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Spiritual Constitution. Overseas Messages IV

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Overseas Messages Vol. 1 | Overseas Messages Vol. 2
by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya

Spiritual Constitution. Overseas Messages IV

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The word 'spiritual' means something relating to the spirit. The word 'spirit' means the essence of everything. The matter in our body and the matter in the things around us are made up of atoms, and the atoms can be called the spirit of matter. All the atoms are made up of some great energy and the energy can be called the spirit of atoms. All this energy is made up of the space consciousness in which we live and this space consciousness can be called the spirit of energy. When we try to understand the spirit and remember the spirit in us and in everyone then our thoughts and our actions and our speech belong to the spirit.

The book “Spiritual Constitution. Overseas Messages IV” is a collection of seven talks by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya about different topics of spirituality.


Spiritual Constitution; Spiritual Healing; The Significance of Work; The Significance of Pre-Natal Life; Electron; Time Divisions; Three Qualities (Inertia, Poise and Dynamism)

Kulapathi Book Trust, Visakhapatnam, India 2017

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Spiritual Healing (extract)

There are people who are very much afraid of bad vibrations from others. They think that people who are sick have sick vibrations and they make us also sick by their presence. How can such a person be a healer? When he feels himself ready to receive the infection from the sick, how can he heal the sick? He has grown too negative. And every time a Malade (sick) comes to him he will suffer from great headache that day. We know people who try to heal others and suffer from great suffering and diseases in themselves afterwards. This is because they say that the diseases of the sick will be transferred to them and that they are taking the diseases of others, but this is utterly false. This is ignorance, and the science of healing never teaches us such nasty things. The science of healing teaches us that we are positive in our spirit, and the more we remember the spirit in one and everyone, the more we grow healthy day by day, we grow positive day by day, and we begin to radiate the positive health around us and our presence begins to radiate the magnetism of health into others and automatically without our own knowledge, spiritual healing takes place. So, it is not the healer who is receiving the pollution of the diseases, but he is causing a positive injection of health into the sick, then only he can become a healer. One should not be affected by the environment. One should be able to affect the environment by one’s presence. Such is the nature of a healer. Have you ever heard or read in any book that Jesus Christ had suffered after healing anyone? When he gave sight to the blind, did he suffer from blindness for some time? When he healed the people possessed by evil spirit, did he get the evil spirit for some-time? Healer can understand and meditate upon the Christ, then he too becomes a healer. True healers are essentially spiritual and if you find a holy man or a saint sitting anywhere, when you go to him and talk to him for five minutes, his healing presence will be with you for months afterwards. Sometimes it will be with you for years and sometimes for life it will be with you.

You might have heard of a holy man called Ramana Maharshi in South India. Many people approached him with many questions about philosophy and religion, about the economic and social problems in the world, and with questions which cannot be solved by any one. They gathered all these questions before they approached him, and they went to him and lived with him. And what was the result? As soon as we go near him, he makes a smile and then he asks us to sit down, he brings something for us to eat. He prepares some breakfast and he gives us some fruit and milk, and for one or two days we will enjoy his presence. He asks us some questions and then he sits smiling silently for hours. We sit before him silently smiling for hours and days. We never sit there with great tension, because we forget ourselves. And after a few days, people return to their places and wonder why they did not put all these questions to him. The secret is, they believe that they forgot all these questions in his presence and they thought it was some black magic with him, that he confused their minds and made their minds not to work in his presence. It is all ignorance. The fact is as long as we are with him, our mind has no questions, because it has every answer with it, because our mind is his mind, because our mind is touched with his mind. Just as, if you take some iron pieces into your hand and make them touch a magnet, all the iron pieces are magnets and not iron pieces at all, as long as they are in touch with the magnet. And even when they are in touch with the magnet, even if you place the magnet at a little distance from the iron pieces, they receive the induction or the presence of the magnet and they behave as magnets. In the same way, as long as people were with Ramana Maharshi, their minds were perfect. And a perfect mind has only answers and no questions; it has only solutions and has no problems. It is not by logic that we solve our questions, but it is because of our magnetism that we find solutions and answers. We cannot normally understand this secret, and due to our ignorance we believe that our questions are answered by logic. And we find solutions to our problems by logic. It is not at all true. The truth is, we have solutions with us as the light of our own presence, and since the brain cells are not perfectly healthy, we are not able to express our presence properly through our brain cells.

The expression is only in the form of questions and doubts and no solutions. Solutions are with us and they cannot enter into the brain cells in the form of mind, because the brain cells do not permit us to enter directly and express. Perfect healers, like Ramana Maharshi and others, are those whose brain cells are purified and perfected, and whose spiritual mechanism is completely tuned, so that they are able to enter into the brain cells totally and transmit what they want to give us totally. When we are in their presence we do exist in the same state, and the result is we have only solutions and no doubts or questions. Once again when we come away home, we have our own brains filled with imperfect brain cells. It is like magnets containing an alloy of aluminum. The magnet in us tries to work perfectly, but the alloy of aluminum comes in the way and it does not permit the magnet to act perfectly. That is why people used to recollect their questions when they came from Ramana Maharshi. They wondered why they did not remember their questions. Now you will understand how a real spiritual healer will be. He never shuts himself in loneliness in a room or in a cave, in a forest, but he will be always with people. During your training also you should learn to be with people, not to be influenced by people, but to influence people in a good way. Unless you are mixing with people, you cannot influence people. And while practicing healing, you are always successful when you practice in groups.

You will never be a success when you practice healing as a single person. An institute like this is very convenient and comfortable to practice healing. There should be a possibility of a community living. But it should be something different from the communities we know in the occident. But we should leave off evils and we should have community life. We should be powerful enough to pick up what is good and leave what is not good…