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Know Thyself

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Know Thyself

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The sentence “Know Thyself” is in every scripture. It is among the oldest of the sentences man discovered. Generally, in the beginning we don't understand the significance of this sentence, it appears simple and childish. Everyone knows himself by name and by the name of the parents, by the address and telephone number. Beyond this, it is doubtful if one knows oneself.

The seven subjects that are presented through the book “Know Thyself” by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya (Master EK), the third volume of “Overseas Messages”, are real gems of Wisdom which every ardent aspirant shall need to preserve in the chamber of his heart for regular recollection.


Know Thyself; The Soul and its Path; The Evolution of Consciousness of Man; The Power of Habit; The Work as Discipline and Prayer; The Work of the Masters of Wisdom; To Die is Not to Die

Kulapathi Book Trust, Visakhapatnam, India 2016.

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The Evolution of Consciousness

… But a consciousness is there in us which keeps our lungs respiring, which keeps our heart circulating the blood, which keeps the digestive system active in getting the food digested. Suppose the digestive system also wants to sleep when we are sleeping; by next morning our stomach will be a corpse and the doctor has to cut the stomach and throw it off. So, every organ has its own consciousness of working and all these layers are working in us. All the mineral kingdom is there in our body also. And the mineral consciousness is sleeping in us. The properties of minerals have a consciousness and it is awakening in us and similarly the minerals of our earth also. Unless the mineral consciousness is awakened in the minerals, the minerals cannot have their properties; the sugar cannot be sweet to our tongue and the salt cannot be saline to our tongue. The sweetness of sugar is the sweet consciousness of the minerals in the sugar and the saline taste of the salt is the saline consciousness of the minerals in the salt. No one of these layers of consciousness has any sleep. They do not require any sleep, because they belong to the intelligences of a living being. They are called the intelligences of the Deva Kingdom. In Sanskrit, they are called Devas. In the Bible they are called the Angels and Arch-Angels at the Altar of God. But we have our fantastic ideas about the Angels in the Bible, apart from the ideas given by the authors of the Bible, because we do not know the science of the Bible. We know the Bible, only as Christians. We don't know the Bible according to the authors who have given it to us. The intelligences of nature are known to the ancient scientists and they know that there are Angels and Arch-angels working in the kingdom of God. They govern the properties of matter and so they govern the properties of the minerals also. They protect the chemical reactions in the minerals and they also protect the awakening of the minerals into the plant kingdom. Then a group of Arch-angels descends from the rays of the Sun. That group gathers an army of Angels, which we call the atoms of Chlorine.

Since the modern chemistry scientist does not know the Angels and Arch-angels, he thinks that the atoms are unconscious beings, having no intelligence at all, because the intelligence of the 20th century scientist is very poor. It does not have the intelligence which is there with the authors of the Scriptures. So, we think that they are the Atoms of Chlorine, but in fact they are a group of Angels whom we do not know and whom we can call only atoms of Chlorine. They assume the green colour and they form one of the seven groups of the Angels who come down from the Sun's rays. They come down to help the mineral kingdom, to combine in the proper forms and to awaken into the plant kingdom. They stay with the plant in the form of what we call the green colour in the plants, which we call chlorophyll and we do not know them. Therefore, we call them chlorophyll. They continuously receive the Sun's rays for the plant. They invite the Arch-angels of water from the roots of the plant and the Arch-angels of air from the atmosphere. They make combinations to prepare the food, cooked for the plant. Similarly they help the plant kingdom to awaken into the animal kingdom when the animals begin to eat the plants. And they also help the animal kingdom to awaken into the human kingdom, when the human animal begins to eat the minerals, the plants and the animals totally, that is, when the human animal begins to eat all the three kingdoms. The plants eat only minerals, animals eat only plants and some animals eat animals. But the human being eats minerals, plants and animals. He is like the son-in-law of the creation of this Earth. He has all the privileges. Of course, he has also responsibilities but at first he cannot understand, because he is conscious of only 5% of his consciousness. So, we have in our fleet all the consciousness of the Arch-angels called Devas working in the body to keep us living by protecting our respiration, circulation and heartbeat. So, we have the sleep state of consciousness, where the 95% of consciousness is awakened and the 5% of consciousness, which we know is absent there. That is what we call the consciousness of sleep. Then we have the consciousness of dream.

So, we know roughly three stages of our consciousness; sleep, dream, and awakened states. There is a fourth consciousness into which we are expected to evolve. The fourth consciousness is what is called the fourth way or the fourth state by the seers. After sometime we are expected to get our awakening into that fourth consciousness. We come to know of it after we have some discussion about the dream consciousness. The psychologist is trying very hard to tell us what dreams are and he is filling up thousands and thousands of pages in the books of dream psychology. Sigmund Freud has written thousands of pages. His disciples have written many thousands of pages. His rivals and his enemies have written many more thousands. The greatness of these books is, that after reading all these thousands of pages about dreams, we know only as much as we knew before reading these pages. This is because it is only a description of dreams and a discussion about the description. We have nothing to learn from them except wasting our time, because there is no point which we can utilize in any field of action, after reading these thousands and thousands of pages of psychologists.

But when we go to the Scriptures, we will understand what real psychology is, and we can imagine how the 21st century science of psychology will develop. When you are sleeping you get a dream and in your dream you will see many people. The scriptures question us, with what material these people in the dream are made up of. Of course, the psychologist has had no intelligence to make a question like this, till today. Of course, tomorrow he will grow intelligent to make this question, because this question contains the answer. The scriptures first question you if you know the material with which your body is made. You know the solids, liquids and gases in your body and you know the matter, force and consciousness in your body. But, do you know with what material the bodies are made in dreams? We have no answer, because if we say that it is with our consciousness or mind, we have to accept that we have a mind in sleep. So, the psychologist was forced to accept that there is a mind in sleep. And he has very recently begun to call it sub-consciousness. Before 78 years, there was no sub-consciousness to the psychologist at all. He never accepted that there was a sub-conscious mind, because the psychologist was not even sub-conscious and even now we know as much as we knew previously about the sub-conscious. But let us imagine what happens in dreams. Some-times you see, in a dream, a big feast going on in the street and thousands of people going in the street. With what material are these thousands of people made up of? Where do they exist while your dream is going on? How much volume of space does it require for them to stand? Then we are forced to think that there is a mental space, which is different from physical space. But till now the psychologists have not come to a stage to accept this even we suggest this to them.