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Messages of Master EK. A Compilation

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Messages of Master EK. A Compilation

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Courage, discrimination, purity of mind and quietude are inborn qualities of an aspirant standing at the door of initiation for discipleship. They are the result of actions of goodwill rendered in the past life. Goodwill in action leads one to the Path. As much as one demonstrates goodwill, so much he progresses. The Path suddenly disappears to those who entertain malice.

The book “Messages of Master EK” contains 108 teachings of Master EK, which have been propounded by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in the Vaisakh News Letters.

Dhanishta, Visakhapatnam, India, 2016

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1 The True Teacher

The one who seeks benefits from you, cannot be your teacher. The one who is dependent on you cannot be a true teacher. The one who imposes his beliefs on you cannot be a true teacher. The one who seeks recognition cannot be a true teacher.

The one who looks not for your help, who looks to your welfare, the one that leads you by example and enables you to set on the path to realization is a true teacher. The other name for the teacher is the Master.

2 The Magnet

The magnet magnetizes an iron piece and bestows the status of magnet to the latter. The magnet does not eliminate any part of the iron piece. It does not introduce any of its part into the iron piece. It awakens the magnetism which is hidden in the iron piece. The teacher also does awaken the human awareness into divinity through his presence.

3 Recognition of the Teacher

You cannot choose your teacher. The teacher chooses you. If you choose your teacher, you are not ready for teaching. Overcome the habit of assessing, judging and choosing a teacher.

The teacher enters your life even before you recognise. He does not declare to you, that He is your teacher. In due course of time, you comprehend it. You are unconsciously attracted to Him. You find the inner willingness to follow His teachings. The teacher student relation establishes strongly.

Eventually, the teacher is realized in you!

4 All-Round Development

The distance between the Sun and the lotus is immense but as the sun rises the lotus unfolds.

The unfoldment of the lotus is due to the presence of the sun ray, to which the lotus is oriented. Likewise, to an oriented student, the teacher can also cause unfoldment through his presence. The lotus unfolds in all directions and such all-round unfoldment spreads beauty. The student too unfolds in all aspects of life simultaneously. The presence of the teacher causes such all-round development to the oriented student and fulfils the domestic, economic, social and spiritual dimensions.

5 Master Work

Discipleship is a process similar to hatching the egg. The hen gives warmth to the egg. Likewise, The Master gives His presence to the disciple. The chick in the egg gradually takes shape. Likewise, the presence of The Master gradually transforms an aspirant into disciple. When the chick is adequately grown, it breaks the shell and enters into the world. An aspirant who is sufficiently transformed into a disciple also breaks his personality limitations and enters into the world of service.

The shell around the chick is a protection until the chick grows. So also, the personality around the Soul of the disciple is like the eggshell that protects the Soul until the Soul emerges. The work of the Master is thus!

6 Master Mantra

The Mantra given by a Master works like a catalyst. The presence of a catalyst causes the desired chemistry. Likewise the Mantra causes changes in the chemistry of the student's personality. The desired transformation keeps happening. Just like yeast transforms milk into yogurt, the student is transformed into a disciple. Milk has less stability than yogurt. The disciple would have thus more stability than the aspirant. Yogurt is further churned into butter and the butter separates from milk. Likewise, a disciple is thrown into the world of crises. Through crises the disciple is transformed into a Master.

A Master no more belongs to the world of men even while he is amidst the men. Such are the transformations caused by the Master Mantra.