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Teachings of Lord Maitreya, Vol. 2

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Teachings of Lord Maitreya, Vol. 2

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Maitreya community tends to heal every mishap on the planet. The members of the community are very dear to Lord Maitreya. Maitreya community predominantly prays for the well-being of people and for restoration of order in disturbed conditions. These are the true servers. They are the mobile, magnetic healers spread all over the planet. The term 'world-server' truly applies to them.

The book “The Teachings of Lord Maitreya”, Vol 2 contains instructions of Lord Maitreya, which have been propounded by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in the Vaisakh News Letters.


1 The bridge

An average intellect heckles at the aspirant. He thinks that the aspirant is a daydreamer. He is dreaming about the impossible. He thinks that the aspirant is wasting time with all improbable. To him the aspirant looks like a crazy one that is building bridges into the sky. But it is true that one can build bridges into the sky. Until the concretized intellect paves way for intuition one cannot see the subtle probability of a seeming improbable one.

Sense of subtleness is the need of the hour. When such sense is gained many probabilities are seen which were hitherto not seen. One can see the whole plan of the tree in the seed. One can see the subtle transformation of the bitter to sweet; iron to magnet, gold to diamond, darkness to light, and limitation to limitlessness. The intellect accepts the above transformations but does not recognize the common principle involved. Are not these transformations subtle? Likewise, bridges can be built into the sky (into the super-mundane). Mundane to super-mundane there are successive transformations. One can put oneself to such transformations through a discipline called Yoga.

When the transformations are complete, man finds himself as an image of God. The bridge to build from mundane to super-mundane is pervaded by the Hierarchy of Seers. They constitute the bridge that leads one from this end to that end. But one should walk the path with courage and faith in himself.

2 Liberation, the shadow

Our path renounces the desire for liberation. Such desire is selfish and many times highly emotional. Liberation is the result of the acts of service and sacrifice but not a product that can be gained otherwise. The main principle that we emphasize is - “Engage in acts of goodwill, of service, if necessary of sacrifice. Dedicate to human welfare and conduct life in tune with the hierarchy”. We too are engaged in human welfare and upliftment.

Such dedication is the real act of offering oneself to a divine cause. Doing so, many humans are magically transformed to be members of hierarchy. The members of Hierarchy consecrated themselves to service. They do serve in all planes of existence and thus assist the Grand Plan. In doing so many times they offered themselves totally and reached the state of liberation.

The key to liberation is service. Be ready to will, to dare, to know and to serve. If you do so you already enjoy the invisible support of the Hierarchy and walk path of Liberation.

If you tend to measure the distance you have covered on the Path, you are halted. Instead, keep serving until you forget that you are serving for Liberation. As long as the thought of Liberation lingers in your mind and as you serve for Liberation, Liberation remains alluring. When the thought of Liberation dies and when you are at service, Liberation approaches you. It follows you like your shadow. Do not suffer the inversion of following the shadow.

Is it not a paradox that you run after a thing that runs after you?

3 Shambala

The seed of truth is posited on the planet. Its name is Sanat Kumara. Its place is Shambala. Sanat Kumara is the most sublime.

  • Shambala is the most sacred place on the planet.
  • Shambala is the soul of the planet. The life and light relating to the planet flow through Shambala.
  • Shambala is The Witness.
  • Shambala is the All-seeing Eye.
  • Shambala is the essence of the Earth's splendors.
  • Shambala is the bestower of splendor.
  • Shambala replenishes the splendor when the wealth of the planet is expended.
  • Shambala is the pole star to the hierarchy, disciples, humanity and all other planetary beings.
  • Shambala is the means to the subtler worlds.
  • The rays of Shambala illumine, direct and protect.

There is no power higher than Shambala on planet. The Lord of Shambala pulsates the Truth. We the hierarchy are obedient to Shambala. Shambala is the goal for all the beings of the planet. The disobedient to Shambala are the disoriented ones.

Glory to Shambala and victory to its Lord!

4 The Heart

Pulsating consciousness is the reality. Space pulsates, say the scriptures. Space is but consciousness universal, unbound, undefined. As the Word emerges from Existence pulsation exists, until the Word joins God. Pulsation is the basis for the conscious existence. Without pulsation naught is. With pulsation it is Existence as Awareness. The law of pulsation enables involution and evolution. All that is in Existence pulsates. Seldom pulsation is recognized, for it is the background consciousness.

Beings are generally engaged with the Will, the knowledge to fulfill and the activity to fulfill. But beyond this triplicity there is the pulsating consciousness. One cannot call himself an occultist until one is associated with the pulsating consciousness within oneself. As one connects to the pulsating consciousness while in daily work, such one is called the linked one. As much as one is linked so much he can fulfill the plan upon Earth. De-linked, one moves in circles finding no way out. Practice thrice daily for 24 minutes to stay connected with pulsation, through the help of respiration. May the mind be associated with respiration so that the mental awareness reaches its source.

Thinking from the heart and speaking from the heart may be adopted into the daily activity. When this is accomplished one stays connected. As much as one stays connected so much he trumpets the Truth. Others confuse. Hierarchy conducts all from the Heart.

5 Call of Shambala

Shambala calls humanity for rejoicing the Light and the Love of God. Shambala invites for the festivities of Light and Love. The invitation is sent out with the signature of Maitreyee community. Shambala wishes the humanity the splendour of life on Earth which is but victory of God and fulfilment of the planet.

The trumpeting message of Shambala is heard through the language of Heart which is beyond all languages. May the humans make effort to unfold their hearts instead of unfolding their minds and intellects. The hearty ones are offered seats aside the Most High. It is most opportune for humans to respond to the call of Shamballa. The only hurdle is the human minds. And the only key is the human hearts.