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Life and Teachings of Master Jupiter

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Life and Teachings of Master Jupiter

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The grand sage Agastya is also known as Master Jupiter in theosophical literature. He has been with the planet and humanity over yugas, right from Lemurian times. He descended on this planet along with the other Sons of Will and Yoga and has been helping the planet and humanity. He resides in the South to enable stability for the planet and also to enable stability for the beings on the planet. He brought down much light into the matter and therefore there is much light in the lower planes also, so that the beings can pursue the light.


The book “Life and Teachings of Master Jupiter” by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar describes a few dimensions relating to the life and work of Agastya.

Dhanishta, Visakhapatnam, India, 2016

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Ashram of Agastya

Master Jupiter has ashrams in the South of the planet, not only in the South of India but also in many places in the South of the planet. Iguazu Falls in South America is one of the ashrams of Master Jupiter. Table-Top Mountain in South Africa is another place. He is as much in India as he is in Africa, South America and in Australia. He is as well in Sirius, the Dog Star, popularly known as the constellation of Lord Dattatreya. The Dog Star is also called the Southern Star, Cerberus or Sarama.

In India, his ashram is in Durga Mountain of the Nilagiris, which is also called the Rangaswamy pillar. Esoterically, it is known as the Ashram of Agastya. It is very uniquely placed in the North-Eastern corner of the Nilagiris. Ishanya (North-East) is the most sacred direction for divine energies which are essentially male-female. North stands for absolute silence, and the East stands for light. The two meet in the North-East. To the entire range of mountains of Nilagiris, this point happens to be North-East. Behind this, there is a river called Bhavani, also called the Moyar River.

Nilagiris, South India

This is the mountain which is described by Master EK in the book 'Purushamedham' (Man Sacrifice) where Master Djwhal Khul (Master DK) along with one of the chief disciple of Veda Vyasa, Maharshi Jaimini travelled by air from Himalayas via the entire nation of Bharata and landed at the foot hills. They were received by two disciples of Master Agastya at the very threshold of the ashram. They greeted them and let them in through a secret path. They met the great Master Agastya and then learnt certain aspects relating to New Age Astrology, Tantra and the Science of Cycles of Time from Master Jupiter. Later, Master Djwhal Khul stayed for a longer duration in this ashram of Master Jupiter to learn in detail astrology, astrolatry and significance of seed sounds and formulae of sounds. He was specially sent by Master Koot Hoomi (Devapi Maharshi) to Agastya Maharshi, to learn certain deeper dimensions of astrology and of sound. Master Djwhal Khul was well trained by Master Agastya besides Master Morya and Master Koot Hoomi.

In Nilagiris, if you observe the Rangaswamy peak, it looks like the Master is sitting with one leg on the side and you can also perceive the long flowing hair on the other side. He has kept his countenance in a slanting position looking to the North. He is in the North-East and looking towards the North-East because he is an embodiment of Lord Shiva. North-East is known to be the direction of Silence, the God Absolute, the Pure Existence. White mass which looks like sacred ashes can also be observed on the peak. In that hill range there is a temple of Durga and also a temple of Lord Krishna who is called Ranga in local language. That is why it is called Rangaswamy pillar. In any sacred mountain, there are some caves through which one may find entrance to an ashram if one is an initiate. Within such caves, there are palatial places, for comfortable group life. This is well-known from the writings of Madam Blavatsky.

It is said that this ashram of Nilagiris equals all ashrams of Himalayas put together.

The more and more you relate to the Sage Agastya as is given in the scriptures, you would be benefitted a lot because it is the same Master whose energy has functioned for Aquarian purposes through Master CVV.