• The Power of sound
  • Rhythm and ritual
  • Listening to the silence

The Power of sound

To utter OM regularly in groups has a better effect on the subtle planes for world peace than peace demonstrations.

Rhythm and ritual

All rhythms and rituals finally aim at transforming the matter of our body in a natural way in order to enable a faster development.

Listening to the silence

When we listen to the silence, we will hear a humming sound. This is the voice of silence, the soundless sound which is heard in the heart centre.

Dhanishta Meditation

“Meditation is not a doing, but a happening”

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Book: Mystic Mantrams
Book The Aquarian Master, chap. on Dhanishta
Dhanishta The Zodiac is made up of 27 constellations that are called 27 Mansions of the moon. Master Jesus said, “My Father has many mansions.” The moon goes through each of the mansions on each day over a lunar month. Dhanishta is the constellation through which the energies of Synthesis or Energy of Aquarius visited the earth.

When Master CVV was born, the moon was in the Dhanishta constellation, which is not a coincidence. The word Dhanishta means “Prosperous Wind”. Aquarius is windy, as it is an air sign.

In 1990, Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar had a very deep meditative experience on a day the moon transited the Dhanishta constellation. He had another deep experience in a subsequent meditation. Thus, it was proposed to meditate at 9 pm on the days when the moon is in the Dhanishta Constellation.

This Dhanishta meditation is performed each time the moon is in the constellation Dhanishta by meditating on the Mystics Mantras given by the Master CVV. The time was fixed at 21 hours (9:00 pm) for this meditation. It is advisable to eat as lightly as possible on this day and thereafter meditate. After the meditation, it is best to retire to bed as quietly as possible in seclusion, without talking excessively.

These mantras given by Master CVV have a mysterious effect on the psyche of the aspirants and make the mind, senses, and body to line up more quickly.

These mantras are based on the potential of sound and should be carefully heard to be pronounced. To pronounce them, they should be carefully and attentively listened to, closing eyes and with open ears. Once pronounced, remain silent for fifteen minutes.

Mystic Mantrams

Say the following at 21:00 hours (9:00 pm) on the day when moon is in Dhanishta constellation:

IMaster Namaskaram
Dip Deep
Axis Arranged Hours
Higher Bridge Beginning
Truth Levels
Nil None Naught Levels
Normal Temperament
Time Expand
Electric Hint
Ether Work Out
Equator Equal
Pituitary Hint
Hidden Circumference
Side Ways
Miller Form Centre
Vertical Levels
Meet Centres
Namaskaram Master CVV to your Lotus Feet
II15 minute silence, observe what is happening within.
IIILoka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu (3 times)
OM Shanti Shanti Shantihi