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The Aquarian Master


This book speaks of a Master who anchored the New Age Energy on the Planet and in the Solar System as well. At the beginning of the 20th century, this Solar System (and our Planet too) went through certain grand initiations, via Sirius. As a result there is a sea-change in life in and around the Planet Earth. A Master steered the New Age Energy - called 'Energy of Synthesis' - from higher circles to that of the Planetary circles. An attempt is made in this book to give a brief - though sketchy - account of his work and the teaching.

Fiction it may look like. But the fiction of today is the science of tomorrow. It is science - the spiritual science, often understood late. Material inventions are easily acceptable to the human mind for they emerge from the known side. Spiritual unfoldments are not generally acceptable as they spring up from the unknown side. What is unknown is relative to the observer. There are always a few who know more than many. The Seers, the Masters, the Spiritual Scientists see from the spiritual standpoint, while the Material Scientist invents from the material standpoint. Wisdom lies at the golden middle point where the material and spirit agree - called to be the state of Yoga by the ancients.

The life evolves. It evolves the form. The beings evolve. The Planet evolves. Even the Solar System evolves, for it is an atom of macro dimension, where the Sun is the centre and the Planets are the electrons.

There is a plan relating to this evolution when one observes impartially. Some know this plan and co-operate. These are the Knowers. They try to bring in the supermental conscious activity into the mental (comprehensible) layers of man. Man in turn works it out on the Planet for the benefit of the animal, the plant and the mineral. The work of these Knowers is stupendous. To gather an understanding of their work needs a fine mental fabric. It is an adventure to put their work into communicable language.

This work is one such adventure.


“Gently to read and kindly to judge”.


Bio - Data

NameMaster CVV
Personality NameCanchupati Venkatarao Venkaswamy Rao
Descent into the Physical04-08-1868, 10.20 a.m.
PurposeTo anchor the Aquarian Energies in the solar system and upon the Planet Earth thereby:
a. Causing expansion of Consciousness.
b. Achieving physical (etheric) immortality.
c. Elimination of death through establishing etheric body.
d. Quickening the evolution of the Planet and the Planetary beings.
TechniqueThe technique of sound to link up the individual to the planet, to the system Solar and to the system Cosmic, Solar and Planetary prana from Origin to individual.
Place of DescentKumbakonam (The Aquarian Angle), Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, India.
AshramAgastya Ashram, (Master Jupiter) Blue Mountains (Nilgiris).
TitleThe Avatar of Synthesis.

The Natal Chart

The Constallations Meaning
1.AshwaniHorse Head
2.BharaniTripple Path
5.MirugashiraDeer Head
10.MaghaRain Ritual
11.PubbaAnterior Leap
12.UttaraPosterior Leap
13.HastaElephant Trunk
16.VisakhaKumara, Virgin Child
17.AnuradhaSpiral Ritual
18.JyeshtaSnow Ritual
19.MoolaRoot Base
20.Poorva-AsadhaAnterior Rod
21.Uttara-AsadhaPosterior Rod
22.ShravanamEar Gem
23.DhanishtaWealthy Wind
24.Shatak-BhishakHundred Healers
25.Poorva-BhadhraAnterior Shelter
26.Uttara-BhadhraPosterior Shelter
27.RevathiWealth Queen

A Life of a Splendour

“To be Splendorous is Spiritual Too”

Whenever darkness threatens to overpower the lamp of wisdom, divinity comes down and adequately manifests as a Master. The Master strengthens the power of the lamp so that it continues to shed the light of love. True, a Master is a chosen one - he is born a Master. He is chosen because he has chosen to serve the cause - of serving humanity by functioning as a harmonious instrument of divinity. To him the Plan is revealed; his role is defined; his flock is identified. He has no personal goals or programmes. He serves the Plan.

Such Masters visit our Planet every now and then and mingle with us. They even live like us to slowly lead us from where we are to what we really are. Each of them is a masterpiece and all of them know and serve the “ONE MASTER”. They come in different places, speak different languages and teach different methods but they are one at their realm and they serve the 'ONE MASTER'.

The superfluous differences are therefore decided by the place and the quality of their flock. Most important, the nature of their teaching is determined by the need of the time. It is necessary to approach the life of any Master, bearing this in mind.

Master CVV was born on 4th August, 1868 in Kumbakonam, the famous temple town of South India. He led such a full life that every aspect of it was a significant demonstration of the all-encompassing wisdom that issued out from him.

Kumbakonam straightaway means the 'Aquarian Angle'. No wonder, the Aquarian Master chose to be born there. Further, the place is the fortress of orthodoxy and the Master was born in an orthodox family. He mastered orthodoxy, overcame and gave out that wisdom in an unorthodox, simple package - a master stroke indeed!

Like Gautama the Buddha, he was initiated (Upanayanam) at the age of five though it is normally performed at seven. Before he reached 18, he had virtually mastered all that was available in Sanskrit. He was especially proficient in the Vedas - both in chanting as well as applying them in life.

He was fluent in Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil and English. His particular fondness for English was understandable as he had clearly perceived that English was going to take the place of Sanskrit in the coming centuries, as a medium for spiritualism.

Around 18, he came across Theosophical literature. In fact, he remained a member of the Theosophical Society till the end. His sound knowledge of the Vedic system enabled him to grasp this literature fully. He understood the work of Madame H.P. Blavatsky in its true light. That the Hierarchy had brought out much of the Vedic thought through HPB for the benefit of the West, that the West was becoming increasingly aware of the subtler energies behind the physical, viz., light, colour and sound; that the Indians did not respond very well HPB's work because they presumed that they already' knew what she had to say; that even the orthodox Indian did not know what she had given out for she was an initiate of a very high order who could glean beyond the cycles of time into the Akashic records and bring forth informations which were revelations; that there We something more to be said - all this was clear to the Master.

He therefore felt the need to integrate HPB's work into the system, add the ungiven and also offer something more to the Planet, that was intended in the higher circles. It was obvious to him that in the total scheme of things, he was chosen as the fit instrument to do this task, and he was conducting his own experiments on these lines.

Yet, he was leading a normal life. He was married to Sow. Rukmini when he was 12 years old and through her, he had three sons and three daughters. She passes away when he was 36 and at 38 he married Venkamma and through her he had three sons and a daughter. Smt. Venkamma's entry into his life was another milestone of occult significance. She served him as the medium for eliciting cosmic information that he required for conducting his scientific spiritual experiments. She was an illumined soul as otherwise such capabilities could not have been demonstrated. The etheric body of HPB cooperated with her in this task and some therefore infer that she was verily HPB reborn.

The domestic front aside, the Master was a very popular person in the town. He served as the Mayor of the town. The Zamindars (Landlords), the local Rajahs and such elite were attracted to him, though they did not know why. They always sought his company. He was a musician of a high order. When he sang on the banks of river Kavery, many beings flocked around him totally mused into one consciousness.

At the financial front, he tried his hand in many a business venture. He bequeathed much property in his town. He sold them one by one, in order to feed the people who loved to gather in his house every day. Breakfast, sumptuous lunch with 12 to 16 items and dinner to many - it was a daily festivity in his house. It is also significant that when he left, he left behind one good house for the family.

Thus, while silently experimenting on his work for which he had come down, he was also demonstrating the need, the feasibility and the efficacy of leading a full life in all its aspects.

He was thus living as a fully prepared instrument to receive the Energies of Synthesis and distribute them to the Planet.

It was 1910. He was 42 years of age. The visitation took place Midnight of 31st March 1910, the descent of energy into Master CVV. It was the year of the Haley's Comet's visit to our Solar System. Its tail touched our Planet. The energies streaked into the house of the Master as a colossal lightning with the clap of thunder. The neighbourhood shook. The hearts trembled. People ran up to his house, fearing the worst. There he was! Sitting, absorbed in meditation, surrounded by a brilliant light. Struck by the awe-inspiring sight, the people withdrew. In the morning, they drew courage once again and approached him.

He opened his eyes and informed them that there was nothing to fear, that he had received unto himself the Energies of Synthesis from higher circles to be distributed for the benefit of the Planet, the Planetary beings and that he would call them after getting fully accustomed to these energies by conducting various experiments.

For him all were one and the same. But, he was never the same for them, thereafter. Whenever they saw him in the street, they stood up in respect.

All their eyes were drawn to him. They felt that he was floating upon earth but not walking. The entire neighbourhood was woken up one night by strange noises emanating from his house. Pounding noises of a flour-mill. They ran up to his house. He was in a deep samadhi state. They were awestruck to find that his heart-throbs were making such pounding sounds. Another day, they saw him inhale for six hours at a stretch, exhale for six hours likewise and remain without breathing for yet another six hours! He set on ascent the etheric vehicle of his wife Venkamma, son Chandu, disciple Sundaram to collect information from higher systems. He conducted many experiments and found ways and means to mould the human structure to enable the latter attain immortality. Many a time he demonstrated invocation of life into the dead, by linking the life on the Planet with the chief life of the Universe. He even conducted communications with Planetary intelligences, made certain arrangements with them in relation to our Planet. He used to call all such arrangements as 'contracts' in his inimitable style. He experimented with sounds Cosmic and formulated certain sound formulae to effectively rectify the human psyche. Indeed he is the Spiritual Scientist of the age - the Aquarian Age - who gave a scientific approach to the spirit.

Soon, as promised, he came out of his experiments and called out to people. He formed a 'Yoga School Friends Society' and inserted an advertisement in THE HINDU, a leading English daily inviting those who did not want to die to approach him. No wonder, some considered him mad and some mysterious, while the sensible were redeemed.

His system, methods and work will be discussed in detail in the coming chapters. It is sufficient to mention here the following:

  • He lived and taught a full life of allround development - “Allround development”.
  • He advocated that sound is the key to salvation in the present age and gave out the Energy of Synthesis through the sound potency 'CVV'.
  • Like there are different mantras for different purposes, he gave out different courses for different causes. Most of such mantrams are given in English and are popularly known as “Mystic Mantrams”.
  • He addressed the Energy of Synthesis that visited him through the Comet as 'THE MASTER'. He planned 1000 mediums, to distribute the energy and regarded himself as the first medium.
  • His work was not confined to the beings on the Planet Earth but stretched to the other Planets as well.
  • By deathlessness, he meant the complete transcending of the lower centres and keeping intact the etheric body.

In a nutshell, he gave out the most ancient wisdom of yoga, to the most modern age in the most suitable manner, embedding therein the energies that descended from higher circles.

He left his physical body exactly as predicted by him. When the people carried the body for cremation, thunder clouds rose in the sky and a heavy downpour ensued. The people were wondering as to how to cremate the body in such a heavy rain.

And then, the river swelled and the flood carried his body, yonder unto eternity.

The Energiy of Synthesis

“There Is Naught But Energy”

We saw that “THE MASTER” refers to the one energy that is the background of all. Therefore, when we refer to any Master, we are referring to a medium of “THE MASTER”. “THE MASTER” or the energy is called by various names - Narayana, Parama Shiva, Parabrahmam, and so on. But, it must be remembered that the background of a variety of manifestations through many Godmen is always the same. It is the background of all existence. It is eternal and is often referred to as 'IT' and THAT. It is time for man to raise his level of understanding and find out what is common among all of us instead of seeing how different we are.

Seeing how different we are is analysis.

Knowing how similar we are is synthesis.

The more we see of the similarity, we tend near to the Energy of Synthesis. Humanity has to be integrated and made to understand that all are beings. The Soul of the beings is one and beyond the level of the Soul, it is one energy, that eternally is.

At the level of the Soul, all are brothers and sisters. Below the level of the Soul there is difference. This diversity has to be understood as the splendour or beauty aspect of the creation and should not be misconstrued as a source of conflict.

Around the beginning of the 20th century there was much expectation of 'The Descent' which was to be an initiation to the Planet and the Planetary beings. The progress of the Planet and that of the beings of the Planet needed to be stepped up to meet the demands of the Time Plan of our system. The Descent was expected to give the necessary step up. The Descent - the step down of higher energy via Sinus planned in the higher circles was well-conceived in the sublime Ashrams of Himalayas, Nilgiris and five others. The task needed to be handled with utmost dexterity.

This was no small task, the motivation for which had to come from a special source. The scriptures tell us that from time immemorial, such special tasks are undertaken by special representatives of the Blue Mountains Ashram, the abode of Agastya Maharishi on the Planet. “Agastyo Bhagawan Rishihi”, says Aditya Hridayam in Valmiki's Ramayana. It means that Agastya is the God or the Lord among the Rishis. He originates synthetically all branches of knowledge to be imparted to the beings from time to time. A creator in his own right and with an inimitable style.

So, such a stupendous task of channelising the stepping down energies from the higher systems is undertaken, ably handled by a special envoy of the Blue Mountain ('Nilgiri') ashram and is picked up later by the Hierarchy for working it out further on the Planet. In the Theosophical literature, the Nilgiri Hills Ashram of Agastya is referred to as the Ashram of Master Jupiter.

The Energy of Synthesis was the need of the hour to save humanity from disintegration through analysis. The system is beautiful and the whole creation is divine. But, in the name of specialisation, people analyse and segregate too far. In the process, they segregate themselves into separative units of Consiousness. Through separative attitude, they grow distant to the life universal and die. Even among groups that practice spiritualism in pursuit of truth, we find this separatism. There are as many faiths as there are human beings. But, the believers of each faith want others to believe that theirs alone is the faith that saves. The followers of various Masters see the other Masters as different and their followers as irrelevant. The various societies and esoteric groups are no exception to this. If you are not a member of their group, you are below par - is the attitude. It went to such an extent that certain societies started affirming that the Savior will work only through them. Each one is duped in his own glamour in the name of a separative faith.

It is forgotten that the Masters of wisdom do not have such preferences. They carry love and spread it from wherever they are. Their love is different - it is not love for a person, of a concept, or towards an organisation, a community, a society or a class. Whoever steps into their aura of universal love, gets inspired.

It is often forgotten that what we hold conditions us. We build a house to live in and become conditioned by it. So, too is the case with our body. We entertain a wrong idea that we live only through our physical bodies. It is not true. Even without the physical body, we live and work. The dream experience is a good example. The physical body has come out of us. It is a precipititate with us as its base. “You hold the body and you are not the body”. That which we hold is to be understood as a facility. If not, we are held up. We develop a body, according to our quality and we choose to live in it. When the identity shifts to the bodies and their qualities, we forget ourselves and get conditioned. The wisemen are never thus conditioned.

Everyone has his own window. But, it is unwise for anyone to assert that the Sun can be seen only from his window. It is equally unwise to believe and profess that the sky is only as large as one's window. The “isms” and “ologies” in the psychological layers thus originate to mystify and confuse the unity which is otherwise clear and eternal.

This is the danger of deviation, diversion, separation, segregation, arising in the name of specialisation.

Synthesis will help us to ward off this danger and enable us to see “brothers in others”. By realising the Energy of Synthesis, man remains undisturbed in a variety of concepts. He remains as the background of all. Instead of holding on to concepts he remains as their background. A man of synthesis understands say, the concept of Vishnu better than a proclaimed follower of Vishnu. He sees Vishnu as the permeating love energy, the unifying force in creation. He also understands that this unifying force has been called by various names in various times at various places. Conditioned by concepts, the followers of various faiths, limit the Eternal One to a form, to a name, to a place and to a time. The wise ones realise the One in and out of all forms, all names, all places and all times. They visualise the One within and without the system as all that is. He is visualised as the background of all that manifests and disappears. He is looked at as the eighth one, who is within and beyond the seven planes of existence. All the variety that is in manifestation is only His “formation” and yet He is unmanifest. Living in the awareness of this background, man realises the fitness of all, including that of the so called evil. His understanding of the concepts such as “faith”, “sin”, “darkness”, etc., undergo convulsions. The systematised functioning of the creational activity upon the background of one existence is better realised. The synthesis is gained. The visit of the Master is to enable realisation of this synthesis, thereby realising the fitness of all that is.

The Process

“There Is Only One Master And He Works Through Anyone Who Adopts A Process”

We exist because the Energy of Synthesis exists and exists in us too. The central point in any created object is the Energy of Synthesis. It is the nucleus of every atom. Man is understood as a unit Consciousness. Sound is the medium through which this unit Consciousness is integrated to the universal consciousness or the synthesis.

Sound is the resource to silence, the source. Sound which emanates through ether is the best means for rebuilding the etheric body. Sound mellows the personality and links it up to the person. Sound helps one to travel from outside to inside and abide in the centre.

