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Spiritual Psychology

by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya Book Presentation Overview General

Spiritual Psychology

Short Description:
The spiritual anatomy of man is considered from the viewpoint of the wisdom teachings of the East, with constant correspondence to astrological keys, for astrology is one of the seven keys to spiritual wisdom.

A detailed investigation of the occult significance of numbers, shapes, colours and sound is included, plus a series of meditations and an indispensable glossary of Sanskrit terms.

“Spiritual Psychology” is a type of reference book to which one can constantly refer.


Spiritual Psychology; Change of Polarity; Descent of the Planetary Principles; Spiritual Anatomy of Man; Non-Material Substances; Poles on Earth; The Occult Keyboard: Numbers, Shape, Colour, Sound, Practical Instructions; Notes; Glossary; Meditations.

Kulapathi Book Trust, Visakhapatnam, India 2001-2

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Chapter "Practical Instructions"

This section is intended for those who follow the line of meditation.

Keep a separate note-book to be used as your spiritual diary. It should be of ruled paper and bound in an orange-red cover. This colour is used as a signal to indicate to the Masters and their disciples that the student is ready with the diary. This book should be carried with him throughout the day and at the same time it should not be kept open for anyone to go through it. Any attempt to show and popularise should be avoided. The attempt to keep it a secret should be passive and should not gain prominence.

Have a separate room for meditation. Once fixed, try to keep the place unchanged. If a change is inevitable, indicate it mentally to your unknown Master on the previous day itself. Clearly indicate the changed place also on the previous day. Every day please be ready for meditation ten minutes before six a. m. Keep your body clean and your night dress changed by that time. Have one photo of a single Master or Deity at a particular place in your room. Better to have it placed in the North or East of your room so that you may face either direction. Have something spread on the floor and sit at ease upon the covered floor. Use some incense, preferably of sandalwood. Keep the whole body at ease without tension to any nerve. You car, sit in any posture convenient to your constitution. The most often used is that of Siddhasana.

Exactly by six a. m. (local mean time) keep Namaskara Mudra (joining of the palms of both hands together) and utter the words “NAMASKARAMS MASTER”. Close your eyes, place your palms upon your knees. Allow the mind to picture what it wants but be observing it. This should go on for fifteen minutes. (You need not see the watch and the duration may be approximately noticed by the mind.) Try to remember the train of thoughts. If the mind is blank, slowly induce it to think of a white lotus between your eyebrows and inside your head. After fifteen minutes try to recollect the thoughts and put them on paper in simple language. The date should be noted first and then the thoughts. If you witness any figures or designs, draw them roughly in the book. If you hear words or sentences note them down in quotation. If the sentences heard or seen written in your mind are in the form of instructions try to follow them during the hours of the day. Now you can get up and go into your daily routine. During the day also you may receive passages or instructions. Always be ready with your diary and note them down. If there are none do not be discouraged; you receive them when it is necessary.

Keep the mind free from any programme though you follow the programme strictly. Do not mentally involve your mind into the presence of any one or any problem. At the same time do not shirk the physical presence of others. Engage others in sprightly conversation keeping yourself as an observer without being involved. Be alone mentally in the physical presence of others. Be active physically and mentally. Never feel busy in your mind. Cut short any discussion imperceptibly. If others discuss anything too much in your presence do not interrupt them but keep a mental cut-off until the discussion is over. Do not disagree with others. Try to sympathise with the other man's point of view to allow him to suggest anything and leave off that which is not conducive to you.

“Listen to what others need but not what others wish. Unity in essentials, liberty in non-essentials, and charity in all motives“. These are the catchwords of the Masters to their disciples in the path of Raja Yoga.

  • Never try to compare or contrast Gurus and their work. Never evaluate or find fault with the work of any Master.
  • Eliminate the nature of fault-finding.
  • Do not advise when not asked.
  • Do not keep away from advising when you are asked. Do not advise in matters which you do not know clearly.
  • Keep your body properly nourished. Food should be more qualitative and less quantitative. It should be free from strong spices as far as possible.
  • Have a complete head bath at least once a day. Wash face, hands and feet as many times as possible. Take plenty of water.
  • Avoid heavy dinners and congregational foods without being antisocial.
  • Avoid medicating, unless it is absolutely necessary. Try to adjust health conditions by altering food, rest and sleep.
  • Emotional balance is to be practised, consciously.
  • Try to plan the routine of the day and act accordingly. Train yourself to spend time, money and energy meaningfully. You should be able to account your hours in terms of useful and interesting work. Account your expenditure and try to eliminate items of luxury indulgence and wastage.
  • Economy of speech is to be maintained. Words should serve the purpose of enlightening or relieving the burden of others.
  • Try to patch up the painful angularities of others with the aid of good humour and merry conversation.
  • Learn to smile with your heart, mind and face. Then you will be able to help others smile away their difficulties. This gives a speedy expansion of your soul and the souls of others. Attracting others is a pious art.
  • You can heal mind, soul and body through magnetising by your attractive methods. Attract others' minds without leading them into any illusion or false promise.