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Sri Suktam

The Nature and Characteristics of the World Mother

by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

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Sri Suktam – The Nature and Characteristics of the World Mother

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One of those grand dimensions put out by the Veda is Srî Suktam. SU UKTAM means good utterance. This is contrary to the other utterances we carry. To be able to utter well is the most important aspect of discipleship, because it relates to the throat centre. Throat centre can put you to Akasha, to the etheric existence. We want etheric bodies, but we don't want to change the quality of our speeches. To attune true seekers to the best of utterances, so that the throat centre is purified, made magnetic and radiant, and also electric, sound formulae are conceived and given out to be uttered regularly.


The book “Srî Suktam. The Nature and Characteristics of the World Mother” by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar describes one of the most sublime and sacred aspects of wisdom, which relate to the original light. It is based on the teachings given out during the Master CVV May Call Day Celebrations at Wengen, Switzerland in the year 2002.

Dhanishta, Visakhapatnam, India 2010

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Srî - The Mother of Splendour or Lakshmi

Srî also means the Mother of Will, the Mother of Love and the Mother of Light. The Mother of Will is called Durga in Indian terminology. The Mother of Love and Splendour is called Lakshmi and the Mother of Light or Wisdom is called Sarasvati. All the three together is the World Mother. The Cosmic Light is will, love and light at the same time. It is the One Light detailing into three lights, detailing into three Logos. When we think of the Mother of the World, we are thinking of the source of the trinity which is the trinity of subsequent manifestations. The first manifestation is the light. It is the medium of the Cosmic Will or Cosmic Fire. This light has its three aspects: the will, the knowledge or love and the light or wisdom. When we say Srî Suktam, we are speaking of that Cosmic Intelligent, which is, will, love and wisdom at the same time.

Srî also means poise. That is the beauty of Sanskrit. It is not only the three Logos, but the agency that can neutralise all that is manifest is also called Srî. These four together are called Srî. The Vedic wisdom is complete in the sense that it does not discard even the darkness, the evil or ignorance. That is the beauty of the synthesis of wisdom. The wisdom that demarcates between left and right, light and darkness, knowledge and ignorance is not complete wisdom. If you have light, you also have the shade. You cannot but have shade! They are the twin brothers. Both are manifest from the same source. The ability to synthesize the seeming opposites is the true wisdom, the complete wisdom.

Srî in Sanskrit also means Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Parvati or the three trinities and also the so-called evil - all put together. Evil means ignorance. So, we do not have to further seek it. We are seeking things, which we do not have. We have ignorance in abundance. We do not have to seek it from the Lord of Fire! What we seek are the three lights: the absolute light, the diamond hue and the golden hue.

In fact the very creation came out from that light which is also called Aditi in the Veda or the white light, which is the basis for all subsequent manifestations of colours. This is another aspect of the Mother. The bodies relate to the Mother. Even the gross physical body of flesh and blood relates to the Mother. The containers at all seven planes relate to the Mother. With her light, the seven planes are weaved by the Devas. For restructuring of bodies, the Mother energies are very important and not so much the Father energies. Father stays put at every plane of existence. He is the content of every plane, but the activity and the formations in each plane belong to the Mother. So, the world belongs to the Mother and She conducts it with the support of the Father. The support of the Father is that of Presence. He just lends Presence and that is enough for the Mother. The Mother emerging from the Father develops the detail of the creation, forms the conscious activity of the creation and causes the graded existences.

The real worker is the Mother, like at home! She has to take care of the husband and also of the children. The husband stays put. At home the ruler is the Mother. In creation the ruler is the Mother. In fact, what you call God in creation is the Mother. In her, the Father is contained and hence, she is dual. That is why God is said to be male-female. Without the Father or the Absolute Existence there is no emergence.

If you do not exist, you do not wake up. You know that you are in existence only when you are awakened. When you are awakened, what is the dynamic state of that which is static before? It is a change of state. In Consciousness, Existence 'Is'. There is no Consciousness without Existence. That is why Existence and Consciousness are together, when it is Consciousness. Just like electricity. It becomes light. If there is no electricity, there will be no lighting. But there can be electricity without lighting. Thus Existence always IS! Periodically it emerges as light. When it emerges as light, only then there can be Consciousness and there can be the process of knowing.

During the morning hours only when we wake up, each one of us knows I AM. When we do not wake up, we are verily I AM, but there is no knower to know that I AM. That is why in Consciousness there is the togetherness of existence and awareness. This awareness is called light. The primordial light is the basis for all subsequent triangular manifestations. The trinity comes thereafter.

When the light emerges, they are co-borns of the light. They are concurrently or simultaneously born along with the light. Time is one of the co-borns. The clock is set. There is a period up to which the Consciousness is. Then it withdraws into the source. Thus time is co-born of Consciousness. It is the same with us. When we are awakened, we look to the watch. Before that there was no time for us, because we were in existence and we became conscious.

Then the 'Will' is another co-born aspect of the light, and the third one is the 'Life'. Life is a very mysterious aspect. When we think that there is no Life, we medicinally declare someone as dead. It is true to the physical body, but the Life principle also exists at the etheric plane. Even if the etheric plane is not, life exists at the causal plane. I have told you about the concept of space pulsation. That is the space life. When the awakening happens, life also emerges at the same point. So, the life, force (called will) and time are co-borns to the Consciousness. When we are conscious, we are conscious of time also. We carry the necessary force to move the system and the life, which was dormant, works out the activity. All these details are given in the book “Sankhya” at the early stages of teachings. But these are the sublime concepts, which you have to recollect again and again.

Life is also an aspect arising out of the emergence of the Mother. The Vedic Seers have conducted many practices and experiments and they have come to an understanding that until the emergence happens, even life is dormant, static. Everything is just potential, but not manifest.