Sound is also the basis of mantra. A mantra is an orderly arrangement of specific frequencies of energy, invoked for a particular purpose. Mantra, therefore, is a powerful sound formula and there are many mantras of varied significance. They serve different purposes like bringing down rain, ushering sunshine, spreading splendour, breaking limitations and so on. There is the one sound, the sound of all sounds, the basis of all sounds - OM - the under-current.

As we have seen, the Master was an adept at the Vedic system and therefore knew the science of sound too well. Moreover, he had perfected sound as the medium, by his own experiments. There is more to this. He preferred sound as the right medium to awaken the Energy of Synthesis in humans and quicken their progress which was what he came down for.

For this purpose, he gave out the three letters 'CVV' as the sound potencies. The letters do not just relate to his name - Sri Canchupati Venkatarao Venkaswamy Rao.

The Master promised that, whoever uttered these sounds - 'CVV' - the Energies of Synthesis lying dormant in him will become dynamic through a process of link up to the Energy of the Planet, that of the Solar System and that of the Cosmic System. When they become dynamic, the concretised aspects of the human being start yielding. Man becomes more and more open and becomes capable of accepting every system and every other concept, faith and Master and their fitness in the total context. Integration of Yoga becomes natural. At that stage, man accepts both good and bad with equanimity. For, there he realises that good and bad are but viewpoints and he starts living above them in the 'I AM', where the view points concede to vision.

“THE MASTER”, who transmitted pure energies into Master CVV, permitted him to distribute the energies to those willing to get into synthesis. It was the 29th May, 1910. Since then this day is regarded important and is referred to as “May Call Day”. Master CVV stated that on every 29th May, THE MASTER MAY CALL those who wish to get into the Energies of Synthesis.

He worked out certain regulations to be observed, to enable anyone willing to enter synthesis.

1. Morning ablutions:

Arising in the morning, the aspirant should brush his teeth, clear his bowels, have a bath and wear fresh clothes.

This process ensures that he feels light, fresh and pure of body.

2. Time Key:

The invocation has been conceived by the Master for two times in a day, with a gap of 12 hours. He explained that one invocation will activate the energy to last 12 hours. Two takes care of a complete day.

It is therefore necessary to choose a convenient point of time and stick to it, morning and evening, for the smooth flow of the rhythm into the routine.

Master recommended 6.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. as the appropriate points of time.

For those to whom it is not possible, they can start by sitting regularly at any other fixed time in the morning and evening with a gap of 12 hours. This regular practice will enable them to observe the advanced step of 6.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m., in a matter of few years. Any time between 4.00 to 8.00 in the morning and in the evening may be chosen to start with. It may be mentioned that Master CVV was flexible about the ablutions but was strict about the time that the aspirant chose for himself. This is because time adheres to those who adhere to time. This is a Tantra.

3. Direction:

Sit with your eyes gently closed, facing North or East, on a mattress or a plank.

4. Posture:

“Any comfortable posture”, said the Master. Not everyone can sit in a crosslegged position. Further, if the posture causes any pain, the mind will be thinking only of that and it cannot move beyond the physical. Also, the energies cannot flow through when the pain is felt.

Therefore, the comfort of the posture is very important. Hence, any posture of comfort. As far as possible, sit with your vertebra vertical to the horizontal. All that is horizontal is the creation. The spiritual practice enables you to rise vertically for which vertebra should be vertical.

Master had asked the aspirants not to bother unduly about the postures assuring that he would slowly make the required adjustments in the body, to attain the right posture.

Ensure that everything is at ease in your kingdom. Let all parts of the body be kept completely relaxed.

5. OM:

Utter OM thrice in a deep, slow, soft and uniform manner and listen to your own utterance. Remain silent for a minute.

Normally, people utter OM so mechanically that they do not even remember as to how many times they uttered.

Listen to the point of emergence of the sound while uttering. Only by observing this point, can we turn inward. If this is observed while OM is uttered, we become inward even without our mind's proposal. If we listen further, we find OM as a happening within. A happening that is continuous and eternal of which our utterance is a spring up. The process of meditation is an inward travel, ie., turning towards one's own being. You can conclude that going out into the outer world, through mind and senses is the opposite of meditation. Therefore utter OM, listen to it and find the source of utterance while uttering.

6. Visualising Master:

Imagine a brilliant golden lotus in your heart centre. Feel that the lotus blooms at your every utterance of OM. Thus, after the three utterances, you would see a fully unfolded heart lotus.

Visualise the Master as being seated at the centre of the lotus. Visualise further that the Master is looking into your eyes, with a smile and with a blessing gesture.

7. The invocation:

Utter forth the following, visualising the Master. “Master CVV Namaskarams”.

The sound key given by the Master for becoming a channel to the Energies of Synthesis is “Namaskarams Master CVV”. He also added that one need not repeat this many times as a mantra. It is enough if the sound CVV is invoked once in the morning and once in the evening. There was a disciple who was uttering this many times. When he happened to meet the Master, the Master asked him, “Why do you utter the sound so many times? I am not deaf. Do not repeat the sound more than twice a day. Your body cannot receive it for more than two times”.

So, two invocations, one in the morning and one in the evening are sufficient.

Thereafter, remain silent for 15 minutes. Master said it takes at least 15 minutes for the energy to spread to all the nooks and corners of the body. The static energy becomes dynamic with the key sound CVV. The movement happens in the body along the spinal column. Necessary adjustments happen in the body. Blockages and congestions are cleared for free flow of energies. Rectifications are conducted. Functional system is developed and co-ordinated for flow of prana. Master calls all this as “repair work”. The morning and the evening invocations are understood as “parking the vehicle for repair”. Master CVV emphatically expressed that the human body as is now structured is unfit for complete life experience. The 'spiritual' cannot be experienced unless its model is changed. He therefore proposes rectification and development of the models to experience the spirit.

8. Observe within:

After invoking the sound key, observe what is happening within, while you remain silent. What happens? Many things happen according to our experience. The common happening which we will notice is the process of inhalation and exhalation. Since we are born with this, we take this for granted and normally, we hardly notice this. As we observe the process of inhalation and exhalation, the mind slowly becomes inwardly inquisitive and through the process, goes to the point of its emergence. Then, the aura of the heart centre, the seat of love will be perceived. The magnetism of the heart centre gets absorbed into that centre. We become higher conscious and continue to observe as ourselves but not as our mind. The retreat of mind into the heart centre inaugurates many processes of change to the bodies - mental, emotional and physical. The processes are of repair, rectification and restructuring. To make fit the body to experience the pervading consciousness is the goal. The Supra-Consciousness descends into the mind and even further into the grosser plane to turn the man into a Master - an immortal, divine one. Master CVV calls this as “Physical Immortality”.

The inturn of mind towards its centre is called 'Dip Deep' by the Master. As we dip in, the mind meets its counterpart, i.e., the respiration. As the two draw near, they both disappear into one and that is pulsation. The pulsating Consciousness only remains, while mind and respiration cease. It is difficult to give a complete expression to this in language. It is a state of stillness where the heart beat stops but you are not dead.

This entire process can be summarised into three points:

  • Observe time in the morning and evening
  • Invoke the sound key
  • Observe within

Anyone belonging to any faith, living in any part of the Planet can work with this process and derive the benefit, i.e., getting the understanding of synthesis. Master said that anyone who practises this for five years will acquire the ability to include, accept and integrate. His outer life will be organised and synthesised with inner life and glimpses of harmony will usher into his life.

The Master also mentioned that one who practices this regularly for 10 years will become his channel. He gave two more regulations for one to become his channel.

1. Meditate upon every form as the Master:

The Master means the background consciousness of all that IS. One has therefore to see Him in all the forms. For that, one has to know that all forms are divine and are manifestations of the one life. Master, tree, dog, friend, and structures - all hail from the same source called God, through a process of gradual precipitation. Hence as we see any form, that shall have to be recognised as a form of God. This practice neutralises many angularities within us.

Likeness is gradually gained, displacing likes and dislikes. Dislike is nothing but our own limitation. We can overcome our limitations only by identifying them, accepting them and then working with them. Even if we fail many times, it does not matter. There is a rise after every fall.

Dislikes have to be transcended methodically. We must remember that what we like and what we dislike hail from the same source. They also survive as we do. We dislike another person only because our quality does not agree with his. There are billions of beings on this earth. Each one has his own way of doing things. It is the personality which decides the way of doing. The personality differs among people but the person in all remains the same. Therefore, if we do not like the other's way of doing, let us not dislike the person. Let us understand that the difference is only at the personality level. When we integrate at the level of person, we grow passive to the personality. Our problem is we try to integrate at personality levels which is varied. We need to meet at the level where we agree. Then, the disagreeables gradually drop off. Since the Master is agreeable to us and since the Master is present as all forms, all times, all places, all names and as all persons, our ability to see Him in all leads us to neutral position, devoid of pride and prejudice. In that state, we agree with every form, even while disagreeing with their behavioural pattern. Our disagreement does not breed discord.

It is interesting to note as to how Master cured a disciple of his limitation of dislike. This disciple had dislike towards many persons and was always complaining. A friend advised him to meet the Master and said that He would make his life sweet.

The disciple went to Master CVV. Instantly, Master understood the disciple. So, the Master enquired the disciple: “Do you have enemies in life?” The disciple felt very happy that Master understood his problem and said “Yes Master. I have many enemies, my life is miserable”.

Master said “Don't worry, I will take care of them” and gave him a mantra “ENEMY! BE AWARE OF YOURSELF”.

The disciple was happy that he got a mantra to get rid of his enemies and practiced. But, even after 40 days, they did not disappear. So, he went back to the Master and told Him “Master, nothing has happened to my enemies. Your mantra did not work”.

Master said, “You are not doing the mantra properly. I will help you. Please collect the pictures of all your enemies and bring them to me”.

The disciple had difficulty in getting the pictures of his enemies but Master would not budge. Finally, after great difficulty he obtained all the pictures. He had to befriend his enemies to collect their pictures. He returned in a hurry to the Master with the pictures. “Frame them well”, said the Master. The disciple had to further attend on the pictures, frame them at his cost and quickly returned to the Master. He enquired the Master: “Master! where shall I display them for you?” The disciple thought that the Master needed the pictures of the former's enemies to do some magic on them. The Master answered “They shall be displayed for you and not for me. Keep them in your shrine room, displacing my pictures. Worship them as you worship mine”. A thunder bolt! The disciple got dismayed. “See the Master in those forms” - another thunderbolt. The disciple returned home and practiced as instructed. The disease of dislike gradually disappeared as he started looking for the one person among the many pictures. He developed friendship with the same persons, in due course of time.

Master advised that such limitations as existing in us can be neutralised only by remembering that creation exists in its threefold fabric. They are explained as the three qualities, viz., poise, dynamism and inertia. They are also called as the three gunas - sattva, rajas and tamas. These qualities blend differently in different people and the blend decides their varied way of doing things. The blend is the personality. The advice of Master is to identify ourself with the person who is beyond the triangle of the personality.

A story will illustrate this point better.

Two walkers, each with a dog in leash meet. Even before they meet and exchange “hellos”, the dogs pick up a quarrel. A fight ensues with all the noise which the dogs are capable of producing and the friends are engaged in separating the dogs. The dogs represent the personalities and the owners represent the persons. When personalities meet, the pairs of likes and dislikes manifest. When persons meet, only one remains. Agreeability between personalities is not on the basis of love but on the similarity of viewpoints only. Agreeability of persons generate love, where different view points are accommodated.

2. You shall not work for your gains:

The truth is no one is really working for his profit. We entertain a feeling that we are working for our profit, but in truth, we are only working for others.

When we buy anything, we feel that we are buying it for us. But we are paying the persons who produced the things that we purchase. One can expand this concept endlessly.

The message is that everyone has to work for the other. The Master wants us to orient more and more to that part of our work which is meant to be done for others. If we are oriented thus, we become devoted in doing for others. If we are thus devoted, we will do our jobs to the liking of others.

When we thus do our jobs we not only satisfy others but also accomplish the fruits of our work. So, a job has to be considered as a wonderful opportunity to serve others with love, which in turn fulfills us. If we orient more and more to that which we should get through our work, we do not do our bit to others well. Consequently the job is not well done. Neither others are satisfied nor do you reap the fruits. Thus we destroy ourselves through work.

When you look forward to that part of the work which is meant for others, in the process, you are already taken care of. Hence you do not have to think of your welfare. When you are serving the community, the community serves you. The one who works for others is ever rich. The one who works for himself is ever poor, even if he amassed material wealth. The Master says “whosoever intends to be my channel shall work for others and shall not seek for himself”. 'He is a pilferer, who eats for himself' is an occult truth. The seeker is ever poor, while the giver is ever rich. Hence the injunction that you shall not work for your gain. Orient to benefit others through every work of yours. Your benefits are already ensured in that attitude. Be wise to be a server and keep serving. Even the Lord serves the beings. You cannot be an exception. The Lord in the form of Teacher serves the taught. The Lord in the form of Parents serve the children. The Lord in the form of Ruler serves the public. In the form of plant, animals and elements only service is rendered. Follow the path of service and live like the Lord. To serve is the way of the Lord and the way to the Lord. To get served is to swing away from Him. Work is therefore an opportunity to move either way. Decide and move.

Thus, Master gave out the two additional regulations which would enable one to become his channel when practised regularly, for long years, with an attitude of service.

The Master Mechanic

“To Be Spiritual Is To Be Normal”

Mind is ever busy. It is in continuous contact with the objective world through its five senses. Senses are the messengers which keep on bringing information to the mind. Senses report. Mind reacts. We are pulled into action. Right from the time we wake up, there is a mechanical reproduction of thoughts, till we go back to sleep. We cannot get out of this pattern created by the mind and senses because it is based on habit that has been developed over many lives.

In the name of regulation, there are many who try to control the mind and senses, using methods of suppression. Spirituality, has become a source of self-infliction to many. Those who adopt such method are approaching the path of self-destruction. They forget that the body, mind and senses are impersonal and divine and that they function according to us only.

We find emotional aspirants cutting the tongue because it spoke a lie. The fool loses the chance of speaking the truth forever if he does so. Such foolishness arises out of wrong understanding. It is not the tongue that speaks a lie. It is he himself bound by his behaviour, who speaks a lie. The tongue is impersonal. According to us it functions. So are the senses and the mind. Many lose common sense in the name of spiritualism.

Spirituality can be arrived at only through a proper understanding. It calls for intelligent action. While man is in action, there is a process of combustion happening through senses and body. It causes its by-products of carbon that need to be cleaned regularly. The intelligence of man shines forth better when the process of cleansing is systematic and regular. Otherwise the accumulating carbon dims the light of intelligence and man becomes queer, abnormal and at any rate not normal. What applies to room-cleaning applies to this process also. Regular washing is called for. Outlet for the waste should remain unplugged. Similarly, necessary purifications and rectifications should be done before thought is translated into action.

“I shall repair from within”, said the Master. It was clear to him that we cannot dissolve thought. Therefore, he asked his disciples to merely invoke the energy by keeping the eyes closed so that he would make all the repair, rearrangement and adjustment within the mental, emotional and physical vehicles.

We may recall Master's advice to handle the thought at its root itself. An example will illustrate the efficacy of this method. Drop a few drops of ink in water. Freeze it. We get a blue icecube. However much we try, we cannot remove the colour from this cube. The process of evaporation, decantation and distillation should be conducted before the ink mixed with water is removed. It means that if we get into action without considering the motive of the proposal, it cannot be rectified. It carries the tinge of the colour (Motive). For amending it, we have to trace it back before we proceed further. The blue icecube should be melted and made into water again and then through the process of evaporation, the colour should be removed.

Master advises us that before thought is transformed into speech or action, one should see how far it is pure and impersonal. The orientation makes an act personal or impersonal. If we understand this, even while interacting with the outer world in all walks of life, we can remain in existence and experience life.

Crude methods are not confined to cutting the tongue alone. Foolishness has many avenues. For instance, there are people who consider that businessmen, industrialists and merchants are unspiritual. We get into the pride of service, when we give water to a few weary passers-by. That is the glamour we suffer from. But we forget those whom we make use of on a daily basis. Without them, there will not be shirts, structures, food and a million other things that create comfort for us daily. But we take them for granted and even disregard them.

A mother feeds her child through her blood, before and after its birth. But it is never recognised. But if we donate a drop of blood we seek publicity. The mother does it because there is love. There is no obligation. Krishna said, “I am not obliged to anyone in all the three worlds for anything. There is nothing I need to do. But I do, to show the way”. No Master was ever in obligation to anyone. They do not seek remuneration and hence they are not obliged.

