expect the human beings to join hands with them as helpers. They look for responsible humans through whom they can manifest things. But when the higher consciousness is not active in man, he tends to be irresponsible. The scriptures say that being born as a human being is not only a privilege but also a responsibility. Only a few are aware of their potential and responsibility.

As long as we live in ignorance, we block the free flow of energy from the higher to the lower and thus, also the transformation of the lower to the higher. We become the bottleneck for all creation. Therefore, it is imperative that we acquire knowledge about how we can channel the energies from the three higher realms within ourselves and transmit them to the three lower realms. It is the only way in which we can receive the Plan from the higher kingdoms, live accordingly, and transmit it to the lower kingdoms of nature. To achieve this, we have to develop a personality that enables this work.

For the planet humanity represents the throat centre, the animal kingdom is the solar plexus, the plant world the sacral centre and the mineral kingdom the base centre. The three higher centres are the Sahasrara or the head centre, the Ajna or the brow centre and the Anahata or the centre of the heart, up to which the synthesis is. As humans we live for the goal of forming a bridge between the lower and the higher. That is the spine in us. Without the Sushumna from the head centre to the base centre, there would be no way to bring down the higher energies and to transform the lower energies into higher ones.

Connection with the Deva Kingdom

The connection with the Deva kingdom happens through the path of the light. Devas are beings of light and transparency. The world of light is called the Buddhic plane. The masters live in this world of wisdom and love, while we live mostly in the world of thought and logic. The light of this world is dim compared to Buddhi, the radiant light of the soul. The ascending path of evolution is an electromagnetic process in which the candle power of the “I AM” increases in every unit and the consciousness awakens to ever higher levels until the highest illumination is experienced. At a certain point of evolution, the light in us becomes so strong that we become Masters. Till then, the initiates and Masters form the bridge for us to reach the world of light. They work to build the Kingdom of Light on earth. Here and there, there are human beings who transform into Masters. On the earth, there are many initiates who live in physical bodies. Through them great work is done, but this is not enough to lift up the planet and to realize the kingdom of God on earth. It is possible when a substantial part of humanity builds the bridge and takes the initiation.

When we develop transparency in our behaviour and connect ourselves vertically, the light of the Divine can descend into us. We can visualize in meditation how we enter at the heart or at the forehead and move vertically in the light. We are strengthened more and more so that we can bring things into the world that are beautiful, have order, and are of a noble character or are inspiring. The kingdom of God comes down to the earth to make the earth beautiful.

When we see the world today, it looks as if the contrary is happening. There seem to be more and more ignorant activity, aggressive attitudes and mass killings. These are all seen from the higher circles as surfacing of the hidden sicknesses of the planet and its beings. When the sickness is hidden within and not known, it is very dangerous. Once it comes to the surface we can work to eliminate it.

Crisis of the Solar Angel

The soul which we are is part of a great being called the “solar angel” or the “indwelling Lord”. In the Vedic system, he is called Vasudeva. The solar angel works in each of us as the individual soul. The energy of the soul goes mainly into the Deva kingdom, the fifth kingdom of nature. Its reflection works in the personality and thus brings the impact of the soul into the fourth kingdom of nature. Only a little of the light of the solar angel was brought into our brain cells. The I AM consciousness in us is based on the presence of the soul or the solar angel.

This solar angel is now going through a time of crisis and reorientation, and thus we must align ourselves to a new order. In the early days of mankind, when individualization took place, there was already a great crisis when the one soul became many. Now the aim is the many becoming one again. In this crisis, we have to step up our personalities to be radiant enough to enter the fifth kingdom of nature. The personalities have to clear the way; otherwise, they will be broken. Whether we like it or not, we will be transformed so that we can develop the right rhythm and reach the higher vibration. “Bend or break” is the only choice today. Hence, there is so much struggle on earth because the activity is directed towards the kingdom of God and the forces of selfishness and separatism stand in the way.

Realizing the Kingdom of God

The spiritual kingdom does not only exist in churches and temples; also science, business and politics, and the other spheres of life must become the kingdoms of God. The members of this spiritual kingdom are those who, through their creative thinking and striving, create right conditions in every field of human endeavour. They share the fruits of their labour with all those who want to work in line with the age-old principles of love, compassion and cooperation.

We should concentrate more and more on the areas of the soul where the Hierarchy works incessantly and in a conjoining way on the bridge between mankind and the Deva kingdom. The Hierarchy has decided to remain with humanity and help us reach the Deva kingdom. There is a lot of work on the other side and we are not very focused on it. We should not ignore or negate the Hierarchy and the Deva kingdom. Their existence is true and factual. When we think of them, we receive strength and inspiration from them to meet the challenges of mundane life and to enter the kingdom of God. Therefore, we should believe in the presence of the Deva kingdom, and have a reverential awareness to the various Devas. We receive so much from them. The Devas do not need us, but when we worship them, we give them something back. Thus, each of us can help realize the kingdom of God on earth.

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