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From the Teacher's Pen

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Contemplations and meditations are not possible until the fundamental step is achieved. Aligning the mental thought, the vocal speech and the physical action is the basic need of discipleship. Unless all the three are brought into alignment one cannot pass through one's own objective mind. For the three to get aligned conscious efforts have to be made.


The book “From the Teacher's pen” by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar gives in 88 sections answers to questions about a variety of issues that are connected to discipleship as a way of life.

Dhanishta, Visakhapatnam, India 2015

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Extract: 50. Astrology

Question: If two persons are born with the same Sun sign and planetary configuration, would they behave in the same manner in similar situations?

Answer: Behaviour is linked to the evolution of the Soul. Evolution is different from Soul to Soul. When horoscopes are drawn, the planetary configurations though remaining the same their behaviour need not necessarily remain the same. In the same time, in the same locality a man, a horse and a donkey may have taken birth. They would have the same planetary configurations but their behavioural patterns are totally different. Measuring evolution of a Soul is not so very easy through one's mechanical understanding of astrology. To gauge the Soul's evolution one needs the gift of intuition. In truth all true astrologers work with intuition and not so much with the planetary configurations. A good astrologer holds a chart in the hand and gazes at it. It is a medium to intuition. All interpretations are intuitional and are not just mental. Astrology is an occult science. Occult science demands intuition. Intuition is not only a gift of God, but also the result of one's dedication to service. Where occult sciences are practiced to help the fellow beings, intuition works better.

Once a group of hooligans dressed a young man as a young lady and approached a seer. They addressed the man as if a lady is pregnant. They wanted to test the seer of his knowledge. They enquired from the seer if the lady delivers a male or a female baby as per her horoscope. The seer sees through and is enraged by the insult. He said at once that the person would give birth to a vertical pounding cylinder like a metal piece which eventually would be the cause of their death. Lo! The young man felt the pregnancy and eventually delivered a heavy metal alloy with which they killed each other. In this case there was no pregnant lady; it was a man in the attire of a pregnant lady. But the seer's words came true.

Once a stranger came to Master E.K., presented a horoscope and enquired as to the longevity of the native of the chart. Master E.K. said that the man in the chart was no more and advised the enquirer not to heckle at occult sciences. All interpretations on the basis of astrological charts are basically inflated interpretations. The science of astrology is a means for such intuition. Even when twins are born with a difference of a couple of minutes their lives many times do not carry similarities. Similar horoscopes do not show similar progress in life. The art of astrology is an advanced step relating to the science of astrology.