The businessmen make their profit. But is that all to it? Can we make, produce, manufacture all the things that we need, by ourselves? It is a proven fact that distribution of profits towards many heads like salaries, wages, licences, procurements, transport, communication etc. etc. far outweigh the personal profits of the businessman.

It is a hard fact of life that we have to pay more than what we receive. The number of events when we pay is much more than the events when we receive. The best way is to feel happy that we have been responsible as channels for making so many payments to so many sources, before we receive.

Also, profit is not merely monetary. Profit motive surfaces in the form of recognition, fame, reputation, popularity and so on. So, it is wrong to blame the businessmen alone for profit motive.

“Never work with an expectation,” warns the Master. If expectation is fulfilled, man becomes proud leading to arrogance. If not, he is disappointed which leads to hatred.

He added, “Give without obligation - you are free. If others give without your asking, accept it”.

Therefore, anything done with a personal motive conditions us. For instance, we build a house and are conditioned by it. We like particular persons and are conditioned by such a preference; we organise a group and are conditioned by it; we buy a pet dog and we are conditioned by it. The house never comes to us; the persons are not always likeable; the pet dog seldom follows our directions and the group never plays to our tune. Thus we become bound. That which binds us is personal.

On the contrary, if a dog is around us, we need not whisk it away, if a group is around us we can let it remain. If the family, the property and the vocation are around us, we need not feel conditioned. To get conditioned is an aspect of one's own understanding. It has nothing to do with the things around. An impersonal one stands free while surrounded. A personal one binds himself in thought even in a desert.

When there is no bondage, the life is impersonal. By remaining impersonal, we are free; we become winged birds and become a medium to the Master. He starts functioning through us.

The frequency of getting blocked is won over. There is no anxiety about the future for, there is no expectation in the mind. The impulse to project, the urge to speak, the haste to prove, the penchant for criticising - all these disappear. A holy flow to help as many people as possible arises as identity with others increases by the hour.

To be impersonal is to be normal - which is being spiritual. Master promised to give the strength to be impersonal.

Remaining impersonal is very near being 'I AM'.

The Healing Energy

“Prana Treat Yoga Teach”.

Master specialised in rebuilding the etheric bodies of the disciples. The invocation of the sound potency, which he gave straightaway, starts the work of reconstructing the physical, mental and emotional bodies as well. The manner in which he distributed the Energies of Synthesis on the physical plane of the Planet itself may be remembered here.

Master was a natural healer and healing was spontaneous with him. Whenever anyone visited him, he used to elicit all the information about the person by sending his wife into trance. Through her, he would ascertain the astral colours of the visitor and also find in which centre he was stuck. Accordingly, he would start the healing process and give the person a healing meditation.

For a Master of such an inexplicably high order, resurrecting the dead was not a phenomenon. There are at least six or seven recorded evidences in his life. He had a son by name Chandu. It was a great soul that descended to co-operate with the work of the Master. For the lay onlookers, the child should have been uncomfortably abnormal - it started speaking even as a small baby; it used to drag the vessel and drink litres of buttermilk alongwith its father; it used to describe the character, intention and the future of anyone who dropped in; it used to discuss abstruse philosophy fluently with strange visitors; it conversed at level with the Mahatmas who materialised in the house.

And, it looked and lived like a child.

Having served the purpose of its visit on earth, it left the body. At the insistence of its mother, Master brought the child back to life thrice. After the third time, the child declared that it was not necessary for it to enter the physical anymore. Knowing it already, Master spoke to his wife suitably and let the soul proceed in its path.

Master's mother died. The household requested him to grant fresh lease of life to her. Master agreed. The dead body of his mother was kept for 18 days and he brought her back to life, as per the request of the others.

He resurrected a child which was choked to death while trying to swallow a rubber ball. He was not physically near the body of the child then. He made the child vomit the rubber ball in pieces.

There were a few more instances of resurrecting the dead.

To the excited disciples, he merely said, “Hereafter, it will become more and more possible”.

If deathlessness was his promise, good health was his assurance. “Unless you have a strong body, you cannot withstand my energies”, he used to say. In his presence, many chronic sufferers were healed and such great healing happened in a matter of 15 minutes. He strongly opined that the reconstruction of the body should precede the initiation. Therefore, he used to treat the prana of the disciple first and teach him yoga next.

A magnet magnetises the iron pieces around it. In the presence of a magnet, magnetism becomes easier. Master was nothing but an embodiment of Master Consciousness. He was the embodiment of healing magnetism. His healing touch not only cured the sick but made many of them healers. Like a giant lamp lighting many lamps at once, this master healer caused a chain of healers who served humanity remarkably as healers.

Notable among them was VPS. Master healed instantly the dislocated right shoulder of VPS which could not be used for many years. In 15 minutes flat, the shoulder was as good as new. VPS became a Master and a reputed healer. Master MN, his direct disciple was regarded as a demi-God in Ongole (a town in Andhra Pradesh, India) for his non-stop healing ability. Master EK used the holistic systems of Homoeopathy as a blind to radiate his healing touch. All of them not only radiated good-health energies on others but spread their healing abilities as well.

The healing prayer specially given by Master is as follows:

“Master, please let us receive the influx of thy plenty of prana into our systems so that we may transcend disease, decay and death, realise the highest truth, the pure love and the bliss of existence and serve humanity according to thy plan. Master CVV Namaskarams!!”

Anyone can say this prayer after lighting a candle, before going to bed.

The result will be as obvious as the prayer itself.

The Yoga of the Master

“Synthesis Of Life Is Yoga”


  1. To perfect form for Life to manifest more completely.
  2. To develop etheric body of the human being through the “New Pituitary” to experience continuity of Life
  3. To overcome death and establish in Consciousness.
  4. To prepare vehicles for transmission of Love (Christ Principle).
  5. To experience Consciousness in form; that is Synthesis of Matter and Spirit in the Soul.


  1. Invoke the Master in the morning and in the evening without fail and keep observing what is happening within.
  2. Keep an orange colour diary to sincerely make note of the experiences and thoughts that come to you during such observance.
  3. Understand that all form has its root in Consciousness. Practise to observe the One Consciousness present in many forms. Make note of your failure to observe the presence of Consciousness in the events of daily life.
  4. Mentally orient the life activity to be useful and helpful to others.
  5. Sound is an electrical phenomenon. Learn to utilize it for illumination.


  1. Should have proper understanding of own religious faith and should not behave contrary to it.
  2. Should be economically independent and socially responsible.
  3. Should not be suffering from venereal diseases.
  4. Should have the right means of living.
  5. Should not have habits that affect health such as alcohol, drugs etc.
  6. Should have the mental will to carry out yoga practice at least for 10 years without break.
  7. Should not practice breathing exercises without guidance.


  1. Do not waste time.
  2. Do not judge what is right and what is wrong with your little knowledge.
  3. Do not be under the illusion that all others hold your view point.
  4. Be adaptable and do not be obstinate.
  5. Understand that fulfilment is not entirely in our hands.
  6. Do not worry yourself (and others) upon issues that have no immediate or deferred solutions.
  7. Do not be fussy about trivials and be generous of others' weaknesses.
  8. Do not hold back help which you can render.
  9. Do not think that, that which is not possible for you is not possible for others.
  10. Do not be superstitious and do not limit everything to your petty beliefs.
  11. Do not aspire for everything that looks good. Practice that which is on hand.
  12. Aim at perfection and do not attribute it to yourself at any time.

(Accepted Disciples)
Are only those who:

  1. Meditate upon the Master in the morning and in the evening at 6 O' clock without fail.
  2. Observe ME in all at all times, in every form, every name and in every place.
  3. Live beyond the personality cravings and cease seeking from others for personality requirements.
  4. Understand Death as a process of change - change of vehicle and not end of things.
  5. Maintain a Spiritual Diary to record and follow my instructions.

- Master CVV


“May The Wind Blow And The Wealth Flow” 1)

There are 27 constellations in the Zodiac, which are called the 27 Mansions of the Moon. Referring to these mansions, Jesus said: “My Father has many Mansions”.

The Moon moves in each of these mansions on a daily basis. The Moon moves about 13 degrees every day, sometimes the Moon moves faster and sometimes slower, but these 27 constellations, make up 360 degrees, each mansion covers 13 degrees 20 minutes. From Aries to Leo, it covers 120 degrees or 9 mansions, from Leo to Sagittarius, it covers another 9 mansions from Sagittarius to Aries it again covers 9 mansions. This is how these 27 mansions cover 360 degrees.

Moon transits all these 27 constellations in one Lunar month. According to the ephemeris based on the Sun which we call in Sanskrit the “Sayana System”, the constellation Dhanishta exists from 16 degrees 40 minutes to 30 degrees of Aquarius.

The Dhanishta constellation according to the Lunar Calendar which is called in Sanskrit as 'Niryana' exists between 23 degrees 20 minutes of Capricorn and the last 6 degrees 40 minutes of Aquarius.

The difference between the two systems is 23° - 20° which is reconcilable.

Dhanishta is the constellation through which the Energies of Synthesis or Aquarian Energies visited the Planet Earth. Master CVV's Birth-Moon is in the Constellation of Dhanishta. And this is not a mere co-incidence. The Master of the Aquarian Age, chose the Aquarian constellation to transmit Aquarian energies to the Planet and the Planetary Beings.

Now let us see the subject from another dimension. Let us consider the path of the Equinox. The Equinox on its path entered into Aquarius, from Pisces to Aquarius, and the point at which it shifted from Pisces to Aquarius was the year of the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1837 (In 1877 she was proclaimed as the Empress of India). In that year the Equinox entered the 30th degree Aquarius. If you add 72 years from 1837 that is in 1909 the Equinox moved into 29th degree Aquarius, and we add another 72 years that is 1981, the Equinox moved to 28th degree of Aquarius. So the Equinox is thus moving in the Dhanishta constellation and it moves for 13 degrees 20 minutes. To cover each degree the Equinox takes 72 years. To cover 13 degrees and 20 minutes it takes a period of 960 years (72 years x 13 degrees = 936 years. 20 minutes is a third part of 1 degree, so, 72 years + 3 = 24 years) i.e., 936 years + 24 years = 960 years. Thus the Dhanishta constellation covers a period of 960 years from the year of the coronation of Queen Victoria i.e., 1837. It means upto 2797 the planet is influenced by the Dhanishta energies.

The Energies of Synthesis are received for the Planet as the Equinox moved into the sign Aquarius from the sign Pisces and the constellation which we meet as we enter into the sign Aquarius from Pisces is only Dhanishta. That is why the Dhanishta constellation is very important for all those who wish to realize the Aquarian Energies. As Moon is the best satellite that transmits the energies to us, whenever the moon is in this constellation there is a possibility to receive the Aquarian Energy, provided, we orient towards it. If we look at the Moon today he is in this constellation called Dhanishta. The Moon stepped into this constellation yesterday at 10.00 p.m. and will remain in this constellation of Dhanishta till tonight upto 12 00 p.m. During this period if we are well oriented we receive good Aquarian Energies.

It is for this reason that Master CVV said: “Meditate upon my constellation”. He did not give many details. If people feel the pride that: “Why should I meditate on the day of his constellation”, then they are out of it. The Masters never give explanations, they only throw hints, and it is for us to find, (if we have curiosity) why it is so. Even if we don't have curiosity and we follow what he said, we will get the same energies. What is more important is the orientation during the time.

The word 'Dhanishta' means 'wealthy wind'. Aquarius is windy. It is an airy sign. The wealthy air is what Dhanishta gives. It is the quality of this constellation. Wealth does not mean richness in terms of property and bank balance. Wealth means splendour and fulfilment.

Not all rich people are wealthy and not all the poor (so called) are unwealthy. Wealthy people don't care unduly for riches (properties and bank balances). It is a situation in which one lives where he knows the utility of everything in its proper sense and has no craving for anything. When a man who has no craving for anything comes, they crave after him. That is what Master CVV says: “Trick the trick”. If we crave for things, the things make us run after them. If we stop craving they start running around us. This is the difference between a wealthy man and a rich man. So, the wealthy wind is around such persons who do not run after things in life. Dhanishta constellation enables such orientation. It is through this constellation this wind is supplied for the Planet and hence the energies can be better realized through proper orientation. For almost thousands of years this constellation will assist to reorient life and hence we have a good plan for such a period of time when we realize the energies of Dhanishta. Basically they enable man to realise the splendour of life and fulfil the purpose on the Planet. The present earthy orientation of man needs to be altered by 180° to reorient him to the sky and thus make the man of the space.

The Moon moves every month through the Dhanishta constellation, the Sun also moves into it once in a year - that is when the Sun moves from 16 degrees 40 minutes in Aquarius and reaches 30 degrees of Aquarius. That is between the 7th February and 20th February approximately. People who would like to get into the energies of Dhanishta can plan these days for orientation and for reception, because in this period of time the Sun and Moon transit Dhanishta constellation. On a monthly basis we receive the energies through the Moon and on a yearly basis for about two weeks we receive them from the Sun. Whichever Planet transits that constellation, that Planet also in some measure brings the Dhanishta energies besides its own qualities. Likewise, every Planet, wherever it is, brings the energies of that constellation besides giving its own, because all Planets are influenced by the constellations. Since to us, the Sun and the Moon and the Ascendant have a good impact, whenever the Moon moves into the constellation we can meditate that day for the reception of the Dhanishta energies. Whenever the Sun moves in that constellation for a fortnight, we can meditate (by orienting) to receive the energies.

If our progressed Ascendant, progressed Moon, or progressed Sun gets into this constellation it is quite sure that you would get into the energies of the New Age through the influence of Dhanishta. All this can be understood only when we know the basics of Astrology.

We introduced this meditation from March, 1990 at Visakhapatnam. One day when we meditated, we had a deep experience - deeper than the daily meditation. Then I thought I must look into the Planetary placement of the day. I found that it was the day on which the Moon was in Dhanishta constellation. So, in the next Dhanishta constellation, I worked with a group and we also felt the same deep experience. Then came the idea that we should utilise the Dhanishta Day for realising the Aquarian Energies.

I conceived a method by which we do this meditation when the Moon is in that constellation in the night at 9 0' clock. Today the Moon is there till midnight, yesterday the Moon did not enter the constellation till 10 O' clock. Any evening at 9 O'clock when the Moon is in the Dhanishta constellation, that day is proposed for meditation upon the constellation of Dhanishta. In fact we should know at what time Moon enters into the constellation Dhanishta and when it is exiting so that in the 22 to 26 hours we can orient towards the energies. Sometimes the Moon prefers to stay longer in a constellation and sometimes he moves faster. So if we know the total period when the Moon moves into the constellation Dhanishta, that total period we can dedicate for orientation. But for a common meditation, the time 9 O' clock is set. By that time people would have been through their daily activities. We have light food, meditate and go into sleep thereafter with that awareness. This meditation is in tune with the visit of the Aquarian Energies. This is also in tune with the movement of the Equinoxes. This is in tune with the plan of Master CVV and for this purpose he said: “Meditate upon the constellation of my Birth-Moon. That is how this Dhanishta Meditation has come into being”.7. DHANISHTA*

The Return of the Master The Truth Levels

In the Yoga school established by the Master these diagrams are displayed:

1. The Return of the Master

2. The Truth Levels

This is the New Age terminology used by the Master in relation to the plans of existence. The reader will note that the names given in the past or in the present or in the future are names conveived according to time. To the planes of existence there are no names as scuch.



To be Spiritual is Natural

“Normal Temperament”
“Meet Levels”

Spiritualism is too deeply real. One cannot go about it by wandering crazily. Without running here and there, we should commence from where we are with what we have. A disciple is expected to accept his living conditions and life situations. It is then that he can get into deeper understanding of Master's Wisdom. The potent Mystic Mantram of the Master “Normal Temperament” can be well understood through a popular old story:

There was an aspirant who wanted to become a full time spiritualist. He thought that the best way to achieve this is to relinquish everything and pursue austere practices. Accordingly, he sat under a tree and practised for a few years continuously. One day, the excreta of a bird living on the tree fell on his face. Disturbed thus, he opened his eyes and looked at the bird which was immediately reduced to ashes.

He was pretty impressed about this incident and presumed that through his austerities, he had acquired the power to burn anything into ashes. He felt that everyone would notice his glowing forehead, pay respect and follow him. So, he came into the town. But nothing happened and nobody noticed him. What is more, the hunger pangs were getting the better of him. Thereupon, he stood before a house and begged for alms.

