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Master K.P.K. - An Expression of Synthesis.

Short Biography

by Sabine Mrosek

Master K.P.K. - An Expression of Synthesis. Short Biography

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The book contains various biographical details on the life of Master KPK and gives an insight into the greatness and uniqueness of his work. It shows how he brings down the impulse of the Avatar of Synthesis onto the fourth plane, the physical plane. Together with Master CVV, Master MN, Master EK the work of Synthesis is brought to a further level of completion.


Message to the Reader; To Master K. Parvathi Kumar's 60th Anniversary; Master Morya; Birth; Birth Place; Childhood; Academics; Economics; The Devine Impulse; Foundation of The World Teacher Trust; Travels to the West; The Great Mission; The Inner Call; Renew Travels to the West; The Divine Plan; The Work; The Ancient Doctrines of Wisdom; The Bridge between East and West; The Teacher; The Path of Raja Yoga; The Yoga of Synthesis; The Circle of Goodwill; The Healer; The Light and Source of Inspiration; Prophecy of Master CVV; The Global Expression of the Yoga of Synthesis; Number 10 - The Symbol of Synthesis; Horoscope; Master EKs Interpretation of Master KPKs Horoscope; The Externalization of the Hierarchy.

Dhanishta, Visakhapatnam, India 2005
Multi-lingual edition: English, German and Spanish
ISBN: 13-978-3-033-00694-2

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6. The Divine Impulse

Sri K. Parvathi Kumar received first impulse from the Soul in the 10th year and on his own volition started worshiping Lord Shiva. In his 18th year an Avadhuta visited the family and initiated all the family members into worship of Hanuman (a manifest form of Lord Shiva as Rudra). In his 24th year another initiate in the line of Dattatreya visited the family and initiated Sri Parvathi Kumar, his mother and his only sister Parvathi into the path of yoga. In the same year he came into contact for the first time through his younger brother with the Mantra Namaskarams Master C.V.V. and with Master E.K. Thereafter a very deep relationship and intense cooperation between Master E. K and Sri K. Parvathi Kumar developed. Master EK realized the potential of this soul and he felt a deep love for Sri Parvathi Kumar.

7. Foundation of The World Teacher Trust

Master EK was a channel through which the Divine Plan expressed itself. There was such huge work coming up that it became necessary to organize all the varieties of tasks. For that reason, Master EK gave the permission to set up an organization, which he named “The World Teacher Trust”. The Trust was founded on a Saturday, the 18th of November, 1971 in Scorpio, during the Jupiter hours. Sri K. Parvathi Kumar was the competent person to lay the statutes for its foundation and to manage all legal aspects in connection with the organization. In the following years, Master EK loaded more and more responsibilities on Sri K. Parvathi Kumar. Since Master EK's 50th anniversary, the 11th of August, 1976, Master EK always appeared together with Sri Parvathi Kumar in public. On that auspicious day, Master EK informed the public that Sri Parvathi Kumar will be the one to continue the work of the Planetary Hierarchy and for that purpose he would have to go on many global journeys. On the 21st of April, 1977, Master EK moved to Radhamadhavam, into the house of Sri K. Parvathi Kumar, in order to continue his activities with greater vigour for the benefit of Humanity.

8. Travels to the West

In July 1981, Master EK invited Sri Parvathi Kumar to carry out with him the task concerning the spiritual fusion of East and West. Parvathi Kumar accepted to accompany the Master on his travels to the West and to share the work with him.

In the years 1981, 1982 and 1983, they travelled together on invitation to Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and Italy, in order to teach the doctrines of wisdom to the Western brotherhood and to guide the searching souls onto the path of light.

In March 1984, the Plan took to a sudden turn. Master EK unexpectedly left his physical sheath and left a great number of unfinished projects behind. Sri Parvathi Kumar shouldered many tasks and successfully completed them together with the Indian brotherhood.

