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Teachings of Master Koot Hoomi, Vol. 2

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Teachings of Master Koot Hoomi, Vol. 2

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A good teacher deploys people into work and those who are consistent in the work are given teachings. Giving teachings to those who do not apply the wisdom in their daily work causes constipation and congestion in the minds of the students. For this reason, in yoga, rhythmic action stands prior to imparting of knowledge. The inclination to receive the teachings and thereby the presence of the Teacher, has to be cultivated by the student. A cultured student receives well from the Teacher.

The book “Teachings of Master Koot Hoomi” Vol. 2 contains instructions of Master Koot Hoomi, which have been propounded by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in the Vaisakh News Letters.
Dhanishta Foundation, Visakhapatnam, India 2016.

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28 A Few Keys For The Work of Goodwill

  1. Do you think you are capable? You may think so, but we consider you capable, if you have the ability to work with your group members. Many can do work, from our standpoint, that is not seen as capability. Ability to affect a groupal activity is the real capability.
  2. Check-up how is your psychological resistance when a new member enters into the group and tries to work prominently. Do you resist him? Do you desist him? Do you feel jealous? Do you comment? Do you criticize? Do you look for being his guide? If you find these tendencies in you, you are unfit to be a group member.
  3. Every person has a heart. He can receive a warm and vibrating response of others heart only through your good deeds, not by speeches or by bombarding him with your bookish knowledge.
  4. Would you like to do deeds of eternal value? If so, follow the instructions of a Master of Wisdom for life. Do not deviate therefrom.
  5. If your work of goodwill is receiving acceptance in the society and if you are growing prominent in the society, normally the society tries to admire you, honour you and even felicitate you.

If your personality gets attached to such honours, admirations and felicities, you would not progress in your manifestation of goodwill work. You should think of intensifying the work, unmindful of the public praise. It is but common sense that the rise is due to the work and as long as you continue to work, the admiration etc. follows you as a shade.

29 Uneducated

Men preserve precious articles. They take good care of those articles which they think are precious. The ability to preserve precious things is a positive ability. But unfortunately men don't have such an attitude towards a plant or an animal; they don't have such an attitude towards earth, water, fire and air. They do not preserve the speech which is most precious. Man inflicts man, animal, plant, minerals and elements. We wonder why man does so. We also wonder if humanity is really getting educated. Until man realises the importance and thereby preserves with care all that surrounds him we cannot consider the humanity as educated. The elements, the beings are much more precious than the gold and the diamonds that man preserves.

30 True Healing

True healing involves peaceful transmission of healing energies. Uniformity of the waves is equally important. The sick should neither be frightened nor should they be put to any confusion. Anxiety in the patient does not enable cure to happen. Healing is not just prescribing medicines and ensuring their engulfing. Many are the psychological factors that are required to supplement the medicinal treatment. Sedations are not true cure. They may be done at times of extreme discomfort of sickness. It should be remembered that the treatment of a human is delicate and is totally different from treatment of a beast.

Among the humans there are very delicate and sensitive beings, while there are also very dense and hard ones. Treatments need to differ as per the refinement of the human, which cannot be measured by etiquette but by culture. Enthusing the patient with sensible humour, inspiring him with noble conversations is recommended, while discussions upon sickness, human conflict, corruption and low quality of politics are totally avoidable. Today, but for medication, many other factors of healing are ignored, including indifference to patients. This is not progressive.

31 Service

Service can be done by all. Even if you are impure and ignorant you can still engage in service. But you should know that your service is basically for your upliftment. It may not cause upliftment to the surroundings. Ignorant and impure service helps the server to reduce one's own ignorance and impurities. Persistent service causes the necessary cleansing and brings the needed stability. Unless you are an initiate your service suffers mortality. It does not tend to be immortal. Through service mortals can transform themselves to be immortals.

The immortals do not look back upon the good work done. The ones who look back and the ones who aggrandize themselves with the work done remain mortals forever. Urge for recognition of service done leads one into the quagmire. The one who falls into the quagmire can never help himself. Serving others is but the fundamental law of Nature. Serve and be normal. Let not service lead you to be an abnormal being.

32 From Anxiety to Happiness

Happiness is what every human aspires for. But anxiety exists and even settles. Anxiety is the uninvited guest that comes home, breaking open the threshold. Happiness is the much awaited guest that does not turn up. Anxiety needs no door to enter the house. It can enter even through walls of resistance. It is as mysterious as the Master of Wisdom, who has the ability to walk through walls. This is the paradox of human life.

Why does anxiety, fear, suspicion, tension, insecurity grow so very easily in humanity? Why does not the New Age usher in? There is much awaiting in the New Age and the related happiness. Uninvited always come. Invited joy does not. People wish each other sweet dreams, but inevitably nightmares arrive. What is this enigma of human life? How could it be overcome?

The key is simple. Since it is simple it is often misplaced and even forgotten. The key is with the nature. Nature is not self-centred. Man, the product of nature, is self-centred. He is therefore, not with the flow of nature and of life. He swims against the currents and invites trouble. Service is the way to make a turnaround in life. The self-centred ones are self-wound ones. As much as one is self-centred, so much tightly he binds himself. When he adopts to service self-winding stops and unwinding starts.

Service is trying to see the self in others. The self which is in the centre, now moves out to the circumference since self is seen in the other and service is done. Serving the surrounding life is the message of the nature. Self-service is man-made. As man learns to serve the surroundings as much as he serves himself the needed expansions happen, fear and suspicion dissolve, anxiety disappears, insecurity dies down, trust takes birth from the corpse of mistrust. Happiness dawns distant and reaches to proximity. We have learnt this key over lives. This is the key that we wish to pass on to the ones who would like to unlock themselves into the expanse and beauty of nature. Such ones settle in happiness. Their happiness is causeless.