The lady of the house was busy looking after her husband. Hearing the voice of the man at the door, she asked him to wait as she was attending on her husband. She served food to her husband and ensured“ that he was comfortably rested. After this, she took some to serve the caller.

Our man was furious that a mere housewife had the audacity to make him wait this long and in that mood, he looked at her with burning eyes. The lady politely replied, “My dear fellow, I am not the bird”.

The man was startled and asked her in a frenzied tone:

“How did you know about the bird?”

Housewife: “One who is sincerely attending to one's duties given by life finds it easy to know”

Aspirant: “Do you meditate?”

Housewife: “No, I do not meditate at all.”

Aspirant: “Then how is it that you have acquired the power of telepathy?”

Housewife: “I have already answered this question but you failed to listen. Telepathy comes naturally to a person who is devoted to the duties”.

Wonderstruck, the aspirant asked, “would you kindly accept me as your disciple?”

“I cannot” answered the housewife. “But you can go to my Master who will teach you what you need”. And then, she gave him the name and address of her Master.

The man went in search of the Master in various parts of the Village. He could not find him in the colony of spiritualists or in the quarters of the administrators or in the blocks of the merchants or even in the locality of the working class. He thought that the lady had played a prank on him. At that time, it struck him that as a last chance, he should try in the slums where the miscellaneous live.

A person there confirmed the name and address which the man showed and led him to the Master. The man was in for a ruder shock, for, the Master was busy chopping meat, pork and beef. After a lot of hesitation, he asked the Master about his name and he confirmed it through his smile but still he went on chopping. Having decided to wait, the man was observing the Master who went about his job with meticulous precision, always sporting a gentle smile. After he closed the shop, he went inside which was his residence and came back after an hour.

The man enquired, “Master, were you meditating inside the house?”

The Master replied, “No, I was serving my old parents, gave them bath, fed them and arranged for their comfortable rest”.

The man's bewildered look indicated that he was wondering as to what could be meditation.

The Master's smile expanded into gentle words:

“In all the situations in life, ensure that you are neither abnormal nor subnormal. That is meditation”.

Thus, the man stepped into the path that would ultimately make him a Master. To be normal, to be responsible and to be simple is to be spiritual, it is natural.

It is artificial to be abnormal. Being artificial is being unreal. If we cannot understand the smaller responsibilities towards wife and children, we cannot handle the greater responsibilities of being spiritual. That is why, Master wanted us to 'BE NORMAL' in all the events of our life.

What is being normal? First, we can be in family. Then, we need not become proud when praised or depressed when criticised. We need not become lazy when surrounded by comfort or get worked up when everything around us is in pell-mell. If we are in order, whatever is in disorder can be brought back to order. If we are in disorder, even if everything is in order, we will pull them to disorder.

If we remain normal, in all situations, we can bring about normality in others. A curious aspirant meets a Master. His curiosity is responded with simplicity and normality and he returns home - simple and normal. On the other hand, if one curious person meets another, equally curious, then, they enter the maze of curiosity together and cease to be normal and get into the disease of emotion. Meeting a Master happens without excitement. When excited and emoted, the opportunity to meet him is self-denied.

Master said that if we are artificial, his energies do not channelise. One should be able to present a quiet attribute to others. When a complicated mind, a confused mind, a tired mind, an anxious mind or a wicked mind meets us, it should be able to receive something quiet and calm from us. They should find respite, some relief. They should find some silence for the first time after many years.

It is not that we get something like an electric shock when we meet a Master, as is generally supposed. It is a normal event triggering certain adjustments in us which are not even comprehended by us, until a few years later. Much working can be done in silence provided there is “NORMAL TEMPERAMENT”.

It also means being practical, meaning, we need not leave the ground, i.e., no flying in speculative spiritualism. No anxiety need be entertained in us that others should recognise us as spiritual. No effort should be made to make others understand us as spiritual. It is advisable to keep a veil as far as possible and transact with others as normal, human beings. Thus, our spiritual understanding should be kept in the background. Using spiritual terms to impress others should also be avoided. Unless asked and asked with sincerity of purpose, let not the mouth open to speak the sacred word.

A true student of spirit must try to understand the other person, speak to him in the same language as he speaks and refrain from using the terms which he does not use. This is how confusion is kept off and communication is established.

When his speech is exoteric, our response need not be esoteric. We may carry our understanding with us but should transact with him according to his understanding on that plane. “Do not vomit higher understanding'. This is what Master meant by his Mantram: “MEET LEVELS”.

To function on the same level as that of the other, holding higher understanding within, one should have minimum patience to understand the other person. More often, the other person is wiser. All problems crop up when we cease to be normal and normality ceases when we presume. Actions based on presumption may not always rightly lead. The data you have about a person can be kept with you as information. When you function with him, let not the information prejudice you. Let him express himself. Listen completely. Add up the previous information and respond. All this is possible, if we are not already worked up with the previous data. “Normal Temperament” helps us is this context. “Let not your previous impressions affect you,” says Patanjali, the Grand Master of Yoga.

“My disciples shall work as normal beings in the busy cities of the Planet. They will mix with the society in such a way that it would be difficult to spot them out separately as spiritualists”, says Master DK. This is how deep spiritualists work in various fields of activity on the globe. It is a great facility to work without being labelled as a spiritual practitioner. We will be able to do this only if we remain normal and meet levels.

As son, one should be respectful towards his parents. As husband, one should be faithful to his wife. As host, one should be courteous to a guest. As student, one should be humble before a teacher. As parent, one should be an example to his child. These are roles that have to be played - normally, naturally and playfully. Then the life is spiritual.

When others observe, we are careful in our actions because we are worried about our image. But when we feel that we are not observed, our real colour comes out. We should behave as if we are in constant observation - for that is the truth. Today, man is a bundle of conflicts. His inside attitude and outside behaviour are two different things. He lives in dichotomy. He projects something which he is not. He tries to be decent outside, without being decent inside. To be decent inside is what is cared to in higher circles. The indecent behaviour looks up now and then and is generally suppressed for social purposes. The Masters care for the inner more than the outer. To clean up the inner stables, care and alertness are required.

Insofar as man follows the Nature - made laws and regulations and adopts to procedures in slow degrees, he gets liberated of inner indecency. The procedures followed helps irrespective of the results of action.

Master says: “I will observe you in all aspects of your life. Your attitude in those aspects will decide your recruitment into my work. If you have double standards, we do not need you at all because there is a risk in working with you. We do not want to risk you and risk the society with you”.

Hence being normal is being true and pleasant to our own being and others.

Man and Wife

“Live Do Not Leave”

Master CVV stipulated that people should abide by the family system. It is significant that he himself showed an example. Family life provides total life. Man should understand his living together with his wife as companionship with the female energy. It is not emotional indulgence that family system advocates. Master highlighted the difference between sexual indulgence and sexual companionship. Indulgence denotes animal understanding while companionship means purposeful living. The entire creation is based on the interaction between male and female energies. It is therefore necessary for male and female to live together as man and wife. Together, they are a composite whole.

Living together is important. Regular exchange of energies between man and wife brings fulfilment of experience. It is a complete experience. This is why Master always recommended that every man should marry. He said that there should be a woman in every man's life.

The average wrong understanding is that if you want to be a spiritualist, there should not be any woman in your life, i.e., man can be spiritual only if he does not have sex in life. Master would not accept this.

“The negative and positive energies should be blended together for a harmonious experience of the Soul”. The spiritual practice will be full of hurdles without the female energy. Similarly, without the male energies, female cannot experience the true spiritual energy. This is because the spirit is no male or female, but the senses cognise male and female. Therefore, in order to experience the spirit, a happy blend of energies is essential.

The Master did not approve of suppression of emotions and feelings in the name of discipline. Indulgence in sex is improper. Avoiding sex is unwelcome. Regulated sex is the right approach; for spiritual living. He told his disciples that companionship with female energy is very important and that there is no place in his Ashram for those who do not marry. He added that his energy functions fully and completely when people live in families.

“A life which is not moulded into family life, is not useful to the society”, observed the Master. Discipleship is a demonstration of a full life, so that others can follow. A disciple who lives a lonely life recruits people into loneliness. A disciple, who has divorced his wife, unconsciously encourages his disciples also in the same route. It is therefore important to be in family life to enable others to emulate.

The Master therefore advocates a well-balanced life of family, vocation and service. “Fundamental is the mental fund”, said the Master. Whatever mental wealth we carry will be futile if we do not hold on to the fundamentals in every approach. So far as family life is concerned, the fundamental that he wanted us to remember is that if we accept the dominion of woman in creation, there will be much harmony in life. He used to say: “Wo-man includes Man”. 'She' includes 'He'. 'Madam' includes 'Adam'. If we are obedient to the laws of nature, yoga becomes possible.

Master warned that a man who insults a woman and hurts her badly will have to wait for many lives to get into the practice of yoga. If a woman sheds tears because of the folly of a man, he will encounter much obstruction in life. So male beware! Be extra careful will your mother, wife, daughter, sister and all women. Master said that the kundalini energy functions only when the women around us are pleased with our behaviour.

This is a vital aspect for the “ALLROUND DEVELOPMENT”, mentioned by Master.


“Centre Everywhere, Circumference Nowhere”

A father and a son visit a place of festival. In the jostling crowd, the noise and the melee, the son loses his grip with the father and is lost in the crowd.

Master asks, “Should the son search for the father or should the father search for the son?” The son is in the habit of getting lost. He has no complete hold over himself. Therefore, he cannot search and find his father easily. But the father can do it effortlessly. He knows the place, he knows the language, and he knows the security systems much better than his little son does. Therefore, it is appropriate that the father finds the son.

Master has conveyed his purpose in such a simple way. He meant that man cannot find his way to Godhead. The Godhead, from time to time, opens the vaults and reaches upto humanity. If people, chained and bound hand to foot have to unchain themselves, it is an effort in vain. Then, where is the need for Masters on Earth? According to him, Masters are those who unchain others. They are not simply satisfied in giving the technique. It is foolish to give the technique to eat, to those whose hands are tied. Feeding is the method. Unchaining is the method.

A simple prayer of invoking the Energies of Synthesis twice a day is conceived as the way to unchain It is simple. It requires us to be simple. It makes us simple ultimately. The 6.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. time regulation for invocation given by him was beautifully referred to as “Axis arranged hours”, by him. If we look at the clock when it is six, we understand this. Invoking this energy at these hours results in the high and the low in us becoming perpendicular to meet at the centre. This is the simplest of all regulations that the world has come across in the field of spiritual discipline. Master said that even if a person happens to be travelling, he can invoke at the appointed hour by closing his eyes for a minute and that he would take care of the process of alignment of axis According to him, the energy invoked will last for 15 minutes at a stretch and will be sufficient for the next 12 hours. He assured that he would take care of the required body reconstruction work at night.

In short, he wanted his disciples to understand that he would be in touch with them irrespective of where they were and in what state they were. One of his disciples who was working in Kumbakonam, received a better job offer from Delhi. Though the offer was lucrative, he was in conflict because it implied that he had to leave the Master. Therefore, he broached the subject when he met the Master, who asked him, “When should you inform Delhi of your decision?” to which the disciple replied “within two days” and the Master agreed to convey his decision. The disciple met the Master the next morning after meditation, but he did not bother to notice him at all, as he was busily engaged with other disciples. The same thing happened in the evening and the next morning. The disciple thought that it would be better to be with the Master throughout the day, so that the Master would remember his problem. However, the Master promptly went away to another town with some other disciples in the afternoon.

The disciple had to meet the deadline of 5.00 p.m. which was the last postal clearance time of the day and he waited till 3.00 p.m. in the afternoon. As the Master did not turn up, he took a decision and sent a telegram himself, conveying his decision.

Immediately, the Master returned and asked him, “What have you decided?” The disciple informed him, “I waited for your decision, but since you .did not respond, I decided myself”.

Master said, “This is what I wanted you to do. I do not want dependent disciples but dependable disciples. Know that through every morning and evening, I AM permeating into you. So, the decision you have made is the decision that I made, the I AM in all.

Therefore, understand that when you take a decision, it is MY decision. I function in every one of you from within. I exist in you and not outside. This is the new method where you develop self-dependency, grow into self-sufficiency and become self-supporting. In you I have MY centre. I AM the centre. You are the circumference. When you look to ME in the centre, you dissolve into ME. I permeate. The circumference is no more. The centre is everywhere.”

This is to understand that I AM is the centre of everything and if we see anything other than I AM, we find things devoid of the centre. Look not outside for a centre when the centre is in us. Outer centres can be reached only through our centre. If this is practiced and realised, one can visit any centre on the Planet. Physical movement to see Ashrams and Masters is useless unless this technique of sight is developed.

Another incident will illustrate this better:

There was an angry Brahmin living 300 miles away from Kumbakonam. He was so angry always that he became very angry with himself for being angry. It was becoming impossible for him to live with anger because no one can live up to that energy. He was seeking a remedy for this malady very badly. As it happens, a friend advised him to meet the Master.

An orthodox Brahmin he was, he therefore prepared himself by observing many regulations for meeting the Master. When he went to Kumbakonam, the Master was not there. He was informed that the Master had gone to Madras. Determined to see him, he took the Madras address and travelled at once. While at Kumbakonam, his enquiries revealed that the Master was unorthodox, informal and offensive from the traditional stand-point. He pondered as to whether at all he should meet such a Master. While walking in Madras, a mad man happened to pass by and he was talking to himself thus: “Are you a fool to stop your travel half the way? Don't be childish”. He recognised the message, moved immediately and arrived at the Master's house.

His daughter received him and as directed by her father invited him to the backyard to see the Master. The orthodox Brahmin insisted on having a bath first before meeting the Master. The lady made arrangements suitably.

When he finally went to the backyard, he saw a barber shaving the head of the Master. He stood horrified and the Master greeted him “Hello”.

Brahmin: You may finish this and come Sir and we will speak in the meditation room.”

Master: “No need, you can speak now.”

Brahmin: “No! no! Sir, as you are getting your head shaved, you need to have a bath later and only then I will meet you. I can wait.”

Master: “Why, Why, no need at all. You can speak no.”

Pushed to a corner thus, the Brahmin merely said, “I have a problem.”

The Master quipped, “It is alright. All problems are solved here. Did you come to get some initiation?”

The Brahmin eagerly said, “Yes!”

Master: “Take the mantram I give you now.”

Needless to mention, the Brahmin was shocked beyond revival. What a way to give a mantra and what a situation to receive it! It was terrible for him to bear but the Master would not leave him.

“Are you ready?” enquired the Master. The Brahmin remembered the mad man on the way and with great difficulty, he gathered himself and said, “I am ready.”

The Master gave his name as mantra and said, “Daily in the morning and evening, just utter this name.” The Brahmin was totally disappointed. He got dismantled. He was fondly expecting a mantra of Shiva or Vishnu or Brahma but here was a Master who just gave his name and that too in English letters! Which should be repeated twice a day!! The Brahmin meekly said, “Thank you” and was about to walk out.

The Master said, “Please have a cup of coffee which my daughter will give you and go home. Please remember that you will become a lot more angry with me. But I will meet you again and again.”

The Master could not have been more prophetic. As the Brahmin was moving back home, his anger sprung up. It grew fierce. He reached home, murmuring: “What audacity! He gives his name as mantra!! An English mantra!!! While a barber was working on his head? I was really made a fool.” All said and done, he could not forget the Master. Everyday, the thought of the Master came to his mind, anger swelled, grew into a rage and then, it exploded out. After that, he could carry on his work throughout the day. This went on for 40 days. And then, one day, while he was meditating, he felt that there was some sense in the Master's mantra, for, the anger was not swelling up so much as before. Immediately, a voice uttered into his ears, “When your anger is complete, I will meet you again”. It took another three months for the completion.

He realised that the Master had really showered his grace on him. The anger was swelling up in the morning and evening prayers and the Master absorbed it. Now, his domestic life, social life and vocational life came into order, as he was not angry at other times. He reached a point where he was no more angry, not even with the Master. In this mood, he sat for prayer one morning and uttered the name of the Master. There! He found the Master manifesting in golden yellow light. “I will meet you again”, the Master's words rang as a jingle bell. The Brahmin felt deeply touched and at once proceeded to Kumbakonam. The Master was not there. He had gone to Nagpur. The Brahmin went to Nagpur and the Master's daughter told him that he had left for Madras only that morning. The Brahmin returned to Madras where the Master's other daughter told him that he had just left for the railway station. The Brahmin ran to catch a bus to reach the railway station but on the way, the bus suffered a breakdown and the train left. He felt disgusted and returned to his place. As he got down from the train, he saw the Master sitting upon a bench on the platform, smiling at the Brahmin. The Brahmin ran to him and said, “I have been searching for you.”

