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OM is beyond the three qualities. OM details into the triple sound A U M. A stands for the Will, U stands for Love and Wisdom, M stands for intelligent activity. Continuously contemplate upon OM which enables the realisation of Oneself as OM. Therefore, continue to contemplate upon OM.

The book “OM” contains teachings on OM, which have been propounded by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in the Vaisakh News Letters.

Dhanishta Foundation, Visakhapatnam, India 2014.

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OM links up all the 7 planes to that which is beyond.
Follow the path of OM with deepest intent
and reach the Pure Existence and the purity of Existence.
OM is the straightest Path. (Taurus 2002)


Mind is superior to the senses,
buddhi is superior to the mind,
soul is superior to buddhi,
soul is the embodiment of OM,
hence OM is superior to the soul individual.
Associate with OM and realize the essence of your being.
Contemplate therefore upon OM


Atman or “Self” is the center around every formation,
individual, universal.
Only the seers who attained at-one-ment and thus gained the vision
can experience the Atman.
If you wish to gain the qualities and the virtues of the seers
take refuge in OM.
It leads you to the experience of the Self/Existence and
the related Grand Vision.


The word, thought, intelligence and egoism
are the beads that are held by the inner thread.
The thread is OM.
Associate with the thread but not with the beads,
for even the beads are associated with the thread
and are dependent upon the thread.
Through continues contemplation upon OM
be OM itself.
You remain eternally with or without the beads of
self existence, intelligence, thoughts, words and deeds.


In sleep, in awareness, and in dream
OM utters forth itself.
If you follow OM
through continues recollection
you would pass through, consciously,
the three states
and know for yourself
how you are beyond the three.
Hence learn to follow OM
as continuously as you can.


OM is in the breath,
OM is in the pulsation,
which is the basis of the breath.
OM is in the life vibration
which is the basis of pulsation.
OM vibrates in you as life, as pulsation,
and conducts itself as respiration.
The being exists and functions
on the basis of OM.
Therefore, continuously contemplate upon OM
and restore your Self.