9. The Great Mission

The life of each master has its own message. Master KPK is a light that came down in order to guide the people on the path, to practice and teach the Yoga of Synthesis. His great mission is to build a bridge between East and West and to bring the Light from the East to the West. Master KPK is a mediator and medium of the Avatar of Synthesis. His message is synthesis in all fields and on all planes. He demonstrates to humanity a new form of domestic, economic, social and spiritual life and thereby realizing the Yoga of Synthesis in all fields of life. Master KPK is a master of manifestation. He has anchored the energy of synthesis on the entire planet. For this he visited many places and groups, conducted fire rituals, purified the places and manifested everywhere the Divine life on earth and the energies of synthesis. He therefore visited from the 18th to 29th of September, 1984, the WTT Geneva where he gave lectures about the Yoga of Patanjali, Sri Suktarn and the significance of full moon and new moon.

10. The Inner Call

In the years 1985/86, there were profound spiritual adjustments in the life of Sri K. Parvathi Kumar. Therefore, he was not able to visit the West in these two years. But from that time, he stands complete in the Service of the Hierarchy It was only in 1987 that he received the inner command to visit Europe again and consequently followed an invitation from the Theo-sophical Society and the WTT Hamburg, Germany, where he spoke about the Music of the Soul, Gayatri, the symbolism in daily life and healing.

Seven years after, there was a further spiritual impulse on his 49th birthday, according to the lunar calendar. It is pertinent to note that this birthday of the Master happened on a lunar eclipse day, on the 3rd of November, 1994. It is also very pertinent that on this day Scorpio was filled with much planetary energy.

11. Renew Travels to the West

Since 1987, Sri Kumar Garu regularly travels to Europe and since 1992 to South and North America. He teaches the ancient doctrines of wisdom, gives instructions for daily life, introduces individual and group meditations, forms healing groups and explains the science of Yoga. He regularly conducts fire rituals on Thursdays, Sundays and on full moons. Besides, he celebrates the Vedic marriage ritual in a simplified version to the inclined Western couples.

A disciple by the name of Don Pedro Nahúm, who trained groups in Argentina for over thirty years, was waiting for Master KPK to further lead the groups into the path of Yoga of Synthesis. When the Master visited South America in 1992, after listening to die teachings of the Master, Don Pedro Nahúm officially handed over the groups to Master KPK by sym-bolically handing over a silver Mate-tea cup, and said: “You have come. My work is completed. I know you will come again and again, I can leave in peace now. You may not see me in this physical sheath when you come next.” Thereafter he left the physical body before the next visit of the Master in May 1993.

In 1994, another disciple of Master St. Germain by the name of Carmen Santiago Garcia, who prepared groups in seven places in Central America, was informed in meditation to contact Master Jupiter for furtherance of the work in Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, Santa Domingo and Puerto Rico. Her group visualized the personification of the ener-gies of Master Jupiter in meditation. Later, within a month, the group found Master KPK's photograph and realized that it was him whom they were advised to contact. Ever since, the Master extended his teaching and training to these groups also. The Master says that the work he does is the continuation of the work initiated by Master DK in the West.

12. The Divine Plan

His work and responsibilities grew from year to year. The Divine Plan is expressed through him in a variety of fruitful works and in a fiery life, of which service and sacrifice are the basis. Everywhere on the planet, he promotes family systems, group work and service for the Plan in togetherness. For that purpose he visits groups all over the world, supports, guides and connects them, so that a worldwide networking has been developed, which finds its common basis in the World Teacher. He says: “The ones who have trust in the World Teacher are the members of The World Teacher Trust.” His aim always was union, fusion, unity, inclusion and community. Worldwide, he has brought together the groups and has shown us what real group work is, how we can work together in order to become capable and useful co-workers. He showed that true love is group consciousness. “The Master himself is the group and expresses through it. The Master reveals himself in each one of us, and, and therefore an enormous power and force lies in joint, harmonious work”, says Master K.P.K.