“Why should you search for me?” asked the Master, smilingly. “Because you told me that you would meet me after my anger is over”, said the Brahmin.

The Master said: “Sure, but I have met you after your anger was over, I appeared to you in a golden hue. That was the meeting. Why are you hastening to move physically? The energy which I have given you makes you move very easily in the etheric. We have been meeting and I have been seeing your progress. But as you are crazily moving around, I thought I should present myself physically also to satisfy you. By the way, how is your anger?”

The Brahmin touched the feet of the Master and said, “You have saved me from my anger. Please tell me what I should do next?”

The Master replied with twinkling eyes, “If you like my name, you many continue!”

* * *

“The One Existence - The One Experience”

He who realises the ONE EXISTENCE throughout all the events of life is the one who experiences the simultaneous existence in all the planes. The purpose is to remain alone (all-one) in life at all costs, through all the activities.

We are in existence, when we sleep.

Awareness arises and we wake up. The Consciousness that my name is John and that I am a teacher and so and so dawns immediately on waking up. John forgets that he is “I AM” and thinks that “I AM JOHN”, instead of realising that “I AM, called John.”

This is the first inversion – from existence to awareness.

Awareness is succeeded by a propulsion to act. As we wake up and get up, we want to do so many things like brushing the teeth or having a bath or breaking the fast. This is action.

This is the second inversion - from awareness to action.

This action is inevitable, upon the background of awareness. When action proceeds further, it has to be seen whether the motive behind it is personal or impersonal. If the motive is impersonal, we remain as the triangle. If it is personal, we become a distorted triangle.

This is the third inversion.

When the motive is impersonal, the descent of awareness is ensured into the senses through right thought, giving rise to a five- pointed star, with apex upward. In this case, Man is a Dragon of Wisdom in demonstration.

The personal motive behind action makes us to either overdo or underdo things. Familiarity, preferential attitude, exclusivity etc., are the traits that propel action based on personal motive.

This is the fourth inversion.

The distorted triangle becomes an inverted star:

This means that from the state of existence awareness - action, (thought) we slip through the senses and are lost in objectivity. The pentagon is therefore rightly called Makara, the crocodile which grips us tightly.

So, the right way to remain in existence and experience life is to constantly remember that “I AM”. I AM THAT I AM. Everything should be understood as the transformation of I AM into form, through vibration. By holding on to this remembrance throughout, there will not be any change in our vibration, even during our descent into action.

Unless we are impersonal, we will be taking sides and causing further inversions. If we are impersonal, we will remain at the centre and view the sides appropriately. This is the quality of Mercury the Planet. It stands in the middle and patches up the extremes. This why, Mercury as a metal is considered ideal for alchemy. It does not stick, it is impersonal! To be impersonal is called the state of Kumara. To be personal is called the state of Makara. One can be a Kumara or a Makara according to the motive.

Bhagavad Gita, in the first six chapters, provides the technique for withdrawing from the inverted five-pointed star to the triangle.

When we are in awareness, it is virtually impossible not to receive a thought. If we are aware, there is thought. The instruction is to practice meditation through which one can get glimpses of awareness. “I AM EVERYONE”, is the seed-thought for meditation. The same thought is given in different ways in different places at different times.

Moses said, “I AM THAT I AM” Christ declared, “I AM THE WAY”

When we understand that the whole creation is a play between consciousness and nature, we realise that thoughts occur based on the blend of the three qualities - poise, dynamism and inertia - in us. It helps to observe our blend. If the observation is impersonal, we can slowly stand outside the blend. We remember our original state and thus, we learn to impersonally observe all the proposals to act. Thoughts - the proposals to act - keep occurring. The Lord says, “When I sleep, the whole world is in dissolution. When I am awake, my nature comes out of me and acts. I follow my nature for creation, but I do not lose my identity in creation.” But, we lose our identity in our creation through our nature. This is the difference.

So, we should recollect the 'I AM' every minute. In the process, we come across proposals and if we remain impersonal, the recollection is retained. Otherwise, we are carried away by the proposals. We become Slaves of our proposals and lose ourselves. The impersonal observation gives the ability to decide whether there is a need to act or not. If the proposal is personal, the action propelled by such a proposal is bound to a result. That is why, one who has personal proposals cannot be a Yogi. Personal proposals lead us to likes and dislikes, happiness and disappointment and such pairs. So, if we observe the thought, we are out of it, to hold it. If we do not, we are in it, bound by it.

“Remain impersonal” is the first and fundamental instruction of Master CVV.

Existence is Father. Awareness, the product of existence is the Son. This Father-Son relationship persists in creation. Existence is common to all of us - in sleep or out of sleep. But, when we wake up, thoughts occur differently to us, based on our blends. Here, we must remember that it is existence which creates awareness and awareness switches on the thinking machine.

“Observe within”, said the Master. By observing, we can handle the rising thought at the root itself. He also advised us to make a note of our thought patterns in a diary and review it every three months. Slowly, the intensity of the thought pattern is weakened, it loses its pace and the proposals gel reduced. In this manner, we will reach a state where we will remain without thoughts, but with a thought, i.e., awareness of existence.


No one but you are existing in existence

as existence- NIL No one except the One- NONE No thought except I AM- NAUGHT

Master saw that we would very easily get into numerous inversions once we get into thought. That is why he wants us to trace back at the very step when we are about to slip. He cautioned not to slip into thought without discrimination.

“See everyone as Soul”, is another straightforward step given by the Master. He knew that so long as we identify with other's personality or identify with our relationship in the outer world, our actions will be coloured, i.e., prejudiced. That is why, he advised us to see as Souls. Much pride and prejudice and the consequent separativity on the Planet is due to our inability to see as Soul. Seeing the Soul is the way to be in our own existence straightway. Since we will be in direct touch with the soul, we will not be troubled by the form and the behaviour of the other person.

“All are disciples”, said the Master, expanding his previous advice. We call some as Masters and some others as disciples for the facility of communication. But, Master CVV reminded us that all are disciples and there is only one Master. In similar vein, the scriptures say, 'Krishna alone is the Man. All others are women.' Spirit is the centre and soul is the vehicle. Anything which is a vehicle is a receptacle and anything that works as a receptacle is feminine to the content. One who gives is masculine and one who receives is feminine. We all receive as Soul, the Spirit, the Father and hence we are all females. The same concept is expressed in the West, with the spirit as the Father and Souls as the children we are all brothers. We gain this understanding gradually, through practice.

“The Yoga of the direct method” was given by Master CVV as, “Observe within; watch your thought pattern; note them; understand how many of them are personal and how many are impersonal” - direct indeed! If we observe, we will realise that we are repeatedly bound by accumulation as well as the everyday occurrence of personal thoughts. In that bewildering maze, if we chance upon a single impersonal thought, we are blessed. Slowly, a stage is reached where there is no personal programme in life and personality stops wagging and gets integrand into the Soul.

“Karma can be neutralised”, is another thunderbolt coming from the Comet Master. He explained that the path of return to our original state need not be as long as the path of deviation. A man who led a life as a materialist in a thousand lives need not take another thousand lives to become a spiritualist. The rope that binds may be in a hundred cycles. But we need not rewind a hundred times to be released - cutting across is the easy way, the wise way. So, we do not need much time to get into our own being. By recollecting that we are the Soul, we can release ourselves from self-illusioning.

“Forget wherever you are”, assured the Master. It does not matter as to what distance we are from the centre. Proposing to remain impersonal from that point brings us to the centre. Master explained that the energies he received have given him the direction by which we can directly receive the experience, without the complicated process of retracing our own steps. He simplified the process of return through the sound key - an Aquarian method.

His Promises

“No Objectivity, No Subjectivity, It Is Just Being”

His promises are great declarations, emanating from immeasurable compassion:

1. “I shall supply you plenty of prana”

The Master traced the entire path of prana, the life force, right from the centre of the cosmos to the heart centre of a human being. He knew how it functions and the conditions where it ceases to function in unit form or body. Through certain experiments, he found out a method through which he could arrange for an additional supply of the life force when required. He established a channel among cosmic, solar, planetary systems and human beings. The channel is via Kundalini. He used it for invoking additional supply and like a scientist experimented with his disciples.

When the experiment was becoming a success, one of his own children died. Thereupon, he told Sundaram, his friend who was nearby: “I will send you to the higher planes. I will take care of the dead body here. You go and seek additional life force in the higher circles.”

Sundaram said, “Yes” and his eyes closed. He went into a trance. He went through a spirallic process and passed over seven circles. There, he encountered a magnanimous, immeasurable being without form and name. He communicated that he was sent by the Master to seek additional life force. He perceived a reply, “It is given, you can return.”

Sundaram opened his eyes and saw that the child had got back to life.

Subsequently, when the child collapsed again, Master found out that unless the etheric body of a human being was well established, it would be difficult for the life-principle to be in it by itself. He also realised that the solution lay not in improving the etheric body but in immortalising it. Ether is immortal but the etheric body of a human being disintegrates and joins the Akasha at the event of death. Akasha is the Para state; the Truth level; the seventh plane of existence; the Mother; Gayathri; Mulaprakrithi, primordial matter; as eternal as Consciousness.

The interaction of the Father and Mother principles causes involutions and the result is the matter we see. Every form has an etheric basis. If ether disintegrates - meaning joining the General Ether - the form disintegrates.

If the ether is kept intact in form, when man reincarnates, he can appear in almost the same form. This is how the Masters disappear in one place and reappear elsewhere. They relinquish the gross material, move in etheric form and wherever they wish to manifest, there they gather the gross material.

Master gave this method as a clue, through plenty of supply of prana.

2. “I shall see that you are no more poor”

Poverty is mostly mental. There are many rich men who are poor. They hunger and thirst more. Richness cannot be measured in terms of currency. One who does not seek for himself is the real rich man. One who does not need anything for himself is an emperor. By orienting to others' needs, one gains psychologically this step. When we are oriented in all our actions to that part which concerns our doing and when we are unmindful of the second part, viz., our remuneration, we walk more and more into the field of riches in the psychological planes and gain contentment. A contended one is the victor of the three worlds. Life remains auspicious to him. Lack of such contentment is poverty. Master's yoga promises this richness of contentment.

3. “I will neutralise your karma”

The objections of the traditional orientalists notwithstanding, Master meant what he said.

There are deep rooted tendencies in every human being. The outer events stimulate these tendencies and without our permission, they pull us out. 'Aparigraha', i.e., not accepting when not entitled to is the attitude which should replace the tendencies. Master's straight forward approach is to neutralise these tendencies. Then? No stimulation. No pulling out. No manifestation of karma.

No doubt, the man who is indebted has to pay. But, if assistance is rendered to him by a rich person to effortlessly repay the debt, the process of repaying becomes easier. The yoga path of the Master brings the necessary psychological adjustments in the sadhaka so that his complicating tendencies get weakened due to new, positive tendencies developed in him. They do not manifest anywhere, to sow seeds of karma. Further, the event need not necessarily occur on the physical plane. Many times, karma is experienced on the psychological plane, For instance, death of a family member, loss in business, estrangement etc. are experienced in the dream state. Karma is neutralised and the necessary adjustments happen in the psychological plane. Consequently, the events are not warranted on the physical plane. The Master therefore, called the yoga given by him as “Bhrikta Rahita Raja Yoga” - the Raja Yoga that neutralises the past karma, and puts the sadhaka in Raja Yoga, i.e., the Yoga of Synthesis. It is experience of the sadhakas that in one life, they cover up and neutralise much of their past conditioning and thrust forward with vigour. Unchained from the past, they rush forward and reach the state where they become helpers. A transformation from receivers of help to helpers is a wonderful happening in the lives of the sadhakas. Patients turn healers, students become teachers, dependents become dependables and servants become world servers. Such is the transformation witnessed.

4. “I shall see that your subtle or etheric body is eternally kept intact. I shall see that it does not disintegrate”

All creation is a formation with ether as the basis. Every form in creation has its etheric substance. When the etheric substance disintegrates from the form and reaches the universal pool, the material - the gross matter falls off and the form disappears. Insofar as the etheric frame remains intact and is made stable, the form remains. The Master conceived the technique to retain the etheric frame even while man's body disintegrates, so that he can return into the same form as before. This is called “Resurrection” in Western Theology. All Masters of Wisdom attain this state and therefore, frequently appear to their followers in the same form. Stabilising the etheric body is the clue to this state of being. All world scriptures speak of it. In India, this state is known as “Dharana” in Yoga, “Bhagavatha Sarira” in Bhagavata Purana, “Antah Karana Sarira” in Eastern Scriptures. “The Glorious White Robe” is what Christ refers to when he speaks of the developed etheric body. “Vajranga Sarira”, the diamond-like body is another name to it. All these refer to the immortal body of etheric substance around which the gross material body gathers. Even when the gross material disappears, the stable etheric form is capable of precipitating once again, the same form.

Hitherto, the technique needed long hours of practice. The Master made it simpler and quicker as time is opportune for such development. He called the etheric body as “the stage” and the Soul as “the statue” and stated mystically, “If the stage is stable, the statue stands forever.”

5. “I shall give you a technique of healing by which you can resurrect the dead. You can give life force to the dying or the dead”

Every Master is a healer too. But, Master CVV prepared Master Healers. Transmission of life energies has been his hand tool.

He passed it on to those who realised the one life pervading all. In his own life, he demonstrated many times the act of raising the dead to life. His disciples too did it. Even now, it is happening. The Master connected the chief life of the universe to the life force functioning in the sadhaka. Hence, at will, the life force flows through to help healing people.

He gave a discipline to those who intended becoming healers. One has to offer oneself to work for those who are suffering. As one comes across any organic form suffering, he has to attend to it within his means. A deep inclination to help the suffering is an essential pre-requisite. Our conduct in life should be to promote life and not hurt it. Harmlessness is the second pre-requisite. Offering oneself to the work of healing before one slips into sleep is the third step. Development of an external therapy to heal, so as to avoid exciting people is the fourth step. To heal and hide is the mastery of it.

Purity of the surroundings, of the physical, emotional and mental sheaths is demanded for the free flow of the healing energies. Healing for remuneration is prohibited. Seeking recognition or fame is also considered as remuneration. Triangular healing is recommended. The Master, the healer and the sick form the triangle.

6. “You shall experience simultaneous existence in all the planes”

This is the keynote of Aquarian Wisdom, the high point of human birth and the culmination of the process postulated by Master.

We see in life, people who are spiritual who often do not participate in certain fields of life such as politics, business, vocation, family etc. They escape out of these fields, as they consider them to be non-spiritual. It is the outlook and attitude that make them appear so. Those who negate normal life activity in the name of spiritualism are those who do not carry the complete understanding of the word “spirit”. Their understanding is limited. Leaving families and resigning from worldly activities, many of these spiritualists become dependants on the society, if not, parasites. They live on people, tricking the people to believe that they are holy. No man is holy unless he supports himself and supports others too. There are many holy men who are not named and styled so and there are many holy men for the name sake.

Withdrawal from responsibility is not spiritualism. On the contrary, walking into greater measure of light, by incurring and ably shouldering responsibilities of stupendous nature is the path of discipleship. The real disciples and the Masters are those who accept life and its activity totally, keep working in it and inspire every activity in which they are. At the same time, they stand free and detached. King Janaka of Mithila, Rama and Krishna, the World Teachers fully demonstrated a holistic, integrated approach to spiritual living. Even Jesus too functioned as a carpenter and did not depend upon the doles of the public. Poor are those who, in the name of spiritualism, cleverly beg.

Spirituality is a way of life and not a vocation. It is the under-current of all life activity. A right understanding of the omnipresence of the Spirit enables man to realise that there is no escape from the Spirit and that withdrawal and resignation from life situations is childish.

7. “Whoever submits to Me, I shall make him as I AM and he shall continue to serve humanity”

Submitting to the ONE in all, by perceiving the ONE in all walks of life, transforms man slowly and gradually to function as a Soul. As he learns to function as a Soul, he only sees the Soul around. He does not find 'others' but only 'brothers'. Service therefore, becomes a natural happening. As one serves oneself, he serves the all pervading Self, without any feeling of service, for, all feeling about service is glamour. It is a show-work contrary to social work.

Master and the Planets

“I Have Come Down To Rectify This Planet And Also The Planets Saturn And Venus”

Many were astounded by this statement of Master. People with overcritical nature dismissed it as a fantasy of a crazy man.

But they forgot that he was not a man but a great Master and was born so. His birth here was a visitation from the eighth plane which is beyond the seven planes. In short, it is called NARAYANA CENTRE, in the Eastern Scriptures.

For one coming from such an abode, what is not possible? What can limit him? How can Planets bind him?

“Be careful in details and procedures”, advised the Master. This is Saturnian training. A man who is not good in details will be let down by his own lack of expertise.

In fact, Planets do not bind anyone unduly by themselves. Only those who do not have a normal and natural way of life are bound by the Planetary movements. The role of a Planet is similar to that of a servant in the house. The child in the house depends on him heavily. Its movements are restricted by him. Or, it can move only as moved or directed by him. But, the servant serves the child alright.

The child grows into a young man and is better developed. His movements are not restricted by the servant anymore. The young man knows the servant's capabilities and limitations and interacts with him suitably. The servant does not attend on the young man as much as he did when he was a child. But, he serves him alright.

The young man grows old and ultimately becomes the master of the house. The servant interacts with the master cautiously and he is always careful that he does not, in any way, cause inconvenience to the master. His movements depend on the need and directions of the master. He is totally subservient to him. He depends on the master totally. But, he serves him alright.

Likewise, the Planets direct the movements of a person who does not have a hold over himself. They co-operate with a disciple who is in the spiritual path. They await the instructions of a Master. In all these three stages, they serve.

Hence, no Planet has any notion to inconvenience anyone. There is light on our earth, not only due to the Sun. There is an admixture coming from Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Consciousness is awakened by Sun; the mind is represented by Moon; drive and force come from Mars; the higher mind is represented by Mercury; Jupiter depicts fulfilment; Venus provides us with the ability to recognise and experience beauty and Saturn teaches us to overcome limitations.

Master found that energies coming forth from these Planets needed to be stepped up in a harmonious fashion and the receptivity of the Earth had to be enhanced. Master proposed to bring in the required rectifications. For this purpose, he used to send into trance his wife Venkamma frequently. Even he used to go into trance and would return to his physical body after two or three days. On return, he used to drink five to six litres of buttermilk!

When people enquired as to what was he doing during the trance, he would tell them, “The energies coming from Saturn and Venus are not very harmonious. I was telephoning to them, making long distance calls.”

People asked, “Are you mad?”

Master said, “Yes, it is a kind of madness. I work with the Planets through telephone and while I am on Earth, they work with me through telegraph. They are sluggish and they need to be stimulated. I have come to set right Saturn and remove its bad reputation. I will also set right a few aspects of Venus.” He also stated that he would leave the body while working with Venus and did so accordingly.

Master and Saturn

Till we learn to function from the level of the Soul, whatever we do will be according to the blend of the three qualities in us. This blend assumes the dimension of traits and forms an individual as behavioural pattern. Obviously, it varies from man to man. When we mistake the splendour or diversity for a confusing difference, we get into conflict. It breeds scores of concretised notions such as dislike. When we allow ourselves to be bound by them we are constrained. This is called limitation.

This limitation in us is the aspect of Saturn. The limitations which we suffer from are gradually broken, by invoking the energies of Master.

To many disciples, Master himself was Saturn! The method of Master was such that whoever took initiation from him, used to face difficulties, as if they were rushing towards them. This is because he wanted the disciples to face the limitations and overcome them. Only after overcoming limitations, the disciple becomes fit to work with the Energies of Synthesis. If any follower of Master CVV entertains in him dislikes towards persons, things or situations, all of them would rush towards him cumulatively. The Master will however give the energy from within to neutralise such dislikes, provided the disciple is a willing worker.

Master made it clear that this is the necessary preliminary step when he works through Saturn. If one does not mind such initial inconveniences and stays with him for 10 years, he would work through Jupiter then. Therefore, Master's first impulse is Saturnian and his second, Jupiterian.

It means that he is prepared to bestow the expansion and fulfilment of Jupiter and then the experience of life to those who are willing to take up dislikes, shed weakness and become strong. The very picture of Master is that of strength, fulfilment and ease.


Saturn is exceedingly potent in connection with initiation into the life of discipleship. Saturnian energies when rightly understood and employed releases man from form-control and liberates him into individual Consciousness.

Saturn is the Lord of past karma. He imposes retribution as he transits. He demands repayment of past debts and rectification of past mistakes. Man condemns himself through his limitation and that is Saturn To overcome limitation, one has to work with patience. Patience is the key word of Saturn. Procedure is another key word. Detail is the third key. If one follows the procedure in detail with patience in relation to any of his acts, Saturn releases, meaning he releases himself from his own self-conditioning.

The fall of man is indicated often in the scriptures as the fall of Saturn. Likewise, the rise of Saturn indicates the rise of man from individual karma. Working with Saturn is therefore fulfilling the deficiencies. The Master therefore says he came to rectify Saturn.

During its 30 years cycle Saturn transits Moon and Ascendant. It conjuncts, squares and opposes in periods of seven years. As a consequence it brings about through time inner changes. Whenever Saturn touches, great moments of crisis emerge which are unavoidable. When man faces the crisis with patience and understanding, the moments of crisis afford opportunity to overcome limitations. Saturn thus predominantly pushes the man to learn and to rectify. It helps liberating man from his self-imposed conditioning.

Christ was born under Capricorn, fulfilled the law of Saturn (the Lord of Capricorn) and inaugurated the era of brotherhood under the influence of Venus. Master CVV too speaks mystically of concluding the role of Saturn in aspirants quickly and recruiting them into the influence of Venus.

The role of Saturn in conducting the First Ray energies to our system from Great Bear cannot be ignored. The breaking up of limitations in our system - individual and planetary - is conducted through certain initiation worked out upon Saturn which the Master refers to as rectification Saturn.

“Saturn is the planet of Discipleship,” says Master DK. It is so well proved in the lives of those who function with Master CVV. The latter enters into the lives of the aspirants, when the aspirant is passing through a Saturnian-cycle. That is while Saturn is transiting the Sun, the Moon or the Ascendant. Master CVV affords an opportunity for liberation when man is saddled with objective life crisis. He affords the opportunity to the aspirant and to the Hierarchy too. He presents disciples to the Hierarchy. He turns aspirants into disciples, intelligently using the Saturnian energy. Master CVV thus established a system by which inter-related crisis of Humanity and Hierarchy is solved at once, enabling free flow of energies from Shamballa. This in turn enables alignment of Humanity to the purpose of the Planet.

Saturn is the Ruler of Capricorn, is exalted in Libra and is also the Ruler of a decanate of Aquarius. Saturn's passage through Libra brings about changes. Saturn's passage in recent years witnessed many changes in Europe. Saturn's transit through the decanate in Aquarius towards the last seven years of this century inaugurated sea-change in human values, which will be worked out in detail by Uranus as he transits Aquarius. The job is complete when Neptune transits Aquarius.

Saturn and our Planet Earth are governed by Third Ray i.e., Intelligent Activity and the former took up the responsibility to discipline our Planet and the Planetary beings and to hand over the charge thereafter to Venus.

The Master says “when obstructions are removed, the vision can be perceived.”


Master CVV was born in the constellation Dhanishta i.e., when Moon was in that constellation. Dhanishta forms the last decanate of Aquarius and the first on the reversed wheel. The power of Planet Venus has a dominant influence through this decanate of Aquarius. Venus is the Planet that gave individual Consciousness to man upon Earth. Now the working of Venus is raised to give individual group Consciousness. An initiation to humanity indeed! Self-conscious realisation gives way for group-realisation. The former functions in subordination to the latter, which is Consciousness of group responsibility. It is group individualism in contrast to individualism. That is, the Consciousness expands from individual to group.

Master CVV conducted the Energies of Synthesis even unto Planet Venus, to enable human mind perceive higher awareness. This he did for, Venus, is responsible for carrying the mind to Earth chain.

Venus is Earth's alter ego and is closely linked to humanity. The human's experience of life through mind is the functioning of Venus. Prior to experience of crisis and conflicts man remains bound to form. The Soul is in captivity of form. Through experience man realises the basic duality. This happens through series of lives. The duality is realised as two relatively opposing lives are bound together - the Soul and the body. The Soul has the quality to soar high. The body has the quality to anchor to Earth. The function of Venus, with the help of Pluto is “to cut the thread that binds the two and reunite them with no binding thread.” It is being together without being bound. This is an initiation happening in mind. Master CVV subtly conducted this initiation to the Planet and the Planetary beings, via Venus.

When we say that Venus is the 'alter ego' of our Earth, we mean that Venus is the higher self of our Earth. What the higher self is to man, Venus is to Earth. Master DK spoke much through HPB and AAB in the sacred works “Secret Doctrine” and “Esoteric Astrology” about Venus and its role vis-a-vis Earth. Venus enables a wider grasp of Nature's beauty and its wonderful synthesis.

Venus as Man's abode is more permanent than Earth. Just like Soul is more permanent abode to spirit, while body is not so for the Soul. Those who live as Souls experience the beauty of the Nature in total harmony, unattached to the form-side. Beauty without form is their State of Experience.

This State of Experience is brought down to Earth under the Law and is not a fortunate event as guillibly comprehended. It is a scientific work conducted by the Hierarchies not yet known to Man.

Master CVV is a representative of such sublime Hierarchies (of Sirius, Agastya, Varuna etc). The purpose of bringing down to Earth the beauty and experience of Harmony (the Quality of Venus) is to raise the Planetary mind to higher realms. The descent is to help the ascent. The higher mind (of Venus) descends to lift up the lower mind (of Earth). The Soul descends via higher mind upto the lower self to give the glimpse of bliss and beauty of higher existence. The process planned is the process of building Antahkarana.

The Hierarchy

“Know The Subtle Network And Get Into The Work”

Our Planet is chiefly governed by two Hierarchies among others. They function simultaneously in every system. Upon the Planet, they have their abode or Ashram in Himalayas and Blue Mountains respectively and they work in coordination from there.

At the Planetary level, Jupiter functions through the Himalayan Hierarchy and Saturn, in coordination with Uranus through Blue Mountains.

At the Solar level, through Neptune to Himalayas and from Pluto to Blue Mountains the energies are received.

At a level higher to Neptune, (for Himalayan) the energy is called Indra, the king of celestials. In that plane, its corresponding energy is called Yama (for the Blue Mountains).

At the Supra Cosmic Plane, Himalayan Hierarchy is called as Vasishta and Blue Mountain Hierarchy as Agastya.

And, at the plane higher to this, the one centre from where these two energies descend is called “Aswins” or the twin Gods. They are the “Not untrue Beings”.

See the chart.

It is one manifesting as two and the two interacting with each other, making various systems. Their work is so closely intertwined, like life and form that it is difficult to decipher their interaction.

The Aswins preside over the Law of Alternation relating to the creation. Day-night, inhalation-exhalation, involution-evolution, matter-spirit, matter-spritualising, spirit-materialising all these and many such pairs are presided over by them.

The whole activity of the ascent and descent of waters of life is carried out by Aswins through their two wings. They are thus called the “Great Bird with two big wings”; One does not exist without the other. So, the question of who is greater does not arise.

This equally applies to the two Hierarchies also. They work according to the need. It may only be said that the Hierarchy of Agastya works with the activity of building the forms for fresh creation. The Hierarchy of Vasishta carries out the activity relating to the unfoldment of Consciousness and evolution of beings on the Planet which involves long duration.

Agastya works to materialise/or step down the spirit in a fresh manner. He rebuilds or rectifies the existing form so that the spirit or Consciousness descends to be better experienced. Vasishta keeps working out the evolution. He works with the energies of love and understanding. If some rectification is required to the structure-be it of the Solar System or the Planet or the human structure or the structures built by humans-the Ashram of Agastya plunges into action. Their job is to conceive better models so that the experiencing of the spirit becomes possible.

It is in this context that the role of Master CVV, from the Ashram of Agastya, must be studied.

* * *

Hierarchies and evolution of man

We saw that the Hierarchies exist in the Cosmic, Solar and Planetary planes. It is interesting to see as to how they function in man for his evolution. We have seen that one energy takes two divergent routes. One route develops the mineral, plant and animal and human forms through the process of successive evolution. Through the other route, the energy once again joins in man.

Man is considered to be the culmination of the centripetal and the centrifugal forces, i.e., that which comes from above and below, meet in him. Hence, he is the culmination point in creation where the two divergent energies meet once again.

In man, the lower and the higher meet. The life and form meet in their best blend. He is divine. He is also animal. They join together to make a third one called man. It is like father and mother coming together to give birth to the son. As the son is the product of the parents, man is the final outcome of the spirit and the matter. This is why man is the complete creation. The sacred book therefore says, ” God made man in his own image and likeness “.

Certain centres in him makes the form. Certain other centres keep the divinity in him. Man is the product of the activity of all these centres. That is why - if he is properly aligned - he is considered to the greater than the Devas. There is nothing that he cannot do because he is the image of God himself. Devas cannot work on the physical plane. They can do so only through someone who is on the physical plane. And, animals cannot work on the spiritual plane. Only man can work on material plane and spiritual planes as well. The grandeur of man is that he can exist in all planes.

The duty of the spiritualist is to draw energies from the higher centres and work them through the lower centres. But we are so much stuck with the lower centres. This is because our form is evolved through a long journey from the mineral to the plant, the plant to the animal and the animal to human. Identity with form causes the stuck up. Identity with self causes the release. Identifying with self and indenting the form for work is the masterly approach.

Now, the centres are:

7. Sahasrara - Top of the head
6. Ajna - Brow centre
5. Visuddhi - Throat centre
4. Anahata - Heart centre
3. Manipuraka - Navel centre
2. Swadishtana - Sacral centre
1. Muladhara - Base centre

Muladhara, Swadishtana and Manipuraka are the lower centres.

The heart, the brow centre and the head are the higher centre. The throat is the linking centre.

It is not as if the lower centres are bad. They are meant for objectivity. We find that people become impractical in the name of spiritualism due to their over-emphasis on the higher centres. Both the higher and the lower centres are equally important.

They are the two triangles. They meet like this:

In us, the lower centres are formed through evolution. The higher centres come from the divine plane itself, by descent. They represent Love, Light and Will. Evolution in man becomes complete only when the lower centres respond to the higher centres.

The two Hierarchies, which we discussed earlier, represent these two triangles. Vasishta governs the higher triangle and Agastya the ower triangle. The normal method of working of the Hierarchy in this context is invoking energies from the higher centre - energies of Love, Light and Will. The other way is to re-organise the lower triangle itself.

Agastya is at the base centre and Vasishta at the brow centre. Agastya stimulates Kundalini, the mother (the force aspect) energy remaining static in us, only when necessary. In this Aquarian Age, he is the one who will give a tremendous push to enable the Kundalini to rise to the heart centre. This means the waters of the solar plexus will evaporate and the energy will be absorbed into the heart centre which corresponds to air - the predominant element of the Aquarian Age.

Now Master CVV comes from the Ashram of Agastya and was born under the Sun sign Leo and Moon sign Aquarius. The Himalayan Hierarchy is representative of Leo and Agastya, of Aquarius. Master CVV came down for the specific purpose of giving a push to the evolutionary plan. When we utter 'CVV', we are working out in both ways. This is working from the above-through brow, the throat and the heart centres. When 'CVV' is uttered, the energy of Agastya will be working from below upwards. The Kundalini energy becomes dynamic and rises from the base centre upto the brow centre. Each time it goes up, in 15 minutes, it does cleansing and clearing work and as a result we have a path built in. It bridges the gap between the higher and lower centres. It enables free flow of energies from above downwards and from below upwards.

By invoking Master CVV, evolution quickens. Personality changes quickly. The fruits of our past actions surface. We face them with enough stability within. All through, we are well protected and guided. What we normally experience in 10 years, we experience in one year. Ten lives are lived in one life. In short, there will be intense exposure to too many events, to experience expansion of Consciousness. Only through such exposure to events, the Soul gains the field, the kingdom, the body with much poise.

The Aquarian Age

“Man Will Not Die, Hunger Will Be No More”.

The Aquarian Age commenced, coinciding with the Coronation of Queen Victoria and will last 2160 years. Its beginning saw humanity preparing to receive the energies relating to air and space. We are at the threshold.

There was a time when conquest of land was synonymous with greatness. This was the hour of the Alexanders and the Napoleons. This was followed by a conspicuous spurt in navigation between countries. Conquering distant lands by crossing the great oceans was considered as the greatest deed then. Among the countries which pursued this massive personality trait, Great Britain was significant. It attained the name as 'unquestionable mistress of the sea' and mastered the conquering act to perfection through colonisation.

Water stands for, among other things, emotion. Pure waters of life denote pure emotion. There is no progress in evolution without transcending emotion. Water was the chief element of the previous age, the Piscean Age. The next stage to water is air-the element of Aquarian Age, through the fire. Fire stands for transformation. The muddy emotional waters need to be boiled and steamed up through fire to collect the pure waters of the sky, represented by the Aquarian symbol.

Victoria was the first queen who recognised the futility of conquering land and wanted to put a stop to it. The expansionist quality of the human beings received a break through her.

In this context, the years 1900 to 1910 were significant. It was during this year that the Planet received certain special energies. It was the period of the Comet. Comet is a fiery body and all such fiery bodies emanate from a cosmic centre with a purpose, a purpose known to the advanced initiates. There is a whirlpool of cosmic fire. In this centre, there are circling whirls. When they reach the outer circle, the splinters of the cosmic fire go about in various directions in space. It is these splinters that form into the Sun globe and each Sun globe forms its own solar system in due course of time. The Comets also come from the same centre. They do not form into globes and systems. They move around in the Solar System according to a pattern which is yet to be understood.

The tail of the Haley's Comet touched our Planet in 1910. Master CVV, the Aquarian Master, received the energies, staying in Kumbakonam. Konam stands for angle and Kumbha stands for the Aquarian symbol i.e., the water pot. The pot carries waters of life that descend from above. He distributed these waters of life (energies) into the plant kingdom first so that the animals and humans will, slowly get acquainted with them, as they use plant as their food.

The visit of the Comet ushered in the advent of air travel and the Wright Brothers invented the aeroplane around 1910. It also sowed seeds for release of life from matter and for inter-planetary travel.

To be light in weight became the keynote of the Age. This was greatly perceived in the metals that we use. Aluminium, alloys, plastic and glass replaced bronze, brass and iron!

The feeling, 'small is beautiful' spread. Housing has undergone a revolution. Small flats built with light materials have replaced the palatial mansions of heavy stone.

The clothing is also changed in its fabric. The food that we get is much lighter than to what our ancestors ate. People have started to tend towards vegetarianism noticeably. Man will eat less in future and his body will become lighter. As Aquarian energy touched the plant kingdom, each time man eats, he is consuming the Aquarian energy. This is not the first Aquarian Age and this will not be the last either, on the Planet.

During the previous Aquarian Age also, humanity knew how to fly. Not only in aeroplanes. People were simply flying! It will happen again. Master has said that man will fly in air in the 21st Century. The concept of superman will become a reality.

The Aquarian energy is working on the emotional and mental levels of man also. Though differences still exist, acceptance of humanity as one kingdom and of one life on the Planet is also emerging. Master stated that the energies have a specific plan of synthesising the human understanding. He declared that there would be no barriers of creeds, of religions, of nations and of continents and that the concept of barrier will be broken to pieces. The fall of the Berlin Wall and of the Iron Curtain, the sweeping changes in Eastern Europe and the emergence of European Economic Community are also events in this direction.

The new energy will not destroy the good in the old but will remove all that is not useful for us. It works to converge all into one life. Those who are already inclined towards such oneness tune up to the synthesis of life. Those who are not or those who resist are put through the painful process of breaking.” Bend or Break“ is the keynote of this energy. By the time we get into the 21st century, this energy would have got rid of the negative energies which humanity carried for centuries. For centuries people were entertaining the concept of greatness. It is being convincingly replaced by the concept of goodness.

Much is being done to make man light in all his three bodies-physical, mental and emotional-and develop the body of ether, which is an aspect of Aquarian Age. The etheric body is developed through the process of realising oneness in life, through service. Then, man will overcome death. He will continue to live in the etheric and can take gross physical bodies at will and also dissolve them at will.

To build lighter bodies on the Planet is one object of the Energy of Synthesis and all life is being transformed towards this goal. Those who are not willing for such transformation are put through Saturn which gives the first discipline, Uranus which gives the second and Pluto which gives the third discipline. With that, the process of change through bending or breaking will be complete.

The most important aspect of all this work is to see that there is no death on this Planet. In this light, let us recollect the advertisement in THE HINDU, given by Master CVV, who received the Energies of Synthesis into him:


Master said the energies will work on the Planet in four rounds of 60 years each, beginning from the year when he was born.

Global Events

This is only suggestive of the impact the Energy of Synthesis made as it visited the Planet and need not be taken as an exhaustive list.

1867 - 1926

1869Opening of the Suez Canal
1877Queen Victoria proclaimed Empress of India
1886Republic of Colombia
1894Japan declares war on China
1901Australian Commonwealth proclaimed
1904Russo - Japanese war begins
1905Russo - Japanese war ends
1907World Scout Movement formed
1912China becomes a republic
1914Outbreak of First World War
1917Russian Revolution
Balfour Declaration
1918End of First World War
German Republic proclaimed
1919Treaty of Versailles signed
The International Labour Organisation formed
Red Cross formed
1920League of Nations established
1923Turkish Republic proclaimed
1926The Commonwealth of Nations formed

1927 - 1987

1932The International Telecommunication Union formed
1939Outbreak of Second World War
Independence of Guatemala
1945End of Second World War
The United Nations,
The Food and Agricultural Organisation,
The International Monetary Fund,
The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation, and
The International Air Transport Association formed
1946UN Assembly First Session
The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and
The United Nations Children's Fund formed
1947Independence of India
Independence of Pakistan
1948Birth of Israel
Independence of Ceylon
The General Agreement on Tarrifs and Trade Signed
The Universal Postal Union formed
The World Health Organisation formed
1949People's Republic of China proclaimed
The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation formed
Independence of Indonesia
German Democratic Republic and Federal Republic of Germany formed.
1951Independence of Libya
1952United Arab Republic formed
1954The South East Asia Treaty Organisation formed
1955The Warsaw Pact signed
1957The International Atomic Energy Agency formed
European Economic Community formed
1959Cuban revolution
The Central Treaty Organisation formed
1960Independence of Cameroon
Independence of Chad
Independence of Cyprus
Ghana becomes a republic
Vietnam War
1961South Africa becomes a republic
Conference of Non-aligned nations
1962The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries formed
Algeria becomes a republic
China attacks India
The Cuban Crisis
Eight Planetary conjunction
1963The Organisation of African Unity formed
Independence of Nigeria
1964The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development comes into being
The Group of 77 formed
1966The Asian Development Bank formed
1967Arab - Israel War
1968Invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union
1970Tidal Waves in East Pakistan
1971Independence of Bangladesh
Independence of Bahrain
1973Britain joins European Common Market
1975Independence of Angola
Laos becomes a republic
End of Vietnam War
1979Iran revolution
1980Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan
Iran - Iraq War
1982South - South Conference
Argentina invades Falklands
Britain recaptures Falklands
Nine Planets aligned on the one side of the Sun.
1984Ethiopian famine
Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Since 1987

1988End of Iran - Iraq War
Armenia earthquake
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
1989Soviet pull-out from Afghanistan
Tiananmen Square (Beijing) Massacre
Romania, Czechoslovakia, Poland, East Germany and Hungary end Communist rule.
Berlin Wall Broken
1990Iran earthquake
German Reunification
End of Communist rule in Soviet Russia
Iraq invasion of Kuwait
G.15 formed
1991Disintegration of U.S.S.R.
Liberation of Kuwait
End of Gulf War
Warsaw Pact disbanded
Bangaladesh cyclone
1992End of Cold War
White South Africans vote against apartheid
Russia and other Soviet republics join IMF and World BankRussia and other Soviet republics join IMF and World Bank
Earth Summit - Rio de Janeiro
Somalia famine and World aid.

Scientific Events

1897 - 1926

1869Periodic Table of Elements
1872Founding of Bacteriology
1875Treaty of the Metre
1877iscovery of Cholera,
T.B., germs
1879Electric lamp carbon filament
1882First Hydel Plant
1884Discovery of phagocytes - White Corpuscles that fight infection
Set Theory in Mathematics
1887Gasoline Automobile
1892Colour Photograph
1894Adrenaline the first hormone to be discovered
1895Wireless Telegraphy
1897Diesel Engine
1899Tape Recorder
1900The Quantum hypothesis
1901Transmission of Electro-Magnetic Waves across the Atlantic
1903The first flight
1905Annihilation of matter and conversion into energy
Special theory of Relativity
1911Super Conductivity
1912Discovery of Vitamins
1913Specific-orbits model of the atom/Niels Bohr
1914Stainless Steel
1915The General Theory of Relativity
1919Atom Spliting
1922Insulin for diabetic therapy
1924Wave Mechanics/Atomic Theory
1926Conditioned Reflexes/Biology
Quantum Mechanics/Atomic Theory

1927 - 1987

1927Talking Movie
1928Discovery of Penicillin
1929Rocket Engine
1930Jet Engine
1931Radio Telescope
Nuclear Fission of Uranium
1939Electron Microscope
1940Colour Television
1942First Nuclear Reactor
1944DNA as genetic material
1945Nuclear Fission bomb
1946Electronic Computer
1947Carbon-14 dating
Supersonic flight
Long Playing Records
1952Nuclear Fusion bomb
1953Structure of the DNA
Heart-Lung Machine
1954Kidney Transplant
Oral Contraceptives
1957Man-Made Satellite in Orbit
1960Weather Satellites
1961Human beings in Space
1962Communication Satellites
1965Space Walk
1967Heart - Transplant
1969Man on the moon
1975Discovery of AIDS Virus
1975Synthetic gene
1978Test-tube baby

Spiritual Events

1867 - 1926

1872Birth of Sri Aurobindo
1875The Theosophical Society formed
1879Birth of Bhagawan Ramana
1883Birth of Khalil Gibran
1888The Secret Doctrine
1893Birth of Paramahamsa Yogananda
Swami Vivekananda's Chicago address
1895Birth of J. Krishnamoorthy
1896Birth of Swami Prabupada
1909The Ramakrishna Mutt formed
1917Birth of Mahesh Yogi
1918Birth of U.G. Krishnamoorthy
1919The Dawn of New Age Wisdom through Master DK / AAB.
The Luci's Trust formed
1920Paramahamsa Yogananda's visit to America
1926Birth of E. Krishnamacharya
Birth of Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Advent of The Prophet

1927 - 1987

1931Birth of Rajnesh
1966International Society for Krishna Consciousness formed
1971The World Teacher Trust formed
1972Master EK's visit to Europe

The Avatar of Synthesis

“Chief Life”

The work of any Avatar is to illumine the Planet as a whole. He does not come down for the sake of humans only. When a great one descends, the mineral, the plant and the animal are also thrilled. So too are the human beings. The thrill is because of receiving a new energy, a fresh impetus! An Avatar, in its full sense, is the descent of the ORIGINAL from the origin. The descent will be complete only when the energy is successfully distributed among all the kingdoms of Nature. To make this possible, the ORIGINAL comes down into the human form via a great soul. He accommodates the energy, works with it adequately and distributes it appropriately. More often the ORIGINAL chooses the human form for the purpose. This descent into human-role by the energy is also to drive home the lesson to the human beings that simultaneous existence in all planes is possible only to man in entire creation. Hence, the accommodation of the energy into a physical form by an Avatar is a veritable demonstration of this great possibility, which is the goal of human existence.

In this Aquarian Age, the Kumbha Yuga, the energy that descended is synthesis. The descender who accommodated it in human form is called Master CVV.

It would be interesting to briefly recall the manner in which the Master received and distributed the Energy of Synthesis:

  • His living as a human being, leading a complete life, full of splendour.
  • His preparations and experiments with the sound and wisdom in the background.
  • His receiving the energy when the tail of the Haley's Comet swished into him at Kumbakonam, as arranged.
  • His experiments in accommodating the energy.
  • His distribution to the mineral and plant kingdoms first, to enable animals and humans to get accustomed easily.
  • His identifying the problem in the human design which did not permit him to go up to Ajna and to Sahasrara on his own and the improbability of the pineal descending into the personality of man. His subsequent effort to correct the model - 'Pituitary hint' and 'Higher bridge beginning'.
  • His work with the planets, especially rectifications in Saturn and Venus.
  • His promises, mainly the eradication of death and hunger.

Whatever is being witnessed on this Planet since 1868 is a sequence of successive rapid happenings. They are happening too quickly to be noticed closely, not to speak of recording them. Every moment is historic.

Master called this great energy he received as 'CHIEF LIFE'. The central part of the energy was transmitted to the Himalayas. The Hierarchy received it by forming themselves into two triangles. One is the directional triangle. The second is the New Age Teaching triangle.

This is according to ancient laws. The nucleus is formed with six points with the seventh one in the centre. This is how groups are also supposed to be formed on Earth. Such well-formed groups stay together and spread the work.

Thus well-formed, Master's energy started flowing into humans through the Great Ones with greater ease. Curious people wanted to know to which ray and colour the Master belonged. What is the colour of the Sun - the source of all colours? It is improbable to frame the Master. Such curiosity is an exercise in futility. It is necessary to remember that the Energy of Synthesis contains all rays and colours and sounds. Being their basis, it can stimulate them individually or collectively according to the need.

It is interesting to note that Master Djwalkul talks of this energy through Alice A. Bailey, in one of the books “Initiation - Human and Solar”. In all the books Master Djwalkul dictated to Alice A. Bailey, he refers to this energy, its related concept of immortality, etheric body, death, sound etc.

Master's “Yoga of physical immortality” has not yet been understood properly. Physical is not merely the gross physical body that we know. Even light is physical - a super fine matter. What Master meant of the immortal physical was that the basis of all forms is ether and that the human beings will develop with ease etheric bodies and that there will be a continuity of life and purpose. It is so with the initiates now and it will be so with a large section of humans tomorrow.

To spread the energy, Master wanted to prepare 1000 mediums for the “despatch work”. He said that he would multiply in geometrical progression incredibly quickly in that, within two steps there would be a million mediums. Consequent upon this there is the dawn of the New Age Groups in Europe and America, preparing for initiation into discipleship.

“You will cross the borders”, said the Master. He meant the breaking of the self-imposed barriers, the most important aspect of which is the receding of individual consciousness and the emergence of group Consciousness. He was the epitome of his advice. He advocated and demonstrated group Consciousness.

To raise us into such group Consciousness, he wanted us to invoke his energy through the sound potency CVV given by him. As we know, he referred to the energy he received as “THE MASTER” and considered himself only as ITS medium. The initial mantra given by him after receiving the energy was “NAMASKARAMS MASTER”. A year before he left the body, as announced, “THE MASTER” directed him to add “CVV” to the mantra.

Mantra is a sound formula.

Yantra is a symbol containing the formula.

Tantra is the scientific process of applying sound upon symbol.

Hence, the Mantra is “CVV”, Yantra is our being and Tantra is invoking, as stipulated by Master. Doing it at the appointed hour makes it Kala Chakra Tantra, the most effective of Tantras.

Master said, “It would take at least 240 years from the year of my birth, for you to understand a little of my work”. That would be 2108 AD.

The energy that descended is called 'MASTER'. Master CVV is the medium or vehicle of the energy. The term coined by Master DK to the energy is Avatar of Synthesis. The Avatar of Synthesis having descended via Sirius, Leo-Aquarius axis in Kumbakonam (the Aquarian Angle) through the Aquarian Master of Nilgiri Hills, spreads itself through the Hierarchy of Masters who form the inner-government of the world and function with Himalayas as its headquarters.

The visit of the Synthesis Energy results in cohesion, union and fusion. The ignorance of human selfishness and separatedness gets gradually dispelled through right understanding and action.

The human activity on the Planet reached its climax. The high drama of selfish propaganda, sectarian attitudes, the vehement projection by religions of their hopelessly fragmented truths, the national pride and prejudice, racism, the strong and wealthy exploiting the weak and the innocent, called forth the descent.

The Work Involved

To realise synthesis, a stupendous work is involved for which the Hierarchy with its army of disciples graduated to spread the energy among the Fourth Kingdom - the human Kingdom. Vehicles needed to be prepared. The other name used for the vehicles is “Mediums”, by Master CVV. Yet other name coined by Master DK is “New Group of World Servers”. The vehicles, the Mediums, the New Group of World Servers needed to be prepared at three levels namely, the mental, the emotional and the physical. These mediums demonstrate through their lives loving understanding, for a demonstration is a better example to follow than the Scripture. The mediums, through their life improve human receptivity to that which is Good, Beautiful and True. They work to gradually eliminate blind impulse and replace it by considered thought. Superstitions, emotional fancies, hallucinations are tactfully replaced by intelligent understanding. The work of the mediums, in short, involves preparation of groups, who intelligently implement the laws of Nature in their lives, with a synthetic approach.

Humanity is being educated of the contriving attitude of the totalitarian powers, who hold people like vampires, through their doctrines, beliefs and slogans. The humanity is also being educated of the weaknesses of the various political ideologies, which are tainted by selfishness. Posing as protectors, many ideologies hook people, races and nations. This clever game gets exposed, paving way for democracy in its spirit.

New groups of intelligent workers are being prepared rapidly in all fields such as economics, politics, defence, science, religion, administration, business, arts. These groups positively respond to every system and yet do not belong to any sect, cult, race etc. They tend to stand beyond the age-old barriers and yet function through them. They are the practical spiritualists in contrast to the emotional religionists.

The Avatar of Synthesis functions through the Hierarchy of the Masters. The Masters work through their disciples. The disciples function to adjust and rectify human activity in its psychological, emotional and physical layers. The upsurge of spiritual activity towards the last quarter of this century is as a result of long years of silent work of the Hierarchy and the disciples.

In recent years an Ashram of the Masters is actively working upon the policies of the Governments, off-setting wrong approaches and preserving unity and freedom. This Ashram primarily works with 'Will'-the First Ray.

Another Ashram (of Second Ray - Love, Wisdom, Teaching) is actively engaged in teaching intelligent action, co-ordination of all good-work, wise understanding and judgement, adaptation to changing scenario. The Ashram is fast preparing humanity to reach the platform of Synthesis. The former Ashram is working at National level, while the latter, at the groups level. It is the functioning of Will and Love together.

The Energy of Synthesis is neither Will nor Love as we understand these terms. It is both and is understood as the “Principle of Directed Purpose.” When the Energy is realised it enables:

  1. Understanding of the Plan - Planetary as also of the Human race.
  2. Gaining of focused attention.
  3. Directing energies to synthesise.
  4. Realising the One Humanity, One World (of five kingdoms) and One Life.

The Mediums

Hierarchy is the medium to the energy, the head of the Hierarchy being Lord Maitreya, who is known as Christ, as Maitreya, Buddha and as Iman Mehindi. The two triangles, (the directional and the teaching) described earlier are the channels. The disciples are the effective mediums. HPB, AAB, MN, EK and a host of others functioned ably in relation to the work. Master DK the Net Worker, the Superman is at full work.

The Avatar descended. The work inaugurated and it is for the open minded to grasp, pickup and synthesise.

An Avatar has been received but the understanding is still awaited! It would be advisable for all of us to invoke the energy, work with the given wisdom and thereby utilise this wonderful opportunity of quickening the process. For, it would take 25,920 years for the Aquarian Age to dawn again!

Life - A Joyful Journey

“Only The River That Joins The Sea Is Called A Sacred River”

Water descends from above, like a blessing, like a boon on its way. Tiny streams appear, like a sudden awakening of a purpose. They sense their companions through their source memory. Streams gather and commune. A river is born, out of cause. It has a purpose which decides its course. All rivers are from the same source. It is up to the river to find its way to the sea. Living becomes sacred only by reaching the goal. Rise and fall it may. The course alters, the route meanders. A thousand events may criss-cross its path. But yet, it has to find the sea; it should never stop and stagnate.

Life should flow, freely and fully.

Existence. It has a thousand names. Master is one such name. Name is an obstruction. It is, a revelation too. If existence remains on the back-ground always, if the explanation is in tune with existence and if the awareness of existence continues, the words do not become mean. If the awareness is disconnected from existence, we are lost in words. Words aplenty. Language galore. But it is one sound that manifests in myriad fashions. It is ever the same.

This is the Synthesis of Sound that Master gave us; the Synthesis of Existence that he wanted us to abide in. When existence is recollected and retained - we speak, work and sleep in its awareness. Thus, one continuous existence is experienced in everything.

“We live, we move and have our being in HIM”, said Jesus, the Christ.

It is one life that proposes to diversify and cause analysis. It is the same life that proposes unity and regain in synthesis. The proposal is not ours. Never. There is always analysis, only to be synthesised. That is the way the eternal law works. Hence, it is a game that concludes after a point. Not for everyone! Some begin, some are midway and some conclude. So, life is one massive interaction between those who try to diversify through analysis and those who try to unify through synthesis.

Wisdom is finding that it is all one activity which is apparently diverse but is the same in the background. The different states like the disciple and the Master are akin to the different states of butter. Butter remains in milk. Milk is churned to bring it out. Churning is a process which is not stopped till milk gives up butter. There is no alternative. If it is stopped midway, the butter-to-be once again becomes the milk it was. The disciple is in the semi-milk, semi-butter stage. Not minding the conflict, the churning should continue. Ultimately, when the butter emerges fully formed, it floats in milk. It is no more dissolved in milk. This is the state of a Master.

Life is a journey and all are travellers. Some are ahead, some trail behind but the journey is on, equally for all.

By living in expectation of the stations and the destination, we miss the travel. We do not experience it fully.

While on a journey, it is advisable to enjoy the travel. Interact with the fellow travellers lovingly. Observe nature which always lays a feast before us - the flowers, the colours, the trees, the shapes, the space, the horizon.

If it is remembered that there are small travels in one big travel, we will do well to keep away from obsessions. It is pre-occupation which leads to boredom.

Some remain silent, some go to sleep, some argue in the name of discussion and some pick up a book. But, none of them experience the travel fully.

People seek dead letters but do not see the Master before them, the living book. There is but one book which has no copy. It is made open here - it is not destroyed by fire, soaked by water, swept by air nor soiled by matter.

It is the book of life. Our own life. Years are the chapters. Days are the pages. Hours are the paragraphs. Minutes are the lines. Moments are the words.

Many chapters do not exist to us because we do not live life everyday. Neither Gita nor Bible brought enlightenment to everyone who read them. If we are blind to life, which is given to experience, the books cannot communicate to us. No one became an initiate by studying books but only by living and experiencing every moment of life. Books of course guide and inspire. Action initiates.

We are not to bother about the destination. Let us remember that our Planet itself is in a travel. In that grand travel, ours is a small travel. While reaching our destination is for sure, travel is inevitable. Hence, we are given a choice to be cheerful or irritable. Let us exercise the right choice and experience the travel rightly.

Let us suppose we are in a flight. However much we want, we cannot reach the place ahead of the flight we are in. This is to understand that reaching earlier or latter than others has no meaning. Hence, enjoy every detail of the travel. Live here and now.

Let us trust the driver. Only then, we can relax. We do not drive, we are driven. If we trust him, we can enjoy the travel. If we do not, travel becomes a sequence of successive worries. The best way to co-operate with the driver is to calmly remain in our seat.

In the name of fatigue, we cannot give up the travel. What will happen if the Planet feels so?

So, this travel is for experiencing existence. This is what Master CVV meant when he said:


The Descent

“The Descent Helps The Ascent”

Our Solar System is not an independent unit in the Cosmos - so is our Planet and so are we. Every Unit Consciousness is seemingly independent but in truth is interdependent. Our Solar System is a member of group of five systems, which are guided by another group of seven. Seven senior systems function as guides to five junior systems. The Solar principle groups in 12 and conducts the creation. This is an esoteric truth. The fact of the future. The scriptures declared it in the ancient past.

Our Solar System has a triangular guidance of the Great Bear, the Pleiades and the Sirius systems. The seven seers of the Great Bear - the Seven Heavenly Men - constitute the Father. The Seven Mothers (Krittikas) of the Pleiades constitute the Mother and the Sirius constitutes the Son that guides our Solar System. The Will is supplied from the Great Bear, the Intelligent Activity is supplied by the Pleiades and that balancing and preserving force of Love is supplied by Sirius, to nourish our Solar System. The first guides the Will in us, the second the Mind and the third the Heart. The supply of this Cosmic Will to the Planet is received on the Planet at a sacred place called Shamballa - where the Lord of the Planet resides. The stream of Cosmic Love is received on the Planet from Sirius, (via Blue Mountains) at a sacred centre in Himalayas. The Intelligent Activity of the Mother Nature is received by the collective human mind on the Planet, for which a centre exists on the Planet. The collective human mind is also known as the Manu.

In the human beings the energies of Pleiades function through the left eye, the energies of Sirius function through the right eye and the energies of the Great Bear function through the third eye which is non-functional in the humanity at present. In the previous Manvantara (a Grand Time-Cycle) of Chaksusha this eye was functioning. Even now it functions in advanced human beings of the present era. The functional aspect of the left eye is sight, that of the right eye is Wisdom and that of the third eye is Vision. Humanity is now to step up the use of the eye from that of mere sight to wisdom and later to Vision. The immediate challenge is to gain wisdom of the right eye, while the sight-function is already gained. This is where the clue to present human activity is to be found. Wisdom and Love are inseparable. They are two seemingly separate dimensions of the Soul. Man's immediate task is to think in the heart while at present he thinks in his mind. Thinking in the heart is the key to experience Love and Wisdom. Love and Wisdom holds the key to experience life. Humanity is now exposed by time to an opportunity to rise mind to heart, from selfish separativeness to hearty communion. The happenings on the Planet also indicate this trend, if observed with a keen eye.

Time was found opportune for such initiation at the beginning of the 20th century. It is decided that Sirius along with Great Bear and Pleiades “steps down” the three major forces (the leading force being Love - Wisdom - Synthesis) through the 12 Zodiacal signs. The three major forces find their fresh expression collectively as synthesis gradually in four regular steps.

It is interesting to note that the Heart Lotus is the symbol of 12 petalled lotus - with triangular petals in four steps/layers.

Sirius steps down the Energy of Synthesis to step up the Planetary activity from mind to heart. The process happens in the heart centre of the human being. The 12 petals of the heart lotus function to receive through ether, the Synthesis Energy supplied by Sirius via the 12 Zodiacal signs.

The Sun of Sirius is positively oriented to our Solar System while our Solar System is negatively polarised to the Sun of Sirius. This polarisation helps flow of energies from Sirius to our system. The planetary bodies Neptune, Uranus and Saturn collectively conduct the induction.

The recent gathering of these three grand bodies in the Zodiacal sign Capricorn (1989 - 92) marked certain new beginnings on the Planet. It inaugurated the fall of authoritarian, suppressive Governments. The social and political upheaval in Europe, the general economic upheaval on the Planet can be viewed as a hint for things to come, to set up a New World order.

The Energy of Synthesis flowing from Sirius into our system finds its way through the Zodiacal signs. We have seen how the planetary bodies Neptune, Uranus and Saturn triangularly give impact to our Planet. Even the Zodiacal signs conduct the activity forming into triangles, for the nature's functioning in creation is always triangular. Sirius is locationally related to Scorpio and has a trine aspect to Leo. The combination of Leo and Scorpio leads to initiations in Capricorn.

The trine aspect of Sirius with Leo enables Sirius to focus its energy upon Regulas, which is the central sun of Leo, popularly known as “The Heart of Lion”.

At present the esotericists in the West maintain that fullmoon of Gemini (the fullmoon of Christ) is the highest point of initiation in the Solar year. The Easterners maintain that the fullmoon of Sagittarius is the highest point of initiation in the Solar year. Gemini and Sagittarius are the seeming opposites of one another but represent the two sides of the ONE. The Gemini fullmoon is the fullmoon of Lord Maitreya (whom the Westerners call the Christ and the Buddhists the Maitreye Buddha). He is the World Teacher, who initiates beings from the state of mind into the state of heart through induction of aspirants into the Path of Service and Sacrifice. The fullmoon of Sagittarius is the fullmoon of Dattatreya, the Lord of Love and Wisdom who moves upon the Planet in mysterious forms. It is interesting to note that Lord Dattatreya is described as the Lord with three heads and four arms (three and four) and is always accompanied by dogs - a correspondence to the Dogstar - Sirius. Maitreya and Dattatreya are Atreyas - meaning the children of “Not Three”. That means they are the most high Souls who are not bound by the triangle forces of the creation. They bestow that state of liberation to beings. They function through Gemini - Sagittarius Axis.

But in future Leo fullmoon stands out significantly for advanced initiations of the Planet and on the Planet. The fullmoon of Leo enables contact with the Sirius energies. The Festival of Leo Fullmoon is the Festival of Disciples in the years to come. Leo is in sextile aspect with Gemini and is in trine aspect with Sagittarius and therefore affords the synthesis of the Eastern and Western Spiritual thought.

While Scorpio is related from locational standpoint, Leo is related in trine aspect with Sirius. Gemini marks the entry point for the energies of cosmos via Sirius. Hence, Gemini continues to be the inducting month for the system, for the Planet and the Planetary beings. It is very interesting to note that Master CVV too chose the month of Gemini for initiation into the Energy of Synthesis. The 'May Call Day' is the day of initiation. The Master fixed it as 29th May every year. Many are initiated into the path of the Yoga of Synthesis on this day eversince 1910.

The Sirius energies (Synthesis) pass through Leo and Sun is the Ruler of this sign. The Great White Lodge of Sirius inspires and function through the White Lodge (SWETHA) upon our Planet. Sirius and Leo stand for Love, Wisdom and correspond to the Centre in Himalayas. It is also interesting to note that Master CVV has Sun in Leo being born on 4th August and Moon in Aquarius (in the Dhanishta constellation). Aquarius is the male counterpart to Leo while Leo is the female counterpart to Aquarius. Astrologers can find enough clue from the Master's Birth Time. In the male house Aquarius, the Master has feminine planet Moon and in the female house of Leo the Master has the masculine planet Sun! Leo - Aquarius is the New Age Axis the horizontal arm of the Fixed Cross, which is the advanced arm to the vertical arm of the Fixed Cross viz., Taurus - Scorpio.

The Fixed Cross is the Cross relating to the Discipleship - governed by Sirius. The Cardinal Cross (Aries - Libra and Cancer - Capricorn) is the Cross of Initiates (Masters of Wisdom) And the Mutable Cross is the cross of the uninitiated (Gemini - Sagittarius and Virgo - Pisces).

Mass initiations are proposed for “Entered Apprentices” on the Mutable Cross now, through Gemini and Sagittarius. The Apprentices are trained into disciples on the Fixed Cross. When man enters on the path of discipleship the emphasis in Life shifts from “form-side” to the Soul (the hidden-side of life). Aspiration leads to service weakening selfish attitudes. Individual considerations give way to Group Welfare.

The process is slow and gradual but sure. The Bull of the Fixed Cross (Taurus) represents the Light of Aspiration. The Eagle of the Cross (Scorpio) represents the Light of Liberation. The Lion of the Cross (Leo) represents the Light of the Soul and the Waterman of the Cross (Aquarius) represents the Light of the World. Thus the aspirant progresses gradually through selfless service to get liberated from the personality to find the Soul and finally to function as the Light of the World. Saturn conducts the process at snails speed.

Once again we find interesting Planetary placement in the birth chart of the Master relating to the Fixed Cross. On the vertical axis of Taurus - Scorpio we find Pluto and Saturn. On the Horizontal Axis of Leo - Aquarius we find not only Sun and Moon but also Node and Anti-Node respectively.

Upon the Mutable Cross he has only Mars in Gemini. Esoteric Astrology tells us that Mars is now functioning to establish and develop esoteric schools on our Planet. The secret/sacred schools to impart right education upon the Planet are governed by a sacred centre in Mars. A Solar Ray Initiate of a very high order presently conducts these schools with his Hierarchy of disciples on the Planet. It is but natural that Master CVV chose to join forces with the existing Hierarchical activity. He inaugurated mass initiation with the co-operation of Mars in Gemini.

Upon the Cardinal Cross, the Cross of Initiates he has:

Aries - Jupiter, Neptune Libra - Ascendant Cancer - MC, Uranus, Venus, Mercury

Only those who are intuitive enough can find the meaning of the above combination on the Cardinal Cross.

A sketchy account of the descent of the Energy of Synthesis from the Cosmos and its relation to Master CVV's birth chart has been given for those who wish to dive deep into further truths relating to the work of the Avatar of Synthesis.

Mutable Cross

Fixed Cross

Cardinal Cross

* * *

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